Free Download:Great Awakening-Songs In Secret

Great Awakening–Songs In Secret

One of the things I love about Come&Live! is all the amazing worship music they release. The best part for me is that it isn’t what you would typically consider “worship”. Bands like Ascend The Hill and Lovelite are changing the landscape of modern worship music. Great Awakening‘s second album reflects that they are part of this ever growing movement with delicate worship that could appeal to church-goers and fans of Brand New alike.

Worship is personal. It’s an intimate act, drawing individuals into the arms of their Creator or flat on their face at His feet. They’re ruined by love, wrecked by grace. Carried away and pushed through His gates.

The intensely poignant lyrics on Songs in Secret create the picture of a child baring his soul to his father. It’s worship music that dares to go beyond the surface. In fact, it ventures deep to a place where time flies by and tears flow freely. Everything is stripped away. “Come take me away with You,” Cole sings. “Take me to the river full of Your delight where I can deeply drink of You. Nail me to the ground in your presence where my heart is electric with love. Keep me in this place where You’re dwelling and Your heart is prevailing.” Passion and sincerity emanate from each and every carefully placed word and note. It’s from this river that Great Awakening writes in hopes to inspire others to delve into their own secret place.

This is an awesome record and we are proud to present it to you. Follow the link below to listen to the songs, download, and support the artist.

Download Songs In Secret by Great Awakening

Free Download: Lovelite-Nearness

lovelite nearness free

Come&Live! comes through again with another incredible release. If you have been reading our site for a while, then you will know that Lovelite was one our first artists we featured for free download. Its been over a year since then, and the band has signed with Come&Live!, matured their sound, and recorded a new album called Nearness.

Nearness is a collection of creative atmospheric rock songs that at times resemble Sleeping At Last, and others more electronically inclined artists like Radiohead or Moby. All in all you are getting a moving and interesting collection of songs that praise God. Lovelite are emerging as one of this scene’s best new artists, so pick up Nearness and keep your eye out for them when they come through your town.

Download Lovelite-Nearness through Come&Live!

New Releases For October 1st, 5th, and 7th, 2010

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Free MP3 Album Download: Another Way To Fight Vol.2

another way to fight vol.2
So you may not have any idea about the website (great name by the way), and that is ok, because we don’t really know much about it either.  It looks like a really cool website, so it is entirely in  language that we cant read.   It seems though that the kind people over at were nice enough to put together a little sampler for all of us.  Im sorry, I misspoke, they put together a MONSTER sampler for us!  60 freakin tracks, from all kinds of bands and artists!  There is hardcore, worship, some electronica, quirky indie rock, progressive experimental rock, and so much more!
So I will shut up in a sec and let you dive in, but here is how it goes: the sampler is divided into four smaller parts, and below is the tracklisting for each part with the link to download below it.  Simply save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES once it is done, and start tearing through this amazing collection of music….

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.1

01. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – Step Up (I’m On It)
02. Holding Onto Hope – Between Failure and Fraud
03. Escape From Sickness – How Few Can Destroy Much
04. Sleep for Sleepers - Thieves And Bones
05. Through Solace – We Were So Sincere
06. X-Sinner – World Covered in Blood
07. The Tug Fork River Band – Grave Digger
08. Venia – Seeker
09. The Blue Letter – Philadelphia
10. The Devil Wears Prada – Dez Moines
11. Sacrificium – I Am the Enemy
12. Underneath the Gun – Cutting Ties, Breathing Lies
13. Escape From Emptiness – Age of Conflict
14. Nitengale – Secret Police (4:20)
15. Everett – The Crown (4:37)
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.1

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.2

16. Fallstar – Open Hands
17. Parade Schedule – Backyard
18. The Rose McCoy – The Weather Outside Is Weather
19. Sons of God - Caution
20. Thieves & Liars – Fight Song
21. Abandon Kansas – I Wonder If It’s Me
22. Capybara - The Wimp
23. I Am Alpha and Omega – The Stars Will Bleed Your Name
24. Wolf Dragoons – A Voice in the Desert
25. Grave Robber – Altered States
26. The Red Baron – Latest Hot Shot
27. Great Awakening – New Life
28. Caleb Winn – Dunlap House
29. The Frozen Ocean – Ghosts
30. Hands – Of the Flesh
31. The Ember Days -Run to You
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.2

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.3

32. So Long Forgotten – Hills Humbled, Mountains Made
33. Yours for Mine - Call Me Distant
34. A Plea for Purging- Misanthropy
35. Anchors – Airplane
36. The Neverclaim – Revival
37. Perhapsy – Bow Song
38. Ian McIntosh – Come Away>
39. Cobra – Lady on the Bricks
40. Daniel Bashta – Awakening
41. Redemption – Lifeboat
42. Earth From Above - Numbered with the Transgressors
43. Max Justus – Bending Space and Time
44. The Normans – I Finally See
45. Abel – Dressed Like a King
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.3

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.4

46. Believer – Redshift
47. Sleeping Giant – Gang Signs
48. October Light – Hands High
49. All In – Charles Barkley
50. The Billen Brothers – Little Russia
51. Neviah Nevi - Virtue
52. Sam Billen – Returning
53. Preson Phillips – Then They Will Know
54. Solemn Vow – Cheer Up Charlie, Give Me a Smile
55. State Bird – I Don’t Luv U Anymore
56. Ascend the Hill – Sing
57. Deuteronomium - Of Life and Death
58. Lovelite – There You Are
59. Ambroise George – Messager De La Bonne Nouvelle
60. JTM Band – Que Ma Louange Te Plaise (Live)
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.4

Free MP3 Album Download: Lovelite- All Color

The album All Color is from the California worship band Lovelite. Think of it as more alternative worship, because some of the traditional worship music trappings are extinct here. Instead you are left with remnants of bands such as Sleeping At Last and Six Pence None The Richer. I’m not saying that Lovelite sounds exactly like either of those bands, but they incorporate some of both band’s better qualities into their style of worship.  The production is high quality, the songs are great, and style is unique.

This one is a bit different. I said FREE at the top because this is one of those pay what ever you want for it. The album is worth a full album sticker price, but Lovelite have set it up for you to give them what you think it’s worth. Click on the link below, and type in the amount you want to pay. hit the PROCEED button, and they will ask you to enter a name, email address, and few friend’s emails to send the album to. Hit the DONATE AND DOWNLOAD button, and the site will send a link to the email you entered. Open the email, click on the link, and download the .ZIP file. EXTRACT ALL FILES after it is done, and All Color is yours.

Download All Color from Lovelite.