Castledoor Breaking Up


Indie pop band Castledoor announced that they were calling it quits this week. Its a shame, they had a lot of potential….the following was posted on the band’s website earlier this week:

it feels completely insane to write that after 5 years of blood, sweat, tears, and some of the best times of our lives… the Castledoor chapter as we know it is coming to a close.

i always thought we would be the band that would survive anything.
most of us were actually feeling optimistic about things lately.
we recently finished recording some our most exciting songs with plans for a photo shoot, video shoot and press.

the slow progression of our band as a career only made us want to work harder.
regardless of the frustrations we had we always valued the fundamental joy of playing music with each other.

sadly, Gabe announced to us this week that he was ready to move on from Castledoor.

we’re really bummed but we wish Gabe and Coury all the happiness in the world.

soon we hope to make the recent recordings (Flashlight EP) available on all digital music stores, including iTunes.

we’re sincerely grateful to all of you who have shown your support.
from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!

Joel, Brando, Liska & I plan to continue making music together.
although we’re filled with all sorts of emotions, there is an overwhelming sense that the best is yet to come.

love, nate and all of Castledoor

Ben + Vesper Ready New EP

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for indie duo Ben + Vesper‘s upcoming, Febuary 9th release, LuvInIdleness. The EP will be released through Sounds Familyre.

ben vesper luvinidleness

1. Swinging Swords
2. The Big Conversation
3. I Ask Because I Can
4. LuvInIdleness
5. Oarless Oracle

for more new releases, please check out our ALBUM RELEASE DATES page to stay up to date on all the new music coming out

Deas Vail Post New Music Video

Below is the latest music video from indie pop rock band Deas Vail for their song “Excuses”.  It is a cool little performance video with some sweet visuals.  This video kind of makes me like this band more….ENJOY!!

Me In Motion Posts New Music Video

Indie pop-rock band Me In Motion posted a cool three-way performance video for their song “Losers”. Who else thinks it stinks that the guy singing is the only one who gets to leave his room? Enjoy!!

Endeavor The Seas Changes Name

Progressive indie band Endeavor The Seas, with addition of a new drummer, has changed their names to Comrades.  A statement was posted on the band’s website earlier today:

This post comes with a great amount of joy. It is after midnight, and we all have just parted ways with a lot more peace in our hearts than we have had in a long time. Tomorrow brings more music and planning. It seems that over the past two years, God has been molding and shaping us for something we have not yet seen, and now is yet another period of learning and blessing, striving and living on faith. With all the undulations of member changes, we have witnessed unrest and loss, as well as beautiful friendship and brotherhood. Each occurrence of hardship led to another lesson and progression to another place of understanding, and that understanding made very clear that God’s mystery is deeper than we can fathom and that our steadfast hope in Him rises above our circumstance. After many months of contemplation and searching, prayer and waiting, we have been blessed to have another part of the whole that was missing from our band for so long.
Spencer has joined us in this endeavor as our drummer, and we have been so incredibly happy to have him. Over the past few months, we have gotten to know this incredibly uplifting and kindhearted bro and he is now not only part of our music, but a vital part of our community as well. He fits with us, knowing that he was also made to play music and serve the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength. We rejoice in the fact that he is able to share in this part of our lives and that God brought our paths to cross.
We have also been considering a name-change for a long while now, and finally decided that on this cusp of beginning, it should happen. We have chosen upon Comrades for various reasons. Endeavor the Seas was beloved. It was something that had brought so much good and dreams were made a reality under that title, but it was lacking a substance that was being demanded of it. We know that a name is a single word that summarizes character, flaw, and accomplishment. Memories are stored under names, both good and bad.
We have been dwelling upon brotherhood, community, and the Church as of late. There are many things that are faulty with all these things, but in the end, we all will end up by one another, all meeting in the same place. We have set our wills and our hearts to living lives that encourage, instill, and provoke hope. We strive to seek Truth and to be conduits for the Truth that set us free. As a band, we are Comrades. But also as believers, as friends, as neighbors, and human beings. We cannot ignore the fact that there are other people who fight and struggle and long for fulfillment. By doing what we know we’re meant to, we hopefully continue on the charge given to us by Jesus Christ, and speak hope and truth and love into lives who are searching. Grace and Peace friends, pray for us.

Your Comrades,
Laura, Joe, and Spencer

Danielson/Ben + Vesper Tour Announced

Starting in March, indie icons Danielson and Ben + Vesper will hit the road together on a month long tour. Danielson doesnt tour much anymore (and I don’t think Ben + Vesper have in quite some time) so this is a great opportunity to check them out. Dates can be found below:

03/07/10-Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie – Ortolan ‘Time On A String’ CD Release Party!
03/08/10-Brooklyn, NY @ Knitting Factory – Ben + Vesper ‘LuvInIdleness’ EP Release Party!
03/10/10-Baltimore, MD @ Ottobar
03/11/10-Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
03/12/10-Athens, GA @ 40 Watt
03/13/10-Orlando, FL @ Stardust
03/15/10-Tallahassee, FL @ Club Downunder
03/17/10-Austin, TX @ Beauty Bar – SXSW!
03/19/10-Denton, TX @ Hailey’s
03/20/10-Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone

Essential Song:mewithoutYou-In A Sweater Poorly Knit


Oh, so I forgot to warn you when we started this Essential Song series that there would be a lot of mewithoutYou on in. They just write really amazing, beautiful and unique songs, and we have to include them. Just to get this out of the way, you will also see a lot of Wovenhand, Josh Garrels, and a few others. This gorgeous song features equal parts self examination and spiritual revelation that it could double as a praise song to sing in your church. This video was taken from Cornerstone Fest a few years back when they played the main stage. They invited a few of their buddies on stage, including Timbre. Enjoy this as you read the lyrics…

In a sweater poorly knit, and an unsuspecting smile
Little Moses drifts downstream in the Nile
A fumbling reply, an awkward, rigid laugh
I’m carried helpless by my floating basket raft
Your flavor in my mind swings back and forth
between sweeter than any wine, and bitter as mustard greens
Light and dark as honeydew and pumpernickel bread
The trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead

As you plow some other field and try and forget my name,
see what harvest yields, and, supposing I’d do the same
I planted rows of peas, but by the first week of July
they should have come up to my knees but they were maybe ankle high
Take the fingers from your flute to weave your colored yarns,
and boil down your fruit to preserves in mason jars
But now books are overdue and the goats are underfed
The trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead

You’re a door without a key, a field without a fence
You made a holy fool of me, and I’ve thanked you ever since
If she comes circling back, we’ll end where we’d begun
Like two pennies on the train track the train crushed into one
Or if I’m a crown without a king, if I’m a broken, open seed
If I come without a thing, I come with all I need
No boat out in the blue, no place to rest your head
The trap I set for you seems to have caught my leg instead

I do not exist
Only You exist
I do not exist

You can purchase this song on Amazon MP3 and Mewithoutyou - Brother, Sister - In a Sweater Poorly Knit

What was Aaron trying to say with all the metaphors of farming and crops?
Is this mewithoutYou‘s version of worship music?

Essential Songs:mewithoutYou-Torches Togeather

cc2006078 - mewithoutYou for Tooth & Nail Records

This wild and introspective song will really grow on you, and “Torches Together” still remains one of mewithoutYou‘s standout tracks off of their sophomore effort, Catch For Us The Foxes. The video is a live recording from Cornerstone Festival 2007, which means that my wife and I are actually directly in front of Micheal (guitarist with long hair) at the front of the crowd. Read the lyrics, enjoy the video, and maybe stick around to talk about the song at the bottom:

Why burn poor and lonely under a bowl.
Under a lampshade or on the shelf
Beside the bed where at night
You lay turning like a door on it’s hinges?
(First on your left side, then on your right side, then your left side again)
Why burn poor and lonely?
Tell all the stones, we’re gonna make a building.
We’ll cut into shape & set into place or you’d rather be a window,
I’ll gladly be the frame reflecting any kind of words.
We’ll let in all the blame
(And ruin our reputation all the same)
Never mind out plan making,
We’ll start living……anyway,
Aren’t you unbearably sad?
Then why burn so poor and lonely?

We’ll be like torches
we’ll be like torches
We’ll be torches together! torches together
well be like torches
we’ll be like torches
With whatever respect, our tattered Dignity demands
Torches together, hand in hand

Why pluck one string – What good is just one note?
Oh, one string sounds fine i guess….We were once ‘One Note’,
We were lonely wheat quietly ground into grain
(What light and momentary pain!)
So why this safe distance, this curious look?
Why tear out single pages when you can throw away the book?
Why pluck one string when you can strum the guitar?
Strum the guitar!
strum the guitar!
strum the guitar!
With no beginning, with no end
Take down a guitar and strum the guitar
strum the the guitar if you’re afraid,
And I’m afraid and everyone’s afraid
And everyone knows it but we don’t have to be afraid anymore

You played the flute but no one was dancing
You sang a sad song but no one was crying
you played such a sad song….such a sad song

You can purchase the non-live version of this song on Mewithoutyou - Catch for Us the Foxes - Torches Together and Amazon MP3

What is this song about?

What do the torches and the guitar have to do with one another?

The One21 Interviews Dignan




Dignan are a progressive indie rock band from McAllen TX. They play a darker breed of the type of music you come to expect of bands like Anathallo and mewithoutYou.  There the mood never distracts from their pure talent though. We got a chance to catch their SXSW show and were really impressed by their quiet but commanding stage show. You can read our report from that show, and then you can watch the videos above as we talked with the band about how they got started, their faith, and every now and again got to dodge the the cars trying to run us over. We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

here is the band playing “Tangeled Woods” live in 2008

You can get Dignan‘s music on Dignan

Christian Artists To Know: Eisley


Genre: Rock
Styles: Atmospheric Rock, Progressive, Pop
Location: Tyler, TX
Label: Reprise/Warner Bros. Records
Christian label: No
Category: The Light whats this?

It will be a long time before you hear about a band like Eisley. Comprised of the three Dupree sisters, their brother, and cousin, the band arose from humble beginnings in Tyler, TX to meet an overwhelming response from fans and critics alike. They began in coffee houses as a musical experiment for the sisters, and soon after traveling to Cornerstone festival in 2002, Eisley (known for a while as Moss Eisley) embarked on their very first tour opening up for none other than  Coldplay. At the time the oldest person in the band was Chauntelle, who was only 21 (sister Stacy was 15), and their father took over as tour manager.  Six years, countless tours, several EPs, and two full-lengths later, the kids that began Moss Eisley are seasoned indie veterans, completing their 3rd full album, and once again building on their already story-book career.

Eisley‘s sound can best be described as dark pop. At its heart, the sisters craft well rounded melodies around interesting hooks and whimsical lyrics; but an almost ghost like atmosphere surrounds the songs, giving their music an other-worldly feel.  Eisley‘s two and three part harmonies give the band a unique take on the typical girl indie-rock sound, while the sister’s voice’s can be similar at times, there are distinct differences between main vocalists Stacy and Sherri’s styles.  Also unique is the fact that they write all their music, and play all the instruments (two of the girls play guitar, Stacy plays piano) required, which unfortunately is a rarity in the music world today.  Their first full-length, Room Noises, saw Eisley in an almost playful mood, with lyrics about fantastical kingdoms and dragons. 2007′s Combinations, on the other hand, reflected the band coming of age with more focus on matters of family, disappointment, and rejection of the world around them.  The complexity of the songs and the progressions have also matured, taking the listener on a journey that most happily revisit time and time again.

The band has be gaining recognition since almost the moment they began playing. Within four years of playing in their parent coffee house as a three piece, Eisley released their major label debut to critical success. On that album, the song “Marvelous Things” is a stand out, seen here performed acoustically by the Dupree sisters for MTV.

Leaving behind their child-like view of the world, a darker, more accomplished Eisley emerged in 2007 with songs like “Invasion”, performed here at Fearless Music in 2008.

We ran across these guys at their very first Cornerstone performance in 2002. They were these five, very small kids who apologized to the crowd after every song for not playing well enough. Despite their condolences, their music was mesmerizing. Over the years, we have watched from afar as they have become a force in the indie-pop scene. Bands like Coldplay, Taking Back Sunday, and Brand New all list the Dupree gang in their top bands.  Not band for a bunch of home school kids from a Texas family of believers.  Though they have never wanted to exist within the Christian music world, the band has never hidden their faith, and approached their career with a wisdom and integrity (both morally and artistically) that has brought them more positive recognition than using their beliefs to define their art.  As we look into 2009, and a new album from Eisley looms on the horizon, and the next chapter of this great band awaits the sunshine.

You can get Eisley‘s music digitally on Eisley and Amazon

You can also pick up their CDs on Amazon:
Laughing City
Marvelous Things
Room Noises