New Releases For May 28th, 2013


Equal Vision Records
Progressive Pop/Folk
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New Releases For February 14th and 18th, 2012

Audrey Assad

Sparrow Records
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Deep Space EP

Equal Vision Records
Indie Pop
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American Idolatry
Jeremiah Bonds

Syntax Records

nine lashes world we view
World We View
Nine Lashes

Tooth & Nail Records
Hard Rock
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Keep Quiet

Slospeak Records
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New Releases For February 18th, 2012

Catch Me If You Can
Love Out Loud

Pop Rock
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Free Download: The Vespers-Tell Your Mama

the vespers tell your mama

We discovered The Vespers a little too late. I found their album, Tell Your Mama, about three weeks after we posted our “Best Of The Year” lists. Trust me, if we had heard it before January, it would have been at the top of our list for both the folk/country list and top 25 recordings. Tell Your Mama is a quiet and delightful album that impresses from track one to the end of the album.

If Eisley were into bluegrass and folk, then they would have sounded alot like The Vespers. At many times their music is playful, and more often it is just solid, well crafted songwriting. This would be an easy addition to your regular rotation in a heart beat.

Dont believe me? The widget below contains full song previews of the entire album so you can decide for yourself. But then again its free, and when have I lead you astray before?

Download Tell Your Mama by The Vespers

New Releases For March 1st, 2011

buddy miller majestic silver springs
Majestic Silver Strings
Buddy Miller

New West Records
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eisley the valley
The Valley

Equal Vision Records
Indie Rock
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gideon costs

Facedown Records
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Francesca Battistelli Hundred More Years
Hundred More Years
Francesca Battistelli

Fervent Records
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Purified set on fire
Set On Fire

Purified Ministries
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sleeping at last march ep
March EP
Sleeping At Last

Atmospheric Rock
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temth avenue north live inside and in between
Live: Inside and In Between
Tenth Avenue North

Reunion Records
Pop Rock
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Eisley Announces New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Eisleys upcoming March 1st, 2011 release entitled The Valley, which will be their first album through Equal Vision Music. Also I have included a link to download the track “Ambulance” for free. You are welcome.

eisley the valley
1.The Valley
3.Watch It Die
5.Oxygen Mask
6.Better Love
7.I Wish
9.Mr. Moon

Download “Ambulance” here

Cornerstone 2010 Schedule: Rebecca

So, we are a week from leaving and I think I have finally nailed down my schedule for Cornerstone 2010. Here are few of the highlights that I’m going to see.

Monday: This is my only really slow day of the week, but as soon as camp is set up I’ll head out and see what new bands I can find. These are just the two I don’t want to miss!

Take It Back!10:30pm – Solace Stage: A post-hardcore band from Arkansas. This is a band you won’t want to miss. Although, if you can’t make it to this particular show they are playing a couple of more times during the week.

The Burial11:15pm – Raging Storm/Sancrosanct Stage: A deathcore band from South Bend, Indiana. If you are a fan of August Burns Red or Becoming the Archetype, then you’ll love The Burial.

Tuesday: And the craziness begins! For 12 hours  I will be running from stage to stage trying not to miss anything. A lot of the bands this day are going to be my first time seeing them live.

Fire from the Gods/Let the Dead - 12:00pm – Legacy Stage: Two bands from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin! These bands will show you what Texas hardcore is all about.

Hand Drawn Mountains1:40pm – Chasing Canadia Stage: This will be my first time to see this band live.

Switchfoot - 8:00pm – Main Stage: We all know Switchfoot. I’ve never had the opportunity to see them live, so here’s my chance.

The Ember Days - 9:00pm – Solace Stage: A progressive worship band from New Zealand. Another band I have never seen live.

The Showdown - 11:00pm – Encore Stage: Hardcore/Classic Rock from the backwoods of Tennessee. These guys put on a phenomenal show. If you are a fan of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster or Becoming the Archetype, then don’t miss this show!

Wednesday:  This will probably be my favorite day all week. All of my favorite bands play this day. I can’t Wait!

Bradley Hathaway3:30pm – Main Stage: A mix of spoken word and singing. Some of the most amazing stuff you’ll hear. He’s become kind of a staple at Cornerstone.

Levi the Poet - 4:30pm – Solace Stage: Spoken word with a mix of sporadic instruments. I have been waiting to see him play for quite some time now.

Listener6:00pm – Jesus Village: I’ve never seen him, but I’ve been listening to his stuff and I can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome!

mewithoutYou – 7:00pm – Main Stage: One of the most amazing bands ever! Another must see for Cornerstone.

Sleeping Giant - 10:50pm – Underground Stage: This band puts on one of the most moving, worship filled hardcore shows I have ever seen. If you go to this show you will be changed. You won’t be able to stop it! It cannot be  contained!

After a very long day, I get to end it with my favorite band:

The Chariot- 12:00pm – Encore Stage: Of course, I’ll have to leave Sleeping Giant early…but it will be worth every second. The Chariot always puts on an insane show. You never know what craziness they are going to bring to the stage

Thursday: This day is going to be an eclectic mix of music

John Reuben3:15pm – Main Stage: Just about the only chance for Hip-Hop at Cornerstone this year.

Brooke Waggoner4:15pm – Gallery Stage: I’ve never seen her live, but I’ve been listening to her for over a year now. It’s going to be amazing I just know it!

Hands7:30pm – Underground Stage: I have been waiting to see this band for a while now. Since they never come to Austin, I definitely will be at this show!

I’ll have to split my next hour to be able to see both bands:

The Almost8:30pm – Main Stage: One of my favorite bands.

The Farewell Drifters - 8:30pm – Gallery Stage: I love me some bluegrass, so I’m sure to catch at least part of this show

For Today- 10:50pm – Underground Stage: This show will be a lot like Sleeping Giant the night before. These guys are an amazing Hardcore band that puts on a show full of worship.

Friday: I’m hanging out at the Gallery Stage for most of this day.

The Glorious Unseen9:00am – Main Stage: This would be a great way to kick off the day. This band is made up of several youth leaders with a passion for music and a heart for God.

Timbre - 2:05pm – Gallery Stage: You’ve gotta’ see this harp playing girl!

Over the Rhine4:15pm – Gallery Stage: This Ohio duo plays awesome Americana music.

Dignan - 6:00pm – Gallery Stage: I haven’t seen this band live yet, but I look forward to hearing this progressive indie rock band

Paper Route - 7:15pm – Gallery Stage: An atmospheric rock band out of Nashville, Tennessee. If they are half as good live as their CD’s are, then this should be a real treat

Children 18:3- 9:00pm – Underground Stage: An awesome family punk band from Minnesota. These guys are the next big thing in Christian punk rock right now!

Eisley10:00pm – Gallery Stage: I have been listening to these guys since their beginning. It’s been a while and I am very excited to see them again.

White Collar Sideshow- 12:00am – Underground Stage: Here is another show that has an unbelievable power to change you. This is an amazing theatrical band that will move you. Besides, these are some of the coolest people you will see at Cornerstone.

Saturday: The last day and there is still so much to see!

The Glorious Unseen - 12:15am – Main Stage: I know this was on Friday too, but if 9:00 am was too early before than be sure and catch these guys at this show.

O’Brother6:00pm – Gallery Stage: I have never seen this band before, but everyone says I have too. I’m game!

August Burns Red7:00pm – Main Stage: This band rocked last time I saw them on Main Stage at Cornerstone. They never cease to amaze me.

Ivoryline8:35pm – Gallery Stage: A post-hardcore band from Tyler, Texas. I have seen these guys play so many times and they are always great!

Seabird- 10:00pm – Gallery Stage: An atmospheric rock band from Ohio. The perfect way to end Cornerstone 2010.

Cornerstone 2010 Schedule: Ian

So in about 3 weeks, The ONE21 is headed out to Cornerstone Festival 2010. There are hundreds of bands and performers sweating it out from around 11AM to close to 2 in the morning every day. It can be very overwhelming to to take in everything that Cornerstone has to offer, and the sad fact is that you are almost guaranteed to miss a lot.

Well, we are here to help!

With the help of a nifty new website called, the four of us attending have been able to begin planning out our Cornerstone experience. Below, I am going to list a few highlights from every day of the festival. Hopefully this will help you plan your week out a little better if you are attending.

Check out my full schedule, and maybe come say hi. I will be the guy with the giant red beard and shaved head. Its kinda hard to miss me. I will have free stickers and buttons for ya!

MONDAY: typically a slow day, but there are a ton of generator shows going on, and you can get very up close and personal with the performers. Also be on the lookout for “surprise” shows. I saw Blindside play a show on the lawn back in 2003. Keep your eyes open!
Love Begotten 3:00PM- Raging Storm/Sancrosanct Stage: the band puts on a wild stage show and seemlessly blend it with a heavy dose of profound ministry.  They were also one of our “Voices Of the Underground”

A Hope For Home 7:30PM- Solace Stage: These guys are one of the more promising bands to come out of the post-hardcore/rock scene in the last few years. They were also one of our “Voices Of The Underground”.

Take It Back! 10:30PM- Solace Stage- This will be my first time seeing the posi-hardcore band that have been blasting through my speakers all year. If you want to see earnest punk/hardcore, you need to be at this show!

Tuesday: The unofficial 1st day of the fest. In past years, Tooth & Nail have run this particular day, but the economy has forced the label to step back. Once again, this may seem like a slow day, but there is still alot going on
Fire From The Gods/Let The Dead 12:00PM/12:45PM- Legacy Stage: These two bands are actually friends of mine from right here in Austin, Texas. Come a behold the next great Texas metal/hardcore superstars!

The Ember Days 9:00 PM- Solace Stage: I am really excited to get to experience the progressive worship of The Ember Days. The band recently relocated to the States from New Zealand, and are working on some new material which hopefully will make it into their set at Cornerstone. They were also one of our “Voices Of The Underground”

Flatfoot 56 10:00PM- Legacy Stage: While everybody else is at Switchfoot on the main stage, I will be getting a rowdy dose of celtic punk with the legendary Flatfoot 56. Once again, this will be the first time seeing these guys despite the fact that I have been a fan for a very long time!

Wednesday: This will be the first official day of Cornerstone Festival 2010, with all the seminars, Bible studies, and events beginning along with the music and the Main stage running all day. The festival gets kind of….crazy from here on out. This will be one of my longest days
So Long Forgotten 12:45- Solace Stage: I have heard that So Long Forgotten‘s live shows are nothing short of amazing, so this will be an amazing way to start my day off. The band’s latest album, The Things We Can See and The Things We Cannot was on our best of the year list from 2009.

Bradley Hathaway 3:15PM- Main Stage: If you dont see Mr. Hathaway at Cornerstone, you havent truely done Cornerstone right. Nuff said!  Bradley also had one of our best albums form 2009.

Levi The Poet 4:00PM-Solace Stage: Levi The Poet is a gifted spoken word artist who’s performances range from quiet recital to wild thrashings as he covers everything from the love of God, self doubt, and pornography addiction. Also, I will finally be able to pick up his CD!

Listener 6:00PM- Jesus Village: THIS IS ONE OF MY MUST SEES! I promise you that this will be one of the best live shows you have ever seen!

mewithoutYou 7:00PM- Main Stage: Once again, if you dont see mewithoutYou at Cornerstone Festival, you havent done Cornerstone right. Nuff said…..again.  Once again, the band’s latest CD was one of the best from 2009.

Sleeping Giant 10:50PM- Underground Stage: This “hardcore” band is known to create an atmosphere of worship that most churches miss by miles. People have given their lives to Christ, been healed, and rebuked demons at these guys shows. At clubs. This is Cornerstone! Of course there will be moshing too, but thats how Sleeping Giant does it! Did I forget to mention that this is a 2 hour show? Well, it is…..

The Chariot 12AM- Encore Stage: If you happen to leave Sleeping Giant early, or are able to still walk afterwards, go catch the last 30 or minutes of The Chariot. Their live show is nothing short of insane!  they also had one of our best albums from 2009 along with being one of our “Voices of The Underground”

Thursday Day two of the festival in full swing slows things down a little for me, but Thursday is possiably my most diverse day.
John Reuben 3:15PM- Main Stage: Regrettably, there isn’t a whole lot of hip-hop at Cornerstone this year, so I am going to be sure and not miss one of my all time favorites. Hey John, if you happen to read this, play “Doin’”, I will lose my mind over that song!

Brooke Waggoner 4:15PM- Gallery Stage: THIS IS A MUST SEE! We met Brooke Waggoner in 2009 at SXSW, and her live show made me a life long fan. If anything, you need to see this girl play piano, it will blow you away.  She was also featured in the original series of “Voices of The Underground”.

Hands 7:30PM- Underground Stage: i have already told the entire staff that Hands is the band I am most excited to see this year. They combine prog metal with worship music, and they never come around Austin. This will most likely be the highlight of my week.  They also had one of our best albums from 2009.

The Farewell Drifters 8:35PM- Gallery Stage: Sue me, I love folk/bluegrass music. The Farewell Drifters are one of the better bands today doing it. Therefore, I will be there.

For Today 10:35- Underground Stage: Like Sleeping Giant the night before, For Today bring a worshipful experience that just happens to be in the for of metal/hardcore. These guys speak truth, and this is one of those shows that can really have an impact.

Friday By this point most of yall will be getting tired, but dont snooze just yet because some great stuff is yet to be seen.
Timbre 2:05PM- Gallery Stage: What a great way to get things going with some soothing progressive harp music. Yep, I said harp….

Dignan 6:00PM- Gallery Stage: Once again, we met Dignan at SXSW in 2009 and were intimidately taken away with their dark , progressive indie rock. Haven’t had a chance to catch them again, so this will be a treat for sure.  They also released one of our best albums from 2009.

Paper Route 7:15PM- Gallery Stage: Would you like a little electronic dance music with your rock? Of course you would.  They also had one of our best albums from 2009.

Children 18:3 9:00PM- Underground Stage: This is possibly the best pop-punk band in the music scene today. we saw them at Red letter Rock Fest last year, and I am not going to miss this show.

Eisley 10:00PM- Gallery Stage: Ironically, the last time Chuck and I saw Eisley (known as Moss Eisley then) was the FIRST time we attended Cornerstone Fest in 2002. Some of the members were in their early teens, and they apologized after every song. Most of them are married now, and we have fallen in love with their music over and over again since. This will be a great reunion.

White Collar Sideshow 12AM- Underground Stage: I will end my day with a performance that has the ability to cut to the core of any person struggling with themselves. Besides the fact that the members of White Collar Sideshow are some of the coolest people ever, but their show will make you take a deep look within, and let change fill you up.

Saturday Last day, keep your head up, you are almost there.
Starting at about 1PM, The Legacy Stage is going to have a mini Hip-Hop showcase featuring some amazing talent including Odd Thomas, Propoganda, and Theory Hazit. If you are a fan of Hip-Hop, this would be a great place to hang out on Saturday.

O’Brother 6:00PM- Gallery Stage: I saw these guys with Manchester Orchestra, and I don’t think I’m stretching too much to say that they blew the crowd away. They are the heaviest indie rock band I have ever hear, and I am ready for round two.

August Burns Red 7:00PM- Main Stage: ABR is kind of another one of those bands that if you haven’t seen them at Cornerstone, then you haven’t really seen them. It is not too much to say that they owned Cornerstone 07 like nobodies business.

Seabird 10:00PM- Gallery Stage: My Cornerstone experience will end with the power pop/rock of Seabird. I saw them at SXSW, and now that I know their music a little better I know this will be the perfect closer to my week.

Thats about it, but certainly not my entire plan for the week. Go check my full schedule to see all the other shows I am going to try and hit. See you there!

Riverside Worship Project-Cornerstone’s Best New Band

Cornerstone Music Festival just announced Riverside Worship Project as the grand prize winner of their New Band Showcase.  This is significant because past winners have included P.O.D., Anathallo, Ester Drang, Sixpence None The Richer, Eisley and Over The Rhine.

The contest posts bios and music for a group of artists selected by  Cornerstone panelists and then allows fans to vote.  Here is a little background on Riverside Worship Project and all of the bands that will be featured on the Cornerstone 2010 New Band Showcase.  In the weeks to come we will help you discover all of these up and coming bands.

The Riverside Worship Project (Grand Prize Winner)

Riverside Worship Project

Riverside Worship Project refers to Brian Alpizar, Ryan Campagna, Steven Hale, Jason Hermansdorfer and Andrew McQuaig. We write songs and sing them with a community of . Our songs reflect the conversations, struggles, and experiences that we have shared with fellow college students at First Baptist Church of Opelika in Opelika, Alabama. In this way, The Riverside Worship Project is is an experiment in engaging life and God through music, not a skill bestowed upon a special few, but the natural response of those who have encountered Christ.

Da MAC (Music About Christ)
Benjamin Clark
Red Hill City
Scars of Eden
Flight From Below
Skyhawk Drive
The Sacred Eternal
Upon This Rock
Wolves At The Gate
campbell the band
A Place Past Hope
Josh Harmony
This Fires Embrace

Join us starting June 27th as we report on these bands and the full experience of Cornerstone Music Festival 2010.

Eisley Leave Warner Brothers Records

eisley 08

After what has seemed like a turbulent relationship, Warner Brothers and Eisley have parted ways. The band posted the following earlier this week:

We have been complaining for years. You have no idea how long we’ve wanted this. In September of ’09, just before the Say Anything tour, our contact at WB called and outlined an option for Eisley to leave the label. He agreed we were likely going to get over-looked (screwed over) again. Big layoffs, several well known acts tanked… he had the power to help: “If Eisley wants to be one of those bands who just sits on the label and basically makes records… fine – you should stay… but that’s not what I’m getting…”. Us: “We never wanted to re-sign. We made it very clear a year ago; we wanted out…but you guys pushed us into staying… if we can get off, yes!”.

Ever heard of an annulment? More like the ripping up a contract we worked on for a year. The ink was barely dry! Surprised by this news? Of course you aren’t. Upset? You might be – but only because youwere expecting a record this Spring. But I’ve heard the silent screams and the verbal complaints all along the way. Sorry if we’re being candid or whimsical with this info; this is old news. We’ve been operating indie since before Fire Kite ep was ever manufactured but haven’t had the urgent sense to drag you guys into the chagrin.

Short run down of what has happened during the last year: 1.) Began working on current LP Summer ’08 completely outside of WB’s knowledge (we decided there was no point in continuing). 2.) We begged to get off the label (actual quote: “Please… tell us where we sign to get off this label”). 3.) They held our feet to the fire, said they wouldn’t drop us (option on a 3rd); they insisted we negotiate something that would be good for both of us… spoke of their “retooled label” and about how everything would be different (you can trust me). 4.) We continued working on the record (they got involved financially) 5.) We eventually signed a new deal, made plans for the SA tour 6.) The phone call (para 2) with the good tidings that they would let us out of our deal 6.) We amicably ended of our relationship (hand shake. legal shiz in process) and hit the road happy campers (SA – main support) 7.) WB held up the EP order and you got pissed 8.) WB failed to provide the merch they had promised (we had to scramble, pay out of pocket w/ only about a week before first showdate) 9. We got happy… returned back from the tour 10.) Holidays. People got married. Current. Life is great.

We’re not choosing this post to articulate super-personal feelings on this issue but surely you’ve been reading between the lines. WB’s questionable handling of Eisley‘s career from the dating all the way back to 2002 has been the source of much frustration both from the band and fans. I’ve been speaking cloak & dagger for nearly 2 years. What a relief to be at a place where we can talk openly about the future.

Business is business. Sometimes things go wrong. The industry basically crashed, burned and began rebuilding during the time Eisley was on WB. Hey… there was a lot that went right. The band made music, grew, toured, made more music, toured… repeat, etc. We are still in relationship with the key people at WB and have many friends there who came out to the LA show. This isn’t sour grapes. We appreciate what WB did for Eisley and hope the best for them. I think it’s fair to pose the question: where would Eisley be today without WB? Whether it was the best road… it was the road. We can all ask – “what if…”. It’s best to be thankful.

It might be fun to go back and talk about all the ridiculous problems we experienced at some point such as wb not releasing Eisley‘s major label debut in the UK… or perhaps – why they pulled the plug on that ridiculous fan site they insisted on (remember the failed attempt to send fans their cheesy prizes earned through point accumulation?)… we could talk about why they (admittedly) didn’t push “Combinations”… or why after 7 years being on a major, the word “single” referred only to text on the paper label stuck to the cellophane on the jewel case (featuring the single: “Invasion”) but let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s talk about the future.

No more being on a label with only one super-fan. Even if your torch is super powerful, you can get overlooked – especially if he isn’t as powerful as you thought. We were always dealing with some uninspired, rank and file ‘ney-ney’ person behind the veil who didn’t care or was given another band to push instead. Labels sign SO many bands. Sometimes you are technically ON the label, but practically, you’ve been dropped. You just don’t know it.

Eisley‘s radio person was never on-board. She once told me: “yeah, i just don’t really get Eisley… never have…” (quote). Everyone loves what they love but critics have to write based on many variables. They can’t just slam say – hip-hop because it’s not their thing. I’m not saying Eisley writes singles; I am saying that ‘radio’ was a battle we could have never won on WB. Not sure we care. There were many reasons to part ways.

NOTE: there is alot more of this on Eisley‘s website, these thoughts are just the highlights

Members Of Eisley/MuteMath Cover Fleetwood Mac

Below is a cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s classic song “Silver Spring” by Stacy Dupree (Eisley), Jeremy Larson, and Darren King (MuteMath). Its pretty breath-taking, enjoy!