American Idol Season 9 Top 16 Results

To summarize the last two nights: sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, hum, okay, sleepy, WOW.   Tonight we learn what voters thought about the performances of American Idol Season 9‘s Top 16 the last two nights.  We cover Christian music artists competing on American Idol Season 9 and here are our thoughts of the last two nights:

  • Christian music artist Michael Lynche delivered my favorite performance since Jordan Sparks slayed “I(Who have Nothing)” in Season 6. This was a game changing performance of Maxwell’s (and Kate Bush) “This Woman’s Work”.  Michael displayed mad falsetto, crazy power and an intimidating stage presence.  He has set a bar that I am not sure even he can surpass.
  • The four remaining Christian music artists Michael Lynch, Tim Urban, Didi Benami and Lacey Brown American Idol Season 9 delivered their best performances of the year and probably secured their place in the Top 12.
  • After we projected Katelyn Epperly as the winner of American Idol Season 9 she proceeded to stumble through a cheesey performance of Carol King’s “I Feel The Earth Move”.
  • Crystal Bowersox continued to demonstrate her superiority of the American Idol Season 9 girls with a rocking throwdown of Traci Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason”.
  • Tonight we expect Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Aaron Kelly and Toddrick Hall to go home.

Join us now as we live blog through the results and the top12 are revealed.

Ryan is bantering with the judges about comments made on last night’s show involving Randy in a bikini and thank you American Idol, we are now seeing a photo of same.  The 16 contestants will perform Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”.  All seem at ease, but time is drawing nigh.

Ryan announces the breaking news that the first theme of the big stage will be the music  of the Rolling Stones. New this year will be the audiences’ capability to go to Itunes to download the songs/playlist the contestants will listen to as they decide what to sing. 

He starts with the ladies.  Didi  Benami is invited to centerstage with Ryan.  He speaks to her about her struggles at the beginning of the show, then announces that  she has made it into the top 12. She is ecstatic.  Siobhan Magnus is next.  She tells everyone that she is very comfortable  on the stage.  She is in.  Paige Miles and Katelyn Epperly come to the stage together.  One is in and one is out.  Who will it be?  Simon feels the one with the most potential is Paige.  Paige has made it.  Uh oh, Katelyn is out.  There goes our prediction.

Next set will be chosen from the guys.  Tim Urban,  Toddrick Hall,  Lee Dewyze and Casey James are invited to centerstage.  Ryan begins with Tim Urban.  Tim is told to hang tight.  Toddrick is hanging tight too.  Lee is talked about for a moment and then on to Casey.  Casey is safe and joins the ladies.  Tim Urban is safe.  He acts shocked.  Lee will continue on the show and Toddrick will go home tonight.

Matt Geraud and Scott McIntyre will perform Billy Joel’s “Tell Her about It”.  Two piano men.  Matt and Scott are sporting leather tonight  as they play their baby grands.  I wonder if they performed this on their tour?  They can really play. Scott has an album out called Heartstring and it is available on Itunes through his website.  All original music.  Matt has a number one single with Anna Wilson called “You Don’t Know Me” on the jazz charts.

Okay here we go.  Eight are left.  Crystal Bowersox is invited to stand.  She looks so nervous.  After the nationwide vote, she is in.  Not smiling much, but she’s  in.  Michael Lynche goes to centerstage.  Kara talks about why she cried when he sang last night.  Ryan asks him if he can fit on a stool.  Michael has made it.  Lacey Brown stands.  C’mon Lacey.  She makes it through. Wow.  Aaron Kelly comes to the stage.  He feels he can bring more confidence if  he makes it through.  And he does.  Two more stools to fill.  Ryan calls Alex Lambert and Andrew Garcia.   Simon feels Andrew may have peaked too soon, but is talented.  Andrew makes it through and Alex is trying not to be too emotional.  It is so difficult to see these young singers go through the disappointment. After his song, all the guys crowd around him.  Katie Stevens and Lilly Scott are the last two.  The final seat in the top 12 belongs to Katie Stevens.  Lilly is going home.  That was a surprise.  I think she was surprised too.

Definitely some surprises tonight.  But congratulations to our 4 Christian artists as they go on to perform with American Idol’s top 12.  Join us next week as we continue to cover the music and performances.

American Idol Season 9 Top 8 Guys Live Blog

So last night everyone, but Crystal Bowersox, moved to the middle on American Idol Season 9. The mighty (Katelyn Epperly, Siobhan Magnus and Lilly Scott) stumbled, some of  the weak (Christian music artists Didi Benami and Lacey Brown) excelled and two (Paige Miles and Katie Stevens) may have sealed their exits.  Let’s hope the boys do better.

Christian music artists Michael Lynche (one of our favorites) and Tim Urban (whom we worry about) are joined by Andrew Garcia, Toddrick Hall, Lee Dewyze, Alex Lambert, Aaron Kelly and Casey James tonight as the American Idol Top 8 guys  perform Billboard 100 songs.

Once again we have 8 performances in one hour so it will be fast and furious.  If the guys are no better than the girls, we need no more than an hour.

Let’s get started with Lee Dewyze singing “Fireflies” from Christian music artist Owl City.  This is a horribly bland, but popular song.  It doesn’t really fit with my image of Lee Dewyze.  He sang it well, but it was just okay.  Randy tried to like it and Ellen liked that he made it a little rock.  Kara thinks Lee made it a better song.  Simon was a little ambivalent.

Alex Lambert is singing “Trouble” by Ray Lamontagne.  He really has an interesting voice but he looks so stiff and uncomfortable.  There was not much range in that performance.  Ellen loves her little banana, saying he gets better and better every week.  Kara says Alex is the only one standing in the way of him winning American Idol Season 9.  Simon wants Alex to imagine Randy in a bikini and let himself go.  I think that would be frightening.

Tim Urban is taking on Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.  Could be a big mistake.  But maybe not.  This is great. Who knew he could sing this song.  The best so far, and his best by far.  Randy says pretty good.  Ellen runs over to him, hugs him and says “that was fantastic”.  Kara says he is now in the competition.  Simon says very smart and it was terrific.  Tim Urban may have just earned his way onto the American Idol Season 9 tour.

Andrew Garcia is singing his version of Christina Aguilera’s “Genie In A Bottle”.  It sounds like everything else he has done.  I am losing my love for Andrew Garcia, even Lee Dewyze looks bored. If you can’t tell, I did not like this very much.  It didn’t work for Randy either.  Kara says he peaked early and is disappointed by this performance, as is Simon.  He calls it a desperate performance.

Casey James is performing Keith Urban’s “You’ll Think of Me”.  This is a quiet acoustic performance that features his voice.  Guess what, he has a nice voice.  This is very good.  I don’t know the song, so I don’t know how original it was but it was a nice moment for Casey James.  Randy says that it was too safe, but Ellen thought it was great.  She likes most performances doesn’t she?  Kara calls it honest and heart felt but she is missing a spark.  Simon calls it his second best performance.

Aaron Kelly stays country with Lone Star’s “I’m Already There”.  Aaron has completely missed the pitch from the start.  This is the type of country song that makes me want to turn down the radio.  The performance is bombastic with little personality.  Ellen does hate some performances, but in a nice way.  Kara says it was completely irrelevant to him.  Simon says Kara’s critique was complete rubbish.  I don’t know what the judges saw.

Two more.  Toddrick Hall is doing Queen.  Should be interesting.  I love this song, “Somebody To Love”.  It is my favorite Queen song.  But maybe not this version.  Started fine in falsetto, but he needs to lose the background singers. I am trying to like it, but it is just missing something and I don’t know what.  Randy loved it.  Ellen says he was brave and thought it worked.  Kara says it was good singing but too dramatic.  I agree with Simon, that it was good in parts.

We end the evening with Christian music artist Michael Lynche doing Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work”. Big Mike throwing down some falsetto.  This is deep modern R&B and what a beautiful tone. Mike is working it out. Fantastic.  Michale Lynche has to moved the the front of the pack. It is like boys playing with a man.  Kara cried, Randy says unbelievable, Ellen said great.  Simon says it was so needed and that he delivered the best performance of the season.

Just like last night, Christian music artists made big moves.  Tim Urban put himself in the competition and Michael Lynche threw down a guantlet for the rest of the performers.

American Idol Season 9 Top 20 Results Live Blog

Back for our fifth hour of American Idol Season 9 this week.  I like that American Idol gave the Top 24 time to sing and the judges time comment over the past two weeks.   In seasons past these early shows were so rushed that it did not feel you had time to truly hear the competitors.  This extended approach worked better.  Next week, American Idol Season 9 will return to one hour shows on three separate nights.  The Top 8 Girls will perform on Tuesday, the Top 8 Guys on Wednesday and then a results show on Thursday.  So, who will survive tonight to perform next week on American Idol Season 9?  Settle in with us for the next hour as we live blog the festivities.

The last two night we saw 20 American Idol Season 9 performances.  For the most part everyone improved, but, not everyone was great.   Three performances really stood out for me.  Crystal Bowersox’s gospel cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Long As I Can See The Light” was amazing.  Her singing was powerful and the arrangement was a revelation.  That was one of those moments that propel an artist far into the American Idol Season 9 finals.  Katelyn Epperly’s take on “The Scientist ” (Coldplay) was beautiful, stirring and heartfelt.  Coming in third for the week is Christian music artist Michael Lynche.  He updated James Brown’s “Its A Man’s World”, made it feel modern and sang it perfectly.

Unfortunately, I think some of our Christian music artists are in trouble.  Tim Urban has yet to prove he is up to the task of winning American Idol Season 9. It feels like he needs another year of heavy performing to be ready for this stage.  Making it even more treacherous for Tim that he is part of a “teen throb” triumvirate that could split votes (Tim Urban, Alex Lambert, Aaron Kelly).  Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers could be in trouble.  His two live performances have been a bit strange and his interactions with the judges are uncomfortable.  But, Jermaine, make sure you get Simon to church! I am also afraid that Christian music artist Lacey Brown is in serious trouble tonight.  I love her voice but she has not yet shown that she can package that voice in a compelling way.  I hope I am wrong on all accounts.

I think Lacey Brown, Haeley Vaughn, John Park and Jermaine Sellers will go home tonight.  If so, we will be down to four Christian music artists left in the American Idol Season 9 Top 16.

Tonight, in addition to finding out who goes home, we get to see Danny Gokey perform a song from his new album.  27 million votes.  The Idols are doing Black Eyed Peas, “I Got A Feeling”.  Thing is, none of them believe the lyric “Tonight’s gonna be a good night”, a few smiles please.

We are back to send someone home.  Let’s start with the guys.  Christian music artist Tim Urban up first and he is safe.  Joyful surprise, the girls love them some Tim Urban! Christian music artist Michael Lynche is safe as is Toddrick Hall.  John Park goes home.  He just did not assert his personality. The rest of the guys hang through the commercial.

Who else goes home right now.  Up first is Lee Dewyze who, of course, is safe.  Aaron Kelly sang “My Girl”, which I liked, and he is safe.  Alex Lambert looks like he is going to faint but he is safe also.  It is down to Jermaine Sellers and Andy Garcia.  Looks like Jermaine is home.  Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers goes home.  Unfortunately, my predictions have come true.  I am really surprised Jermaine did not do better on American Idol Season 9.  He has been touring since he was 14.  I thought he would sail through the early weeks.  Was he too confident?  He is singing his farewell and as is often the case we ask ourselves, why didn’t he do that last night?

It is Danny Gokey time.  I am interested to hear his new stuff.  This is a good song for him.  The guy is singing about getting old?  What is he 28?  He sounds really good.  I would like to hear him sing a little more soulful music and I look forward to his worship cd.  That was country?  I guess, living in Texas, I don’t know what country music is.  This song is Number 5 on iTunes.  I love Danny Gokey.  All of you haters shut your mouth.

Girls on a hot seat!  Will Lacey Brown survive?  We hope so.  Of course Lilly Scott comes back nest week.  Paige Miles is safe. Katie Stevens is safe.   Didi Benami and Michelle Delamor are left.  We are going to lose another Christian music artist.  I disagree with this no matter who it is.  We lose Michelle Delamor.  I am shocked. She is crushed.

Now it is time for the final cut of the night.  Will it be Lacey Brown, Haeley Vaughn or another surprise.  Katelyn Epperly and Crystal Bowersox are safe.  Siobhan Magnus is safe so it is down to Lacey and Haeley.  Lacey Brown is safe!  Haeley Vaughn is going home.

I am shocked that we lost Michelle Delamor tonight.  We are down to four Christian music artists in the final 16.  Join us next Tuesday night.

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Girls Live Blog…

…or is it Top 9 girls?  Rumors have been flying all day about Crystal Bowersox and her illness that hospitalized her yesterday.  That forced American Idol Season 9 to change its schedule and have the Top 10 guys perform last night.  We don’t know if Crystal Bowersox will perform.  If she doesn’t perform, we believe she will be disqualified and American Idol Season 9 will eliminate one girl this week.  I hope that does not happen.

Last night the American Idol Season 9 Top 10 guys performed better than the previous week, but it still wasn’t good.  Christian music artist Michael Lynche stole the show last night with a complete, soulful, smooth performance of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World”.  Everyone else was pretty ordinary.  Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers had a spirited exchange with the judges and displayed a pretty significant amount of frustration.  Tim Urban won respect from Simon by making big improvements in his performance this week.

Tonight, Christian music artists Didi Benami, Lacey Brown and Michelle Delamor are joined by Lilly Scott, Katie Stevens, Siobhan Magnus, Haeley Vaughn, Paige Miles, Katelyn Epperly and, hopefully, Crystal BowersoxDidi Benami and Michelle Delamor look to be safe this week, but Lacey Brown needs a big improvement to stay in the running on American Idol Season 9.  Come on Lacey, show America your talent tonight!

Crystal Bowersox is on the stairs so it looks like she will try to make a go of it.  Ryan interviews her and it looks like she may be the first one up.  Randy says the guys were hot last night.  Wow, Randy are you from Canada?

So we do start with Crystal Bowersox, who is a twin.  Last week she did “Hand In Pocket” and tonight we find out she performs with trinkets in pocket.  Tonight she is doing a gospel take on CCR’s “As Long As I Can Sing The Light”  I like the organ intro and she blasts the opening.  Okay we are getting the full Janis Joplin treatment.  Is she the best singer on American Idol Season 9?  This is the best of the season. If I didn’t have a computer in my lap I would give her a standing ovation, but I was busy looking a site that offered overwatch boosting for my games. Randy calls her the truth and he loves the truth.  Ellen says amazing.  Kara is right, she hit a new level.  Simon is almost groveling and calls her a really serious artist.  Buy this song.  I will.

16 year old Haeley Vaughn is going to sing “The Climb” by Mylie Cyrus. She is so 16. Haeley Vaughn has no mean face.  Maybe Simon can give her lessons.  Her singing is pretty shakey,  Her voice is powerful but all over the place.  Is she flat, is she sharp.  Yes she is.  Kind of made me cringe. Randy calls it excruciating.  Kara says she needs a year of strengthening her singing talent.  So why did they bring her onto the show?  Ryan clashes with Simon and ugly looks ensue.

Christian music artist Lacey Brown gets a second chance. Come on Lacey prove to us that you are made to do this.  Tonight she is taking on Kara’s suggestion and do “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer.  She has a really fragile voice, in a good way. I am not sure I like the bopping take on the song, but she is singing well and showing much more of her talent this week.  Good job, Lacey. Randy says it was not special, but Ellen thinks it was adorable.  Simon thinks she is competing but is not showcasing herself as an artist.

Katie Stevens is up next.  Katie speaks six languages, but only to ask for a kiss. She is singing “Put Your Records On” by Corine Bailey Rae.  This song is in her wheel house.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that Katie can really belt so I would like to hear that pretty soon.  That was pretty good.  I have no idea what Randy just said.  I don’t think the judges know what to make of her performance.  Kara and Simon are frustrated.  Katie sing Aretha Franklin.  Good advice Simon, ‘tell us what type of artist you want to be”.

Christian music artist Didi Benami is doing Bill Withers, one of my favorite performers. Didi prays before she performs and she meows.  It works if you see it.  She is doing “Lean On Me”.  This is something totally different for Didi.  This is sort of a jazz take on this song.  Okay, Didi does not have much soul, but this a sort of pleading, compelling take on the song.  It was different.  I like it? Randy hates the song choice.  Ellen doesn’t like it either. Good comments Kara.  If you want to do the song, do your interpretation of the song.  Simon hated it.  I liked it more than the judges.  Didi Benami was visibly upset by the judges comments.

Michelle Delamor is doing a Creed song?  This should be interesting.  She is singing “Arms Wide Open”.  Michelle is a children’s choir teacher at church.  Michelle also prays before her performances.  This is a rock song?  I really like her take on this.  She struggles a little in the middle, but she makes this song over in her own style.  Her voice is not as big as you think it should be. The judges are saying the same thing over and over.  Ellen is right that it almost worked.  Kara calls it her favorite performance of Michelle’s for the entire season. Simon loved it as well.  They overlooked the technical difficulties and loved the risk.

Lilly Scott doesn’t pray before she sings she uses throat spray. She is singing Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”. She does another offbeat jazzy take on the song, but is that an honest interpretation of the song.   I don’t believe she understands the meaning of the song and she is certainly not communicating the meaning.  Technically good, but I did not really like it.  The judges love it.  I mean gushing all over themselves love it.  I may be developing an Adam Lambert relationship with Lilly Scott. Read last year’s blogs to understand the last comment.

Katelyn Epperly is going to take her American Idol Season 9 winnings and open a studio. She is singing “The Scientist” by Coldplay and she is behind the piano, a big white piano.  This performance is mesmerizing.  Is there any doubt that this song has some hidden meaning for her.  You can see her pain.  Great singing with a big husky voice.  That was awesome.  Shut-up Randy, do you even want to be here tonight?  What is wrong with you judges?  That was not too slow.  Is Kara the best judge this year?  Why can’t she be versatile, Kara?  Simon says she was corny?  I thought she was great.


Paige Miles colors in coloring books.  Is she a trend setter? She is singing “Walk Away” by Kelly Clarkson.  She is right, this pace of song suits her and Simon was right last week.  She can really sing.   To have so little experience she is very comfortable on stage.  She is strong. Daaaaaang, girl. I think you could say she owned that performance.  I am not discussing Randy’s comments any more.  Lalalalala (fingers in my ears).  Ellen?  She loved it and comments on how much fun she had with the song.  Kara does not think she connected with the meaning of the song but liked it.

It is amazing how wrong the judges are tonight.  I pretty much have disagreed with their overall assessment of every performance.

Siobhan Magnus let her mohawk grow out, thank goodness. She is singing “Think” by Aretha Franklin.  Well, she is going big this week.   She sings it okay, if you forget Aretha, but I am wondering why she is singing this song.  It doesn’t connect for me.  But she does show off her pipes.  The judges love it with a capital L.

The ladies were much, much better tonight than the guys.  Tonight makes Simon look like a prophet.  Crystal Bowersox took the night but all the girls were good tonight.

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Girls Live Blog

Well here we are again.  It is time for America to vote and we are here live blogging the performances of the American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Girls.  One 21 music features the Christian music artists performing on Season 9 of American Idol.

Tonight, American Idol Season 9 features four Christian music artists: Didi Benami, Lacey Brown, Ashley Rodriguez and Michelle Delomor.  To learn more about these American Idol Season 9 Christian music artists see our articles on American Idol Season 9

The Christian music performers will be joined tonight by eight other American Idol Season 9 hopefuls: Siobhan, Magnus, Paige Miles, Lillly Scott, Crystal Bowersox, Haeley Vaughn, Janell Wheeler, Katelyn Epperly and Katie Stevens.

As we discussed in our American Idol Season 9 Top 24 preview we expect Katie Stevens to be a strong conternder all season and we would not be surprised if Haeley Vaughn and Siobhan Magnus struggle tonight.

A few changes for song selection in American Idol Season 9.  Contestant performances will be available for purchase and download exclusively on the iTunes Store ( the day following the performances. And for the first time, beginning with the Top 12, American Idol Season 9 show themes will be revealed in advance on iTunes along with playlists of original songs by the original artists from which the contestants may choose and which fans can preview and download.

This week the American Idol season 9 Top 24 will perform songs from the Top 10 Hits of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  It is a little unclear to me if this means the overall Top 10 or the Top 10 from each chart.  Giving the American Idol Season 9 Top 24 only 10 songs to choose from seems a little limiting, but let’s watch together and see.  The next two hours should be fun.

So we meet the girls for the first time live. For the next three weeks the guys and girls are going to perform seperately, we will eliminate two guys and two girls each week until we get to American Idol Season 9′s Top 12.  The judges pontificate a little and we get to hear Ellen start to create her own set of catch phrases.  She accuses Simon of being a bit of a groper and she has tape to support her case.

Paige Miles leads off.  We don’t know her very well.  She is a pre-school teacher from Houston by way of Naples, Florida.  She is singing an oldie “All Right Now” by Free.  Not a very good song for her. She can sing well and does a pretty good job, not great.  Simon thinks she has the best voice but did not like the song.  Kara disagrees, she thinks it was brilliant. They all agree she has a huge voice.

Christian music artist Ashley Rodriguez, our Berklee School of Music student from Boston,  is performing “Happy” by Leona Lewis.  Wow!  When she let’s loose she blows us away.  The song is kind of lame and doesn’t show her skills very well.  I would have liked her more if she had done a more soulful song.  Kara compares Leona Lewis to Mariah Carey?  The judges think she did a good job but it did not show her skills very well.  They want her to step out of her comfort zone and take a risk. Simon thinks she is going backwards.  I agree with them.

Janell Wheeler is up next.  She is a flower child from Florida.  We are still trying to figure out her faith background. Tonight she is singing Heart’s “What About Love”.  Well, she jumps into deep water right away and she does not really have the voice to sing this song.  She cannot keep in tune.  She may be in trouble tonight.  The judges are about to pounce.  Randy did not like the song choice. Ellen liked it, I don’t know why.  Simon says she delivered only 65%, but the judges are very supportive.

I like the pace of the show.  I am glad they decided to go two hours.  The singers have time to sing and the judges have time to judge.  So far so good.

Now we learn about indie rocker, jazz crooner Lilly Scott.  We learn that she was homeless when she auditioned for American Idol Season 9. Interesting song choice.  She is singing The Beatles’ “Fixing A Hole.”  Her arrangement is great but is she off key?  She is pretty good but 10 weeks of these affected performances will get a little old.  Ellen loves it, the song choice, the arrangement, the voice and the performance.   Simon calls it the best so far.  Kara calls her believable and at ease.

I think the judges have been very good tonight, so far.  Ashley and Janelle really reached to the limits of their abilities and it limited their creativity.  Paige and Lilly chose off beat songs and delivered interesting interpretations.

Katelyn Epperly has the reputation as a formidable and intimidating musician.  She is singing “Oh Darling” by the the Beatles in a country style.  I like her voice but I don’t like the arrangement and I don’t like her look tonight.   Simon called it messy and screamy but interesting. Kara says she knows her voice very well and uses it to good effect.  Kara likes her with a more natural look.  Randy likes her tone and melody.

Haeley Vaughn is a sixteen year country singer.  We are trying to figure out her faith background.  She pierced her nose when she went to Hollywood and here she is with nose diamond in tow.  She is doing a very slow, interesting version of The Beatles “I Want To Hold Your Hand”.  I may have underestimated Miss Vaughn. This is quirky and very well done.  Kara points out the technical problems, but embraces her magnetism. Ellen loves her stage presence and enjoyed the performance.  Simon thinks it was terrible.

One hour in and we are through six performances.  Good pace for the show.  I think Ellen is showing her weakness as a judge.  She has not had any criticism at all.

Christian music artist Lacey Brown is up.  She made it to Hollywood last year, but not this far. Lacey is singing Fleetwood Mac‘s “Landslide”.  It starts a little rough trying to channel Stevie Nicks.  I don’t know, it is hard to push through the back-up singers.  Not great Lacey, I hope you aren’t in trouble.  Randy thought it was terrible.  Ellen thinks she is better than that.  Simon was depressed.

Two Christian music artists next, Michelle Delamor and Didi Benami.

Michelle Delamor is a gospel singer and fashion hopeful from Florida.  She is singing Fallin’ by Alicia Keys.  This is a big risky song to sing.  She does not stumble over the start, like many do.  She pulls it off, but it is a pale comparison to the original.  Ellen says it was fantastic and it seemed easy for her. Simon says it was close to the original but had no wow moment.  Kara was a little more critical saying it missed in a few spots.  Randy wants to see something new.

Didi Benami is a Belmont College who met her muse at this Christian music college only to see her die in a car accident.  She is singing “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson.  A very interesting 60′s jazz take on this song.  I don’t know it so it may be an exact copy of the original, but it is very different from what we heard from her in Hollywood.  Simon thinks she sounds like a lot of other singers.  He is missing her spark.  Kara liked her creativity with the song.  Randy thinks there is no star factor.  Even Ellen agrees that the song was underwhelming.

Siobhan Magnus is an experimental rocker, glass blowing apprentice from Cape Cod. She is singing Wicked Game from Chris Isaaks.  The mix is horrible.  We cannot even hear the band and she needs the band.  This is a pale, karaoke version of this song.  There is no danger in this dangerous song.  Kara liked it?  Randy thought it was a weak song choice.  Ellen really loved it.  Simon thought it was a bad song choice.

Bluesy, indie rocker Crystal Bowersox is a hardworking professional musician from Ohio.  She is singing “Hand in My Pocket” from Alanis Morissette.  It has been a while since I heard this song but Crytstal is mesmerizing.  This is pretty brilliant.  She is strong and original.  Randy loves her honesty as a performer. Ellen thinks we are lucky she decided to audition.  Simon thinks she is not original.  Kara thinks she was good, but can be great.

We end the evening with 17 year-old Katie Stevens singing Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good”.  This young lady is assured and talented.  She is a little stiff on stage and this is not the best song for her voice,  However, it is a statement of her demeanor.  She announces that she is here to win.  Ellen thinks it was conservative and wants to her to be more modern.  Simon agrees and called it annoying.  Kara thinks she was surprisingly pitchy.  Randy thinks she was pushing too hard.

Most of the ladies were creative , but no one blew me away tonight.  Join us tomorrow night when the American Idol Season 9 Top 12 guys perform live.

American Idol Seaon 9 Goes Live

American Idol Season 9 goes live this week with a bang and One21music will be there live blogging the journey of this year’s Top 24 performers.  Tuesday night we have a two hour extravaganza of the the Top 12 girls performing live for the first time on American Idol Season 9.  That is followed on Wednesday night with another two hours as the Top 12 guys deliver their first live performances.  Then on Thursday, American Idol Season 9 the contestants hear their first results from America when two girls and two guys are eliminated.  Join us for our live reactions to the performances and the results.

I will set the Top 24 and share a few thoughts on how I think American Idol Season 9 will play out in a few minutes but first, let’s discuss the shift in the Top 24 that I noticed in the One21 live blog of the American Idol Season 9 Top 24 announcement.

Christian music artist Chris “orphan” Golightly was disqualified this week when a prodcution company contacted American Idol claiming that the had a recording contract with Golightly.  Chris Golightly claims the contract expired before he auditioned, but the damage was done.

Christian music artist Tim Urban was called on Tuesday afternoon to replace Chris Golightly.  We caught one small Tim Urban 2glimpse of Tim Urban in the first American Idol Season 9 Hollywood Week episode but we really have yet to hear him perform. Tim Urban is a hotel and restaurant singer from Duncanville, Texas who plays the Dallas/Ft Worth Christian music circuit with his band.  They have played iconic Dallas Christian music club The Door and Six Flags Over Texas. Tim Urban has been singing and playing the guitar since he was 13 years old, sings Christian music and says that he has never touched alcohol. Tim Urban and his nine siblings were home schooled by his mother.  It will be hard for Tim Urban to survive the first few weeks, but if he does, watch out.  He looks to be an American Idol Season 9 contestant that teenage girls will quickly fall in love with.

Now that is all settled, American Idol’s Season 9 Top 24 features 7 Christian music performers, a few more we are still researching.

Christian Music Performers on American Idol Season 9

Ashley Rodriguez
Jermaine Sellers
Lacey Brown
Michelle Delamor
Tim Urban
Michael “Mike” Lynche
Didi Benami

These Christian music artists are joined on American Idol Season 9 by these performers. If you know anything about the faith backgrounds of these aspiring artists please share.
Aaron Kelly
Alex Lambert
Andrew Garcia
Casey James
Crystal Bowersox
Haeley Vaughn
Janell Wheeler
John Park
Jose Munoz
Katelyn Epperly
Katie Stevens
Lee DeWyze
Lilly Scott
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus
Tyler Grady
Toddrick Hall

How Will Amercia respond to these American Idol Season 9 Contestants

As intimidating and the American Idol judges can be, you never know how these aspiring artists will respond to a live audience and a huge television viewership. However, based on what we have seen there are a few competitors I expect to contend for the title:

  • Christian music artist Michael Lynche has a huge presence on stage both physically and with his personality. He is very creative in his recorded music and is a great singer.
  • We discussed Christian music artist Tim Urban’s chance above.  His biggest drawback is his similarity to Kris Allen and David Cook.
  • Andrew Garcia has demonstrated the highest level of artistry through the American Idol Season 9 auditions and Hollywood Week.  His ability to arrange popular songs into his own style will excite the voting public deep into the season .
  • Katie Stevens looks like a winner to me.  She is young enough to connect with the teenage girl voting block, she appears to be extremely confident and she has as good a voice as I have seen on American Idol since Kelly Clarkson.

Four people will go home this week.  Based on what I have seen I think Haeley Vaughn, Siobhan Magnus, Toddrick Hall and Alex Lambert will not survive the week.

Join us Tuesday night at 8:00 est as we start the wild ride of American Idol Season 9 with two hours of musical revalations, forgotten lyrics and catty comments from the judges.