New Releases for September 27, 2011

New Releases For September 27th, 2011

andrae crouch the journey
The Journey
Andraé Crouch

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Benjah-The Break-Up
The Break-Up

220 Entertainment
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Betraying the Martyrs-Breathe in Life
Breathe in Life
Betraying The Martyrs

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Brittany Hargest love all the way
Love All The Way
Brittany Hargest

EMI Gospel
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Heather Williams-This Time Around
This Time Around
Heather Williams

Fair Trade
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hundredth let go
Let Go

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Kiros-Outlaws and Prodigals EP
Outlaws And Prodigals EP

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Manic Drive-Epic
Manic Drive

Whiplash Records
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maylene and the sons of disaster IV
Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster

Ferret Records
Hard Rock
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nothing till blood when lambs become lions
When Lambs Become Lions
Nothing Till Blood

Strike First
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oh sleeper children of fire
Children of Fire
Oh, Sleeper

Tooth & Nail
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Peace 586-Abel
Peace 586

Illicit Recordings
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Press Play World Anthem
World Anthem
Press Play

Dream Records
Buy Now:Amzon

rachel lampa all we need
All We Need
Rachel Lampa

220 Entertainment
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Rapture Ruckus-Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes
Rapture Ruckus

BEC Records
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switchfoot vice verses
Vice Verses

Atlantic Records
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Travis Cottrell-When The Stars Burn Down
When The Stars Burn Down
Travis Cottrell

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A Week In Music Videos: March 28th-April 2nd

Aaron Gillespie-”We Were Made For You”

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster-”Listen Close”

Becoming The Archetype-”Magnetic Sky”

Abandon Kansas-Heaven Come My Way


For Today-”Seraphim”

Divide The Sea Ready New Album

Tomorrow (January 26th), Blood & Ink sountern metalcore band Divide The Sea will release their label debut, Man, the album artwork and tracklisting are below. Our friends at Blood & Ink were nice enough to send us a advance copy of the album, and I have a feeling this band is going to be around for a long while. Comparisons to Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster/He Is Legend are obvious, but Divide The Sea are able really inject a lot of character and innovation into the rigid confines of twangy metalcore. Lyrically this band is a step above the crowd, and more importantly the deeply spiritual words don’t ever come off forced in front of the abrasive musical onslaught raging behind them. Defiantly a strong opening for a young band. Keep it up guys!

divide the sea man

1. Imperfect: Perfection
2. In Knowing. Triumph
3. Jerimiah Johnson
4. Dancin’ With The Devil
5. Glory Hallelujah!
6. Let It Rain
7. The Last Lament Of The Prophet Habakkuk
8. Spirit Of The Wolf
9. Isreal Oh Isreal These Be Thy Gods!
10. Fallen! Fallen Is Babylon The Great!
11. The Adultrous Hunt
12. Saved Alone

for more new releases, please check out our ALBUM RELEASE DATES page to stay up to date on all the new music coming out

The One21 Best Of 2009 Pt.1

2009 is almost over, and in the world of music, that means one thing, Best Of lists! At One21, we wanted to wait a little bit to post ours; because to me posting a “Best Of” list before Thanksgiving is kinda like nominating Avatar for Best Drama the week before it is screened for critics.

Wait, yea, that happened….

This list is simply our celebration of the amazing music that came out in 2009. We understand that many may disagree with us on the albums we picked (or didn’t pick), but we completely believe that this is the best of what came out this year. In 6 months we will do a retrospective list for 2009, so it will be interesting to see what makes it onto that list. Feel free to leave your thoughts…

In no real particular order, here are the first 12 albums that made 2009 great:

Album of the year

manchester orchestra mean everything to nothing
Mean Everything To Nothing
Manchester Orchestra

Why we picked it: When you are able to marry both catchiness and intelligence, then you created something very special. Manchester Orchestra have done just that with equal parts gritty garage rock, progressive indie, and angry post-hardcore combined to result in a cohesive group of songs that not only build on each other, but also communicate a vast range of emotion and mood. Every song has something that you didn’t hear the first time (or the second), and Mean Everything To Nothing will keep you coming back. In plain English, this is a phenomenal album.
Buy: Amazon, iTunes

Best of the rest

thrice beggars

Why we picked it: Coming off their incredibly diverse and profound Alchemy Index project, Thrice once again has proved that they may be the American band of this generation. Once again, Dustin Kensrue and the boys dug deep and came out with a collection of soulful, passionate songs that play to all their strengths. Every member of the band shines bright on Beggars, so there is a lot of radiating going on. With another album full of gems under their belt, Thrice pushes on and continues to remind us what true rock looks like.
Buy:Amazon, iTunes

a mouth full of dust bradley hathaway
A Mouth Full Of Dust
Bradley Hathaway

Why we picked it: This may be the most joyfully depressing album you will ever listen to. Channeling Bob Dylan, mewithoutYou, and Daniel Jonhston, the one time poet in Bradley Hathaway fully bloomed into a indie folk genius with A Mouth Full of Dust. Deeply personal, every song attempts to create the sound of Bradley’s emotional state, ranging from sweetly content to painfully chaotic. Never relying on over-musicianship, A Mouth Full Of Dust is simple enough to be called folk or lo-fi, but has so many twists and turns you won’t know how to describe it when the last note rings out. You will be a little out of breath though.
Buy:Amazon MP3

the red baron my first love
My First Love
The Red Baron
Why we picked it:
The hardcore movement was supposed to be about having heart, and The Red Baron have plenty to pass around. Every track on this blistering, fast paced album just kicks you in the chest, and at the same time is able to hit an emotional chord. The term “blood, sweat, and tears” may have been coined a band like this, the music is an all-encompassing mesh of ticked off punk and old school hardcore. On top of that, the lyrics are more theologically honest than most worship songs, making My First Love the perfect (and I mean perfect) Christ-centered hardcore album.
Buy:Amazon, iTunes

ok bear jeremy enigk
OK Bear
Jeremy Enigk

Why we picked it: Enigk‘s work has been legendary for almost a decade and a half now (Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft), and OK Bear seems to be a return to more simple times. Not to say that Jeremy Enigk‘s work is by any means simplistic now, but in terms of an album, this seems to be the first time his solo work has been able to focus his genius. The songs have a more straight forward feel to them (similar to Sunny Day), but somehow Enigk is able to make the simplest of structures somehow very unique. Drenching every song with his deep, introspective lyrics, and then letting his soulful and painful vocal style do the rest of the work, OK Bear is the album that every underground band wishes they could write.
Buy: Amazon, iTunes

my brightest diamond shark remixes vol 2 son lux
Shark Remixes Vol.2:Son Lux
My Brightest Diamond

Why we picked it: In 2008, solo songstress Shara Worden, under her moniker My Brightest Diamond, released her latest dark pop masterpiece, A Thousand Sharks Teeth. In 2009, she allowed several electronic artist to remix the album, resulting in several interesting volumes of The Shark Remixes. The most profound of all these was the collaboration with trip-hop genius Son Lux, who took My Brightest Diamond‘s sound and twisted it into something very different. In addition to Shara’s uniquely operatic vocals, distorted jazz horns, fuzzy base lines, and creepy backing effects made Son Lux and My Brightest Diamond‘s collaboration a match made in dark electronic heaven.
Buy: Amazon MP3, iTunes

pink limousine rootbeer
Pink Limousine EP

Why we picked it: Want to have some good clean fun? The boys in Rootbeer got ya covered. The latest collaboration between LA Symphony alum Flynn Adam, and Pigeon John has proved you can have a lot of fun being better than most everybody in the hip-hop club scene. Each song is created to get the party started, and is chalked full of Flynn and John‘s unique sense of humor (heck, we have been hearing about this pink limo since the very first LA Symphony single). I dare you to listen to this EP and not be a little happier afterward. Go ahead….try. See? Not possible…
Buy: Amazon, iTunes

Wars And Rumors Of Wars
The Chariot

Why we picked it: There is simply not any band quite like The Chariot. They combine noise rock with metalcore, chaos with genius, and some how always come up with music that is easily better than 90% of the music put out in the metal/hardcore scene. On their last album, we saw The Chariot go experimental; on Wars And Rumors of Wars, we see them light everything on fire. Then they throw firecrackers at it. Vocalist Josh Scogin’s lyrics are top notch; the crazy parts are crazier, the heavy parts are heavier, the experimental parts are more….well you get the picture. The Chariot is on a rampage, and Wars And Rumors Of Wars is the warning siren.
Buy: Amazon, iTunes

derek webb stockholm syndrome
Stockholm Syndrome
Derek Webb

Why we picked it: Out of all the albums that came out this year in the Christian music scene, this may have been the most talked about by far. Once again sparking controversy with the song “What Matters More”, Derek Webb once again reinvented himself in both his lyrics, and in musical style. No longer content with folk music supplying the background to his messages, Webb instead harnessed a Thom Yorke-esque electronic sound with incredible results. With so much of today’s music being released with no real meaning or depth, Derek Webb was able to pave new trails for artistic musicians, be the music sacred or secular. Is this album and it’s messages for everybody? No. Is Stockholm Syndrome important? Without hesitation, yes.
Buy: Amazon, iTunes

ascend the hill
Ascend The Hill
Ascend The Hill
Why we picked it:
Ascend The Hill should be the new benchmark for worship music. Deeply theological, heart-breakingly honest, and unrelenting; Ascend The Hill is able to capture their passion for the Lord on their self-titled debut. This is the kind of music that God can use to knock down walls, to change lives, and renew hearts. Ascend The Hill‘s music isn’t a gimmick, a routine, or a performance. It is an expression of a heart truly and completely in love with God.
Buy: iTunes

hands creator

Why we picked it: Hands hit the music scene this year like a freight train. Their ability to weave together the brutal nature of progressive metal and earnest Christian theology could have so easily turned into a cheap parody. Thankfully for us, it didn’t, because Hands approached their music like a lion tearing apart its meal. Every song has layer upon layer of creativity and aggression, while at all times acting as a 10 song prayer. If the music was acoustic, this would be some really deep Christ centered folk/worship; if the lyrics weren’t about Christ, then these guys would be one of the most brutal progressive bands on the planet. Creator is neither, and it is both. Creator is a totally unique album from beginning to end, one we will be talking about for a long time.
Buy: Amazon, iTunes

So Long Forgotten the things we can see and the things we cannot
The Things We Can See & The Things We Cannot
So Long Forgotten
Why we picked it:
So Long Forgotten is yet another band testing the limits of the term progressive rock. Strange tempo changes, tons of stark guitar sounds, horns, and the cathartic lyrical style make this one you need to listen a few times before you truly grasp what is going on. What is going on is that Things We Can See And The Things We Cannot is a powerhouse of an album that is sure to satisfy an underground rock fan. The honesty in the lyrics make this a stand out on its own, but every song evolves in a singular way so that the listener will be left with something truly profound and beautiful with every track.

maylene and the sons of disaster III
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

Why we picked it: The kings of southern metal-core proudly display why they were the first and they may be the last. All the grit and rawness from previous albums are here, but III just kicks it up 10 notches. No holds a bar rock guitar solos, banjos, monster ballads amidst the scream vocals, and of course plenty of metal pound at you track after track. This is the CD you will listen to when all your windows are down, and you are driving just a little too fast down the highway. Can’t wait for IV.
Buy: Amazon, iTunes

check back tomorrow to see the rest of our list!!

Free MP3 Album Download: Another Way To Fight Vol.2

another way to fight vol.2
So you may not have any idea about the website (great name by the way), and that is ok, because we don’t really know much about it either.  It looks like a really cool website, so it is entirely in  language that we cant read.   It seems though that the kind people over at were nice enough to put together a little sampler for all of us.  Im sorry, I misspoke, they put together a MONSTER sampler for us!  60 freakin tracks, from all kinds of bands and artists!  There is hardcore, worship, some electronica, quirky indie rock, progressive experimental rock, and so much more!
So I will shut up in a sec and let you dive in, but here is how it goes: the sampler is divided into four smaller parts, and below is the tracklisting for each part with the link to download below it.  Simply save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES once it is done, and start tearing through this amazing collection of music….

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.1

01. Maylene and the Sons of Disaster – Step Up (I’m On It)
02. Holding Onto Hope – Between Failure and Fraud
03. Escape From Sickness – How Few Can Destroy Much
04. Sleep for Sleepers - Thieves And Bones
05. Through Solace – We Were So Sincere
06. X-Sinner – World Covered in Blood
07. The Tug Fork River Band – Grave Digger
08. Venia – Seeker
09. The Blue Letter – Philadelphia
10. The Devil Wears Prada – Dez Moines
11. Sacrificium – I Am the Enemy
12. Underneath the Gun – Cutting Ties, Breathing Lies
13. Escape From Emptiness – Age of Conflict
14. Nitengale – Secret Police (4:20)
15. Everett – The Crown (4:37)
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.1

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.2

16. Fallstar – Open Hands
17. Parade Schedule – Backyard
18. The Rose McCoy – The Weather Outside Is Weather
19. Sons of God - Caution
20. Thieves & Liars – Fight Song
21. Abandon Kansas – I Wonder If It’s Me
22. Capybara - The Wimp
23. I Am Alpha and Omega – The Stars Will Bleed Your Name
24. Wolf Dragoons – A Voice in the Desert
25. Grave Robber – Altered States
26. The Red Baron – Latest Hot Shot
27. Great Awakening – New Life
28. Caleb Winn – Dunlap House
29. The Frozen Ocean – Ghosts
30. Hands – Of the Flesh
31. The Ember Days -Run to You
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.2

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.3

32. So Long Forgotten – Hills Humbled, Mountains Made
33. Yours for Mine - Call Me Distant
34. A Plea for Purging- Misanthropy
35. Anchors – Airplane
36. The Neverclaim – Revival
37. Perhapsy – Bow Song
38. Ian McIntosh – Come Away>
39. Cobra – Lady on the Bricks
40. Daniel Bashta – Awakening
41. Redemption – Lifeboat
42. Earth From Above - Numbered with the Transgressors
43. Max Justus – Bending Space and Time
44. The Normans – I Finally See
45. Abel – Dressed Like a King
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.3

Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.4

46. Believer – Redshift
47. Sleeping Giant – Gang Signs
48. October Light – Hands High
49. All In – Charles Barkley
50. The Billen Brothers – Little Russia
51. Neviah Nevi - Virtue
52. Sam Billen – Returning
53. Preson Phillips – Then They Will Know
54. Solemn Vow – Cheer Up Charlie, Give Me a Smile
55. State Bird – I Don’t Luv U Anymore
56. Ascend the Hill – Sing
57. Deuteronomium - Of Life and Death
58. Lovelite – There You Are
59. Ambroise George – Messager De La Bonne Nouvelle
60. JTM Band – Que Ma Louange Te Plaise (Live)
Download Another Way To Fight Vol.2-Pt.4

Christian Music News August 11th, 2009

Below is the video for The Devil Wears Prada‘s latest video for their song “Danger:Wildman”

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Avalon‘s upcoming September 15th 2009 release, entitled Reborn.


1. Alive
2. Reborn
3. Destined
4. Feel
5. Fragile
6. Stay
7. Holy
8. Arise
9. California
10. Angels

An interview with Everyday Sunday was conducted and posted over at Relevant Magazine this week. Read Everyday Sunday interview.

Below is Corey Crowder‘s video for his song “Look How Far We’ve Come”

An interview with former As Cities Burn vocalist Cody Bonnette by HM Magazine was posted on their website this week. Read As Cities Burn interview.

Below is a video interview with Micah from Oh, Sleeper, in which he explains the story behind his band’s upcoming album, Son Of The Morning.

Legendary spirit-filled hardcore band Overcome has returned after a long hiatus. Welcome back guys.

Below is the video for Disciple‘s latest single, “Lay My Burdens”

Living Sacrifice have officially named their new, upcoming album The Infinite Order. It will be released through Solid State Records at a date not yet made available to the public, although the album is in the later stages of being mixed right now.  In other news, guitarist/vocalist Bruce Fitzhugh did an interview with Indie Vision Music This week. Read Living Sacrifice interview.

Spoken have fullfilled their contract with Tooth & Nail Records, and have said that they are writing new material and shopping for a new label home.

Below is the music video for And Then There Were None‘s song “Reinventing Robert Cohan”

An interview with Ryan from Sleeping At Last about the band’s upcoming release, Storyboards, was conducted over at Relevent Magazine. Read Sleeping At Last interview.

Advent vocalist (and former Beloved drummer/vocalist ) Joe Musten will be joining former Beloved guiatrist Dusty Redman in The Almost as the band’s touring drummer.

Apparently MercyMe‘s tour bus was involved in a very serious car accident this week involving several other vehicles this week. No one aboard the bus was hurt, but unfortunately the drivers of the car that caused the accident were killed by the impact. Please pray for the families involved adn the band as they deal with this unfortunate event.

Below is the new music video from Barlowgirl with their song “Beautiful Ending”

Strike First Records metal band Hope For The Dying announced the departure of longtime drummer Brice this week, and that they will be holding auditions in the near future to replace him.

Below is the new video for Jive The Universal‘s song “One Song At A Time”

FINALLY!! It is with great pleasure that present to you the video for Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster‘s music for their song “Step Up (Im On It). The video premiered over a month ago, but was only available on and their awful video player. Now we can embed it, so here you go!

Top 5 Music Videos For July

So for those of you who read this site often, you know that when a month is about to close we take a little time and reflect. On music videos that is. There were quite a few this month, so obviously these may not be YOUR favorite, but then again you can always leave a comment and tell us what you think.

5. John Reuben-Town Folk

buy this track on AmazonMP3 and iTunes>
John is one of those guys in the Christian hip-hop scene that seems to want to surprise people at every turn. His quirky video for his latest single is no different.

4. August Burns Red- Meddler

buy this track on AmazonMP3 and iTunes
August Burns Red are one of the most solid bands in the heavy scene today. With their third Solid State Records release, Constellations, people are starting to take notice in a real way. The videos keep getting better and better, and the band keeps evolving.

3. Derek Webb- What Matters More

you can’t buy this one because it hasnt been released yet.
Yes, I know, Im posting this song AGAIN. The ubber-controversial song from the Caedmon’s Call member has already been the center of hot debate on this site and many others since this video hit the web. The song is pretty good, and the video is cool as well, which is why it is on the list. However, I would like to once again open the floor to any comments or perspectives on this track.
WARNING: This song does contain a bit of profanity.

2. Bobby Bishop- Please

buy this track on AmazonMP3 and iTunes
I am really liking this trend of having the lyrics pop up in hip-hop videos. Bobby Bishop‘s plead against gang violence makes for a truly stunning and beautiful video that is watchable over and over and over….

1.Owl City-Fireflies

buy this track on AmazonMP3 and iTunes
This is just a cool song, from a new up and comer calling himself Owl City. The video is way cool, which makes for a generally enjoyable experience. If you like the song, AmazonMP3 there has it for free (as of 7/31/09), so go and grab it.

We had a pretty good group this month, but I would like to say something before we go. Over the last few months, I am noticing more  and more labels and bands making music videos that cannot be embedded.  The latest being my REAL number one video for Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster‘s latest single “Step (Im On It)”.  While I understand that you dont want your music to be stolen, a video is at its core an advertisment for the band and the album from which the song comes from. Why would you not want that to be spread all over the place, so the everybody can enjoy your product and in turn maybe buy music in response? Just asking….

New Releases 6/23/09

So there is some great stuff coming out this week. I would highly suggest buying some CDs through our site today. If you are partial to iTunes, I will have those up tomorrow, but for now GO SUPPORT THIS MUSIC SCENE!!

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster

Southern Metal
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Rumors And Revelations
Glenn Packiam

Integrity Music
Praise & Worship
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Wash Away
Don Poythress

Integrity Music
Country/Praise & Worship
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Sons Of Thunder
Sleeping Giant

Facedown Records
Buy NOW:

Mainline Riders

RetroActive Records
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New Direction

New Haven
Buy NOW:

Dust Of Years
Seventh Angel

Bombworks Records
Buy NOW:

Cheaters & Thieves

Progressive Rock
Buy NOW:

Red Letter Rock Fest 2009: Day Two Wrap-up


Well, I started to write this post at about Midnight last night (Saturday), but I was watching my team fall asleep as they were editing the pictures from the fest so we decided to call it a night and get up in the morning to have this for you.

Day two of Red Letter Rock Fest 2009 was a full day of music. We had a lot more to do, and a lot of stuff to cover in a very short amount of time. Like I mentioned before, we had all access passes, so we were able to walk around where ever we liked, and it made the experience very rich. Everybody needs to understand that putting the festivals on is not easy work, there are hundreds of people that make it happen minute to minute. If you are reading this and you know Reid or Cody, give them a hug next time you see them, because they need it after this weekend..

Anyway, on to the music. The day started off with new comers Stars Go Dim. Well, I say new comers, but the band features members of both Pillar and rapcore band Justified. They don’t really recreate the sound of their former bands though, and instead go for the alternative/emotional sound captured by band like Matchbox 20 and Third Eye Blind. If you are into those bands, then you may really dig Stars Go Dim, and they seemed to get a pretty good response despite being brand new to the fest.


Stars Go Dim At Red Letter Rock Fest 2009


The White Collar Sideshow took the stage next, and oh man, I dont think anybody knew what to expect. The White Collar Sideshow isnt a band as much as a production, a show that is meant to express the visions of ring leader T Benten. They play saw blades, wear masks, and in general really push the boundaries of any audiences imagination. We did an interview with these guys, so Im not going to say much more about them (the pictures speak for themselves), but I do want to say that this crew are some of the nicest, coolest, most sold out for God people that I have met in a long time. You will be reading a lot about these guys in days to come.

White Collar Sideshow at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

White Collar Sideshow at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009



White Collar Sideshow at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Next up was Tooth & Nail pop/goth punks Children 18:3 These guys were awesome! These guys were one hundred percent the entire time they were on stage, they never stopped moving! Their music was fast and loud, but still very happy and carefree. The crowd loved them, and they made a new fan out of me.

Children 18:3 at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Children 18:3 at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Children 18:3 at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009


Stage two lit up as the guitars rang out from Children 18:3, and revealed the festivals mystery performer, who ended up being hip-hop main man KJ-52. I love KJ, and I have been listening to him for a long time. The crowd really loved him, but I was a little frustrated that this extremely talent emcee didn’t seem to really play a song, but instead played beat after beat to get the crowd moving. Im not hatin’, just wanted to hear “The Hard Way”, call me sentimental.

KJ-52 at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

KJ-52 at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Decyfer Down destroyed the speakers with their high octane hard rock for the next thirty minutes. I have never seen these guys before, but I understand why I hear about their show so often. Eve though this style of heavy music isn’t my cup of tea, I tip my hat to the band for knowing their audience, and keeping the energy high from moment one.

Decyfer Down at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Decyfer Down at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009


Decyfer Down at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

The show I was looking forward to the most was Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, and they did not disappoint. Heavy, southern, and a whole lot of fun! One of the funnier moments was when virtually every member of the band would walk down into the crowd and just casually walk around, still playing their instrument. Their bassist was down on the floor for almost two songs!

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Haste The Day brought the mosh, as they were the most hardcore band on the line-up. Their real talent lies in their ability to blend soaring ,melodies with brutal breakdowns, and that dichotomy was not lost on their live show. The down-to-the-floor back bends from one of their guitarists was defiantly a sight to see as well (luckily we got pictures right).

Haste The Day at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Haste The Day at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Haste The Day at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Next up was Superchick. They have been around for ever, and they worked the stage like pros. I haven’t seen these guys in about 6 years, and they haven’t lost a step. I was also surprised that this younger crowd seemed to know almost ever word of this band’s songs. But then again, that is the power of Superchick!

Superchick at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009


Superchick at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Superchick at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Hard rock band RED hit the stage like a freight train. They were flawless, the vocalist’s voice was out of this world. In all reality, this band has had the most cross over success out of all the bands on the show, and after seeing a few songs, I understand why they are able to hit the road with bands like Staind and Seether, and hold their own. RED will be around for a long time…

Red at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Red at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Red at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Red at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

At the end of RED, we snuck out to do one of our interviews, which ran pretty long, so I am sad to say that we missed the majority of  The Glorious Unseen‘s progressive take on Praise & Worship. They blend a lot of more modern elements into their worship music, and it was really refreshing, even if it was just for a few minutes, to close my eyes and hear 800 kids sings praises at the top of their lungs.
Directly after, Kevin Kirkland spoke to the crowd and shared God’s word. Giving a nice break in the music, and reminding us why we were all there to begin with.

Fan favorite Hawk Nelson hit the stage around around 7:30 with their fun blend of pop-rock. Despite their size (they are kind of little dudes, and after seeing the six man team of Maylene, four guys just didnt seem to fill up the stage), Hawk Nelson had the crowd’s heart from note one. massive sing-alongs, big guitars, and lots of fun ensued. Good job guys.

Hawk Nelson at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Hawk Nelson at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Hawk Nelson at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Headliner Skillet wore their experience on their sleeves, and rolled in with pyrotechnics, hydrological lifts, and a amazing girl drummer. They mixed up the song list well, playing songs from virtually every record, along with a brand new song called “Monster”. Great light show, great stage performance, and Skillet left the crowd exhausted but happy.

Skillet at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Skillet at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Skillet at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Skillet at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

Skillet at Red Letter Rock Fest 2009

If you are reading us for the first time because you either met us at the festival or took a sticker, you will agree that Red Letter Rock Fest was a lot of fun. As far as I am aware, nobody got hurt, and every performance was something that people will remeber all year. I say all because, of course, everybody read this should go to Red Letter Rock Fest next year. You wont regret it, in fact it may spoil you. All the other summer festivals may just not seem the same….

The One21 Interviews Red Letter Rock Fest


In early June, The (ONE)21 will be headed up to Snyder, TX to cover Red Letter Rock Festival 2009.  We were very fortunate to get to have a behind the scenes look at this awesome two day event that is kicking off  the summer Christian music festival season. Despite it’s size, Red Letter Fest is packing quite a line-up, filling every minute they have with great music, interesting talks, and overall fun.

We got a chance to ask festival director Reid Johnson a few questions about the history of this event and what things are going to be like this year.  If you are anywhere near Texas in early June, you may want to see what he has to say.

The(ONE)21 Music: Obvious question first ,what is Red Letter Rock Fest ?

Reid Johnson: Red Letter Rock Fest is an annual Christian music festival held the first weekend in June. We aim to book an eclectic mix of artists from the genres of rock, adult contemporary, metal, and even hip hop. Our theory is, “You may not like every band, but you’re going to LOVE some bands.” The event is indoors at The Coliseum in Snyder, Texas. Snyder is in West Texas, located approximately 1.5 hours from Abilene, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, and San Angelo. Snyder is also approximately 4 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio. This year’s event is June 5-6, tickets are $30 in advance and $40 at the door; they may be purchased online at



(ONE)21: How did Red Letter Rock Fest get started?

Reid: Red Letter Rock Fest birthed from a radio show my business partner and I started in 2003: Red Letter Rock 20. Red Letter Rock 20 was an internationally-syndicated Christian rock countdown that was broadcast weekly on 63 stations all across North America and New Zealand. During each show, we would interview in-studio artists, and over the course of time, we built really strong relationships with many of them. In June 2006, we decided to take our radio show to the main stage with the first annual festival, inviting many of our new friends to perform: Skillet, Pillar, RED, Seventh Day Slumber, KJ-52, etc. Every year the festival has gotten bigger by both number of bands and number of attendees.

(ONE)21: Does the name mean anything?

Reid: Most translations of the Bible use red letters to identify when the Lord is speaking. We hope that through Red Letter Rock Fest, the Lord will speak to its attendees.



(ONE)21: Who is playing Red Letter Rock Fest this year?

Reid: Performing artists include Skillet, Family Force 5, Audio Adrenaline Talks, Hawk Nelson, RED, Superchick, Disciple, Norma Jean, Haste The Day, Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Spoken, Decyfer Down, Children 18:3, The Glorious Unseen, Stars Go Dim, White Collar Sideshow, and a special mystery artist. Previous mystery artists were Pillar and The Wedding.

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster

Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster

(ONE)21: What other bands have played there in the past?

Reid: We have had the following artists perform in 2006-2008: Jeremy Camp, Skillet, BarlowGirl, Thousand Foot Krutch, Demon Hunter, Living Sacrifice, Kutless, Pillar, MXPX, Project 86, RED, Disciple, Sanctus Real, The Afters, KJ-52, Falling Up, Day Of Fire, Kids In The Way, Spoken, Seventh Day Slumber, TAIT, Salvador, By The Tree, Decyfer Down, Fireflight, The Wedding, Ruth, Wavorly, and many more.


Kids In The Way

(ONE)21: What is your favorite performance at Red Letter Rock Fest since you have been organizing it?

Reid: Kids In The Way put on an amazing show, and at the time, we had no idea it would be the last of their career. I wish I would’ve known that ahead of time and we would promoted it to their fanbase so much more than we did. I also think Skillet is the best live show in the country, no matter the genre. They are the only band that has played all four years of Red Letter Rock Fest.

Skillet doing their thing


(ONE)21: Is there anything different about this year’s Fest?

Reid: This year’s event is two days (June 5-6), whereas previous years have been one day. Because of the increase in days, we have also increased the number of performing acts.

(ONE)21: What is the purpose of Red Letter Fest?

Reid: Originally, I wanted to do something positive for the kids, the community of Snyder, and the Kingdom of God. I wanted to see lives eternally changed by the message within the music. Since then, my purpose has changed slightly; my hope is that if God the Father peered across this planet on June 5-6 and asked himself, “Which place is worshipping me the loudest today?” He would say, “Snyder, Texas!”

Last words:
Reid: I’d like to thank One21 Magazine for their help in spreading the word, and I’d like to invite all your readers to our event. If you’re looking for great music, great food, and an encounter with our Creator, you’ll find all three at Red Letter Rock Fest.

Here is a little promo video featuring some of bands from last year’s line-up

You can visit Red Letter Rock Fest‘s Myspace to get any other info you would need. Visit Red Letter Rock Fest Myspace