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I had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of the guys from I Am Alpha And Omega at Cornerstone Festival. I think my wife and I ended up talking to vocalist Donnie about everything under the sun for almost an hour after their show. This band is ONLY making music and touring because they 100% believe that Christ has called them to it. They arnt out for anything else but that fact.

They play a passionate form of melodic hardcore deeply rooted in a maturity not seen in many bands in this scene today. They dont go for the quick fix, but instead allow songs to build so you can properly understand the message behind the noise. Any fan of aggressive music with a clear message will love The Roar And The Whisper instantly.

The link below gives you opportunity to donate to their ministry or download the album for free. Help support these guys and what God is doing through them.

Download I Am Alpha And Omega-The Roar And The Whisper

New Releases For September 3rd, 5th, and 7th

lakes the agreement
The Agreement

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New Releases For September 5th, 2010

i am alpha and omega the roar and the whisper
The Roar And The Whisper
I Am Alpha And Omega

Melodic Hardcore
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New Releases For September 7th, 2010

anberlin dark is the way light is the place
Dark Is The Way, Light Is The Place

Universal Records
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sarah kelly Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun
Sarah Kelly

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Thinking Out Loud
Young Joshua

Cross Movement Records
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Cornerstone Festival 2010: Day Two- COME&LIVE!

On our second day at Cornerstone Festival 2010, we decided to spend the majority of the day at the Anchor Fellowship/Come&Live! stage, and it ended up probably one of my favorite favorite days of the entire fest.

Typically this day (sometimes referred to as Day 0) in Cornerstone was called Tooth & Nail Day, in which Tooth & Nail/Solid State/BEC Recordings artists took over the whole festival and did their thing. This was a day to see almost the entire catalog of artists on the labels’ rosters, and maybe even some new up and comers. In 2003, Chuck and I watched a wild, unsigned and unknown, screamo band called Emery who signed with Tooth & Nail shortly after and are one of the label’s biggest artists. As of 2007, however, Tooth & Nail Day is no more, but I have to say I would take Come&Live! Day over it any year.

I feel like I need to say that the people of The Anchor Fellowship church out of Nashville were amazing. They stayed close to the tent the whole day and loved on everybody there. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting several of them personally, including their pastor Joshua who was camped not to far from where we were. They prayed with us several times throughout the week, and we felt like we were part of the family even though they hardly knew us. Please check out their website, and maybe if you live in Nashville, TN go spend some time with them. The Anchor Fellowship.

We started with our buddy Preson Phillips! We have featured Preson‘s music on the site several times and he was even one of our Voices Of The Underground. The band and Mr. Phillips played all of my personal favorites, and really impressed all of us with their blend of folk, worship, and indie rock. On top of that Preson seemed right at home on stage, joking with the crowd, and charming everyone in the room. I could not have picked a more perfect way to start the day off.
Preson Phillips Cornerstone 2010

Then , after a year of hearing about them, we finally experienced the reggae hippie worship music of Men As Trees Walking. The stage seemed a little too small for their elaborate set up and 8 members, but they quickly entered into their set while in the middle of their sound check. I really still need some time to digest their music, even though I really liked it, but their show is really interesting.  On another cool note, in the middle of the set my wife and I realized that we actually knew their drummer Jason from our college days. It was good to catch up and find out that God had really been at work in his life since last we saw him. Men As Trees Walking is always on tour, if they come through your town, defiantly check them out and say hi.

I Am Alpha & Omega simply tore the stage apart! They brought a ton of energy with their brand of melodic hardcore, and in the ended up being the only heavy band of the day. Voaclist Donnie attacked every song like it was his last as the rest of the band never stopped moving from moment one! I had never seen these guys before, but I know now it wont be my last. They were awesome. Later on in the day we were able to talk with Donnie a little more and really got to know the guy’s heart. This is a band truely seeking God’s face, and are some really genuine people. Love that band!
I Am A and O 3~

So Long Forgotten was one of my must see bands for the festival, and they lived up to every expectation I had for them. Below is a video we shot of the band performing a very old song, and then a brand new one, hopefully it conveys the passion and creativity that filled the tent as we watched this amazing band perform their beautiful music.

We took a break for a while to go get some food, and returned later that night to witness our good friends, White Collar Sideshow perform their amazing show once again. TD and the gang have been busy since last we spoke to them a year ago. They have tweaked and refined the Sideshow, but the core of their show is the breath-taking presentation of an amazing testimony. It was great to see the show after so long, especially since listening to their music this past year gave me more of an appreciation of they do. We will talk about them more later on as we saw them again later in the week ( one of the only two artists we saw more than once). By the end of their show everyone in the room was speechless, no joke.
White Collar Sideshow Pig Cornerstone 2010

We ended our very long day with worship from Ascend The Hill, at 1:30 AM. They keep the energy high, and the passion even higher.  This kind of music is what will make you forget about time, and just sink into the sound.  Hey when God is moving through incrediable music, you dont leave.

The 2nd day filled me with so much joy about our Cornerstone experience, I can hardly express it here. We witnessed masterful music from just a wide range of sounds, that all were being made for Christ’s glory. This is what this festival was all about.

The one thing I took away from all the artists that we saw was a sense of genuine abandon.  Nobody preforming that day was rich, but they were fully committed to their ministry first and their music and their passion was a reflection of that.

Wrench In The Works Ready New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Facedown Record’s noisecore band Wrench In The Works upcoming March 16th release, Decrease/Increase.  The album will include guest vocals from Levi The Poet, as well as members of I Am Alpha & Omega, Sleeping Giant, and From Bindu To Ojas.

wrench in the works decrease increase

1. Vultures
2. Project AK-47 (feat. Chris Grosso of From Bindu To Ojas)
3. A Desert Voice (feat. Levi The Poet)
4. Pocket Watch
5. DeathSlayer (feat.Thom Green of Sleeping Giant)
6. Gethsemane (feat. Donny Hardy of I Am Alpha And Omega)
7. Hearts and Masks
8. Vows (I Must Decrease)
9. Purge the Creep
10. Walk Amongst the Tombstones
11. Vows (He Must Increase)

for more new releases, please check out our ALBUM RELEASE DATES page to stay up to date on all the new music coming out

Christian Music News November 3rd, 2009


Emo mainstay Copeland has decided to disband after almost ten years in the scene. Its a bummer, they have been a part of my regular music rotation for a long time now…They are going to do one last tour, and hinted and one more CD, so we will see what goes down.

After almost 5 months on hiatus, Oceana has decided to give it another go with a slightly re-tooled lineup.

It seems that Norma Jean has signed on with Razor & Tie Records and will release their next full length through the label in early 2010.  This is the first album that the band will release outside of Solid State Records since signing with the label back in 2001 when they were known as Luti-Kriss.

The Fray and OneRepublic will both appear on Timbaland‘s upcoming Shock Value 2 CD as guests.

A Hope For Hope has signed with Facedown Records and will be releasing their next full length through the label in early 2010.

An interview with I Am Alpha & Omega was posted on HM’s website this week. Read I Am Alpha & Omega interview.

Legendary spirit-filled hardcore band Unashamed has reformed and will begin play shows again in 2010. No word on new music.

Strike First Records has signed Letter The Exiles to their ranks. Hoping for some good stuff from this band…

Jason Gray was interviewed over at Jesusfreakhideout last week. Read Jason Gray interview.

Close Your Eyes (from Texas no less) has signed on with Victory Records. Congrats guys!


Below is the freakin awesome video from Worshipcore monsters Sleeping Giant. The video was directed by our good friend T.D. Benton, who is one of our Voices Of The Underground and is the leader of White Collar Sideshow. The video is for the song “The Army Of The Chosen One”

Below is the video for Sara Groves latest single called “It’s Me”

And this one is called “Maybe This Time” by Sherwood

Here is a sweet new song from Cas Metah called “This Can’t Be True”

Here we go, the first video from Switchfoot off their latest album called “Mess of Me”

Free MP3 Album Download: Another Way To Fight Vol.2

another way to fight vol.2
So you may not have any idea about the website (great name by the way), and that is ok, because we don’t really know much about it either.  It looks like a really cool website, so it is entirely in  language that we cant read.   It seems though that the kind people over at were nice enough to put together a little sampler for all of us.  Im sorry, I misspoke, they put together a MONSTER sampler for us!  60 freakin tracks, from all kinds of bands and artists!  There is hardcore, worship, some electronica, quirky indie rock, progressive experimental rock, and so much more!
So I will shut up in a sec and let you dive in, but here is how it goes: the sampler is divided into four smaller parts, and below is the tracklisting for each part with the link to download below it.  Simply save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES once it is done, and start tearing through this amazing collection of music….

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.1

01. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – Step Up (I’m On It)
02. Holding Onto Hope – Between Failure and Fraud
03. Escape From Sickness – How Few Can Destroy Much
04. Sleep for Sleepers - Thieves And Bones
05. Through Solace – We Were So Sincere
06. X-Sinner – World Covered in Blood
07. The Tug Fork River Band – Grave Digger
08. Venia – Seeker
09. The Blue Letter – Philadelphia
10. The Devil Wears Prada – Dez Moines
11. Sacrificium – I Am the Enemy
12. Underneath the Gun – Cutting Ties, Breathing Lies
13. Escape From Emptiness – Age of Conflict
14. Nitengale – Secret Police (4:20)
15. Everett – The Crown (4:37)
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.1

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.2

16. Fallstar – Open Hands
17. Parade Schedule – Backyard
18. The Rose McCoy – The Weather Outside Is Weather
19. Sons of God - Caution
20. Thieves & Liars – Fight Song
21. Abandon Kansas – I Wonder If It’s Me
22. Capybara - The Wimp
23. I Am Alpha and Omega – The Stars Will Bleed Your Name
24. Wolf Dragoons – A Voice in the Desert
25. Grave Robber – Altered States
26. The Red Baron – Latest Hot Shot
27. Great Awakening – New Life
28. Caleb Winn – Dunlap House
29. The Frozen Ocean – Ghosts
30. Hands – Of the Flesh
31. The Ember Days -Run to You
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.2

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.3

32. So Long Forgotten – Hills Humbled, Mountains Made
33. Yours for Mine - Call Me Distant
34. A Plea for Purging- Misanthropy
35. Anchors – Airplane
36. The Neverclaim – Revival
37. Perhapsy – Bow Song
38. Ian McIntosh – Come Away>
39. Cobra – Lady on the Bricks
40. Daniel Bashta – Awakening
41. Redemption – Lifeboat
42. Earth From Above - Numbered with the Transgressors
43. Max Justus – Bending Space and Time
44. The Normans – I Finally See
45. Abel – Dressed Like a King
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.3

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.4

46. Believer – Redshift
47. Sleeping Giant – Gang Signs
48. October Light – Hands High
49. All In – Charles Barkley
50. The Billen Brothers – Little Russia
51. Neviah Nevi - Virtue
52. Sam Billen – Returning
53. Preson Phillips – Then They Will Know
54. Solemn Vow – Cheer Up Charlie, Give Me a Smile
55. State Bird – I Don’t Luv U Anymore
56. Ascend the Hill – Sing
57. Deuteronomium - Of Life and Death
58. Lovelite – There You Are
59. Ambroise George – Messager De La Bonne Nouvelle
60. JTM Band – Que Ma Louange Te Plaise (Live)
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.4

Christian Music News 6/16/09

Sorry there isnt much to talk about guys. we are doing and editing interviews from Red Letter Fest, so those will be up shortly.  We were able to interview Hundred Year Storm, and Syrens already, and hopefully mewithoutYou will be tonight. Pray for us…

I Am Alpha & Omega have run into some hard times on the road, causing them to cancel some of their upcoming dates. Read I Am Alpha & Omega update.

Dominic Balli has a new music video for his song “Warrior”. Watch it below:

Saving Grace have finally issued and update to fans with news of tours, new members, and new music. Read Saving Grace update.

Thrice has announced the name of their new album will be Beggars, and it will be out in October(2009).

A live video of solo artist Lily Among Thorns playing her song “Right By Your Side” can be viewed below: