American Idol Season 10 Top 3 Power Rankings

Everybody’s going home. Haley Reinhart and Christian musicians Lauren Alaina and Scott McCreery are taking  private jets for their American Idol Season 10 top 3 victory laps. Unfortunately, James Durbin will be flying commercial on his trip home.  The season 10 rocker was eliminated last night.  While it was a shocker, James seemed to peek around the Top 6 and had some inconsistent performances over the past few weeks, while Haley Reinhart has had a stream of show stopping performances.

The shocker for us was that Lauren Alaina passed James Durbin to make it to the top 3.  After the agony she endured last week, in the bottom 2 with Jacob Lusk, she was absolutely overwhelmed with joy that she made it into the American Idol Season 10 top 3.  We underestimated the power of her charisma and her charm.  Her personality has enabled her to overcome a season of singing underachievement caused be a deblitating lack of confidence.  Last night, for the third time the season, Lauren Alaina blew us away with a rip roaring vocal performance in a results show duet.  This time she overwhelmed vocal powerhouse Haley Reinhart. Why don’t we see this abandon in the competitive performances?

James DurbinBefore we get to the rankings we would like to say a few parting words to James Durbin. I have fallen in love with this young man this season.  He is so ernst and thoughtful and passionate about what he does.  Throughout the season he openly expressed his love and fidelity to his fiance.  All of these young people have a lot on the line but James seemed to be the one sacrificing the most and needing this success the most. We do wish him the best.  We hope to see him use his new found fame to show families struggling through the tourette’s and autism diagnosis that there is hope and a light in the distance.  One thing is pretty clear from James’s post Idol reviews is that James will not go the Daughtry route but pursue some harder and more experimental musical opportunities. Hoping for success for you James Durbin. I am not a big metal fan but I commit to buying your first release.

After two months, this

American Idol Season 10 Top 24

Has become this

american idol season 10 top 3

Who will be the last person standing?  It is becoming less clear every week.

American Idol Season 10 Top 3 Power Rankings

The American Idol Season 10 Top 3 will be singing three songs each on Wednesday night. One song chosen by the judges, one will be chosen by Jimmy Iovine and one chosen by the Top 3 themselves.  As recently as three days ago I was pretty certain that Scott McCreery was a lock to win, today I am not so sure.  Haley Reinhart continues to deliver show stopper after show stopper and the judges’ unfair treatment of her seems to have created a wave of support from America.  So, while I rank the American Idol Season 10 Top 3, I think this race is too close to call.

Scott McCreery Top 31) Scott McCreery- He is like the old boyfriend who is the same as he was when you first met him, but months of wonderful the relationship turns monotonous and you start looking for new excitement. Christian musician Scott McCreery needs two very strong weeks to get America’s attention.  As Paul MacDonald, Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams have left American Idol Season 10 those votes seemed to have drifted to Haley Reinhart.  This week, Scott McCreery needs at least one edgy song, performed seriosuly, to capture James Durbins‘ voters, maybe the Allman Brothers, Lynard Skynard, a Neil Young rocker or maybe even one of Third Day’s edgy songs.  Jimmy Iovine and the judges selections scared to death because they are going to try to make Scott step outside his genre.

Haley Reinhart Top 3 32) Haley Reinhart- People like Haley Reinhart is why I like American Idol.  She spent the first part of the season in the bottom 3.  Week after week you could hear the voice but she seemed lost.  Her performances were all over the place and all of them were unfocused and disconnected. She fit the profile of a great singer who was just happy to be there and was enjoying her time on the show.  Then she flipped a switch.  Haley Reinhart‘s eight straight show stopping performances catapulted her into a threat to Scott McCreery for the American Idol Season 10 title.  Since the judges have no idea of what to make of Haley Reinhart, I suspect that their song selection for her will be disastrous. Watch for J-Lo to pick some contemporary R&B silliness like she sings.  Jimmy Iovine’s selection should be good, I think he gets her.  Remember he convinced Haley Reinhart to sing that unreleased Lady Ga Ga a few weeks ago. Will Haley Reinhart join the ranks of Kris Allen, Lee Dewyze and Jordin Sparks to upset the season long favortie and win American Idol Season 10?  I now believe that is possible.

Lauren Alaina Top 3 23) Lauren Alaina- What a wonderful story. The youngest of the American Idol Season 10 came out of the auditions as a producer favorite.  Remember, American Idol was going for a Taylor Swift or Justin Beiber phenomena this year and lowered the entry age. Lauren Alaina then waltzed through Hollywood Week with charm, humor, confidence and a huge voice.  Then she started reading about herself on the Internet.  The absolutely horrific things said about her online visibly shook her confidence.  Many said she should had stayed revising the virtue fusion bingo bonus codes instead of reading those comments. Her audition and Hollywood week popularity kept her in the game through a series of poor performances.  The judges, the vocal coaches and Jimmy Iovine encouraged her through this period to believe in herself.  Then, as she prepared to perform “The Climb”, Jimmy Iovine told her she was a better singer than Myley Cyrus.  Then she went out and proved it.  Then she sang a duet with Scott McCreey during a results show and America remembered that Lauren Alaina is a great singer.  Her struggles with confidence have held her back but her charisma and comedic skills have brought her into the American Idol Season 10 Top 3.  If she manages to cross the her confidence barrier and really let loose like she does in the results show duets, Christian musician Lauren Alaina could vault to the top of American Idol Season 10.

Join us Wednesday night as we live blog the American Idol Season 10 Top 3 performances.