Free Download:The Ember Days-Finger Painting EP

the ember days fingerpainting ep

Come&Live! is a great source for exceptional free music. Their artists give away their music as a gift to the people that they are serving, and see it as part of their ministry to do so. In the last year, Come&Live! have attracted a number of talented artists, including So Long Forgotten, Ascend The Hill, and most recently Showbread.

The label had a new release this week from one of their flagship artists, The Ember Days, with their new EP entitled Finger Painting. If you already own the band’s self-titled EP, then let me say that these 5 songs are light years from their previous material. The New Zealand band has really injected their own voice into the worship music they write, and the result is something that is sure to touch your heart and move your spirit.

You can download the EP from Come&Live! below for free or with a donation of your choosing.

Download The Ember Days- Finger Painting EP