Free Download:The One21 Top Recordings Of 2010 Compilation

I know I have already posted this last Friday, but I spent some good man hours putting this together, and I wanted to make sure everybody had a chance to download this. DO IT! There is no dead weight on this download. ENJOY!


Download The ONE21 Top Recordings Compilation

1. Red, Red by Doug Burr (from O Ye Devastator)
2. Lord Willing by Deepspace5 (from The Future Aint What It Used To Be)
3. The Audience by The Chariot (from Long Live)
4. How Great Thou Art by Ascend The Hill (from Hymns: Take The World But Give Me Jesus)
5. I Don’t Want To Live Forever (acoustic) by Listener (from Wooden Heart)
6. God Is Love by The Innocence Mission (from My Room In The Trees)
7. Carolina by Bradley Hathaway (from A Thousand Angry Panthers)
8. All Delighted People (original version) by Sufjan Stevens (from the All Delighted People EP)
9. Chalk Outline by Heath McNease (from The Gun Show)
10. You Amaze Me by Josh White (from Achor)
11. Song For The Broken by Close Your Eyes (from We Will Overcome)
12. If You Can’t Tell By Gileah Taylor (from the What Kind Of Fool EP)
13. All Of Us by Gileah Taylor (from A Crooked Line EP)
14. Pilgrim by Preson Phillips (from Weep…He Loves The Mourners Tears)
15. The Threshingfloor by Wovenhand (from The Threshingfloor)
16. Faith’s Review & Expectation by Sandra McCracken (from In Feast Or Fallow)
17. Seraphim by For Today (from Breaker)
18. Lower Still by My Epic (from YET)

Doug Burr appears courtesy of Spune Music
The Chariot appears courtesy of Good Fight Records
Preson Phillips and Ascend The Hill appear courtesy of Come&Live!
The Innocence Mission appears courtesy of Badman Records
Sufjan Stevens appears courtesy of Asthmatic Kitty
Josh White appears courtsey of BEC Recordings
Close Your Eyes appears courtesy of Victory Records
Gileah Taylor appears courtesy of Love Library
Wovenhand appears courtesy of Sounds Familyre
For Today and My Epic appear courtesy of Facedown Records

Free MP3 Album Download:ME- Hamden


Okey, so this is a little late coming in, but I just had to share this with you guys.

So first of all, is that not one of the creepiest album covers you have ever seen? This is Hamden by goth/folk artist ME ( real name Minco Eggersman). I can only describe this as a mix between Doug Burr, Wovenhand, and The Welcome Wagon. Do I have you attention now? Check out some of the press release for this release:

In spring 2009, Minco Eggersman travelled to the town of Hamden, put on an old preacher’s suit, and set up camp in an old, empty church. The musician, producer and record label owner had spent half the winter in bed at home in Amsterdam, feeling ill, tired, and generally miserable. Though he’d been forced to cancel a tour with his band at the close of every day, in the end, music seemed the only possible cure. Minco decided to take a plane to Chicago to take some time off and buy his dream guitar, an old Gibson J-45, and started writing songs for what would become his most personal solo album yet, Hamden.

go check it out for yourself

Download ME-Hamden

New Releases For April 27th, 2010

Weapon Aid

Talking Textures
Mid-west Hip-Hop
Buy NOW:

carlos whittaker ragamuffin soul
Ragamuffin Soul
Carlos Whittaker

Integrity Music
Buy NOW:

Continuance-Carry Ourselves
Carry Ourselves

Rise Records
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Deepspace5-The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be
The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

Mega Royal Records
Underground Hip-Hop
Buy NOW:

Discover America-Future Paths
Future Paths
Discover America

Lujo Records
Progressive Indie
Buy NOW:

doug burr o ye devastator
O Ye Devastator
Doug Burr

Spune Records
Buy NOW:
Amazon MP3

kevin max cotes d armor
Cotes d’Armor
Kevin Max

dpulse Recordings

mantric the decent
The Descent

Prosthetic Records
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sandra mckracken in feast or fallow
Feast Or Fallow
Sandra McCracken

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Amazon MP3

Doug Burr Readies New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Doug Burr‘s upcoming April 27th release, entitled O Ye Devastator

doug burr o ye devastator
1. A Black Wave is Comin’
2. Chief of Police in Chicago
3. At The Public Dance
4. Red, Red
5. You’ve Been A Suspect All Your Life
6. I Got This Fever / O Ye Devastator
7. Topeka
8. Do You Hear Wedding Bells
9. All Our Lives
10. And When We Awoke
11. High Blood and Long Evening Dresses

for more new releases, please check out our ALBUM RELEASE DATES page to stay up to date on all the new music coming out

SXSW 2010 Day 3 With Doug Burr, Lights and Son Lux

The One21music journey on day three of SXSW 2010 was a day of two great bookends with hours of waiting in between.  I started the day this afternoon at the Ramble Creek Recording Studio Day Show and ended the evening in the belly of the SXSW beast with 100,000 in Austin’s music home Red River Street.   In between I noshed on ceviche, watched a mildly interesting R&B act, an entertaining post-rock noise drone band and a scary avant garde minimalist blues racket band; caught-up with the rest of the One21music crew at the HM free evening showcase and wandered the very crowded streets of Austin, Texas.

SXSW is a major music industry conference that attracts music artists, journalists, label executives, agents and government agencies from all over the world.  Sometimes in the rush to meet as many people as we can, take advantage of as much of the free food as possible, gather all of the free swag, catch the right best bands from the 15,000+ acts performing and,oh yes, find a parking place we just might lose track of why we care about all of this.  Here is why.

Ramble Creek Studio

These are the generations of families, at the Ramble Creek Studio Day Show, gathered around some musicians to celebrate a great day in Austin with music and laughter.  It was a spectacular way to start the day.

Doug Burr – Ramble Creek Studio Day Show

As you can see it was an idylic setting in the backyard of the Ramble Creek Studios as they celebrated some of their Doug Burrfavorite artists.  We were there to see Christian music artist Doug Burr, but I received an special bonus prize when two of favorite secular artists preceded Doug to the stage (really a covered porch).  Centro-matics Will Johnson played an ethereal set of Texas alternative music and Monahans played smoking set of noisy, droning alt-country.

Then Doug Burr set down to the mike with a group four musicians playing organs, guitars and  banjos. Doug Burr performed a set of music with obvious influences to Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde era and that was just fine with us.  His sad, wistful singing style carried us away into his mournful, redemptive songs.  At times I swore he was challenging a catalogue of hymns.  I was mesmerized along with the crowd and peace settled into that backyard.

Lights- The Prague

Lights, the electro-pop phenom, is quiet popular.  I arrived at this dungeon of a club about one hour before Lights was scheduled to hit stage and over that hour I saw the broadest group of fans fill the space.  I don’t have a picture of Lights because it was impossible for me to get close enough to the stage.  That crowd consisted of fully bearded hipsters (guys, of course), bubbly teen looking and acting girls (over 21 club so not really teens), European techno caricatures and geeks and nerds of all types.  Lights herself was fresh faced young woman playing driving electro-pop with her three person band (her and a guy on synths and a drummer).  She bounced around the stage with her keytar (combination guitar and electric piano) and displayed a much stronger singing voice than I anticipated.  Lights set was just what you would expect from synth-pop, in all the good ways.

Son Lux- Barbarella

There are stories from people who saw John Coltrane live that at some points in a song, Coltrane would throw his sax to the floor and would start poiunding his chest and making musical sounds with his voice.  When asked, he would say that he caould not always get the sounds he eas hearing through his sax.

Son LuxI remembered that story as I watched electronica artist Son Lux deliver an awe inspiring set of electronica music that felt more like hard be bop with a driving beat.  With his excellent drummer, Son Lux laid down a thick, intense platform of drone noise and sound over which played his synthesizer and computer.  Son Lux lurched, convulsed and danced to his own rhythms as his songs caught up with his vision on stage.  The few lyrics in Son Lux’s songs can be seen as faith cries, as in the lyrics to his opening number, “Believe my words”, repeated over and over.  By the end I was no even trying to write notes because the audience and I were mesmerized.

The(ONE)21 Music’s Best Albums Of 2008:Retrospective

We do indeed understand that it has been a long time since we should have posted our favorite albums of 2008. Sometimes though, hindsight makes you love certain CDs you hadn’t really listened to in a while. So we though it would be fitting, as how we are almost half way through 2009, to suggest and recommend our favorite CDs from 2008 made by Christian artists.  Feel free to tell us if you love the list or hate it, and we would love to hear your lists as well. These are not in order (besides for our favorite across the board), and they are not ranked in any other way.

The(ONE)21 Music’s best Christian music albums for 2008

Album of the year:

Bodies of Water- A Certain Feeling Bodies of Water - A Certain Feeling
Deeply creative, lyrically dense, and unwaveringly beautiful. Bodies Of Water do more in their all to short sophomore album than most bands can in 15 songs. This is indie music at it’s finest.
For fans of: Anathallo, Polyphonic Spree, The Arcade Fire.
Category: The Light (whats this?)

Best of the rest:

Advent- Remove the Earth Advent - Remove the Earth
Brutal, heavy, and unlike anything being done in the heavy music scene today. Advent take cues from the days of spirit-filled hardcore days with in your face lyrics, and waves of fuzzy distorted goodness. Bringing back the true sound of metalcore.
For fans of: Converge, Strongarm, Focused
Category: The Message (whats this?)

Anathallo- Canopy Glow
Anathallo - Canopy Glow
Intricate, progressive, and a collection of songs that improve an already good thing. Anathallo present their first real critical sucess with a profound maturity and skill that most bands two times their senior have yet to grasp. Canopy finds a brilliant band coming into their own, once again.
For fans of: Arcade Fire, mewithoutYou, Danielson
Category: The Light (whats this?)

Becoming The Archetype- Dichotomy Becoming the Archetype - Dichotomy
Intelligent, diverse, extreme metal played from a heart changed by Christ. Dichotomy resides as the best metal album no one talked about. A true classic in metal brutality.
For fans of: Living Sacrifice, Lamb Of God, Believer
Category: The Spiritual (whats this?)

Brian Lee & His Orchestra- Vol.1
Mellow, heartfelt, and a unique take on worship infused folk music. Vol.1 was one our first free downloads on this website, and Brian Lee & His Orchestra remain one of the best new bands flying their Christ flag in the folk/indie scene. An album to change your heart to.
For fans of: Pedro The Lion, Bon Iver, M.Ward
Category: The Spiritual (whats this?)

Cool Hand Luke- The Sleeping House Cool Hand Luke - The Sleeping House
Entrancing, heart-breaking, and the return of a great band in indie rock. Where Cool Hand Luke‘s last effort saw them experimenting in many different sounds, The Sleeping House sees the indie veterans achieving heavy atmosphere by simply playing progressive rock music. A diamond in their already stunning career.
For fans of: Sleeping At Last, The Fray, Sunny Day Real Estate
Category: The Spiritual (whats this?)

Doug Burr- The Shawl Doug Burr - The Shawl
Honest, simple, and masterful. Doug Burr‘s worship album (of sorts) brings one back to the true heart of singing before God, and The Shawl has the power to bring you to your knees and lighten your heart all at the same time. An album willing to be imperfect achieves quite the opposite.
For fans of: Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Iron & Wine
Category: The Spiritual (whats this?)

Brooke Fraser- Albertine Brooke Fraser - Albertine
Sweet, heartfelt, and able to put a good face on the pop genre again. Brooke Fraser walks an incredible line of teetering into the pop/contemporary Christian genre, but never does, and the result is an intelligent, soulful collection of songs that are easy to listen to but never easy to hear.
For fans of: Sara Barreilles, Jewel, Ingrid Michealson
Category: The Spiritual (whats this?)

Hannah Atkins- Falling Hannah Atkins - Falling
Creative, quirky, and so intricate, you wont believe one person is making this music. An electro-pop gem with multi-layered vocal tracks, pounding beats, and a little bit of folk thrown in for good measure. A new face for a new genre: electro-folk.
For fans of: Imogean Heap, The Postal Service, Headphones
Category: The Light (whats this?)

Josh Garrels- Jacaranda Josh Garrels - Jacaranda
Heartfelt, unique, and unlike anything out in the air right now. The pure songwriting ability in this young man is gorgeously displayed in his second full-length album, a hard look into the heart of those who seek God’s face. A truly blessed man offers up another amazing display of talent.
For fans of: Sublime, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer
Category: The Spiritual (whats this?)

Kaboose- Excuse Me Kaboose - Excuse Me
Funny, deep, and the perfect mixture of intelligent content and fun hip-hop. Excuse Me is a great collection of songs by an emcee who is not only committed to being light in the world for God, but being a truly thoughtful underground artist with songs that could rival the mainstream any day. Underground hip-hop with a lot of heart.
For fans of: Atmosphere, Dilated People, RedCloud
Category: The Message (whats this?)

La Dispute- Somewhere at the Bottom of The River Between Vega & Altair La Dispute - Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair
Intense, chaotic, and what post-hardcore should have always been. La Dispute come out of nowhere with a classic album that combines their energy, mind, and passion on every note of every song. One of the best bands in heavy music’s latest masterpiece.
For fans of: At The Drive-In, mewithoutYou, These Arms Are Snakes
Category: The Light (whats this?)

Lecrae- Rebel Lecrae - Rebel
Hard, truthful, and unrelenting. One of the biggest sounding hip-hop albums in recent history, Lecrae pulls no punches as spits truth in a world where he could easily stand up against MTV’s finest. The new prince of hip-hop has revealed himself.
For fans of: 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, The Ambassador
Category: The Message (whats this?)

MyChildren MyBride- Unbreakable MyChildren MyBride - Unbreakable
Mosh-inducing, brutal, and a whole lotta fun. Behind the walls of well executed breaksdowns and crew vocals, we discover moshcore’s new superstars, a band who grab your attention form note one and will not let you go for a second. Mosh metal that cannot be duplicated.
For fans of: Acacia Strain, Darkest Hour, August Burns Red
Category: The Message (whats this?)

The Welcome Wagon- Welcome To The Welcome Wagon The Welcome Wagon - Welcome to the Welcome Wagon
Simple, playful, and deeply meaningful. In the midst of over-produced praise and worship and pop CCM singles, this stripped down, delicate album sinks into the definition of “sacred music”, bringing some modern musical nuances to bridge the gap between the old and the new, and finds a new place of worship that sounds like what fresh air smells like. Truly lovely.
For fans of: Sufjan Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel, Cat Stevens
Category: The Spiritual (whats this?)

Brooke Waggoner- Heal for the Honey Brooke Waggoner - Heal for the Honey
Near-flawless, deeply thoughtful, and evidence that of what a true artist can create when artistic freedom reigns. This is the type of album that makes you wonder what happened to the rest of the music industry, because Brooke Waggoner is an artist who deserves to heard, and heard by as many people as possible. Music that makes your day seem better, and makes you want to play and sing your heart out.
For fans of: Anathallo, Tori Amos, Sia
Category: The Light (whats this?)

Thrice- Alchemy Index, Vol. 3 & 4: Air and Earth Thrice - The Alchemy Index, Vol. 3 & 4: Air & Earth
Skillful, engaging, and proof that Thrice might be the best rock band in music today. Two volumes of the Alchemy Index that display Thrice‘s power over the atmospheric rock and folk genres, containing some the band’s best music, but also a triumph for them as songwriters conquering new aspects of their music. Thrice‘s finest hour.
For fans of: The Myriad, Damien Rice, Radiohead
Category: The Message (whats this?)

Wovenhand- Ten Stones Wovenhand - Ten Stones
Dark, apocalyptic folk from the mind of man with one foot in the heavens, and one being used to step on the devil’s head. Ten Stones continues the reign of David Eugene Edwards (Wovenhand) as the warning voice to a generation in need of a Savior. There is nothing like this album.
For fans of: Nick Cave, 16 Horsepower, Johnny Cash
Category: The Message (whats this?)

Deastro- Keeper’s Deastro - Keepers
A sprawling tour de force of synth pop, progressive rock and electro folk Deastro’s keeper’s takes through a transcendent journey filled with wonder and awe.  The most awe inspiring aspect of Keeper’s is that it is a one man show from the writing, to performing, to producing and mixing.  Keeper’s is simply a beautiful listen from beginning to end.
For fans of: Postal Service, Crystal Castles, LCD Soundsystem
Category: The Light (whats this?)

Underoath- Lost in the Sound of SeparationUnderoath - Lost In the Sound of Separation
Diverse, epic, and evidence that Underoath are the kings of the screamo scene they helped create. This time around, the band went for the unknown, diving farther into experimental rock, electronica, and even beefing up the more aggressive side of their sound. True experiential brilliance.
For fans of: Fear Before The March of Flames, The Refused, Gallows
Category: The Message (whats this?)

Essential Songs:Doug Burr-Should’ve Known


We haven’t talked much about Doug Burr here on this site much. A reader actually tipped us off to this extremely talented man’s dark take on the folk, singer/songwriter genre, and we are grateful for sure. It is also cool that we have such a stunning video to go along with the music, so today is a treat for all reading this. Enjoy Doug Burr‘s heartbreaking realization of the way of the world, and then maybe let’s talk about it after you have read the lyrics.

be sure to get this song on Doug Burr - On Promenade - Should've Known

Should’ve known by now
Should’ve asked me how it comes
It comes
You should’ve known by now
Should’ve asked me how it comes
It comes

Nothing changes here
There’s a strange love letter
And your souvenirs
When You finally lend an ear
All you ever hear
Is the Van Gogh way
Of innovation

Should’ve known by now
Should’ve asked me how it comes
It comes
You should’ve known by now
Should’ve asked me how it comes
It goes

Cuz nothing changes here
For your broken hearted
Bloody souvenirs
When you finally lend an ear
all you ever hear
Is the Van Gogh way
Of innovation

Nothing changes here
For your broken hearted
Torn and matured souvenirs
Until You finally lend an ear
You can barely hear them say
Yea, the Van Gogh way

you can always get this and the rest of Doug Burr‘s beautiful music on Doug Burr

According to the songwriter, this song is about the great nephew of Vincent Van Gogh, who was murdered for making a film exposing some of the more reprehensible social practices during his day; why would Burr pick this story to tell?

In another interview Doug said “I thought it interesting that Vincent had apparently gone insane, sending his severed ear to a lady for whom he had feelings, as if to say “Stop, and listen to me”. Was it coincidence that his descendant was stabbed in broad daylight on a German street for making a documentary that seemed to say ‘stop and listen’?”. In what way can these lyrics become more than this story and mean something more on a spiritual level?