Phil Keaggy Brings Order to Cornerstone 2011

Christian music pioneer Phil Keaggy proved last night at Cornerstone 2001 why extraordinary musicianship, an adventurous heart and commitment to craft transcends trendiness and commercial gimmickry.

We started the day at the main stage for the the first installment of the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase with great sets from Fue, Beggars, Sam Roberson and MilanoFue‘s piano driven art rock was followed by Milano‘s big multi-layered arena indie rock.  Sam Roberson changed pace with a multi-layered folk and the morning concluded with Beggars post-rock wall of sound.  Check out our Cornerstone 2011 new band showcase interview series to learn more about these bands.

A power outage took our opportunity to see 20 Shades and A Wayward Heart, but the quiet, rest time was appreciated. Kind of like when you were in kindergarten.

We re-engaged the music with Bare Branches, Ben+Vesper, Dennison Witmer and a new favorite, Insomniac Folklore. We then had a tough decision.  One of our favorites and one of the most respected bands of Christian musicians on the scene today, Paper Route was playing at the same time as Christian rock legend Phil Keaggy.  We left Ian and Rebecca at Paper Route to catch Phil Keaggy.

We were amazed at the artistry displayed by the guitar slinger, Phil Keaggy.  The machine gun shredding, tonal artistry and effortless style changes place Phill Keaggy in a category with any guitarist I have ever scene (SRV, Clapton, Richards).

He made 30 year-old songs sound thoroughly modern. He has never stopped creating new music and it showed. He fronted a traditional 3 piece rock band set-up and created a thoroughly mesmerizing 40 minutes of pure slamming rock music.

Phil Keaggy was one of the great artists who blazed the trail of Christian music 30 years ago, before their was Christian music. He created the scene we cover on One21music today.  Most Christian musicians of today are aspiring to his musical genius and all Christian musicans today are standing on his shoulders.