Free Download: Steady Hands-The Earth Will Eat Today EP

There has been a movement occurring in the hardcore/metal scene over the last few years; a return to the raw. After a flood of over produced and low content bands populated the scene for most of the last decade, hardcore and metal bands are looking to find the emotional core of their music and present it in a way that may sound sound ugly to some, but in truth the bands are trying to be honest with their craft.

The latest example is the band Steady Hands, with their gritty version of melodic hardcore and truthful lyrical approach. Their EP is solid from beginning to end, and is hopefully only the beginning of this bands long and successful career. Listen to the album below and download it!

Essential Songs: Tithemi By Sleeping Giant

Hardcore worship. Joy and movement. Declaration and power.

All fear, all pain, all hurt, all grief, all lies, must bow to Jesus’ name
All kings, all thrones, everything that breathes life, must bow to Jesus’ name
The earth, the sea, the sun, the stars, the sky, must bow to Jesus’ name


There is no one like you God
No one like You my King
There is no one like you

Kings, crowns, thrones,
Fall face down
Kiss the ground
Jesus, you hold the crown

Free Download:Life In Your Way-Kingdoms

life in your way-kingdom

After way too long, I present to you Kingdoms by Life In Your Way. For those that dont know, Life In Your Way was one of the best melodic hardcore bands in the scene until they broke up three years ago. However, early this year the band announced that they would be reforming to write and record, Kingdoms, an epic conceptual that is broken up into three parts. The Kingdom of Man which showcases the much evolved hardcore sound that fans expect from the band. The Kingdoms Of Darkness in which the band shows off how brutal they can truly be. Finally, The Kingdom of God is filled with messages of hope and chorus filled anthems meant to awaken and restore. All in all, Life In Your Way have written the album of their career, and proven that etching out your own sound means more than following trends and compromising the integrity of your art.

Kingdoms is a hardcore masterpiece.

Download Kingdoms by Life In Your Way from Come&Live!

Free Download:Red Cord Records Heavy Summer Meltdown

Red Chord Records SummerMeltdown

Red Chord records is the next big name in faith-centered Metal/Hardcore. With top-knotch releases like Not One Is Upright‘s God Is Not a Watchmaker and The World Is Not Ticking, and an impressive roster of up and comers, Red Chord seems to have a firm grasp on what is happening now, and what is happening tomorrow in this scene.

For summer 2011, the label has decided to grace us with an awesome sampler of their line-ups music, and as an added bonus, 8 of the 12 tracks below come from albums that havent even been released yet. Enjoy this hard and heavy look into the world of Red Chord Records.

1. Phinehas–”I Am the Lion” (unreleased)
2. Day of Vengeance –”Horseback Riding In Arabia”
3. Your Chance to Die–”Requiem for the Blessed Damned” (unreleased)
4. A Past Unknown–”What If You’re Wrong”(unreleased)
5. Righteous Vendetta–”The Dawning”
6. Not One Is Upright–”The State vs. The Librarian”
7. Joliet–”Buried Alone”(unreleased)
8. Milosny–”Battle Line”
9. From the Eyes of Servants–”Bridegroom”(unreleased)
10. NoLoveLost–”Are You Here To Join The Party?”(unreleased)
11. Nigh Is the Hour–”Key On The Tree”(unreleased)
12. Above the Abyss–”Complexity Is Chaos”(unreleased)

Download The Red Cord Records Heavy Summer Meltdown

2010 End Of The Year Lists: Rock, Pop, and Metal

Most music websites like ours publish end of the year lists (most times before the year is over), but we see this as a time to truly celebrate what God is doing through art and music. For the next few weeks we will be posting our lists of the best recordings in 2010, divided by genres and categories. This all leads up to our final presentation of our Essential 25 Recordings of 2010 post on the last week of January.  This is our joyous recounting of all that amazed us in 2010.
*click on the name of the artist to find out more about them, click on the album title to listen to samples and purchase*

bestof10rockgraphic copy

Rock Album Of The Year: My Epic- YET

Abel-Lesser Men
A Hope For Home-Realis
Children 18:3-Rain’s A Comin
Gaslight Anthem-American Slang
Flatfoot 56-Black Thorn
The Reign Of Kindo-This Is What Happens
Same As Sunday-Earn Your Stripes
Shapes Stars Make-These Mountains Are Safe
Wovenhand-The Threshingfloor

bestof10popgraphic copy

Pop Album Of The Year: Brooke Fraser-Flags

An Epic, No Less-We Are The Echo Of Love
Charmaine-Love Reality
Gileah Taylor-What Kind of Fool
Heath McNease-Shine On
Joy Ike-Rumors
Queens Club-Young Giant
Tal & Acacia-Wake Me
Tidewater-The Seas We Sail
Joy Williams-We Mapped the World

bestof10heavygraphic copy

Metal/Hardcore Album Of The Year: The Chariot-Long Live

A Plea For Purging-The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Close Your Eyes-We Will Overcome
Divide The Sea-MAN
For Today-Breaker
In The Midst Of Lions-The Heart Of Man
Living Sacrifice-The Infinite Order
MyChildren MyBride-Lost Boy
Norma Jean-Meridional
Underoath-Ø (Disambiguation)

Check back with us next week for our favorite albums from Folk, Country, Worship, and Indie.

Jesus Wept Reforms

jesus wept

It seems that legendary Christian hardcore band Jesus Wept has reformed and will be back in full action very soon. The following statement was posted last weekend:
Happy Easter everyone! God Bless you all!

As you know we are officially back in action! As you can see we have 2 shows coming up in Ohio. Please make yourselves available to rock out with us the evenings of April 16th and 17th. We are looking forward to it and grateful to be playing. We do have a local show in the works so we will keep you posted with info on that event. With Love, JW

If you are looking to book Jesus Wept or have any comments, questions, or just want to chat please contact us via email:, or just message us here. You can also find us on:



Alcina Vocalist To Leave The Band

alcina 09

It seems that Wes Breedwell, vocalist for independent hardcore band, Alcina, will be leaving the band at the end of their obligations through the summer. The following statement was posted on the band’s website earlier this week:

Last night at the show at Rocketown, I dropped a bomb on the band and on the crowd, at the end of the summer I will be stepping down as the singer of Alcina. I have been playing in bands for a decade, and Alcina for half a decade, and honestly I am done with music. I have become jaded with a lot of things and don’t appreciate life anymore. I still love the dudes, there is no bad blood or anything like that by any means, but its just my time to step down and call it a day. So be on the look out, for some more upcoming shows that I will have left and the last show in the summer.

So thank you to all the people who supported this thing for the past 5 years, you guys kept me alive.

I am not sure what the band is doing and what not, I am sure they will be posting something soon.

Keep it posi dudez
-Wes Breedwell

Sovereign Strength Readies New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting from metal/hardcore band Sovereign Strength‘s upcoming Feburary 23rd, 2010 releases, Reflections. The album will be available exclusively through iTunes.

sovereign strength + reflections

01. Introduction
02. Heartless
03. The Suffering
04. Half And Half
05. In The Mirror
06. Deliverance
07. Your Words Are Poison
08. The Outcome
09. War On This World
10. Consume
11. Revelation

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Hundredth Ready New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Mediaskare Records hardcore band Hundredth, and their album When Will We Surrender. The effort will be available to digital retailers on February 9th, with the physical release date set on March 30th, 2010.

hundredth when will we surrender

01. Catalysts
02. Willows
03. Betrayer
04. Passion
05. Caving
06. Desolate
07. Fade
08. Sinking
09. Greater
10. Rise
11. Brighter
12. Sun
13. Shine

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Interview With Thin Ice Posted

Blood & Ink Records newcomers Thin Ice were had an interview with HXC Christian posted this week.  In the interview they discuss how the band got started, and how their recent singing to Blood & Ink went down.  Check it out!

Read Thin Ice interview