Free Download – Pilgrim

Pilgrim - self titled

Once again, Josh White (formally Telecast) pushes the boundaries of great worship music with his latest project, Pilgrim.

Pilgrim is singer-songwriter Josh White‘s newest incarnation, envisioned and recorded over the past year and a half, with production and mixing help from Josiah Sherman. Inspired by the christian soundtracks of his youth, the record draws deeply from White’s love of glam, new wave, and trip-hop. It’s as if Roxy Music merged with New Order, and was remixed by Massive Attack.

If there are parameters for what is appropriate for “sacred music”, this record most definitely breaks that mold.

You are missing out if you don’t at least listen to that first track, but Im pretty sure you will download it 30 seconds in…

Free Download: Paper Route – The Peace Of Wild Things

Paper Route - The Peace Of Wild Things

Simply put, this is one of our favorite albums by one of our favorite bands. Paper Route has always been amazing

Tip the band and download below

Free Download: I Decline – Life of a Renegade

I Decline- Life Of A Renegade

I only really know three things about I Decline and their EP called Life Of A Renegade
1. The band is made up of former members of Take It Back!.
2. It is an almost complete departure from the Take It Back! sound
3. It is amazing

If you are a fan of Advent, Converge, Reign Supreme, or Jawbone, you will really be into this. Listen and download below

Free Download: Jane Marczewski – Ocean&Sky

Jane Marczewski - ocean and sky

We always like highlighting new artists on this site, and one of the easiest ways we find to this is through the Free Download posts. Its easy to get y’all to check somebody out if its free, right?

Jane Marczewski is a singer/songwriter with an interesting voice and an apparent zeal for her craft. Im not going to say a whole lot that you wont learn by watching the video below, but if you are a fan of Sandra McCracken, Jenny & Tyler, or Brett Dennen, you will dig this girl’s vibe.


Free Download: 5 Albums from Josh Garrels


ONE21 people, go download Josh Garrels‘ music and donate some money to a great cause. If you have never heard his music (you may be readin our website for the first time), this is a great introduction

From March 14 to March 28, all 5 of Josh Garrels‘ most current albums will be available for free, exclusively on Noisetrade. This free catalog of music is given as a gift, but 100% of the tips received for any and all of the 5 albums will be given to World Relief and their courageous work in Congo. Congo is currently the most unstable, violent, and impoverished country in the world, with thousands displaced due to warring factions and a majority of the women suffering from gender based violence. Please consider leaving a tip, and in so doing, becoming a partner in the work for restoration in Congo. Thanks.

Download all of Josh Garrels’ music for free on Noisetrade

Free Download: Brian Campbell-Hearts Wake To The Giver Of Life

Brian Campbell is the latest worship leader to join Come&Live!, and he comes with a high pedigree. According to his profile ” He has had the privilege of touring in both Europe and the United States with bands like Jars of Clay, Sleeping at Last and others. He leads workshops around the world with local church leaders and worship teams that focus on city transformation and songwriting as a tool for church unity.

Hearts Wake To The Giver Of Life is an interesting mix of contemporary worship mixed with elements of John Mark McMillan‘s builds-to-chorus structures, Sleeping At Last‘s atmospheric guitars, and then throws in a little pop electronica. The result is interesting a beautiful. Please download this and be blessed.

Download Hearts Wake To The Giver Of Life by Brian Campbell on Come&Live!

Free Download: Playdough-Writer Dye: Deux Or Die

One of our favorite emcees has a new mixtape. Its awesome. Check it out:

Writer Dye is a project that has Playdough reimagining lyrics from iconic songs of multiple genres and molding them into entirely different songs. Playdough reinterprets songs from Bob Dylan, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Queen, Modest Mouse, Digable Planets, The Beatles, Bon Iver, The Strokes and other classics. Writer Dye features top shelf appearances from OhNo, Von Pea (Tanya Morgan), Copywrite, Theory Hazit and Adeem. Expect a strong emphasis on song writing as Playdough continues to challenge his own wordplay and delivery. It’s an artisitc approach to songs you probably know, but what other emcee could flip this concept like Playdough does?

Free Download: Showbread – Cancer

Its that time again, when the Raw Rock legends known as Showbread unless their latest creation on the planet. Cancer is a concept album that is touted as ” a science-fiction rock opera” that will serve as the soundtrack for a movie of the same name that the band are putting the finishing touches on as we speak.

All of that aside, the album is Showbread going back and doing what they do best: a combination of garage punk, chaotic hardcore, and indie dance music that band has termed “raw rock”. Not so much on the last album, but Showbread fans will love Cancer as their band has come back the sound they created. Enjoy

Download Cancer by Showbread on Come&Live!

Free Download: Propaganda – Excellent

A little over a year ago, Propaganda and his best friend Odd Thomas released one of the best hip-hop albums period called Art Ambidextrous. It was an amazing, genre changing kind of record; but Prop had no intention of resting for even a second, so he released this video shortly after Art Ambidextrous hit the streets, with a simple promise:

On Tuesday of this week, we got to see what Propaganda considers Excellent:

Excellent is NOTHING short of that; a experimental and creative taste-maker that is unlike anything in your collection right now. Download it now, simple as that

Download Excellent by Propaganda on Humble Beast

Free Download: Sanhedrin/Maranatha – Split EP

I love heavy music. Its kinda my thing. Most times though good heavy music doesnt happen for free, so for the most part the Free Download posts dont have alot of metal or hardcore in them.

Well that changes today, because the split EP between these brutality metal projects known as Maranatha and Sanhedrian made a split EP and decided to make it “pay what you want”. This aint yer baby sister’s metal people; both “bands” are dark, gritty, honest, and…..well…brutal.

Listen below, decide if you can survive it, then download away!