Post Idol-Kris Allen v. Adam Lambert

Christian music artist Kris Allen (see our artist profile) won American Idol Season 9 over Adam Lambert. Many considered it a travesty at worst, an upset at best. We thought America got it right.  We thought then that Kris Allen was the most soulful, nuanced winner of American Idol since Season One’s Kelly Clarkson.

Both Kris Allen and Adam Lambert have new CDs releasing this month. Judging by the first real videos we have seen from Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, we believe even more strongly that America got it right.

Here is the video for “Live Like We Are Dying” Kris Allen’s single off of his debut album entitled Kris Allen.

“Live Like We Are Dying” is a soulful funky uptempo song about gratitude and living in the moment. Kris Allen’s musicianship shines through, his ability to take an acoustic guitar and a piano and turn them into instruments of rhythm and color make the song compelling. Kris Allen’s upbeat personality and soulful voice bring the message home while drawing you to dance.

In contrast, Adam Lambert’s “Time for Miracles”, from the movie 2012, is an assault on the senses. Sure, the powerful, other worldly voice is here in all of its glory. But as with many of his American Idol performances, the entire production is loud and shrill. Adam Lambert stomps through a green screen montage of disasters as he sings over loud, simplistic pop music that is supposed to be a compelling rock ballad, in the style of Whitesnake or Poison:

I think the movie analogy is a good one.  If Kris Allen were a movie he would be a cool indie flick like “(500) Days of Summer” or “Once”.  These are heartfelt movies that cause you the think and feel and engage.  On the other hand Adam Lambert is a big budget Hollywood film like “2012″ or “G.I.Joe”.  You know, movies that blow your hair back and rattle your bones but leave you feeling empty.

To us at One21music it looks like round one of the post Idol comparison of Kris Allen and Adam Lambert goes to Kris Allen.