American Idol Season 9- The Recap

One21music covers Christian music artists competing on American Idol. Now that Michael Lynche, the last of the Christian music artists on Season 9, it looks like our job is over. But before we bow out of American Idol Season 9 we would like to offer our final thoughts.

This season had the lowest number of Christian music artists in recent memory and they certainly did not experience the success of Season 8 Christian music artists.  Michael Lynche, Tim Urban, Didi Benami and Lacey Brown made it to the American Idol Season 9 Top 12.  Lacey Brown was eliminated at 12 and Didi Benami was gone at 10.  In one of the best stories of Season 9 Tim Urban used his joyful determination to win the hearts of America and the respect of the judges to reach the number seven spot.

Now to Michael Lynche.  The behemoth of a man has been one of our favorites from the beginning. He never had an off key moment and he had the best performance of American Idol Season 9. Surprisingly, Michael Lynche was voted off at number nine only to be justifiably saved by the judges.  The problem with Michael’s game this season was that there was virtually no variety in his performances.  He quickly settled into the role of R&B balladeer and never showed his soul/funk shouter and R&B sides.

American Idol Season 9 is now left with three barroom acoustic rockers to claim the title. Casey James, Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze will win American Idol Season 9.  They are all essentially different flavors of the same style.  Crystal Bowersox is the most versatile and developed of the three, but we don’t believe she will win.  Her image is a little rough for American Idol voters.  Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox will be in the final and Lee Dewyze will win American Idol Season 9.  Lee will be third male, acoustic pop rock winner of American Idol in a row.

Thank you for joining us on the American Idol Season 9 ride this year.  Check back in January 2011 as we begin the search for Christian music artists on American Idol Season 10.

American Idol Season 9- Taking Stock

American Idol Season 9 has me befuddled.  I can usually understand the voting patterns by grouping contestants into demographic groups and looking for likability factors within the groups.  Not on American Idol Season 9.  The unique performers (Didi Benami, Lacey Brown and Lilly Scott were wiped out early), R&B artists were voted off as quickly as America could get to them (Michelle Delamor, Ashley Rodriguez, Jermaine Sellers, Toddrick Hall) and left untouched are a group of mid tempo pop rockers (Crystal Bowersox, Andy Garcia, Lee Dewyze, Casey James) and undefined teen dreams (Tim Urban, Katie Stevens, Aaron Kelly).  We are left with only two unique performers, R&B mountain man Michael Lynche and unclassifiable Siobhan Magnus.

Wednesday night was the final straw when Christian music artist Michael Lynche was voted off and then saved by the judges.  Why does the America Idol Season 9 audience dislike R&B music?  Given the very clear message from its audience, why does American Idol keep pushing R&B performances (Usher, Rihanna and on and on) down its America’s throat.  I just don’t get what the  American Idol Season 9 audience is voting for.

Quick Summary of American Idol Season 9

We started American Idol Season 9 with seven Christian music performers and they have not fared well with only Michael Lynche and Tim Urban remaining in the Top 9 and Didi Benami making it onto the American Idol Season 9 tour.  Lacey Brown just missed the tour when she was voted out in the Top 12.  Michelle Delamor, Ashley Rodriquez and Jermaine Sellers were dismissed early in the live shows.  This is the fewest number of Christian music artists making it to the live show since I started watching American Idol.  Of this group, none were worship leaders and only one, Michelle Delamor, had experience singing regularly in worship services.  I wonder if the lack of weekly performing responsibilities has to do with the lack of success by Christian music artists on American Idol Season 9.

Another theme of American Idol Season 9 must be the survival and rise of Christian music artist Tim Urban.  A last minute replacement for disqualified Chris Golightly, Tim flew in the week before the Top 24 hit the live stage.  He struggled mightily through the early weeks and it looked like he did not belong, except for the smile.  Tim Urban‘s electric smile could not be suppressed and it was a smile that has melted the heart of millions of teen girls across America.  The judges were as cruel and dismissive of Tim Urban as any performer I have ever seen on American Idol.  Yet he continued to smile. Many believed it was a ploy to use his looks to overcome his shaky performances, but we learned different.  It turns out that Tim Urban is a model of transcendent gratitude.  Despite all of the venom spewed his way by the judges and the press, Tim Urban‘s smile is an outpouring of a heart grateful for a chance to perform for more and more people each week.  Tim Urban is living Jesus’ call to “do not worry”.  The judges and the press, steeped in a culture of success, superiority and wealth, just do not get it.

Top Performances on American Idol Season 9

Finally, I agree with most people that American Idol Season 9 has been the worst I have seen. But there have been moments, those spine tingling show stopping moments that the American Idol audiences wait for each week.  There have been three, only three.

1)Michael Lynche “This Woman’s Work”

Up to this point Michael Lynche looked like a neo soul/rocker wannabe. His singing had been strong and his performances had been solid.  Then Michael Lynche had a chance to close the show and he closed the show with a capital C.  With a back story of separation from his wife during the birth of their first child and a clear passionate love for his family, Michael Lynche unleashed a mind blowing performance of this heart breaking love song.  From the perfect falsetto runs that bookended the performance to slamming power blasts in the middle, Michael Lynche demonstrated untouched range and power as well  crushing interpretive skills.  Kara cried, I shouted and proceeded to show the performance to everyone who came to our house over the next week.

2) Crystal Bowersox Long As I Can See The Light

Literally crawling out of her hospital bed to open the show Crystal Bowersox took a song that has been one of my favorites since I was a kid and showed me a whole new take on it. Leading up to the show we did not know if Crystal Bowersox would be able to perform. Rumors were that she suffered some ailment that nearly caused her to die. Then she reinterprets “Long As I Can See the Light” as a gospel plea. One of the most poignant moments ever on American Idol, Crystal Bowersox sang the song perfectly, without drama, allowing us to embrace the moment.

Katelyn Epperly “The Scientist”

I am still bitter that this multi-stylistic musician is not a front runner for the Season 9 crown of American Idol. Katelyn Epperly sat behind a piano for the first time on American Idol Season 9 and delivered a gut wrenching interpretation of this song I had never really listened to. Watch the video and notice the maturity of her performance. The way Katelyn Epperly used the camera, the way she turned from the audience at just the right moment. Every time I watch this I become more frustrated that Katelyn Epperly left American Idol Season 9 the next week.

Join us on Tuesday night as we live blog American Idol Season 9.  Adam Lambert mentors the Idols and the rumored theme is Elvis Presley songs.  Remember that on Wednesday night two will be voted off.  Watch, read and vote.

American Idol Season 9- Top 11

This week is the week America selects the American Idol Season 9 touring troupe.There has been mass confusion this week about the theme and the guest mentor.  First the theme was “Teen Idol Hits” and now it has been changed to “Billboard Number 1 Hits”.  At first rumors were that the surprise guest mentor was Christina Aquilera but it looks like Christian music artist Miley Cyrus will mentor the American Idol Season 9 Top 11.

At One21music we cover Christians performing on American Idol Season 9 and the numbers are dwindling quickly.  Last week we lost Christian music artist Lacey Brown and Christian music artist Tim Urban was in the bottom 3.  Didi Benami made a shrewd move last week and showed an aggressive side to her personality.  She looks to be a strong contender for a while. Michael Lynche continues to deliver strong, interesting performances and looks to me to be a potential contender to win it all.  There doesn’t seem to be much of a buzz about Michael Lynche so he needs to continue to perform at a high level.  The lack of buzz may work in his favor though, as he has room to improve and capture momentum through the season.

Hang with us for the next two hours as we live blog American Idol Season 9 Top 11 performances.

Why are the judges wasting so much time.  Can we get on with the show?  Correction the theme is “Billboard Hot 100 Number Ones”.  The mentor is younger than all of the contestants?  I like Miley Cyrus and she does have years of experience, I just wonder.  So Myley Cyrus as the mentor wound up mentoring herself.

Lee Dewyze is singing The Letter by the The Boxtops.  Myley coaches him to push himself as a vocalist and a performer.  Why is rocker Lee Dewyze doing a Vegas lounge version of this rock classic?  This song was originally sung by 16 year old phenom Alex Chilton who went on to create Big StarAlex Chilton died this week.  Lee Dewyze sang exceptionally well, but I did not like the arrangement.  The judges are loving Lee Dewyze, except of course Simon who thought the performance missed the point.

Paige Miles is wearing the tallest heels she has ever worn so let’s hope she doesn’t fall.  She is singing Phil Collins‘ “Against All Odds”.  And as Myley warned her against, she is completely off pitch.  If Paige Miles was in the bottom 3 last week, this is not the performance she needs.  I am sorry Paige, this is as bad as I have seen on American Idol Season 9.  Randy tries to find words, and finds the words “honestly terrible”. Ellen refuses to critique the song.  Kara calls it the worst vocal of the season.  Simon is almost at a loss for words.

Tim Urban is doing a Queen number 1?  Could be dangerous.  He is singing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”.  He sounds good in the rehearsal.  Crazy stage move by Tim Urban.  He sings okay, but does not stretch himself vocally.  This was pretty good, not great, but pretty good.  Randy is under judging Tim Urban, calling the singing boring. Ellen says it was corny.   I don’t understand what Kara is saying.  Simon says it was pointless and silly.

Aaron Kelly has a crush on Myley Cyrus.  Tonight he is singing Aerosmith‘s “I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing”.  This sounds a little pitchy at the beginning and he struggles throughout the song.  What is going on tonight?  He gives a big performance of this bombastic ballad from bad Aerosmith.  My wife says, if they liked that then I know they have a short list.  Looks like the judges have a short list. Randy loved it and Ellen thinks it was amazing.  Kara calls it the best song choice of the night.  Simon calls it brave and is generally complimentary.  I don’t think he was much better than Paige Miles and I didn’t like her.

Finally, Crystal Bowersox is doing Janis Joplin.  But first she added Myley Cyrus to her collection of autographs on her guitar.  She is singing Kris Kristofferson‘s “Me and Bobby McGee”.  It starts a little boring but she begins to rave and stomp through the back-end of the song and made it pretty great.  Randy calls her a star and dope.  Ellen has a criticism, asking her to connect more with the audience. Kara felt more of her personality.  Is Crystal a little confident with her big plans for next week?  Simon says she sang the song as big as Pink.

We are back with Big Mike Lynche. He is doing Percy Sledge‘s “When A Man Loves a Woman” and he hypnotized Myley Cyrus.  Michael Lynche is putting his own stamp on the Classic (with a capital “C”) song.  He throws out a big long note and some stomping vocals.  Michael Lynche’s version of “When A Man Loves A Woman’ is the best in 40 years.  Randy what was wrong with this?  Ellen says it was a safe choice.  Kara calls it technically good, but lazy.  WHAT ARE THESE JUDGES WATCHING?  Simon says it was too much and does not like the staging and arrangement.  I so disagree so much with the judges.

When I was listening to Crystal Bowersox sing I was thinking how good Janis Joplin was.  When I listened to Michael Lynche I was thinking that we had the third great version of this song, along with Percy Sledge and Bette Midler.  I don’t like these judges very much right now.

I just said if Andy Garcia was singing an Eddie Kendriks Motown song it would be good, but if he does Marvin Gaye he should go home.  Well he is doing Marvin Gaye‘s “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”. He just does not have the voice to sing this song and talks large sections of the verses.   I didn’t like this very much.  I doubt he will go home but he should be punished.  Randy said it did not work and Ellen agreed.  Kara says he seems confused.  For once I agree with the judges.  Simon thinks maybe they had overrated Andy.

Katie Stevens is singing Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”.  The old soul is singing a contemporary song. Maybe we should all realize that maybe Katie Stevens is not a contemporary songstress.  She needs to be singing old soul and jazz songs.  That seemed like an effort.  Randy likes that is presenting herself as a younger artist.  Ellen loved it, thinks it was her best performance.  Kara thinks this was the perfect niche for her. Simon thinks she should be doing country and does not believe that this style of music is what Katie wants to do.

Casey James sitting on the stools talking about pushing himself.  He is singing “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and The News. Casey James rocks a few power chords before he starts singing.  His singing is good but the horn section is more animated than Casey.  Randy does not like the song choice but liked the performance.  Ellen says it was the best vocal of the night.  Kara says he is in a zone.  Simon completely disagrees with the other judges and says it was like listening to an 80′s cover band.

Christian music artist Didi Benami goes dark again with Linda Rondstat’s “You’re No Good”.  She  takes the country out of the song and makes it a sultry, jazz ditty.  This is a good, unique performance.  I think she is starting to get her groove.  Who is she angry at? Randy thought it was too pitchey. Ellen did not think it was the right song choice. Kara felt it was over dramatic and she is confused.  Simon eviscerates her.  Man I am not connecting with the judges.

Before Siobhan Magnus ever sings I can write the judges comments.  Randy says that was the bomb.  Ellen says Siobhan is so unique.  Kara will reference Adam Lambert.  Simon will say that she continues to separate herself from the other contestants.

Siobhan Magnus is singing Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”.  Siobhan is doing the best to recreate her mohawk.  Her voice is too smooth to do this funky song, but of course she screams at the end.  Randy did not drop the bomb and said the others should emulate her.  Ellen gives her an automatic greatness.  Kara loved her fearlesness.  Simon says her style of screaming at the end of the song is becoming rote.

So the judges and I watched two different shows.  I think Paige Miles has to go home, but Tim Urban is probably at risk as well.

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 Results

This is the big night for American Idol Season 9 contestants.  Whoever survives tonight’s votes will join the American Idol Season 9 tour and dramatically increase their probability of a career in entertainment. Overall, I enjoyed the show last night.  I thought most of the performances were good to very good.

However, I must be watching a different show than the American Idol Season 9 judges.  They generally hated what I liked and liked what I hated.  After following this show so long I should realize that American Idol judges love the bombastic (with a big capital B).  So why should I be surprised that they went apoplectic over Siobhan Magnus’s crazy version of “Paint It Black.”   I thought it was loud, over theatrical and lost all connection with song.

How did our Christian music artists fare?  Let me give you my opinion:

  • Michael Lynche’s “Miss You” was outstanding.  Every week he demonstrates more and more of his vocal prowess and last night he showed off his arranging skills with an R&B influenced version of the Stone’s biggest disco hit.
  • Didi Benami showed herself to be more than a fragile pop singer/songwriter as she took “Play With Fire” deep into her dark self.  This was a good move for her, even if it was a little scary.
  • I liked Tim Urban’s reggae take on “Under My Thumb”.  The judges did not get it, but I guess these music industry professionals do not understand the mournful, rebellious mood of most reggae music.  This is protest music of a suppressed people packaged in an island dance beat.  Anyway, this was a good choice for Tim to control a Rolling Stone’s song and he performed it well.
  • Lacey Brown sang “Ruby Tuesday” quite well.  I don’t think she did anything special with the song and I think her inability to arrange and interpret songs to her talents will be her downfall.

I believe that Katie Stevens (hopefully not Lacey Brown) or Andy Garcia (hopefully not Tim Urban) will go home tonight.  If my predictions hold true that will be somewhat of a surprise because both Katie and Andy came into the live performances as strong contenders to win.  They just have not raised their game.

Well, here we go.  Wonderful montage of past moments for our current contestants.  Ryan and Simon discuss their “less than civil” moments last night.  Simon offers Ryan his job. Simon reminds the audience that the judges have the power to save a contestant from going home.  The decision must be unanimous. Ryan welcomes David Cook, singing Jumping Jack Flash. David and his band rock out. David is working on an album and planning a trip to Africa with Idol Gives Back.

The first Ford commercial is up with all of our contestants.  Looks good.  Hair stylists and wardrobe consultants definitely in play here.  They got to work with the Ford designers to work on their own custom Fiesta graphics.  On to the results.  There are 3 stools highlighted at stage left and the three least voted for contestants will sit there.  Paige Miles is up first and unfortunately for her, is asked to sit on a stool.  Next up is Lee Dewyze.  Lee thinks he needs to let loose and relax if he gets to stay.  He is safe and sits down.  Siobhan Magnus is also safe.  Aaron Kelly stands next.  Randy still thinks Aaron had a Justin Timberlake moment.  Aaron is also safe.  Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban are up next.  Both guys look really nervous.  Andrew is safe and oh no, our guy Tim is asked to sit with Paige.

New rock and roll personality Orianthi will perform According to You.  This artist has played with the likes of  Steve Vai,  Carlos Santana and Carrie Underwood (at the Grammys).  She auditioned for  Michael Jackson to be a part of his planned tour. 

Ryan continues with the voting results.  Didi Benami talks with Ryan next.  She seems nervous but says she is having a good time.  She admits that she almost cried when she saw her Mom on the video prior to her song. Very emotional singer. But good news, she is safe. Crystal Bowersox stands next.  She was also emotional to see her Dad cry on the video, making it somewhat difficult  to perform.  Maybe they shouldn’t show those videos prior to performances.  Just a thought.  Crystal is also safe.  Katie Stevens is up.  Katie feels the judges comments can be somewhat confusing. Simon feels she should be doing more country.  She is safe.  Here comes Michael Lynche.  Big Mike.  He did go back to watch his song.  He says he is here for the people.  This is good, Michael will be back next week.  He waves to the crowd.  Lacey Brown and Casey James are asked to stand.  After the nationwide vote, Lacey is in the bottom three.  With all of the bottom 3 on stage now, Ryan states that one will have to sing for survival, and two will be safe.  Will the judges use the save tonight?  They can only do this one time.  Tim Urban is safe.  Wow, that’s great.  He looks surprised.

But first up is artist Kesha with her new single, Blah Blah Blah.  (That is the name of her song, I am not being callous) Interesting.

Paige and Lacey are up.  One of the girls will be safe and continue on while the other sings for the save.  Ryan announces that the person in danger is Lacey.   Oh no.  Paige is safe and sits down.  Lacey Brown is singing for the save as the judges discuss amongst themselves whether they will keep her until next week.  C’mon Lacey, you can do it girl.  She sounds nervous though.  The judges think so too and decide not to save her. 

Well Lacey Brown, I enjoyed your singing and performances and I feel that you were improving and becoming stronger each week. Continue singing.   We will miss you.  God bless.

American Idol Season 9 Top 16 Results

To summarize the last two nights: sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, hum, okay, sleepy, WOW.   Tonight we learn what voters thought about the performances of American Idol Season 9‘s Top 16 the last two nights.  We cover Christian music artists competing on American Idol Season 9 and here are our thoughts of the last two nights:

  • Christian music artist Michael Lynche delivered my favorite performance since Jordan Sparks slayed “I(Who have Nothing)” in Season 6. This was a game changing performance of Maxwell’s (and Kate Bush) “This Woman’s Work”.  Michael displayed mad falsetto, crazy power and an intimidating stage presence.  He has set a bar that I am not sure even he can surpass.
  • The four remaining Christian music artists Michael Lynch, Tim Urban, Didi Benami and Lacey Brown American Idol Season 9 delivered their best performances of the year and probably secured their place in the Top 12.
  • After we projected Katelyn Epperly as the winner of American Idol Season 9 she proceeded to stumble through a cheesey performance of Carol King’s “I Feel The Earth Move”.
  • Crystal Bowersox continued to demonstrate her superiority of the American Idol Season 9 girls with a rocking throwdown of Traci Chapman’s “Give Me One Reason”.
  • Tonight we expect Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Aaron Kelly and Toddrick Hall to go home.

Join us now as we live blog through the results and the top12 are revealed.

Ryan is bantering with the judges about comments made on last night’s show involving Randy in a bikini and thank you American Idol, we are now seeing a photo of same.  The 16 contestants will perform Michael Buble’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”.  All seem at ease, but time is drawing nigh.

Ryan announces the breaking news that the first theme of the big stage will be the music  of the Rolling Stones. New this year will be the audiences’ capability to go to Itunes to download the songs/playlist the contestants will listen to as they decide what to sing. 

He starts with the ladies.  Didi  Benami is invited to centerstage with Ryan.  He speaks to her about her struggles at the beginning of the show, then announces that  she has made it into the top 12. She is ecstatic.  Siobhan Magnus is next.  She tells everyone that she is very comfortable  on the stage.  She is in.  Paige Miles and Katelyn Epperly come to the stage together.  One is in and one is out.  Who will it be?  Simon feels the one with the most potential is Paige.  Paige has made it.  Uh oh, Katelyn is out.  There goes our prediction.

Next set will be chosen from the guys.  Tim Urban,  Toddrick Hall,  Lee Dewyze and Casey James are invited to centerstage.  Ryan begins with Tim Urban.  Tim is told to hang tight.  Toddrick is hanging tight too.  Lee is talked about for a moment and then on to Casey.  Casey is safe and joins the ladies.  Tim Urban is safe.  He acts shocked.  Lee will continue on the show and Toddrick will go home tonight.

Matt Geraud and Scott McIntyre will perform Billy Joel’s “Tell Her about It”.  Two piano men.  Matt and Scott are sporting leather tonight  as they play their baby grands.  I wonder if they performed this on their tour?  They can really play. Scott has an album out called Heartstring and it is available on Itunes through his website.  All original music.  Matt has a number one single with Anna Wilson called “You Don’t Know Me” on the jazz charts.

Okay here we go.  Eight are left.  Crystal Bowersox is invited to stand.  She looks so nervous.  After the nationwide vote, she is in.  Not smiling much, but she’s  in.  Michael Lynche goes to centerstage.  Kara talks about why she cried when he sang last night.  Ryan asks him if he can fit on a stool.  Michael has made it.  Lacey Brown stands.  C’mon Lacey.  She makes it through. Wow.  Aaron Kelly comes to the stage.  He feels he can bring more confidence if  he makes it through.  And he does.  Two more stools to fill.  Ryan calls Alex Lambert and Andrew Garcia.   Simon feels Andrew may have peaked too soon, but is talented.  Andrew makes it through and Alex is trying not to be too emotional.  It is so difficult to see these young singers go through the disappointment. After his song, all the guys crowd around him.  Katie Stevens and Lilly Scott are the last two.  The final seat in the top 12 belongs to Katie Stevens.  Lilly is going home.  That was a surprise.  I think she was surprised too.

Definitely some surprises tonight.  But congratulations to our 4 Christian artists as they go on to perform with American Idol’s top 12.  Join us next week as we continue to cover the music and performances.

American Idol Season 9 Top 8 Girls Live Blog

American Idol Season 9 continues on with tonight’s performances by the Top 8 girls.  Christian music artists Didi Benami and Lacey Brown are joined by Siobhan Magnus, Lilly Scott, Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Katelyn Epperly and Crystal Bowersox.  The American Idol Season 9 Top 8 guys perform tomorrow night and the results show will be on Thursday night.  The difference this week is that the performances are one hour.

One21music covers the Christian music artists competing on American Idol Season 9 and I am concerned that we may lose our last two Christian music girls this week.  It will take a miracle for Lacey Brown to survive becasue she has given two weak performances and she has not established her identity as an artist.  Didi Benami is on shaky ground in this strong group of girls.  Didi Benami needs a defining performance tonight.

Just in case you missed it, I predicted a winner. Check out why I think Katelyn Epperly will win American Idol Season 9.

Let’s see how the Top 8 girls perform songs from the Billboard Top 100 (essentially everything ever recorded).

We are live and we need to move.  Eight performances in one hour and Ryan is talking very fast.  Let’s jump right in.

First up singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” is Katie Stevens and she is struggling.  What has happened to her?  She sounds pretty flat.  She seems to be engulfed by the song.  I don’t know, she may be in trouble.  Randy is right that her performance paled in comparison.  Ellen is right that we did not feel the performance.  Kara says Katie doesn’t know who she is. Simon says she has not worked out what type of artist she wants to be. Katie will be one of the contestants on the bubble Thursday.

Siobhan Magnus will sing “House of The Rising Sun” by The Animals. This should be perfect for her voice.  Starting off acapela is a little different, takes some of the punch from the tune.  Her tone is great, but she oversings in places.  Solid performance from Siobhan but nothing spectacular.  Randy loved it, Ellen was moved, Kara think sit was brilliant but Simon thought it was weird.  He doesn’t think she was very creative with the song.

Brandi Carlisle’s “The Story” from Lacey Brown.  If she can pull it off she will put herself back in the competition.  I don’t know how to interpret her voice.  It sounds off key to me but I think it is her tone.  This is the third straight somber performance.  I think this was the best of the night so far.  The performance was quiet but mesmerizing.  Ellen and Randy thought it was her best of the year.  Kara says this was the type of performance that got her to the Top 16.  Simon loved the singing, called it a great radio performance.

Katelyn Epperly is up next singing Carol King’s “I Feel The Earth Move” and I think this is a mistake.  Performing stand-up behind the piano and it takes away from her performance.  I don’t think this is great.  It is a little too poppy for her.  This is Katelyn’s first stumble. That was empty. Randy pegged it, no connection to the song. Ellen is right, it wasn’t enough.  Kara says Katelyn was going through the motions.  Simon calls it request night at a restaurant.  Great, I predict she will win and she takes the night off.

Halfway through the night and no one has set the bar.  America must be confused.

And we fly through the last half of the show.  Didi Benami with guitar singing Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon.”  I think Didi may be finding herself with this contestant killing song.  She has an off beat take on the song, with a twisted pace and some beautiful singing.  Great performance.  Didi is back.  Of course, Randy was not crazy about it.  Ellen says yesindidi, Didi.  Kara says it was one of her favorite moments of the season, saying she made an impossible song choice her own.  Simon agress with Kara saying it was head and shoulders above anything else tonight.  Didi sings to fight another week!

Paige Miles takes a leap in song choice with Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile”.  She should stick with the rock.  Her tone does not fit this song, she wavers with the pitch and she tries to do too much with the song.  I think she missed any connection with the song.  Randy says it did not work at all and Ellen called it sad and heavy.  Kara and Simon agree with the others.  The judges seem upset about the performance.  Paige may have slipped out of the competition tonight.

So far, Christian music artists Lacey Brown and Didi Benami have given the best performances.  They may have saved their season tonight.

Crystal Bowersox is sporting the electric guitar performing “Give Me One Reason” by Traci Chapman.  Wifey says it is a good song for her but does it tell us anything new about Crystal Bowersox? Of course she slays the song with that huge voice. Boy, Crystal Bowersox can really sing.  It is not even fair.  This song tells us Crystal can really, really sing. Randy loved it as did Ellen.  Kara says she knows who she is.  Simon says she is the most improved artist and calls her the one to beat.

What are we gonna do!  The DVR can’t manage American Idol, Lost, Glee, Parenthood and The Good Wife.  Who do we sacrifice?

Lilly Scott closes the evening with “I Fall To Pieces” by Patsy Cline.  This whole off note, atonal style is getting tired.  This is not the song to sing this way.  It is almost like she is afraid of the song.  This just does not work.  Did I hear a different performance?  The judges loved it.  Sorry guys I cannot agree.

Crystal, Didi and Lacey took the night.  Katie, Katelyn, Lilly and Paige stumbled.  I think Paige and Katie are in big trouble.

See you tomorrow night.

American Idol Season 9 Top 20 Results Live Blog

Back for our fifth hour of American Idol Season 9 this week.  I like that American Idol gave the Top 24 time to sing and the judges time comment over the past two weeks.   In seasons past these early shows were so rushed that it did not feel you had time to truly hear the competitors.  This extended approach worked better.  Next week, American Idol Season 9 will return to one hour shows on three separate nights.  The Top 8 Girls will perform on Tuesday, the Top 8 Guys on Wednesday and then a results show on Thursday.  So, who will survive tonight to perform next week on American Idol Season 9?  Settle in with us for the next hour as we live blog the festivities.

The last two night we saw 20 American Idol Season 9 performances.  For the most part everyone improved, but, not everyone was great.   Three performances really stood out for me.  Crystal Bowersox’s gospel cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Long As I Can See The Light” was amazing.  Her singing was powerful and the arrangement was a revelation.  That was one of those moments that propel an artist far into the American Idol Season 9 finals.  Katelyn Epperly’s take on “The Scientist ” (Coldplay) was beautiful, stirring and heartfelt.  Coming in third for the week is Christian music artist Michael Lynche.  He updated James Brown’s “Its A Man’s World”, made it feel modern and sang it perfectly.

Unfortunately, I think some of our Christian music artists are in trouble.  Tim Urban has yet to prove he is up to the task of winning American Idol Season 9. It feels like he needs another year of heavy performing to be ready for this stage.  Making it even more treacherous for Tim that he is part of a “teen throb” triumvirate that could split votes (Tim Urban, Alex Lambert, Aaron Kelly).  Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers could be in trouble.  His two live performances have been a bit strange and his interactions with the judges are uncomfortable.  But, Jermaine, make sure you get Simon to church! I am also afraid that Christian music artist Lacey Brown is in serious trouble tonight.  I love her voice but she has not yet shown that she can package that voice in a compelling way.  I hope I am wrong on all accounts.

I think Lacey Brown, Haeley Vaughn, John Park and Jermaine Sellers will go home tonight.  If so, we will be down to four Christian music artists left in the American Idol Season 9 Top 16.

Tonight, in addition to finding out who goes home, we get to see Danny Gokey perform a song from his new album.  27 million votes.  The Idols are doing Black Eyed Peas, “I Got A Feeling”.  Thing is, none of them believe the lyric “Tonight’s gonna be a good night”, a few smiles please.

We are back to send someone home.  Let’s start with the guys.  Christian music artist Tim Urban up first and he is safe.  Joyful surprise, the girls love them some Tim Urban! Christian music artist Michael Lynche is safe as is Toddrick Hall.  John Park goes home.  He just did not assert his personality. The rest of the guys hang through the commercial.

Who else goes home right now.  Up first is Lee Dewyze who, of course, is safe.  Aaron Kelly sang “My Girl”, which I liked, and he is safe.  Alex Lambert looks like he is going to faint but he is safe also.  It is down to Jermaine Sellers and Andy Garcia.  Looks like Jermaine is home.  Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers goes home.  Unfortunately, my predictions have come true.  I am really surprised Jermaine did not do better on American Idol Season 9.  He has been touring since he was 14.  I thought he would sail through the early weeks.  Was he too confident?  He is singing his farewell and as is often the case we ask ourselves, why didn’t he do that last night?

It is Danny Gokey time.  I am interested to hear his new stuff.  This is a good song for him.  The guy is singing about getting old?  What is he 28?  He sounds really good.  I would like to hear him sing a little more soulful music and I look forward to his worship cd.  That was country?  I guess, living in Texas, I don’t know what country music is.  This song is Number 5 on iTunes.  I love Danny Gokey.  All of you haters shut your mouth.

Girls on a hot seat!  Will Lacey Brown survive?  We hope so.  Of course Lilly Scott comes back nest week.  Paige Miles is safe. Katie Stevens is safe.   Didi Benami and Michelle Delamor are left.  We are going to lose another Christian music artist.  I disagree with this no matter who it is.  We lose Michelle Delamor.  I am shocked. She is crushed.

Now it is time for the final cut of the night.  Will it be Lacey Brown, Haeley Vaughn or another surprise.  Katelyn Epperly and Crystal Bowersox are safe.  Siobhan Magnus is safe so it is down to Lacey and Haeley.  Lacey Brown is safe!  Haeley Vaughn is going home.

I am shocked that we lost Michelle Delamor tonight.  We are down to four Christian music artists in the final 16.  Join us next Tuesday night.

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Girls Live Blog…

…or is it Top 9 girls?  Rumors have been flying all day about Crystal Bowersox and her illness that hospitalized her yesterday.  That forced American Idol Season 9 to change its schedule and have the Top 10 guys perform last night.  We don’t know if Crystal Bowersox will perform.  If she doesn’t perform, we believe she will be disqualified and American Idol Season 9 will eliminate one girl this week.  I hope that does not happen.

Last night the American Idol Season 9 Top 10 guys performed better than the previous week, but it still wasn’t good.  Christian music artist Michael Lynche stole the show last night with a complete, soulful, smooth performance of James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s World”.  Everyone else was pretty ordinary.  Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers had a spirited exchange with the judges and displayed a pretty significant amount of frustration.  Tim Urban won respect from Simon by making big improvements in his performance this week.

Tonight, Christian music artists Didi Benami, Lacey Brown and Michelle Delamor are joined by Lilly Scott, Katie Stevens, Siobhan Magnus, Haeley Vaughn, Paige Miles, Katelyn Epperly and, hopefully, Crystal BowersoxDidi Benami and Michelle Delamor look to be safe this week, but Lacey Brown needs a big improvement to stay in the running on American Idol Season 9.  Come on Lacey, show America your talent tonight!

Crystal Bowersox is on the stairs so it looks like she will try to make a go of it.  Ryan interviews her and it looks like she may be the first one up.  Randy says the guys were hot last night.  Wow, Randy are you from Canada?

So we do start with Crystal Bowersox, who is a twin.  Last week she did “Hand In Pocket” and tonight we find out she performs with trinkets in pocket.  Tonight she is doing a gospel take on CCR’s “As Long As I Can Sing The Light”  I like the organ intro and she blasts the opening.  Okay we are getting the full Janis Joplin treatment.  Is she the best singer on American Idol Season 9?  This is the best of the season. If I didn’t have a computer in my lap I would give her a standing ovation, but I was busy looking a site that offered overwatch boosting for my games. Randy calls her the truth and he loves the truth.  Ellen says amazing.  Kara is right, she hit a new level.  Simon is almost groveling and calls her a really serious artist.  Buy this song.  I will.

16 year old Haeley Vaughn is going to sing “The Climb” by Mylie Cyrus. She is so 16. Haeley Vaughn has no mean face.  Maybe Simon can give her lessons.  Her singing is pretty shakey,  Her voice is powerful but all over the place.  Is she flat, is she sharp.  Yes she is.  Kind of made me cringe. Randy calls it excruciating.  Kara says she needs a year of strengthening her singing talent.  So why did they bring her onto the show?  Ryan clashes with Simon and ugly looks ensue.

Christian music artist Lacey Brown gets a second chance. Come on Lacey prove to us that you are made to do this.  Tonight she is taking on Kara’s suggestion and do “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer.  She has a really fragile voice, in a good way. I am not sure I like the bopping take on the song, but she is singing well and showing much more of her talent this week.  Good job, Lacey. Randy says it was not special, but Ellen thinks it was adorable.  Simon thinks she is competing but is not showcasing herself as an artist.

Katie Stevens is up next.  Katie speaks six languages, but only to ask for a kiss. She is singing “Put Your Records On” by Corine Bailey Rae.  This song is in her wheel house.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that Katie can really belt so I would like to hear that pretty soon.  That was pretty good.  I have no idea what Randy just said.  I don’t think the judges know what to make of her performance.  Kara and Simon are frustrated.  Katie sing Aretha Franklin.  Good advice Simon, ‘tell us what type of artist you want to be”.

Christian music artist Didi Benami is doing Bill Withers, one of my favorite performers. Didi prays before she performs and she meows.  It works if you see it.  She is doing “Lean On Me”.  This is something totally different for Didi.  This is sort of a jazz take on this song.  Okay, Didi does not have much soul, but this a sort of pleading, compelling take on the song.  It was different.  I like it? Randy hates the song choice.  Ellen doesn’t like it either. Good comments Kara.  If you want to do the song, do your interpretation of the song.  Simon hated it.  I liked it more than the judges.  Didi Benami was visibly upset by the judges comments.

Michelle Delamor is doing a Creed song?  This should be interesting.  She is singing “Arms Wide Open”.  Michelle is a children’s choir teacher at church.  Michelle also prays before her performances.  This is a rock song?  I really like her take on this.  She struggles a little in the middle, but she makes this song over in her own style.  Her voice is not as big as you think it should be. The judges are saying the same thing over and over.  Ellen is right that it almost worked.  Kara calls it her favorite performance of Michelle’s for the entire season. Simon loved it as well.  They overlooked the technical difficulties and loved the risk.

Lilly Scott doesn’t pray before she sings she uses throat spray. She is singing Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come”. She does another offbeat jazzy take on the song, but is that an honest interpretation of the song.   I don’t believe she understands the meaning of the song and she is certainly not communicating the meaning.  Technically good, but I did not really like it.  The judges love it.  I mean gushing all over themselves love it.  I may be developing an Adam Lambert relationship with Lilly Scott. Read last year’s blogs to understand the last comment.

Katelyn Epperly is going to take her American Idol Season 9 winnings and open a studio. She is singing “The Scientist” by Coldplay and she is behind the piano, a big white piano.  This performance is mesmerizing.  Is there any doubt that this song has some hidden meaning for her.  You can see her pain.  Great singing with a big husky voice.  That was awesome.  Shut-up Randy, do you even want to be here tonight?  What is wrong with you judges?  That was not too slow.  Is Kara the best judge this year?  Why can’t she be versatile, Kara?  Simon says she was corny?  I thought she was great.


Paige Miles colors in coloring books.  Is she a trend setter? She is singing “Walk Away” by Kelly Clarkson.  She is right, this pace of song suits her and Simon was right last week.  She can really sing.   To have so little experience she is very comfortable on stage.  She is strong. Daaaaaang, girl. I think you could say she owned that performance.  I am not discussing Randy’s comments any more.  Lalalalala (fingers in my ears).  Ellen?  She loved it and comments on how much fun she had with the song.  Kara does not think she connected with the meaning of the song but liked it.

It is amazing how wrong the judges are tonight.  I pretty much have disagreed with their overall assessment of every performance.

Siobhan Magnus let her mohawk grow out, thank goodness. She is singing “Think” by Aretha Franklin.  Well, she is going big this week.   She sings it okay, if you forget Aretha, but I am wondering why she is singing this song.  It doesn’t connect for me.  But she does show off her pipes.  The judges love it with a capital L.

The ladies were much, much better tonight than the guys.  Tonight makes Simon look like a prophet.  Crystal Bowersox took the night but all the girls were good tonight.

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Guys

Big changes tonight on American Idol Season 9.  According to some illness that has struck the girls, either one, Crystal Bowersox, or several of the girls will be unable to perform, so the guys are pressed into duty.  After a generally underwhelming set of performances last week let’s hope the American Idol Season 9 Top 20 can deliver this week.

We lost one of our American Idol Season 9 Christian music artists last week, but not the one we thought might leave.  Ashley Rodriguez was a victim of delivering a mediocre performance during a time when several attractive R&B singers split the votes for attractive R&B singers.  That leaves us with six Christian music artists on American Idol Season 9Jermaine Sellers, Tim Urban and Michael Lynche perform tonight and Didi Benami, Lacey Brown and Michelle Delamor perform with the ladies tomorrow.  Tim Urban and Lacey Brown need big performances this week to survive Thursday night’s American Idol Season 9 Top 20 results show.

Tonight Michael Lynche, Jermaine Sellers and Tim Urban perform with Andy Garcia, Casey Jones, John Park, Alex Lambert, Lee Dewyze, Toddrick Hall and Aaron Kelly to sing songs from the Billboard charts, which means almost anything.

So, join us for our live reactions over the next two hours as we continue to support the Christian music artists on American Idol Season 9.

Ryan explains that Crystal Bowersox is in the hospital and unable to perform so the guys are performing tonight.  Does Michael Lynche get the last performing spot?  Two guys and two girls go home on Thursday.

Michael Lynche starts out doing James Brown’s “It’s A Mans World”  Fantastic start!  Great singing, great performance.  A great arrangement of an iconic song.  Randy gives him a standing ovation.  Kara and Ellen says it is the performance to beat.  Simon says he in one week Michael went from a kitten to a lion and modernized that old song.  I had some really good stuff written on this performance and hit the wrong button on my keyboard and erased the entire thing.  It was good really.  I will buy this.

John Park is in an acapella group at Northwestern called Purple Haze.  John was born in the U.S. but grew up in Korea until the 4th grade.  He was bothered by the judges criticism.  He is singing “Gravity” by John Mayer.  From jazz to jazzy blues, but this is a good singing song.  He looks terrified, surprising.  John has a good voice but I don’t hear anything special in this performance.  He seems to get washed away in the music.  The performance lacked emotion.  Randy thinks it was flat and Ellen thinks it lacked soul.  They all think it was better than last week.  Kara misses his connection to the song, says he needs to let loose and take some risks.  Simon thinks he may go home.

Casey James is bringing a little electric guitar to the stage.  Casey bought and remodeled a house?  He is doing “I Don’t Wanna Be” by Davin McGraw an American Idol favorite.  He is ripping it up on his guitar and I think it distracted from his vocals.  He seems out of breath, there is no power behind his voice.  He seems comfortable doing the rock guitar performance, but the vocals fell short.  Randy loved the guitar thing, thinks it was hot.  Ellen thinks he was stiff.  Kara did not like him tonight, saying he took two steps back. She hits him on the singing.  Simon agrees with Kara, saying he looked like a rock star wannabe.

Alex Lambert has stage fright, surprise!  He is not throwing up tonight, uncomfortable.  Alex has created his own language?  Tonight he is playing his guitar. He is singing John Legend’s “Everybody Knows”.  He is certainly more comfortable, but I don’t get this guy.  My wife likes his voice.  Much, much better than last week, but it doesn’t work for me.  Missed that last note.  Ellen says tonight he is the ripened banana.  She says he is the most unique talent on the show.  Kara is loving Alex Lambert and Simon calls it a million times better.  Simon gave him really good tough love and told him to believe in himself and compete to win.

Toddrick Hall, who may become the edgiest performer of American Idol Season 9, is doing Tina Turner tonight. Last week he ripped up a Kelly Clarkson song, the judges hated it but many on the blogosphere, me included, loved it.  He is singing “What’s Love Got to Do With It” and is limiting his dancing and performing.  I think he is making a mistake, for the first half of the song.  Then he pulls the mike off the stand and starts moving.  It is like he sings better when he dances.  Randy does not like his arrangement.  Ellen thinks the song choice was bad.  Kara says he is trying to do too much.  Simon says to move and not sing, calling it theme park-like.

We are halfway through the performances.  The show is much better this week, but Christian music artist Michael Lynche still owns the night.  He set a high bar and no one has reached it yet.

Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers takes his turn on stage next.  He really wears a onesy on national television.  He is brave.  Tonight he is singing Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”.  He is very brave, maybe even foolish.  This song is perfect for his voice but he is not delivering.  It sounds like a lounge act version of one of the most important songs of the 20th century.  Sorry, Jermaine you really, really missed tonight.  Get ready to get ripped.  Randy says “better than last week??” Ellen compliments him for the onesy.  ‘Nuff said.  Kara says he is trying to do too much.  Simon says the judges are frustrated and that he waters down the song.  Simon agrees to go to church with Jermaine.  Way to go Jermaine!

Andy Garcia is a break dancer! Once again the judges did not like his arrangement last week and once again I disagree.    He is singing James Morrison’s “You Give Me Something”.  He seems a little uncomfortable without his guitar.  He is all over the place with his pitch.  Is he doing it on purpose?  He has moments and this is a different side of Andy Garcia.  Not sure I liked this.  Randy did not get it.  Ellen disagrees and she thinks they are judging him based on his high point from Hollywood Week.  Simon is frustrated with Andy as well, calling his performance okay, when he is better than okay.

Aaron Kelly does not believe he should be on the show.  He needs more confidence while he sings “My Girl” from the Temptations.  I don’t think this is really his groove.  He is actually doing this pretty well, even with his country tilt on the song.  He just showed he can really sing.  That was pretty good.  Randy says it was 200% better.  Ellen says that “My Girl” is forgettable.  Boo, Ellen.  Kara liked it all, but Simon did not like it at all.  He thinks it was too old fashioned. I disagree with Simon.  I think this could be a country hit for Aaron.

At least Christian music artist Tim Urban gets a fighting chance with next to last performing slot.  Let’s see what he can do with it.  Tim comes from a large family and he prays before he performs.  He is performing “Come On and Get Higher” by Matt Nathanson and he is playing his guitar.  Much, much better than last week but it is no breakthrough for Tim.  A nice performance of a nice song. Randy says there was nothing special.  Ellen says there is no charisma and he is not really a singer.  Simon actually likes him this week.  He is impressed with his work ethic.  Simon is actually complimentary.  Is this enough to save him for another week?

We end the evening with the judge’s favorite from last week, Lee Dewyze.  Lee was a problem child in High School, but recovered with the help of a teacher.  Good for him.  He is doing “Lips of An Angel” by Hinder.  Lee has the voice of a hundred lead singers on the radio.  That is a compliment.  He seems to be struggling with the song.  His pitch is all over the place.  You know he can do better vocally.  Randy did not like it but was told to compliment Lee.  Ellen says great?  I agree with Kara that you can hear Lee on the radio right now.  Simon calls him the best singer of the guys.  I disagree with the judges assessment of Lee’s performance tonight.  It seemed biased.

Despite the lead position Michael Lynche took the night by a mile.  In a night when just about everyone improved, no one was even close.  Michael Lynche gave the first breakthrough performance of the season.

Join us tomorrow night to see if the girls can also show the type of improvement the guys showed tonight.

American Idol Season 9 Top 24 Results Live Blog

So the critics are calling this the worst group of American Idol contestants ever.  I must admit the American Idol Season 9 started with a thud.  The performances were unimaginative at best, the sound was unprofessional and the judges seemed tired and bored.  Let’s give these aspiring artists a few more weeks before destroying their careers.  I will admit that I am pretty ticked-off about the last two nights.  I just gave up four hours of women’s bobsled, ice dancing and that thing where skiers slide up a hill and flip around in the air.  I will never get that back.

Tonight we find out who were the worst of the American Idol Season 9 performers, four will go home tonight.  At One21music we follow the Christian music artists competing on American Idol Season 9.  Seven Christian music artists are awaiting their fate tonight.  Michael Lynche, Didi Benami, Tim Urban, Lacey Brown, Michelle Delamor,  Jermiane Sellers and Ashley Rodriguez are on the block.  We hope all of them get another chance but I am worried about Tim Urban, Lacey Brown and Jermaine Sellers.

It must be exceedingly frustrating to go home tonight.  You cannot blame anyone but yourself but the performers must feel that they really did not get a chance to fully show what they can do.  Everyone can have a bad performance and you cannot judge a performer by any one good or bad performance.  No matter who goes home, I will feel bad for them.

And we are live on American Idol Season 9!  24 million people voted and Kris Allen will perform.  Ryan is right to point out that it is usually rough at this point of the season.

The Top 24 perform a group number, but I missed the song title and I don’t recognize it.  Is it “American Boy”?  Not a bad song, jazzy, and they are doing pretty well with it.  We do find out the Didi Benami cannot dance, she becomes more like Brooke White every time we see her.  My wife just informed me that the song was made popular by Estelle.

Let’s get started sending some girls home. Siobhan Magnus is safe.  Haeley Vaughn is safe.  Michelle Delamor must be safe and she is safe.  Katelyn Epperly sang “Oh Darling” and she is safe.  Uh oh, Katie Stevens and Janelle Wheeler are on the block.  It must be Janelle.  Yep, Janelle Wheeler goes home.  The Heart bomb blows up in her face. She seems to take it well.  Way to leave with dignity.

We get an Allison Iraheta sighting.  I can’t wait. She is singing her new single “Scars”.  This is an okay song, especially by American Idol alumni standards.  Not the best I have heard her sing, but I like Allison.

Christian music artists Didi Benami, Lacey Brown and Ashley Rodriquez remain on the block with Crystal Bowersox, Paige Miles and Lilly Scott.  I am worried about Lacey Brown I think it is either her or Paige Miles.

We jump right into the eliminations again.  Paige Miles is up and she stays another week, it is either Lacey or a surprise.  Lacey Brown is back for another week.  Who will be the surprise?  Lilly Scott is back for another week.  I think it will be Ashley Rodriguez is going home.  Crystal Bowersox is safe and we are down to Ashley and Didi BenamiAshley Rodriquez goes home.  What a surprise!  She is surprised and a little mad and struggling to hold it together.  So sad, our first Christian music artist goes home.  Good luck Ashley!

It is interesting that similar types are the first to be eliminated.  One of three blonde folk pop singers, Janelle Wheeler.  One of three R&B singers, Ashley Rodriguez goes home.  It is not fair but both of them split a voting block.

Now the guys are up and we start with Michael Lynche and he is safe. John Park survives a poor performance.  Aaron Kelly is surely safe and so he is.  Toddrick Hall took a big risk last night and he survives.  Tim Urban and Joe Munoz are side by side.  Christian music artist Tim Urban is safe.  Wow, he is in shock!  I can’t believe that Tim survived, I am so happy.  You get one more chance to prove Simon wrong.  Sorry Joe Munoz, I liked you.

After Kris Allen performs, Christian music artist Jermaine Sellers is on the hot seat with Casey James, Andy Garcia, Alex Lambert, Lee Dewyze and the bathrobe boy Tyler Grady.  I think Alex Lambert leaves us from that group but Jermaine Sellers could be a surprise departure tonight.  I hope not, I think he has more to bring than he showed last night.

After a one year break Idol Gives Back returns in April, but they are starting the focus with a report from Haiti by Kris Allen.  Kris’s performance is available in iTunes and all proceeds go to Haiti relief and you can donate online as well.  Kris is interpreting “Let It Be”.  Do you remember why you loved him so much last year?  Do you remember why you voted for him.  Go to iTunes and download this song.  Go to and donate.  Great, great song performed well by last year’s American Idol.

Time to finish this agony.  Starting with Casey James and he is safe to be terrorized by Kara for another week.  Jermaine Sellers is safe for another week, yeah!  All of the Christian guys are through. Lee Dewyze is safe, as is Andy Garcia.  It is down to Alex Lambert and Tyler Grady.  It could be Tyler but I would be surprised.  I think Alex Lambert is going home but I am wrong.  Tyler Grady is going home.  What a surprise.  He is now criticizing the judges.  Bad form dude.

We finish the evening with a montage of the four who are going home.  I really disagree with America about Ashley and I am shocked by Tyler’s exit.

Check back this weekend and I will preview next week’s show and then we will be here live blogging all three of next week’s shows of American Idol Season 9.