Free Download: Wayfarer – The River

So lately (and when I say lately I mean the last 3 years) there has been a growing movement in the worship music scene; and that movement is back to the spiritual. Many artists have been taking old hymns and breathing new life into for a whole new generation to experience, The latest to this movement is Wayfarer (featuring former members of Sherwood), who exclusively play “repurposed hymns and spiritual songs. Modern music, classic words”. What sets this one apart, for me at least, is that Wayfarer dont just play old songs in a praise & worship format, but instead incorporate an almost Minus The Bear sense of indie rock into songs that many of us sang in Sunday school as children.

Listen below and decide yourself

Free Download:Least Of These – More Than Conquerors

Least Of These is a little worship outta Texas that play songs like they might never get to again. There is tones of conviction and emotion flowing through each track that make it really hard not to totally dive into their blend of garage/atmospheric rock. At times they sound a little like Cool Hand Luke, at others Thrice; but now matter what shade of their sound they are playing, it is the heart-breaking lyrics that make Least Of These a band you cant ignore.

Free Download: What Glorious Things-Magnitudes Double Download

WE introduce to you What Glorious Things, a brand new Florida rock band that at times reminds me of Sunny Day Real Estate and at times Jimmy Eat World. Their debut EP is called Magnitudes, and it features the band bringing some righteous rock with a side of dance. You can listen below and decide for yourself.

As an added bonus, the band just released a small “Remixes” EP to go along with Magnitudes, so double the downloads today!

Free Download: JGivens- Run.

Simply said, JGivens is gifted.

He is a fresh face among alot of mundane, over-produced artists who are more concerned with “swagger” more than spirit. He is the perfect balance of intelligent lyrics mixed with engaging style. He is a mix between Shad, Propaganda, and Pigeon John, and then something completely on his own.

Hey Humble Beast, pay attention this guy!

check out his video for one of the songs off the album, “Free”

Listen, download and enjoy

Free Download:Playdough & Heath McNease-Wed White and Wu Mixtape

Wed White and Wu cover

So what happens when two of our favorite emcees (Heath McNease and Playdough, both with albums on our essential Hip-Hop 2010 list) team up and put together a mixtape with Wu-Tang Clan beats?

Awesomeness is what happens.

Heath and Playdough not enough for you, dont worry because Sev Statik, ManChild, Sintax The Terrific and Freddie Bruno (of the Deepspace5 fame) along with Propaganda, Ohmega Watts and many others tear it up on Wed White & Wu. Listen below and enjoy!

Free Download:Life In Your Way-Kingdoms

life in your way-kingdom

After way too long, I present to you Kingdoms by Life In Your Way. For those that dont know, Life In Your Way was one of the best melodic hardcore bands in the scene until they broke up three years ago. However, early this year the band announced that they would be reforming to write and record, Kingdoms, an epic conceptual that is broken up into three parts. The Kingdom of Man which showcases the much evolved hardcore sound that fans expect from the band. The Kingdoms Of Darkness in which the band shows off how brutal they can truly be. Finally, The Kingdom of God is filled with messages of hope and chorus filled anthems meant to awaken and restore. All in all, Life In Your Way have written the album of their career, and proven that etching out your own sound means more than following trends and compromising the integrity of your art.

Kingdoms is a hardcore masterpiece.

Download Kingdoms by Life In Your Way from Come&Live!

Free Download: Mat Kearney Daytrotter Session

mat kearney daytotter session

Daytrotter strikes again with another awesome stripped down performance from one of our favorite artists, Mat Kearney . His latest album, Young Love, is making it to the top of Chuck’s list of the year, and even in this very minimal setting, you can understand why. Mat‘s voice is distinct and his songs are so well done that the Daytrotter recordings still sound like a million bucks.

The session mainly pulls from Young Love, but Kearney throws in “City Of Black and White” as well from his 2009 album of the same name. All in all its a way to see this amazing performer do his thing without all the glitz and glam. Download now!

Download Mat Kearney’s Daytrotter Session

Free Download:Josh Garrels-LOVE & WAR & THE SEA IN BETWEEN

Love & War & The Sea In Between

Josh Garrels is hands down one of our favorite artists playing music right now. He is the most pure example of what a modern “Christian” music artist should be: honest, deep, creative, unique, and VERY good at what he does. What he does is combination of Iron & Wine esque progressive folk, with a touch of Sleeping At Last atmosphere and tops all of it off with a little surfer hip-hop in the vein of Sublime. You really can’t pin down what he does, his style is completely his own and he just simply doesn’t have any peers.

That brings us today. After almost 3 years without a new album,Josh Garrels has returned with his latest full-length (and when I say full-length I mean 17 tracks of amazing music) Love & War & The Sea In Between. I am listening to it right now and in my opinion it is hands down the best thing he has ever done. It is like off the charts good. Its unlike anything you own right now, and that is a promise.

For you and me there are also two very important things to note about this masterpiece showing up on Noisetrade:
1. The album pay-what-you-feel (or free if you wish)
2. It has been released on Noisetrade almost a month ahead of its official release date


Download Josh Garrels LOVE & WAR & THE SEA IN BETWEEN from Noisetrade NOW

Free Download: Intense Millennium Summer Slam Sampler

Summer Slam Sampler

Is your head ready for some bangin!? Yes? Then you are in luck because Intense Millennium Records is supplying you with the soundtrack to the chaos.

Intense Millennium Records is a partnership between Divine Metal Distro, Roxx Productions, and two additional individuals Josh Dieckmann and Sandy Scafedi. We have come together under this one umbrella to form a company that is dedicated to releasing fully licensed material from one of the most prolific group of record labels to exist in the Christian Metal scene, the Intense/Frontline/Alarma Records group. This will be the first time that many of these titles will have seen any form of quality release since their original releases back in the 1980s & 1990s.

What does that mean for you? Well some awesome, time tested, classic metal and hard rock songs to get you through another long summer. Many of the artist below paved the way for the modern metal and rock in the Christian industry, and there is a reason they are still celebrated after all this time.

Do yourself a favor and just download it! Enjoy!
1. Deliverance “Attack”
2. The Moshketeers “Locked in Chains”
3. David Benson “Holy Psychotherapy”
4. Bloodgood “Demon on the Run”
5. Vengeance Rising “White Throne”
6. Exultet “I Soldati della Croce”
7. Hawthorn “Dark Night”
8. Vengeance Rising “You Will Bow”
9. The Sacrificed “Offended”
10. Liberty N’ Justice “Chasing a Cure”
11. Bloodgood “Eat the Flesh”
12. Ransom “Break into Darkness”
13. Ultimatum “Mortal Stomp”
14. Vengeance Rising “Herod’s Violent Death”
15. Elgibbor “Purity and Blood”
16. Bedeiah “Blood Metal”
17. Undercover “Tears in Your Eyes”
18. Eightball Cholos “Predators in the Pulpit”

Download the Intense Millennium Summer Slam Sampler

Free Download: The Vespers-Tell Your Mama

the vespers tell your mama

We discovered The Vespers a little too late. I found their album, Tell Your Mama, about three weeks after we posted our “Best Of The Year” lists. Trust me, if we had heard it before January, it would have been at the top of our list for both the folk/country list and top 25 recordings. Tell Your Mama is a quiet and delightful album that impresses from track one to the end of the album.

If Eisley were into bluegrass and folk, then they would have sounded alot like The Vespers. At many times their music is playful, and more often it is just solid, well crafted songwriting. This would be an easy addition to your regular rotation in a heart beat.

Dont believe me? The widget below contains full song previews of the entire album so you can decide for yourself. But then again its free, and when have I lead you astray before?

Download Tell Your Mama by The Vespers