Free Download: Brooke Waggoner – Noisetrade Sessions

brooke waggoner noisetrade sessions

Always one of our favorites, Brooke Waggoner comes through with another collection of free music for you.

In anticipation of ORIGINATOR’s release on 3/5, I’ve decided to give away the single ‘Rumble‘ from the album exclusively on NoiseTrade!
This is paired with previously unreleased b-sides, rarities, & obscurities from an intimate performance captured by NoiseTrade.
Download the whole project, or just one song if you like. And as always with Noisetrade, these downloads are free. But any gift, if you feel so inclined to give, is immensely appreciated.

Free Download: White Collar Sideshow – The WitcHunt

Im super stoked to present to you the second release of our good friends in White Collar Sideshow called The WitcHunt. Now if you dont know who (or what) White Collar Sidshow is, they humbly descibe themselves as ….a vaudevillian feel with a horror movie twist. An original movie plays on stage and two drummers & the faceless woman (playing bass in a 9 foot go-go cage) provide the live soundtrack. The videos take you through the mind of an addict while the live characters draw in the crowd for a truly memorable Shock Rock experience..

For the last 4 years, they have been touring the country performing the original sideshow, and after almost 6 months away, they have returned with their most ambitious outing to date: a brand new album that is the soundtrack a brand new original film that appears in the band’s performances. It is not too far of a stretch to say that White Collar Sideshow in faith music’s first shock and awe group. Keep that in mind as you watch the trailer for The WitcHunt below.

If you are intrigued, you should be. If you are a little scared, that is normal. If you are appalled, then I would suggest digging deeper into this group before you make final judgments. For all their theatrics, White Collar Sideshow exists to help people deal with their hidden horrors by relying on God and being honest with who they are. I have personally seen hundreds of lives changed through their unique and powerful show, and Im sure you wont feel in different if you are ever able to experience The WitcHunt

Download The WitcHunt by White Collar Sideshow on Come&Live!

Free Download: The Civil Parish- Abolitions Well

















Welcome the newest member of the Come & Live family.  Modern worship artist Civil Parish joined up with Come & Live in July to offer Abolition’s Well as a gift to us all.  Depp lrycism, coupled with highly emotive, soaring melodies send us deep into our worship.  They remind us Come & Live’s Ascend The Hill or The City Harmonic with some Further Seems Forever melodies.

As Come & Live says about Civil Parish:

Civil Parish was formed out of a desire to see both the chains of legalism and licentiousness shattered in light of the Gospel. They sing and preach about Jesus being the only hope that this world and themselves have to experience healing. Their album Abolition’s Well came out as a belief that through the Gospel we will thirst no more, finding freedom in Christ. All of their live shows and worship sets are flooded with scripture and truths being spoken over people. That’s the heart of Civil Parish, a few guys who have been shown their brokenness and want to go rejoice with other broken people because we have a loving father.”

Download Abolition’s Well by Civil Parish for free through Come & Live


Free Download: Heath McNease – The Weight Of Glory

If you are new to this website, then you may have NO idea how much of a Heath McNease fan we are. He is a gifted artist with a heart for God that defies all boxes you could put him in. Heath is two artists in one: on one side he is an indescribably talented emcee with a knack for the silly and the sacred all at the same time. Towards the beginning of the year, he put out his finest work in the genre called Thrift Store Jesus (download for free here). On the other side, he is also an awesome singer/songwriter in the vein of Iron & Wine, Dustin Kensrue, and M. Ward. Well, I guess he decided topping himself ONCE in a 12 month span wasnt enough, because Weight Of Glory is my favorite work McNease has done in this genre. Listen below and download yet another amazing release from this awesome man of God.

Free Download: Kopecky Family Band Double Header

Last year at SXSW, Chuck wandered in on a happy go lucky indie band called Kopecky Family Band, and LOVED them. He never stopped talking about them. They are an energetic collision of melody, movement, and artistry. Since we saw them last they have been doing very well for themselves, and will make appearances on this year’s Lollapalooza and ACL Festival. To celebrate, they have decided to give away their stellar EP The Disaster and as a bonus the B-side and remix EP that completes the album called Of Epic Proportions.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Free Download: Wayfarer – The River

So lately (and when I say lately I mean the last 3 years) there has been a growing movement in the worship music scene; and that movement is back to the spiritual. Many artists have been taking old hymns and breathing new life into for a whole new generation to experience, The latest to this movement is Wayfarer (featuring former members of Sherwood), who exclusively play “repurposed hymns and spiritual songs. Modern music, classic words”. What sets this one apart, for me at least, is that Wayfarer dont just play old songs in a praise & worship format, but instead incorporate an almost Minus The Bear sense of indie rock into songs that many of us sang in Sunday school as children.

Listen below and decide yourself

Free Download: Shook Like Dead Men – Unworthy EP

After several weeks of worship, folk, hip-hop, and electronic music, its about time we got our blood moving with some good ol chaotic hardcore from one of my new favorite bands, Shook Like Dead Men. Passionate, furious, creative, and above all worshipful, The Unworthy EP is a great display of what intelligent hard music can be. Check out the videos below and snatch this amazing gem of an EP up before they realize that they are crazy for giving it away for free.

Here is a little taste of what the band is like live:

And here is Shook Like Dead Men‘s official music video for “Die-Agra”

Download The Unworthy EP by Shook Like Dead Men

Free Download: Josh Garrels – Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes

It has been a little over a year since Josh Garrels released his masterpiece (and our album of the year in 2011), Love & War & The Sea In Between for free. He called it “Year of Jubilee”.

Well now we have turned over a new year, and in his fashion, Garrels has decided to give away another group of awesome songs.

For months I’ve been secretly collaborating with a few artists, mixing in my studio, and working to bring you a little something new. Introducing, “Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes”! 4 of the songs are remixes of tracks previously heard on “Love & War & The Sea In Between“, and the other 4 previously unheard songs on the EP are additional content from last year’s 18 song epic. Listen to Aaron Strumpel, Kye Kye, and Mason Jar Music rework and re-imagine some familiar songs, while also hearing something new.


Free Download: Beautiful Eulogy – Satellite Kite

Hands down, I have never looked more forward to a Hip-Hop release than Satellite Kite by Beautiful Eulogy (a group comprised of Odd Thomas, Braille, and Courtland Urbano formally Xperiment. I expected deep, thoughtful hip-hop with an artistic tinge. What I got was so much better, what I got was this:

Thats only the tip of the mountain: the album is so much more that the video above. Humble Beast has achieved once again something most Hip-Hop groups spend DECADES trying to create. Satellite Kite is a game changer.

Download Satellite Kite – Beautiful Eulogy

Free Download: From The Eyes Of Servants – Change The World

I love hardcore. I think that its raw form of expression reaches people in a way that most music cant. It isnt flashy, it isnt pretty, and the genre’s primary concern is being brutally honest with its audience. From The Eyes Of Servants realize this and pour everything that they have into the 10 tracks that make up Change The World. Its a great album from beginning to end.

So it is awesome that they announced this week that, despite releasing the album through a label, that they would give it away. No real reason besides they want to share their music with people. So we are gonna help them. Listen to the previews below, watch the lyric videos, then download this awesome album for yourself.

Download Change The World By From The Eyes Of Servants