American Idol Season 8- Top 3 Results Live Blog

Who’s it gonna be?  American Idol Season 8 is too close to call.  Most people expect Kris Allen to go home and are outraged.   Kris’s reimagining of  Kanye West’s “Heartless” caused rapturous responses from American Idol reviewers, me inlcuded (see Top 3 Performance Review).  Danny Gokey showed off his great singing voice, like no other time on American Idol Season 8. Adam Lambert ruined “One” and strolled through “Crazy” to the judges unexplainable gushing and vote schilling.

Tonight Jordin Sparks performs her new single (yeah!) and Katy Perry show up (ugh!).  Before we find out who makes it to the American Idol Season 8 Top 2 we will slug through a Ford video, a group song and videos of Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert basking in their rightfully earned hometown adulation.  Oh yeah,Ryan will announce about four times that you can download all of this year’s performances and studio recordings on iTunes. So just do it now and you can gloss over those parts.

Apple iTunes

Did the Christian nation turn out to push a Kris/Danny finale?   Did Simon Cowell’s “Lambert Nation” save their guy?  How many of the judges will leave on stretchers if Adam is voted off? Will Simon demand an immediate modification to his contract enabling him to save Adam and sacrifice Kris?  Will Simon have Bono show up to push for Adam next week?  Will Kara punch Simon tonight?  Will they separate the judges tonight until they can prove they will behave and allow the show to be about the American Idol performers?  Let’s see.

Ben Stiller opens the show with a promo for his new movie “Night At The Museum: Battle at The Smithsonian”, just like last year when Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr and Gladys Knight did their take “Midnight Train to Georgia”.  Fergie is here but where is Paula?

There were 88 million votes last night and less than 1 million separated the Top 2.  I will be ignoring the Ford video.

Alicia Keys is here.  Well not here, she is on the American Idol stage to ask for donations to help children impacted by AIDS.  text the word ALIVE to 90999 and donate $5.  A Rawandan teen Noah is performing a song to promote Idol Gives Back.  Donate people, it is a Latte.

Oh yeah, Paula showed up.

Now we head to San Diego, Milwaukee and Conway.  I enjoy these videos, call me a sap.  First, Ryan calls Danny Gokey onto the stage.  We get a Jamar sighting and screaming girls.  Lots of screaming girls. Milwaukee loves them some Danny Gokey.

Kris Allen comes out next so I guess we are headed to Arkansas and we will visit his favorite restaurant Stobies and he gets free cheese dip for life.  See, there are benefits from American Idol.  There are a lot of people coming to see Kris, a lot of people.  Dad and son shared a cry.  Oh yeah, there were many screaming girls.

Jordin Sparks is performing her new single “Battlefield”.  I haven’t heard it but I didn’t like much from her first CD.  This is a One Republic penned song. American Idol likes those guys. Jordin has grown up.  This voice sounds like “Apologize” so far her career is wasting her voice.  It is okay and Jordin is pretty edgy.  I like the second half better than the first.  Why are they turning American Idol’s sweetheart into scary diva?

Adam Lambert time takes us to San Diego. Why did he fly from L.A. to San Diego?  It is a 90 minute drive.  Adam applies eyeliner to the weather lady and signs autographs.  There are many screaming girls in San Diego too.   Yes, they showed footage of the streaking stage jumper.

What do you bet that we listen to Katy Perry before we hear the results? Fifteen minutes until we find out.  Are you nervous?  Katy is singing “Waking Up In Vegas”.  Forget all the controversy surronding Katy Perry, I don’t like her very much.

It is time, who are our Top 2?  Who is going home? Kris Allen has made it to the Top 2.  He will win next week.  It is down to Danny and Adam.  Adam lambert is in the Top 2.  Danny Gokey goes home.

Great job on Season 8, Danny Gokey.

If there are only 1 milllion votes separating Kris and Adam, Kris Allen will win American Idol Season 8.   He gets all of Danny’s votes.