Free Download:Josh White- Light Of The World

LightOfTheWorld-josh white

I get a little tired of Christmas releases this time of year. Not because I don’t like Christmas music, but because it seems like every artist (young, old, forgotten, upcoming, you get the idea), but because the majority of the music that does come out feels very stale. The songs don’t feel joyful our heartfelt, just music artists going through the motions to be thrown into the never ending void that is “holiday” music.

Light Of The World is completely different.  In the talented hands of Josh White, former singer of pop-rock band Telecast, these songs feels less practiced and more worshipful.  Which, considering the source material for the music, feels more honest.  What Light of the Worldwill give you is a bunch of songs that you have heard before sung in a way you most likely haven’t heard.  Joyful, worshipful, and intimate.

I also need to mention that Josh White’s BEC Recordings debut, Achor, came out this week, and I recommend it for just about anybody.  I have had a hard time NOT listening to it since I got it about two months ago.  Go pick it up and support the real artists in this scene!

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