Falling Up On Hiatus

According to jesusfreakhideout, BEC Recordings artist Falling Up is now on a “permanent break”. Vocalist Jessy Ribordy had this to say:

“I have gotten quite a bit of email in the last six months of questions regarding the future of Falling Up. And rightly so, for we have been extremely seldom with our updates and news. So I figured I owe it to all of you, and myself, to clear things up.

After touring extensively since we were 19 and 20 year olds, the lot of us have diverged into other areas in our lives and drifted away from the group known as Falling Up. In other, more simpler words, we are taking a permanent break. I hate using the word “breaking up” cause that always reminds me of my high school prom night! ( kidding ). Actually, if I can remember correctly, my prom date was a rad girl and I had a lot of fun getting down on the dance floor to “Baby’s Got Back” and slow dancing to the Armageddon theme song “Don’t Wan’t to Miss a Thing”. Sorry, I’m getting off track.

It’s been a good journey and thank you so much for your continued support throughout the years. We look forward to all of you finding us in our other projects and aspirations in life. Love all of you and God Bless. Jessy Ribordy

P.S. If you are in New Zealand next week, come check us out at our last show. Parachute 2010 Baby, the best place to celebrate!!!.”

Jets Under Fire Go On Hiatus

Jason Poe, vocalist and key songwriter for Austin, TX. rock band Jets Under Fire, posted the following statement concerning the band’s hiatus:

If you’ve been paying any attention to Jets Under Fire lately, you’ve probably noticed that there hasn’t been much going on. Honestly, that’s because there hasn’t been much going on with the band, but there has been a lot going on with the individuals involved.

Corbin has been playing with Stephen Miller, another local Austin musician, and has had the opportunity to travel across the southwest performing for the last few months, and will continue playing with Stephen.

Todd has been putting a lot of effort into his post-rock outfit called Apodiform. He’s currently recording some material that should be released in the near future.

I (Jason) have been presented with some great opportunities as a solo artist and songwriter, so I am in the process of recording a new EP which should be released by SXSW. You can keep up with me at jasonpoemusic.com.

Because we have all had great outside opportunities, we have decided to put Jets Under Fire on an indefinite hiatus. We may still record some material in the future, but are unsure of when this will happen, or if it will actually happen. Unfortunately, this means no EP4.

All of the members are all still great friends, so this is not a bitter end, but just a time to move on into other things.

Thank you so much for your support over the last few years! It really has been great a time for us, and we hope you have enjoyed the music we’ve made!

– Jason Poe

doctor!doctor! Take A Break

Spaz/Doomcore band doctor!doctor! will be taking some time off after their current tour to focus on finances, a new album, and a music video. The band had this to say:

we’re now on day two of our first tour of 2010. we’ve hit the road for just over a week with our new friends The Javelin Dance from Cincinatti Ohio. despite bad weather, our first show went pretty well. we’ve still got another 8 days left though, so we we hope to see you while we’re out.

after tour, however, we will be taking some time off. while 2009 was a pretty good year for the band, it was not so great for us individually. currently only one of us has a job, and we will be taking some time off for people to get back on their feet financially. this is NOT to be confused with a HIATUS (only because that word usually implies breaking up. which we are not.) this is simply … time off. we’ve been going strong with only a few weekends off since we started over 3 and a half years ago and this is probably a good thing for us emotionally as well.

this year has a lot in store for us, we feel. we’ve started working on a full length concept album, and have already written one full song and pieces to three others. we’re holding on to those for a while though until we break them out at a show. we’re really trying to push ourselves as we write, and we hope that you will enjoy the end results. we will say… some of what we are writing is the heaviest stuff we’ve written thusfar in our career, and we will say… please circle pit. we are also in the long-term search for a good cover song.

we are also planning on filming a real music video for “The Monotony Of Freedom” sometime this year (potentially March, we aren’t sure yet). for those of you who care about how videos are made, we will not be doing a live video (we like storyline videos) for it, we’ve already started storyboarding the ideas and putting together a small cast. Lisa from Only The Ashes Remain (who also recorded I Guess This Wasn’t The Road To See The Wizard) will also be in charge of filming the video. (in the meantime, check out her other video feats at Dinosaur Garden.

we are also slowly writing all our material to date as sheet music. ideally this will include discontinued songs as well, just for posterity’s sake.

so please bear with us as we go underground for a little while. we’ll be back, and with a vengeance. (what does that even mean?.. i guess it means… more shows, new music and more touring.)