Free Download: Passionate Hope Vol. 2: Songs Of Worship

Every now and then our buddies at Indie Vision Music put together some pretty amazing compilations that feature tons of great music. They have been around for a while, so normally when when do one of these, they do it HUGE. This one is no different. Over 20 artist make up this awesome sampling of what is happening in worship music today.

Indie Vision Music Presents: Passionate Hope Vol. 2, the second release in our ongoing series that seeks to share great independent worship with people who may not neccessarily connect with the more commercial aspects of modern “worship”.

Our name pretty much says it all in terms of focus here at the site and that is what we intend to do with this and most of our other compilations. Keep the attention on independent artists who struggle to get their message of hope out to the masses among a crowded music scene. Many of these artists aren’t working with big budgets or a marketing team (yes, even us). We do this all DIY on the ground level, hustling through word of mouth, social media links and other website promotions to build up “hype” for these downloads (‘hype’ might not be the appropriate word to use around ‘worship’ but you know what I mean). “Passionate Hope Vol. 2” will be posted on Indie Vision Music “as is” meaning we will not tinker with the sound or “master” it at all. We just want it to sound natural, honest, and stay true to what these artists compose.

Artists include Ascend The Hill, My Epic, The Violent Burning, Miss Angie, and a ton more. Enjoy

Download Passionate Hope Vol. 2: Songs Of Worship from Indie Vision Music

Free Download: Bigfoot Wallace-Malleable

bigfoot wallace malleable

So I had a few options of what to post this week for a free download, so I decided to go with my “interesting” pick. Bigfoot Wallace is Jon Hubbell from Chandler AZ. His style is not something that I can quite pin down, but Im sure that fans of Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, and Son Lux will dig what he is doing on Malleable. Im about 3 spins into this one and I have to say that the songs have really grown on me, I think we may have another addition to the “Best Of…” lists at the end of the year. This is an album you can really sink your teeth into.

Indie Vision Music was kind enough to put this one up for free download, so go support them and support the artist.

Download Malleable by Bigfoot Wallace

Free Download: IVM Sampler Vol.1


So for almost the past two months, it would appear that my “free download” posts go back and forth between the catalog over at Come&Live! and the downloads put up through Indie Vision Music. Well, my friends it is true, I have been turning to two sources for your weekly free fix. But can you really blame me, I mean IVM is simply putting together some of the best free downloads out there, and Come&Live! is most likely my favorite record label right now.

All this to say, i have another awesome sampler from Indie Vision Music for your downloading pleasure. Enjoy

1. Craig’s Brother “The Mistake of Caring”
2. Marksmen “Turn Back the Clock”
3. New Heights “Bleeding Love”
4. Blood and Water “Sleep it Off”
5. Attalus “The Finest Hour”
6. Dismissed “Bittersweet”
7. Divided by Friday “Disappoint: Surprise”
8. After the Anthems “Just to Say”
9. Ocean is Theory “Miles Away”
10. Next in Line “One in a Million”
11. Orion Walsh “Good Things Come to Those Who Wait”
12. Pennylane “Role of You Care”
13. See The Light “Readers Beware…You Choose the Scare”
14. Send Out Scuds “Cliche”
15. Senseless Beauty “Reverse the Curse”
16. Sinbreed “Infinity’s Call”
17. Sleep Now Moon “Dear”
18. The Eternal Effect “Forever Will Last”
19. The Ember Days “Run To You”
20. The Great Transparency “Don’t You Ever”
21. The Overseer “The Lost”
22. The Radio Sky “My Insincerist Regards”
23. Ursa Robotica “The Price of Ignorance is Not Worth Convenience”
24. The Threats “Forgettable”
25. Called to Arms “Vintage Pharisee”
26. Dependency “Fragile”
27. White Collar Sideshow “Pardon Thy Monster”
28. Thin Ice “You Were There”
29. New Heights “Starting Again”
30. I Am Empire “The Other Side of the World”
31. Awake! Awake! “True North”
32. Innerwish “the Signs of Our Lives”
33. Mrenc “Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh”
34. I Am Alpha and Omega “The Roar and the Whisper”
35. Grave Robber “Altered States”
36. Thirtyseven “You Made Your Beard…Now Lie in It”
37. Dime Store Heist “The Stillness, The Change”
38. Audiovision “Keep the Fire Burning”
39. Mojo & October Light “Everything Will Be Made Right” (Featuring Matt Morginsky of The OC Supertones)
40. O’Brother “Division of Man”

Download IVM Sampler Vol.1 pt.1
Download IVM Sampler Vol.2 pt.2

Free Download:Songs To Slay The Dragons Volume 2


The guys over at Indie Vision Music are known for putting together huge samplers filled with known and unknown bands. Last year they unleashed their first all “heavy” sampler called Songs To Slay Dragons Too, and this weekend the sequel to that sampler hit the net. The tracklisting will speak for itself, but if you want to know what is going on in the heavy Christian music scene, do yourself a favor and download this sucka!

1. Phinehas – I Am the Lion
2. Messengers – Judge (Courtesy of Facedown/Strike First Records)
3. With Life In Mind – King of Frauds (Courtesy of CI Records)
4. Close Your Eyes – The Body (Courtesy of Victory Records)
5. Gnashing of Teeth – Separate (Courtesy of Sancrosanct Records)
6. Hundredth – Desolate (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
7. Called to Arms – Vintage Pharisee (Courtesy of Tragic Hero Records)
8. The Gun Show – The Adegan System
9. Strengthen What Remains – Pathetic (Courtesy of On The Attack Records)
10. Where the Ocean Meets the Sky – We Are But Instruments (Courtesy of CI Records)
11. Fallstar – Hunters (Courtesy of Come & Live!)
12. Silence O Israel – Beware: Alexander the Coppersmith
13. Righteous Vendetta – The Dawning (Courtesy of Red Cord Records)
14. Centuries Apart – Malachi (My Messenger)
15. Cast Them To Ruin – Ocean Straight
16. I Am Alpha and Omega – The Bride (Courtesy of Come & Live!)
17. ForChristSake – Sleep
18. As Bold As Lions – Face of Reality
19. The Brigade – Teeth and Crowns
20. As Bold As Lions – Moving Forward
21. Mercy Screams – Thief In the Night
22. As Bold As Lions – The Anthem
23. Dependency – Fragile (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
24. Sovereign Strength – Deliverance (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
25. Thin Ice – You Were There (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
26. Sovereign Strength – Heartless (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
27. Debtor – Escape (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
28. Sovereign Strength – The Suffering (Courtesy of MediaSkare Records)
29. Not One Is Upright – And They Were Likened Unto Dogs
30. Inlow – Ecclactide
31. Senseless Beauty – Fear and Loathing in Iowa City
32. Moshe Dayan – Arms of Desolation
33. Every Man For Himself – Te Mana Whakahaere (Autonomy) (Courtesy of Deadboy Records)
34. Divide the Sea – In Knowing, Triumph (Courtesy of Blood & Ink Records)
35. Milosny – Battle Line (Courtesy of Red Cord Records)
36. Awake the Suffering – Purities Walk Through The Vines (Courtesy of Raging Storm Records)
37. Before There Was Rosalyn – The Warrior (Courtesy of Victory Records)
38. Corpus Christi – Monuments (Courtesy of Victory Records)
39. Creations – Boom (P.O.D. Cover)
40. Clear Convictions – Justice From Heaven (On The Attack Records)
41. Saving Grace – Oaxaca (Courtesy of Deadboy & Strike First Records)
42. Second Thief – Perfection (Courtesy of Darkslate Records)
43. Auburn – Weary Bones and Watering Eyes (Demo) (Courtesy of Blue Duck Records)
44. Parallels – Patterns

Download Songs To Slay The Dragons Volume 2:PT 1
Download Songs To Slay The Dragons Volume 2:PT 2

Free MP3 Download:The Brigade-There Is No Justice EP

thereisnojusticep copy

Bringin you guys the metal on this one! The Brigade is a 5 piece progressive metalcore band out of Austin, TX., and they recently made their demo EP, entitled There Is No Justice up for free over at Indie Vision Music. the band had this to say about their EP:

The EP was recorded live in one day with Andrew Hernandez at Premium Studios in Austin Texas. These were recored months before we ever played a show, and two of the members that performed on this record have since moved on, but we feel The Brigade is stronger than ever. We are currently in the process of fine-tuning our songs for a proper recording, and as we do this we wanted to give you guys a taste of what it is to come.

The songs on this EP deal with warning and declaration. As a band, we dont feel that our music is overtly about ministry, but more about honesty. This is the world that we see everyday, and hopefully you can understand where we are coming from.

Enjoy the songs, and realize this is only the beginning

Download There Is No Justice EP by The Brigade

Free Album:Standing Small-Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom

Standing Small Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom

Our friends at Indie Vision Music have made the brand new album from Standing Small available for free download. They play a kind of ambient, driving style of rock music made popular by Coldplay, Seabird, and Cool Hand Luke. The band has been on the road all summer hitting Cornerstone and Icthus Festival. The album is called Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom, and Im sure you guys will enjoy it!

Download Standing Small-Asleep at the Oars, Dreaming of Freedom

Free MP3 Album Download: Ulterium Records Sampler

ultiterium records samplerw
ultiterium records sampler

So today for our free download I gotta whole lotta metal fo yo head!  Indie Vision Music was nice enough to make this available for everyone, so go thank them for sure…Ultterium Records has been around for the last few years trying to bring back the true essence of metal to the Christian scene. They specialize in Black Metal, Thrash, Power Metal, and Goth. Today, you get a little taste of all of it! 17 tracks, 11 bands, and alot of headbangin’.

Artists include: Sinbreed, Audiovision, Theocracy, Incrave, and many more. If you have know idea who any of those name s are, then its time to find out. Remember, its free, so what excuse do you really have?

Follow the link below to go get the sampler…..

Download The Ulterium Records Sampler

Interview/Music Video With We Came As Romans Posted

we came as romans 2009

We Came As Romans had a busy week this last week…

First up they did an interview with Indie Vision Music. In the interview, they talk about being a believer in the metal/hardcore scene, their latest tour, and their latest release, To Plant A Seed. Check it out!

Read interview with We Came As Romans

They also posted their latest music video for the single “Broken Statues” through NOISECREEP. Enjoy!

Interview With This Armistice Posted

This Armistice

Indie Vision Music posted their recent interview today with progressive indie band This Armistice. They cover how the band got started, the recording process from their latest release ( the (New Breath + New Heartbeat) = Change EP ), and their future aspirations. Check it out!

Read This Armistice interview

Interview With Creations

Once again, Indie Vision Music is hitting us with a great interview with a up and coming new band. Creations is a hardcore band from Australia that are devoted to sharing the Gospel through their music. The interview consist of the band talking about their vision, their US tour, and sharing their faith at shows.

Read Creations interview