American Idol- Grand Ole Opry Results Show

Last night was much better than we all thought.  The American Idol Season 8 performers actually handled country music pretty well.  Some went straight up country (Michael Sarver & Lil Rounds), some made subtle but interesting  twists (Alexis Grace & Meagan Joy), but most put their own twist on the songs.  The show was reasonably even last night with no real disappointments (see my Grand Ole’ Opry Live Blog ).

The American Idol performance during Grand Ole’ Opry week held up with my power rankings (see my Grand Ole Opry preview).  Scott MacIntyre and Meagan Joy performed below my rankings for them but just about everyone else lived up to my confidence in them.

I predicted that Anoop Desai would go home tonight (see my Grand Ole Opry Performance Wrap-up) but I think Scott MacIntyre, Michael Sarver or Alexis Grace could leave American Idol Season 8 as well.  I feel pretty good about Michael because I think the country crowd probably latched onto him last night).

As I told you last night, the rest of this blog will be ghost written by Debbie, one of the One21 background partners.  Please be kind to her while I cover all of the great music that is happening at the South by Southwest Music festival

Good evening all.  The American Idol group performed  well tonight.  They sang an upbeat song, “T-R-O-U-B-L-E” by Travis Tritt, and really seemed to enjoy themselves.   Their enthusiasm spilled over to the judges and definitely to the audience.  The exclusion being Simon, who pushed his chair back when the girls approached.  He has the most interesting body language. I always wonder if  he was  hugged enough as a child.

The show included a look behind the scenes after contestants are voted off.  All of the contestants and their families gather for a celebratory farewell with plenty of tears but encouraging words from all as well.   Very nice touch.  It is so difficult to watch as these young singers are voted off each week.

I have to include the “break our hearts” moment as Michael Sarver was asked if it was difficult being away from his family.  He related, with tears in his eyes, that his three year old had asked him “Why don’t you want to be with me anymore?”

Ryan Seacrest jumped right into the results for the show.  With over 31 million votes:  Danny Gokey – Safe.  Lil Rounds – Safe.  Anoop Desai – Safe.  Allison Iraheta – Bottom 3.  Michael Sarver – Bottom 3.  Allison and Michael were asked to sit to the side as tonight’s guests performed.

Grammy award winner Brad Paisley sang a nice love song, “Then” .  Very nice.   Later on,  Grand Ole Opry stars, Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis sang one of Randy’s songs, I Told You So.  Carrie has a great voice and proved once again why she is so popular.  Randy sang some with her, but seemed to just enjoy watching her hit the vocals in his song.

But let’s get to the remaining results:  Scott MacIntyre – Safe.  Megan Joy – Safe.  Matt Giraud – Safe.  Kris Allen Michael Sarver – Safe.  Alexis  Grace – Bottom 3.  Adam Lambert – Safe.  Ryan sent Allison to safety and the final decision came down to Michael Sarver and Alexis Grace.  Interestingly enough, the judges announced that they would consider saving one of the two.  Michael was pronounced safe and Alexis looked crestfallen.  She performed Jolene again, but unfortunately not well enough for the judges to save her.

This week’s show seemed to have an added air of expectancy over it.  And rightly so.  The survivors of this week’s vote will go on tour this summer.  Congratulations to all.   Special kudos to our fellow believers, Danny, Lil, Michael, Scott, Matt and Kris.

Check back with you on Monday to preview next week’s show and give my new power rankings.

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