American Idol Season 11 Top 10 Results

The American Idol Season 11 dip into the Billy Joel songbook went about as I expected for the Top 10. Billy Joel writes wonderful pop songs but his songs just do not have the dynamics to create those American Idol moments.  Elise Testone and Christian musician Colton Dixon were the only ones who really turned their Billy Joel covers into something special.  The judges gushed over Jessica Sanchez but I thought she was way too busy with runs and vocal histrionics for me to connect with her version of “Everybody Has A Dream.”  As I predicted, the big singers, Hollie Cavanaugh and Joshua Ledet, struggled with these songs, but I think they will live to make their marks for a few more weeks.

Tonight, it looks like DeAndre Brakensick and Erika Van Pelt will be in the bottom three and I think they will joined by Heejun Hahn.  I don’t think Heejun’s sarcastic romp through the preparation week served him well.

So join me for the next hour as we watch Ryan Seacrest reveal America’s reaction to the American Idol Season 11 Top 10 performances.  I am looking forward to hearing what Hayle Reinhart is up to.

After the big group number and the Ford music video we finally start the results. The first three on the hot seat are Hollie Cavanaugh, Skylar Laine and Elise Testone? Given their performances over the entire season, none of these girls deserve to go home tonight.  Hollie Cavanaugh is safe, as is Skylar Laine.  Wow, Elise Testone is safe also.  There is justice on American Idol Season 11!

Two more commercial breaks, a birthday celebration for Stephen Tyler (with Joe Perry as his present) and a Lana Del Rey performance before we get to building the bottom three. The next round of candidates includes DeAndre Brakensick, Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez.  Looks like DeAndre is in trouble tonight. Jessica Sanchez is safe with an endorsement from Billy Joel himself.  Despite a rough night Joshua Ledet is safe as well.  DeAndre Brakensick is in the bottom three.

Time to fill out the bottom three.  The last four, Colton Dixon, Erika Van Pelt, Heejun Hahn and Phil Phillips.  Is there any doubt? Sorry, Erika and Heejun. Boy, Jimmy Iovine really ripped Heejun Hahn.  Did Heejun really say that he was man after God’s own heart?  Colton Dixon is safe but Erika Van Pelt is in the bottom three. Phil Phillips is safe and Heejun Hahn is in the bottom three.

It  looks like Heejun Hahn is another Christian musician on American Idol Season 11.

Now down to the final decision for the American Idol Season 11 Top 10.  DeAndre Brakensick is sent to safety.  Erika Van Pelt is voted off.  Will the judges save her?  They have already overridden the American Idol voters once. But they won’t save her again.  Erika Van Pelt was a really good singer who never seemed to connect with the American Idol public.

Join us this weekend as we reveal our American Idol Season 11 Top 9 power rankings.

American Idol Season 11 Top 10 Performances-Live Blog

I am back from the West Coast and I am back from vacation so One21music will actually be live blogging the live feed of American Idol Season 11.  What an interesting show it was last week.  Front runner Jessica Sanchez stumbled a bit when she did not shine with her disco song.  Christian musician Joshua Ledet just burned the house down with his rousing version of “When A Man Loves A Women”.  Joshua Ledet has now proven he can do uptempo, see his performance of “I Wish”, as well as the torchy ballad.  Jessica Sanchez still has some things to prove.

Christian musician Colton Dixon is slowing his momentum on American Idol Season 11 by delivering amazing performances of obscure songs.  Phil Phillips has been spectacular every week.  Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanaugh have proven to be consistently good.

Now that we have our American Idol Season 11 touring group it is time to see if Heejun Hhan, DeAndre Brackensick, Erika Van Pelt or Elise Testone can break through and make it into the Top 5.  Nothing we have seen so far would suggest that they will be able to crack the Top 5 but America is a fickle beast (ask Pia Toscano).

Tonight, American Idol Season 11 will feature the songs of Billy Joel.  This is a collection of well crafted, middle of the road, pop and rock songs.  It will be difficult for the big voiced singers to do much with this music but I expect Colton Dixon, Phil Phillips and Elise Testone to shine tonight.

PDiddy will join Jimmy Iovine to mentor the performers tonight.  I wonder how that will rock out?  Tommy Hilfiger is going to dress the Idols tonight.  That did not work out so great last year.

DeAndre Brakensick will be singing “Only The Good Die Young”. DeAndre bops around the stage.  The first verse swallows him up as he clips his words trying to keep pace with the music.  He has a few growling moments in the chorus but overall he seems a little overwhelmed by this song. The crowd loves it. Jennifer liked the laid-back vibe which makes me think he should have taken a reggae twist.  Randy says it didn’t show him anything special.  I agree and I bet DeAndre is in the bottom three tomorrow night.

Erika Van Pelt will be singing second this week. This will not help her escape what is beginning to look like permanent residence in the bottom three. She needs a really big moment tonight. She will be singing “New York State of Mind” which is very dangerous for her because she could really push the song and overstep her performance or hold back and be boring. Erika has gotten a major make-over and is now sporting short, jet black hair. Her bluesy twist spin on this song is a welcome interpretation and she sings every note perfectly. That was a fine performance, I just wonder if it was enough.  Randy, Stephen and J-Lo loved but thought she could have pushed it further.

Will Joshua Ledet continue his string of mind blowing performances? Billy Joel is probably not the best set of songs for him but let’s see what he does with “She’s Got A Way”?  That is a very good choice for him. In all black, he begins the song sitting on chair in the middle of the stage. Unfortunately, he tries to do too much with the beginning of the song and loses the melody. This one is over performed.  This song is not that big and didn’t need all of the dynamics he added to the song.  He certainly did not need the gospel choir.  J-Lo reluctantly agrees with me.  She does not feel he was connected to the lyrics. Stephen thinks he brought the song to life.  I don’t understand what Randy is saying.  I think this is Joshua Ledet‘s first slight stumble.

Skylar Laine is a unique performer on American Idol.  She has developed a very strong persona that actually distracts from her talent.  With all of the talk of her as the country girl, Skylar has delivered three perfect vocal performances. She is singing “Shameless”, which I do not know. With the steel guitar, she is definitely putting a country twist on her performance. Skylar is really winning me over.  What a heartfelt delivery of this song.  Talk about owning a song and making it your own.  Randy felt the front was a little pitchy and only calls it “pretty good”.  J-Lo and Stephen says she just ate the song up. I liked her performance better than than did the judges.

Elise Testone is doing “Vienna” this week and Jimmy Iovine is not happy with the selection.  Elise needs another special performance this week.  Elise was right to pick this song.  Her hard articulation of every word in the first verse is very jazzy, then she kicks it up with the strong, raspy blues runs that only Elise can do.  She slays this song.  That was an amazing performance.  Beautiful.  The judges agree with a standing ovation. Stephen uses the words beautiful and fantastic.  J-Lo is right that her performance confidence really shined through.  Randy says that she is the only singer that could have delivered that run at the closing of the song.  If Elise is in the bottom 3 this week, it will be a crime.

A healthier Phil Phillips will be singing “Moving Out”. I agree with Diddy that I would prefer to see Phil without his guitar. I say it every week.  This guy is a natural.  His pacing and arrangement build tension for a big, big finish.  In Phil’s hands this song sounds dangerous. J-Lo calls it awesome and said it was a perfect rendition. Randy says it was one of the best versions of that song ever.  I agree.

What will Hollie Cavanaugh do with “Honesty”? Did Hollie find the song she can arrange to show off her huge voice? She performs in a disco outfit on a platform in the middle of a string section.  She struggles with pitch at the beginning.  This girl just has a huge voice, but this performance is not her best.  There is just not much to grasp onto here.  It was okay, not great. Stephen felt she was pitchy. None of the judges felt like she really knew the song.

Heejun Hahn will be singing “My Life”.  Heejun lets loose with some shenanigans and delivers a wonderful performance of “My Life”.  It is playful and upbeat.  For the first time this season we see Heejun’s personality. Despite some vocal missteps I think America will respond positively to Heejun this week.  J-Lo really appreciates the fun he brought to the show. Stephen calls him out that he needs to take the business more seriously.

Can Jessica Sanchez regain her footing this week? She will sing “Everybody Has A Dream”. Diddy tells her to pull back on the tricks. She throws out a huge vocal performance that brings the judges to their feet.  There were too many runs in the verses for me.  J-Lo says this was Jessica’s defining moment.  Randy says she just delivered another moment and it was perfection.  I think it was good, just not as special as the judges thought it was.

Christian musician Colton Dixon will add his piano playing to this week’s performance of “Piano Man”. Imagine that. The mentors had nothing to add.  Pretty dramatic lighting for Colton this week.  It feels like we are in the presence of a professional.  I think he over sang the first verse a little but that was a masters course in singing and performance.  Stephen calls his choice of chords stunning.  Randy calls it a touching, moving performance.

And fantastically, Colton takes the moment to talk about his prayer and his desire for Christ to shine through his talent.

Well, it is in your hands now America.  I thought Elise Testone and Colton Dixon took the night, with Skylar Laine and Phil Phillips representing themselves well.  DeAndre Brackensick, Erika Van Pelt and Heejun Hahn may be our bottom three this week.



American Idol Season 11 Top 13 Results

That was a very good show last night.  Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Phil Phillips, Erika Van Pelt and Hollie Cavanaugh were outstanding.  Jessica, Erika and Hollie looked into the eye of the Whitney beast, put their own spin on the songs and slayed the singer who shall not be covered.

Erika Van Pelt Rocks Whitney on American Idol Season 13

Christian musician Joshua Ledet led the show off with a bang with a rousing version of Stevie Wonder‘s “I Wish”, and in doing so showed that he has the range to make a deep run on American Idol Season 11Phil Phillips closed the show with a mind twisting version of “Superstition”.  Phill may be as unique as Casey Abrams but a lot more talented.  He looks like the real deal.

On the other end of the spectrum Shannon Magrane struggled through “I Have Nothing”, while Elise Testone, Jeremy Rosado, Jermaine Jones and Heejun Hahn delivered dangerously bland performances.

Tonight the judges will decide who, of the lowest rated guy and lowest girl, will go home.  If Shannon Magrane is the lowest rated girl I think she will go home.  If not, I think either Jermaine Jones or Jeremy Rosado leaves us tonight.

Sweet, Mary J. Blige is performing tonight!

Okay, so that group number was not too bad.  This group has a chance to be one of the best group of American Idols in the show’s history.

So now we start the results. Hollie Cavanaugh, Elise Testone and Jessica Sanchez are up first.  Looks like Elise Testone will be in the bottom 3 girls. Jimmy Iovine just said that Jessica’s performance was the best he had ever heard in the history of American Idol. Yep, Elise Testone is in the bottom 3 girls.

Now for the guys with Heejun Hahn, Jermaine Jones and Colton Dixon. Colton Dixon is safe but Jermaine Jones is in the bottom 3 guys.

After Lauren Alaina makes her professional debut on American Idol we get back to the results. Erika Van Pelt, Shannon Magrane and Skylar Laine are next to be put through the Ryan Seacrest ringer. Erika made a big comeback from last week and Skylar did enough to stay in the competition.  Erika Van Pelt lands in the bottom 3 and is joined by Shannon Magrane.

The last four guys are up now.  Phil Phillips, Jeremy Rosado, Joshua Ledet and DeAndre Brakensick are up. Joining Jermaine in the bottom 3 for guys is Jeremy Rosado and Joshua Ledet.  That is a crime.

Immediately after announcing the bottom 6, Ryan sends Erika Van Pelt and Joshua Ledet back to safety.

Time for the big finale the bottom guy is Jeremy Rosado and the bottom girl is Elise Testone.  Looks like the judges will send Jeremy Rosado home and we lose one more Christina musician on American Idol Season 11.  So long Jeremy.

Check out our power ratings on Saturday.


American Idol Season 11 Top 13 Performances

Now that we have cleared out the crowd it is time to get down to serious business on American Idol Season 11.  The Top 13 Idols will cover the songs of Whitney Houston (the girls) and the guys will cover Stevie Wonder.  So tonight will be a tightrope for the contestants to  try to bring something new, as well as perfection, to great songs that have been already been performed perfectly.

Check out our American Idol Season 11 Top 13 Power Rankings that is topped by Jessica Sanchez and Christian musician Joshua Ledet. Let’s see how Joshua and fellow Christian musicians Colton Dixon, Jeremy Rosado and Jermaine Jones do with Stevie Wonder tonight.

What do you guys think of the new set.  I like the gold and orange and the flashy cubes. Tonight is American Idol‘s 400th episode. A little twist this week. Tomorrow night Idol will reveal the bottom guy and the bottom girl and the judges will decide who will go home.

Joshua Ledet is first up doing “I Wish”.  Mary J Blige thinks he has a shot to make a big impact.  Oh my gosh who is this kid with no professional experience?  He is singing perfectly, amazingly even, and he is moving arounf the stage with the ease of Marvin Gaye.  In his first test of the season Joshua Ledet just blew it our of the box.  Crazy good! That’s right Randy he blew it out!  I felt it too J-Lo.  Ladies and gentlemen of America Joshua Ledet is here to stay!

Elise Testone is performing “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” after Jimmy Iovine and Mary J Blige change her song selection.  She seemed to struggle mightily during the rehearsals.  Good advice Jimmy! This song is perfect for Elise and she is delivering the second terrific performance of the night.  This song allows Elise to unleash her big growl and really stretch her expressive voice.  J-lo comes out of the box with a lukewarm critique which I don’t see. Randy felt like she was boxing with the song rather than settling into it.  I liked her performance much more than the judges. I am afraid the combination of placement and judges comments may put her in trouble.

Jermaine Jones presents “Knocks Me Off My Feet.”  I am not sure another ballad will serve Jermaine well.  Jimmy and Mary J love him.  Jermaine Jones has another worldly voice but I am not sure this obscure ballad will really connect with America.  The singing was great but the song and the performance was a little bland for me.  Stephen thought the song fit him perfectly.  J-Lo needs him to connect more deeply with the song. Randy did not like the arrangement.

We are back with judges pick Erika Van Pelt who is singing “I Believe In You and Me”.  Jimmy and Mary J worked on her vocal interpretation.  She starts very low.  That is a lower register than any other girl in American Idol Season 11 can reach. This will be all about if the judges like the interpretation. I certainly think Erika made me believe this was her song.  That was a mature, confident performance.  It is hard to make us forget Whitney.  Randy loved it, calling it amazing.  J-Lo gushes over her voice and Stephen has nothing but accolades.

Back to Stevie’s world with Christian musician Colton Dixon. He will sing “Lately”. That started very slowly for me but, wow, did he kick it into gear at the end.  Wow, what a note at the end.  Stephen says outstanding. J-lo calls it great because he showed his vulnerability.  Randy is right that when Colton hits his power notes it was amazing.  I agree with everything the judges said.

Shannon Magrane is singing “I Have Nothing”. That was really pretty good until she hit the big chorus and lost her pitch and never really recovered.  Overall, it seems like this song was just a little too big for Shannon.  She threw her heart and soul into it but she didn’t get it done.  J-Lo tells her to relax and tell the story. I think Shannon may be in trouble this week.  She should feel fortunate that only one person will go home this week.

Deandre Brakensick is singing “Master Blaster”, which should be perfect for him. Okay, so I was wrong.  I think his voice is too soft for this song.  The whole thing is muddled for me.  It was something different for DeAndre but I did not like it at all. Stephen does not comment, he just complemented.  J-Lo loved it as did Randy.  I did not feel it.

One of my favorites, Skylar Laine must come in from the country to take on Whitney.  This should be interesting. She is singing “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”. If Whitney can make a country song pop, can’t Skylar make a pop song country. Well Skylar has one gear, big and fast.  She did a credible job  of turning this into a country ballad.  Skylar blew the end of that song out of the park.  J-Lo and Stephen loved it.  Randy loved that she proved she can sing any song.

So Heejun Hahn comes face to face with his big critic, Jimmy Iovine. I really need to see something special from his performance of “All In Love Is Fair”. This is very pretty, if a little bland.  He has a fine voice but I get lost in his pronunciation. The judges just loved it.  I do not see what they see in Heejun.

Time for Hollie Cavanaugh to sing “All The Man I Need”. May J is predicting that Hollie will steal the show tonight.  The microphone looks huge in her hand but luckily there they have the top microphone stands for it.  The first part is terrific and then she stumbles in the middle.  Now, at the end, she just shows off with a big, pure, long note. Randy says she nailed Whitney’s big song.  J-Lo and Stephen both gushed.  That was impressive.

Everyone’s favorite, Jeremy Rosado, decides to sing “Ribbons In The Sky”. The first part is a little shakey.  He seemed to struggle to keep his pace.  He hit some nice big notes in the middle and finished big. Stephen loved it.  J-Lo loved his interpretation.  Randy did not feel it.  I agree with Randy.  Jeremy may be in trouble.

Okay, so Jessica Sanchez has no fear.  As the clear front runner she is going to try to prove a point with “I Will Always Love You”.  How can Jessica Sanchez be 16?  What a huge, controlled, fluid voice.  She brings the judges leaping to their feet.  That was sick.  Randy, J-Lo and Stephen are going nuts.  J-Lo is crying and gushing.  Stephen says she just made 40 million cry.

We are ending this very good marathon with something good.  Phil Phillips performing “Superstition”.  Well of course he is.  Did you think Phil would do “Isn’t She Lovely” or “For Once In My Life”? Okay so rock arrives on American Idol Season 11. There is a rock star in the house! Talk about owning the stage. Phil seems to be the only one tonight not competing but staging his own show.  I could listen to a few more songs from Phil tonight.  Judges love it.  I loved it as well.

So there we have it America, time to vote.  Th best performances came from Joshua Ledet, Erika Van Pelt, Colton Dixon, Hollie Cavanaugh, Jessica Sanchez and Phil Phillips. It looks to me that Jermaine Jones, Jeremy Rosado, Shannon Magrane and Elise Testone may be in trouble.

Check back in tomorrow night as we review the results and preview for next week.


American Idol Season 11 Top 13 Power Rankings

Now we, to the real contenders.  After a long night of results we are down to the American Idol Season 11 Top 13. It was a tough night for Christian musicians on American Idol Season 11.

I think America and the judges pretty much got it right.  I agree with the judges picks and only have minor disagreement with America’s picks.  The real contenders are in the Top 13 and I don’t think we lost anyone who was a serious contender to win the competition.  This is a very, very good group of singers so American Idol Season 11 should be a good one.

We at One21music cover Christian musicians competing on American Idol Season 11.  In that regard last night was not great.  We lost seven Christian musicians from American Idol Season 11 last night, so we are only left with four in the competition.

Christian Musicians in American Idol Season 11

Unfortunately we lost Chase Likens, Hallie Day, Adam Brock, Baylie Brown, Chelsea Sorrell, Aaron Marcellus and Eben Frankowitz. I think Aaron Marcellus should be in the Top 13 but his voting block was consumed by the tremendous performance of Joshua Ledet and the bigger than life story of Jermaine Jones. I though Hallie Day should be in but she is blond and not 16 and there are several blond and not 16 singers in American Idol Season 13. As much as we like Adam Brock, I don’t think he resonates with American Idol‘s voting block. Unfortunately for Chase Likens, Baylie Brown and Chelsea Sorrell they just could not deliver the blockbuster performances they needed to survive this week’s massive cuts.

So that leaves us with Christian musicians Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet, Jermaine Jones and Jeremy Rosado in American Idol Season 13. I think Colton and Joshua are very real contenders to win. Jeremy Rosado and Jermaine Jones need to be very, very good over the next few weeks to create momentum.

American Idol Season 11 Top 13 Power Rankings

1) Jessica Sanchez

Really? This girl is 16? Jessica Sanchez is the total package. She has the vocal control of Melinda Dolittle, the vocal power of Jennifer Hudson and the 16ish of Jordin SparksAmerican Idol is a long road and many favorites have been derailed along the way (reference Pia Toscano) but the other contestants have some major work to do to overcome Jessica Sanchez in American Idol Season 11.

2) Joshua Ledet

On Tuesday, Christian musician Joshua Ledet made a statement that he was  a force to be reckoned with.  He is a great gospel singer.  However, he is raw and maybe a little naive. He will be really tested with the different theme styles and he will need to demonstrate versatility beyond gospel to keep America’s interest.

3) Phil Phillips

We were not big fans of Phil Phillips until Tuesday night.  His arrangement of “In The Air Tonight” was brilliant.  It looks like he is going to be able to twist any musical theme to his own.  With the departure of Reed Grimm and Creighton Fraker it looks like he will have control of the “indie rocker” vote that carried Kris Allen and Lee Dewyze to the American Idol title.

4) Colton Dixon

We are not sure what to think about Christian musician Colton Dixon.  He is the right age, good looking and extremely talented.  However, his look is way edgier than the music he plays. He has yet to develop a personality that the American Idol audience can settle into.  He is capable of delivering some show stopping performances and he will need to do that over the next few weeks to create the kind of momentum that could overthrow Jessica Sanchez on American Idol Season 11.

5) Hollie Cavanaugh

This tiny Texas blond stood in the middle of the stage on Wednesday night and slayed the Christina dragon with a powerful, if imperfect, version of “Reflections”.  Very few have taken on a Christina song and survived, but she did it.  Hollie Cavanaugh has a huge voice but she is very quiet.  America will need to see her break out of her shell is she wants to go far into American Idol Season 11.

6) Elise Testone

Three singers took on Adelle this week on American Idol Season 11.  Two failed.  Her gravelly, soulful voice is perfect for Adelle‘s music and she delivered with a nuanced and assured performance.  Elise Testone greatly benefited from having the final spot.  She is one of 11 great singers in American Idol Season 11. The judges’ decision to add her stylistic dopplganger Erika Van Pelt does not help Elise Testone.  She will need great performances and lucky performance spots to survive the early weeks.

7) Skylar Laine

Okay, so it was crazy and over the top, but isn’t Mick Jagger crazy and over the top? Skylar Laine saw herself lumped in with two others as the “country girls” and take a huge risk by performing a 30 year classic rock song.   “Stay With Me” was the boldest song choice of the week and she pulled it off.  Her performance was vocally great and manically in control.  Her intensely country persona may hurt her but she has the voice and now I believe she has the savvy to far into American Idol Season 11.  at least we know Skylar Laine is not going quietly. Note: watch the video, Skylar nearly falls into the pit near the end of her performance.

8) Jeremy Rosado

Faced with elimination, Christian musician Jeremy Rosado delivered one of the best performances of the week. A favorite among the Idol group, Jeremy has come through the first week as the only modern R&B singer.  That may enable Jeremy to survive until the Top 10 and go on the American Idol Season 11 tour.  He needs to bring it strong every week.

9) Jermaine Jones

Oh, the gentle giant of sub woofer tones got a second chance and was embraced by American Idol fandome. Jermaine Jones has a fantastic voice and has proven he can deliver an emotional punch. He will have some good performances through the season. The question with Jermaine is how he will be able to adapt to the different musical styles he will face this season.  I need to see him do an uptempo song before he can be counted as a contender.

10) Erika Van Pelt

We are now in the judge’s section of the Power Rankings.  Erika is a great singer but she is in that blond but not 16 category. She is going to need special performances every week and lucky placement in the performance line-up each week to last very long.  Expect Erika Van Pelt to be a repeat resident in the Bottom 3 for the first few weeks.  If she survives into the Top 10 it will be because she found an audience.

11) DeAndre Brackensick

He made a brilliant song choice for his wild card song.  Everybody kills “Georgia (On My Mind)” and DeAndre did on Thursday night. DeAndre Brackensick may sound great in person but his vocals and his persona are a little exotic for American Idol.  I expect DeAndre to make an early exit.

12) Shannon Magrane

Shannon Magrane took advantage of great placement in the performances and delivered a wonderful performance of  the CCM classic “Go Light Your World”.  I just have not connected with her and her performances.  She will benefit for a while by being a personable, blond teenage girl that the American Idol audience will relate to.  However, she cannot afford to have one bad performance and I am not sure she can be perfect through the first few weeks of American Idol Season 11.

13) Heejun Han

We love Heejun and we have laughed at every one of the numerous clips American Idol has shown of him through the Season 11.  We just don’t get his voice.  He does not seems to be that great of a singer over the television. Heejun has benefited greatly from the overwhelming air time he has received through the season but that screen time will start to level out.

Next week we believe that Heejun Hahn will struggle with the Stevie Wonder theme and Shannon Magrane could really falter trying to perform Whitney Houston songs.  However, we think their popularity will carry them through next week.  Look for Erika Van Pelt, Jermaine Jones and Elise Testone to face elimination next week.

One21 music will be there live blogging the performances on Wednesday night and analyzing the results on Thursday night.

American Idol Season 11 Top 24

Well, American Idol Season 11 is in our hands now.   After an agonizing two nights of acceptance and rejection, the American Idol judges revealed their Top 24.  Now Randy, J-Lo and Stephen can sit back for the next two months and encourage, make meaningless comments and provide star power.  I pretty much agree with all of the decisions, except for the decision to eliminate Christian musician Jermaine Jones.  Not only was his rejection agonizing to experience, this hulking bass gospel boomer was one of the most unique voices I have ever heard on American Idol. Jermaine’s falsetto is deeper than the bottom of Scott McCreery‘s bass.

But in a shocking turn of events American Idol announced that Jermaine Jones, David Leathers, Richie Law and Johnny Keyser   have a chance to become the 13th guy in the American Idol Season 11 Top 12.  Yeah, I am confused as well.  I don’t know how the 13th Idol will be selected.  I do know that I hope, beyond hope, that Jermaine Jones makes that 13th spot.

Oh well, next week We get the vote.  The American Idol Season 11 Top 12 13 guys will perform for our votes and then, on Wednesday night, the Top 12 girls will perform.  Thursday night our votes will take us to a Top 10 and then the judges will select the final 2 that will make up or Top 12.  However, given the history of these American Idol judges, I bet we wind up with a Top 13.

American Idol Season 11 Top 12 Girls

Baylie Brown
Brielle Von Hugel
Chelsea Sorrell
Elise Testone
Erika Van Pelt
Hallie Day
Haley Johnson
Hollie Cavanaugh
Jen Hirsh
Jessica Sanchez
Shannon Magrane
Skylar Laine

American Idol Season 11 Top 12 Guys

Aaron Marcellus
Adam Brock
Chase Likens
Creighton Fraker
Heejun Han
DeAndre Brackensick
Eben Franckewitz
Jeremy Rasado
Joshua Ledet
Colton Dixon
Phil Phillips
Reed Grimm

We have, so far, identified 10 Christian musicians in the American Idol Season 11 Top 24. We believe several more of the Top 24 are believers but we cannot find any evidence to verify our instinct. Here are your Christian musicians going to the live shows:

Christian Musicians in American Idol’s Top 24

Baylie Brown
Chelsea Sorrell
Hallie Day
Aaron Marcellus
Adam Brock
Chase Likens
Eben Frankewitz
Jeremy Rasado
Joshua Ledet
Colton Dixon

Last year, at this time, I pegged Christian musicians Scott McCreery and Lauren Alaina as the ones to beat for American Idol Season 10.  This year is not so clear.

From what I have seen, there are two stand out singers among the girls: Jessica Sanchez and Jen Hirsh. They will surely make it into the American Idol Season 11 Top 12.  I think we will see only one of the three country singing girls (Baylie Brown, Chelsea Sorrel and Skylar Laine) emerge from next week’s vote. That leaves three spots for the girls and I think it will all depend on which ones deliver show stopping performances.

For the guys, Christian musicians Joshua Ledet and Colton Dixon are contenders to win it all.  I think Jeremy Rasado‘s personality and soulful voice will carry him into the American Idol Season 11 Top 12.  The big question is whether Eben Frankewtiz‘s Justin Beiber looks will compel the teenage vote to drive him into the Top 12.  And where does that leave Adam Brock, Creighton Fraker, Aaron Marcellus, Reed Grimm and Phil Phillips.  I don’t know the answer to that question but it does look like we have another American Idol season with a stronger group of guys than girls.

I will live blog next weeks performances from Los Angeles so we will be running a couple of hours later than usual but be sure to check-in on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for my reactions in the moment.  And don’t forget to vote.