American Idol Season 10 Top 11 Results

American Idol Season 10 is pretty good.  Last night was one of the best night’s of singing I have since I started watching in Season 6. Motown is a theme in just about every season of American Idol and it has had mixed results.  Last night was solid from the beginning to the end.  Most of the song selections were right.  The mood was good in the studio. The performances were professional and polished.  Overall, the night was enjoyed by all in the one21music offices.

I would categorize the performances as follows:

Transcendant- Jacob Lusk.  I have watched it five times, every time I am awestruck and every time I see something new.  As good as I have ever seen on American Idol.

Lived Up to Lofty Expectations- Pia Toscano, James Durbin and Scott McCreery. Each one did what they do, Pia with a ballad, James singing effortlessly while hamming it up and Scott McCreery completely dominating a song with his astute country sensibility.

Their Best Performance of Season 10- Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart, Paul MacDonald and Thia Megia.  Naima, Thia and Haley all needed their best to stay on the show. They all delivered. Paul continues to stretch as a singer.

Fell Short of Lofty Expectations- Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone and Lauren Alaina. We need more than growling and screaming from Casey, Stefano is trying too hard and Lauren is spending more time playing to the audience than she is singing.

So when you take it all into account the singers who needed to make a statement last night, delivered on their performance, but because the whole night was so good they did not differentiate themselves.

There is a rumor of a shocking result tonight.  I don’t see it.  I think the bottom three will be Haley Reinhart, Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia.  If there is a shocker I think it could be Casey Abrams.  He seems to have lost a lot of steam through the season.  The big question is, will the judges use their save tonight?  If Casey or Haley are voted off, I think they might.  Otherwise I think they will leave it for later in the year.

Join as we reveal the American Idol Season 10 top 11 results live.  Jennifer Hudson and Sugarland perform so the guests should be unusually good.

A surprisingly low number of votes were cast last night, 30 million, and Ryan is teasing a shocking result.

Marc Anthony helped the Idols with their in ear monitors and gave each of them live performance coaching.  It worked.  With Jimmy Iovine and his crew of producers, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez providing coaching and now Marc Anthony,  it seems like American Idol is investing more in the Idols this year than in years’ past.

I think American Idol just surprised the judges with Stevie Wonder.  I think his participation officially makes this the best group number in the history of American Idol. This may the be the best day of Steven Tyler’s life. Stevie Wonder just sang Happy Birthday to him.  The show seems happier this year than in the past few years.

Time for the first round of results torture to begin now with Lauren Alaina, Scott McCreery and Pia Toscano and they are all safe and on the summer tour. The tour will have healthy dose of  ballads and country this year.

American Idol did a whole segment on James’ obsession with professional wrestling, complete with a segment on the mansion death match between James, Paul, Pia and Stefano.

More results with James Durbin and Paul MacDonald.  I smell a surprise with Paul in the bottom 3.  The surprise is that Hulk Hogan comes out to tell both Paul and James that they are safe.

Jacob Lusk, Thia Megia and Stefano Langone are now on the hot seat.  Jacob is safe, big duh.  Thia is in the bottom 3 and Stefano is as well.  There is very big shock.

Straight to Haley Reinhart, Naima Adedapo and Casey Abrams.  Naima is safe and is going on the tour. The last spot in the bottom 3 is Casey Abrams.

Wow, Casey Abrams and Stefano Langone both in the bottom 3, that is a huge shocker. I am glad Haley Reinhart gets another shot to prove herself but Casey Abrams and Stefano Langone are both very good.  This is what happens when voting totals are low. The judges may save either one of them.

One of the three is about to be sent back to safety and it is Thia Megia.  We are about to lose one of our top contenders and I bet it is Casey Abrams.

What is it gonna be America?  The person with the lowest number of votes is Casey Abrams.  Everyone is shocked and upset, but Casey’s performances have all revolved around a growling vibe.  Randy stops his performance in the middle of his saviour song and they are using their only save of the season to save Casey Abrams.  He has completely fallen apart , hugs his mother collapses on the stage.   Casey Abrams is completely in shock.

Two people will go home next week, but all eleven of these performers will go on tour.  That was one crazy show tonight.  The American Idol Season 10 tour will have 11 really good performers.