Music Video: An Epic, No Less – Mercy Light

Check out the first video from BEC Recordings latest signing, An Epic No Less with their song “Mercy Light”. It is defiantly for fans of Owl City and Lights, but the video has some pretty heavy subject matter: The song’s video by Tennyson S. Tanner tackles the issue of human trafficking. It’s a harrowing visual that reminds us that God’s rescue can be actualized through the church if we don’t just talk about good, but actually do it.

New Releases For October 4th, 2011

(no artwork available)
Holding Onto Hope-Holding Onto Hope
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Blind World

Reflection Music Group

code -beautiful thing
Beautiful Thing

Go Global Entertainment
Pop Rock
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la dispute wildlife
La Dispute

No Sleep Records
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lights siberia

Last Gang Records
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Odd Soul

Progressive Pop Rock
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Phil Wickham-Response
Phil Wickham

Fair Trade
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relient k is for karaoke ep pt 2
K Is For Karaoke EP Pt.2
Relient K

Mono Vs. Stereo
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K Is For Karaoke
Relient K

Mono Vs. Stereo

Robin Mark-Fly
Robin Mark

in:ciite Media
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scott mccreery clear as day
Clear As Day
Scott McCreery

Mercury Nashville/19 Recordings
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shane and shane-the one you need
The One You Need
Shane & Shane

Fair Trade
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sosaveme the garden
The Garden

Indie Rock

Music Video:Lights-Toes

Here we are with the first single off of Lights‘ upcoming release Siberia (which hits stores October 4th, 2011) entitled “Toes”.

Free Download:An Epic, No Less-We Are The Echo Of Love

an epic no less we are the echo of love

With all the hardcore and rap I post on this website, some people may find it hard to believe that I love eletronica/dance music. Alot! The problom is that it is rare that I run across anything that really grabs my attention in a way that meaningful. About a month ago I downloaded We Are The Echo Of Love from An Epic, No Less, and obviously I loved it because I am now telling you about it.

An Epic, No Less sounds kind of like Owl City or Lights if they were much more worshipful. Well, instead of me explaining watch this video for their song “Echo Of Love”.

The whole album has that kind of vibe, so if you dig it, GO DOWNLOAD IT!

Download An Epic, No Less- We Are The Echo Of Love

New Releases For July 20th, 2010

impending doom there will be violence
There Will be Violence
Impending Doom

Facedown Records
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lights acoustic ep
Acoustic EP

Sire Records
Acoustic Pop
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SXSW 2010 Day 3 With Doug Burr, Lights and Son Lux

The One21music journey on day three of SXSW 2010 was a day of two great bookends with hours of waiting in between.  I started the day this afternoon at the Ramble Creek Recording Studio Day Show and ended the evening in the belly of the SXSW beast with 100,000 in Austin’s music home Red River Street.   In between I noshed on ceviche, watched a mildly interesting R&B act, an entertaining post-rock noise drone band and a scary avant garde minimalist blues racket band; caught-up with the rest of the One21music crew at the HM free evening showcase and wandered the very crowded streets of Austin, Texas.

SXSW is a major music industry conference that attracts music artists, journalists, label executives, agents and government agencies from all over the world.  Sometimes in the rush to meet as many people as we can, take advantage of as much of the free food as possible, gather all of the free swag, catch the right best bands from the 15,000+ acts performing and,oh yes, find a parking place we just might lose track of why we care about all of this.  Here is why.

Ramble Creek Studio

These are the generations of families, at the Ramble Creek Studio Day Show, gathered around some musicians to celebrate a great day in Austin with music and laughter.  It was a spectacular way to start the day.

Doug Burr – Ramble Creek Studio Day Show

As you can see it was an idylic setting in the backyard of the Ramble Creek Studios as they celebrated some of their Doug Burrfavorite artists.  We were there to see Christian music artist Doug Burr, but I received an special bonus prize when two of favorite secular artists preceded Doug to the stage (really a covered porch).  Centro-matics Will Johnson played an ethereal set of Texas alternative music and Monahans played smoking set of noisy, droning alt-country.

Then Doug Burr set down to the mike with a group four musicians playing organs, guitars and  banjos. Doug Burr performed a set of music with obvious influences to Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde era and that was just fine with us.  His sad, wistful singing style carried us away into his mournful, redemptive songs.  At times I swore he was challenging a catalogue of hymns.  I was mesmerized along with the crowd and peace settled into that backyard.

Lights- The Prague

Lights, the electro-pop phenom, is quiet popular.  I arrived at this dungeon of a club about one hour before Lights was scheduled to hit stage and over that hour I saw the broadest group of fans fill the space.  I don’t have a picture of Lights because it was impossible for me to get close enough to the stage.  That crowd consisted of fully bearded hipsters (guys, of course), bubbly teen looking and acting girls (over 21 club so not really teens), European techno caricatures and geeks and nerds of all types.  Lights herself was fresh faced young woman playing driving electro-pop with her three person band (her and a guy on synths and a drummer).  She bounced around the stage with her keytar (combination guitar and electric piano) and displayed a much stronger singing voice than I anticipated.  Lights set was just what you would expect from synth-pop, in all the good ways.

Son Lux- Barbarella

There are stories from people who saw John Coltrane live that at some points in a song, Coltrane would throw his sax to the floor and would start poiunding his chest and making musical sounds with his voice.  When asked, he would say that he caould not always get the sounds he eas hearing through his sax.

Son LuxI remembered that story as I watched electronica artist Son Lux deliver an awe inspiring set of electronica music that felt more like hard be bop with a driving beat.  With his excellent drummer, Son Lux laid down a thick, intense platform of drone noise and sound over which played his synthesizer and computer.  Son Lux lurched, convulsed and danced to his own rhythms as his songs caught up with his vision on stage.  The few lyrics in Son Lux’s songs can be seen as faith cries, as in the lyrics to his opening number, “Believe my words”, repeated over and over.  By the end I was no even trying to write notes because the audience and I were mesmerized.

Christian Music News December 8th,2009


Just about every artist we cover on here seems to be coming out with some sort of Christmas song or album. There are too many to list, go out and check you favorite artist to see what they have to offer….

Owl City‘s latest release, Ocean Eyes, has hit Gold status with over 500,000 units sold. Good job man.. post an interview with Flyleaf this week concerning the recording and writing process of their latest record. Read Flyleaf interview. In other Fyleaf media news, Shockhound recently posted a four song live set from the band on their website including the songs “Again” and “Beautiful Bride” along with vocalist Lacey getting JACKED in the face by a swinging bass guitar….Watch Flyleaf performance.

Lights rocked a Daytrotter session recently. You can read the article, listen and download all the tracks. Check out Lights’ Daytrotter Session.

Believer, Impending Doom, House Of Heroes, Woe Of Tyrants,The Rose Hill, and Waking Lions are all in the studio working on new music for your listening pleasure.

Manchester Orchestra‘s van got robbed last week….what is up with people these days

Music Videos

Below is the new video from LA Symphony member CookBook with his song “Solid Gold”

A little Christmas cheer with The Almost and their version of “Little Drummer Boy”

Next up is the latest single from The Rocket Summer called “You Gotta Believe”

Lastly we have “Faith Is Fact” by LMNO

Christian Music News December 1rst,2009


Josh Olds (also known as Fatty) of the Family Force 5 fame is in an ICU with some serious liver problems after this weekend. Please pray that everything turns out well….

Brandtson have officially now broken up, despite the fact that they have not performed together in over a year.

You can watch a professionally recorded 5 song live set from Thrice over on Shockhound right now. So go do it…Watch Thrice perform live.

La Dispute got robbed in Michigan last week.

Mark Nicks (aka Cool Hand Luke) announced this week after saying earlier this year he would be done with music that fans could expect not only a lot more shows from him, but the possibility of TWO new albums in 2010. Yer wearin me out Mark….

Bluesy rock solo artist Maron said that she is knee deep into a second album which will see the light of day in 2010.

The band Advantage have broken up. Lead vocalist Shane is now in pop rock duo The Threats. Also in breaking up news, He Only Promised Everything, and Heroes Will Be Heroes have also called it a day.

You can watch a 3 song performance from Lights on Yahoo Music right now. So do it….Watch Lights perform.

Metal band Embracing Goodbye have signed on with Driven Music Group.

A stripped down performance from Manchester Orchestra can be seen over at right now. So once again, you should go watch it! Watch Manchester Orchestra perform.


Speaking of Thrice, here is the video for their song “In Exile”

yep, the video for “Must Be Santa” by Bob Dylan

Album Info (more in the Release Dates page)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Greeley Estates January 26th, 2010 release, No Rain, No Rainbow.
greeley estates no rain no rainbow
1. Seven Hours
2. I Shot The Maid
4. Friends Are Friends For Never
5. They Won’t Stay Dead
6. Jealousy Breeds Killing Sprees
7.Lying Through Your Teeth Doesn’t Count As Flossing
8. Swim For Your Lives
9. You’ll Never Leave Vegas Alive
10. Wolves Make Great Actors
11. The Offer

This is the album artwork and tracklisting for Saving Grace‘s upcoming January 5th,2010 releases entitled Unbreakable
6PnlDigi_Web Template:Layout 1
1. End of Days (Intro)
2. Unbreakable
3. Bury Me in Jimenez
4. The Disgusting Maw
5. Pukelips
6. Where It Rains
7. The Eye of the Storm Part II (Interlude)
8. Oaxaca
9. All, But the Archer
10. The Listener
11. Bound by Blood
12. The Determined Drunk

Christian Music News Oct.6th, 2009


Paramore‘s MTV Unplugged performance was posted over on this last week. Watch Paramore Unplugged.

HM Magazine posted an interview with Before There Was Rosalyn. Read Before There Was Rosalyn interview.

Dreamt Music has signed on Shapes Stars Make! from Dallas, TX. Congrats guys, I think you are the first Texas band to ever sign with a Facedown imprint…

A rather extensive interview with Lights was posted over at Read Lights interview.


Below is the new video from The Letter Black for their song “Hanging By A Thread”

Below is the video for Oh, Sleepers song “Son Of The Morning”

Below is the video for “Lost” by Da T.R.U.T.H.

Below is the music video for The Wrecking‘s song “Sound of the Resistance”

Below is new video from Flyleaf with their new song “Again”

Below is the new music video for “Lonely Wheel” by The Almost

Album Info (more in the Release Dates page)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Joy Electric‘s upcoming covers album entitled Favorites At Play, which will hit stores November 3rd, 2009.
joy electric favorites at play
1. 1,2,3,4 (Feist)
2. Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
3. I Miss You (Blink 182)
4. Falling Slowly (Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová from the film Once)
5. When You Were Young (The Killers)
6. Somewhere Only We Know (Keane)
7. It Ends Tonight (The All-American Rejects)
8. Decode (Paramore)
9. Say It Right (Nelly Furtado)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Tooth & Nail newcomers Queen’s Club and their upcoming October 27th, 2009 release, Nightmarer EP
queens club nightmarer
1. Nightmarer
2. Dust
3. Family Ties
4. Greinke
5. Uh Huh
6. Nightmarer [Max Justus Remix]

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Eisley‘s upcoming October 13th, 2009 release, entitled The Fire Kites EP
eisley fire kites EP
1. Ambulance
2. The Valley
3. Away We Go (demo)
4. 192 Days (demo)

New Releases For Oct.6th, 2009

the almost Monster ep
Monster EP (Hot Topic Exclusive)
The Almost

Tooth & Nail Records

BeBe & CeCe Winans

Malaco Records
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Go Easy Little Doves (digital release)
Brooke Waggoner

Swoon Music
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canton jones kingdom business
Kingdom Business Pt.2
Canton Jones

Cajo Records
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chris tomlin glory in the highest
Glory In The Highest: Christmas Songs Of Worship
Chris Tomlin

SixSteps Records
Contemporary/Christmas Music
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How Many Kings:Songs For Christmas
Word Entertainment
Rock/Christmas Music
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Every Light That Shines At Christmas
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Gaither Music Group
Contemporary/Christmas Music
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Family Force 5′s Christmas Pageant
Family Force 5
Tooth & Nail Records
Dance Pop/Christmas Music
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fireflight unbroken and unplugged
Unbroken And Unplugged

Flicker Records
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The Fold Dear Future Come and get me
Dear Future, Come Get Me
The Fold

Pop Rock
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Hope Rising
INO Records
Praise & Worship
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Bury Me Alive
Solid State Records
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Alive In South Africa
Israel and The New Breed
Integrity Records
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The Hymns & Carols Of Christmas
Jim Brickman
Green Hill Records
Christmas Music
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levi the poet werewolves
Levi The Poet

Spoken Word/Poetry

Lights The Listening
The Listening

Doghouse Records
Dance Pop
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Mark Harris-Christmas Is
Christmas Is
Mark Harris

INO Records
Contemporary/Christmas Music
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Christmas Is…
Mark Marsi
Springhill Records
Christmas Music

Norman Hutchins
JDI Records
R&B/Christmas Music
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paige armstrong wake up
Wake Up
Paige Armstrong

BEMA Media
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plimb hang on the remixes
Hang On: The Remixes (digital release)

Curb Records
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Forget And Not Slow Down
Relient K
Mono VS Stereo/Jive Records
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Satellites & Sirens-Breaking the Noise EP
Breaking the Noise EP
Satellites & Sirens

Word Records
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Run Rabbit Run
Sufjan Stevens
Asthmatic Kitty
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tal and acacia wake me
Wake Me (digital release)
Tal & Acacia

Essential Records

Todd Agnew
Ardent/INO Records
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Vanessa Bell Armstrong-The Experience
The Experience
Vanessa Bell Armstrong

EMI Gospel
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