Free Download:Divide The Sea-Fear. Anger. Strife. EP

Divide The Sea- Fear. Anger. Strife.

If you are into southern infused metalcore, then you should already know Divide The Sea. Last year they released MAN, and we liked it so much that we choose it for one of our top Metal/Hardcore Releases of 2010. This year, they have changed a few members, begun to tour alot more, and decided to brutal up their sound a little bit. They also released an EP, called Fear. Anger. Strife.. Its way good. Its raw. Its heavy. Its a little knarley. In a good way…..

Seriously, this a great band with a bright future that has just matured their sound ten-fold. The EP is now pay-what you-want, and it is worthy every penny you choose to give them for it. You can listen to full song samples and download the EP by clicking the link below.


Download Fear. Anger. Strife. by Divide The Sea

To Speak Of Wolves Signs With Solid State Records

North Carolina metalcore band To Speak Of Wolves have signed on with Solid State Records (home of Underoath, August Burns Red, ect.). The following was posted through Solid State ealier today:

We’d like to officially welcome To Speak Of Wolves to the Solid State Family! We’re really excited to have the band from Greensboro, NC with us and think you’ll be pretty stoked on them too.

Congrats to all!

Demon Hunter/Before There Was Rosalyn Interviews Posted

The good people over at Indie Vision Music have been kind enough to not only post one, but two great interviews this week.

The first is with nu-metal giants Demon Hunter, in which they discuss the new members DH in the line-up, touring, embarrassing stories, and the new album, The World Is A Thorn, which is being mixed as we speak…

Read Demon Hunter interview

The second interview is with Victory Records metalcore band Before There Was Rosalyn. In this interview the band discusses purpose, shooting music videos, their signing with Victory, and witnessing from stage.

Read Before There Was Rosalyn interview

Interview With ALLORNOTHING Posted

California metalcore band ALLORNOTHING were recently interviewed by Indie Vision Music, and the results hit the web today.  In the interview, guitarist/vocals Laz talks about the band’s latest album, A City Built On Its Dead, the band’s record label (Ethos Records), and sweet mosh pit memories.

Read ALLORNOTHING interview

Stand Your Ground Seeks Drummer

Tennessee metalcore outfit Stand Your Ground are currently seeking to replace drummer Issac Harris.  The band posted the requirements on their Myspace earlier this week:

we’re looking for a new drummer once again.
can’t find one that sticks. ;)

if you are, or know someone who is interested, then please contact us!

we will send you the tracks and then you can learn the songs, and post them on youtube for us to check into.

we are looking for someone who is dedicated to THIS band, passionate about music, and willing to give time, money, and WORK! being in a full time band takes 5 guys all dedicated to making it work. we have 4 and are looking for that 5th.

our preferences are:

At least 18 years of age

capable of commuting to practice, or moving. (we have a house)

has capable/nice gear

hardcore/punk background

Christian background

willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to push this band

THANKS and let us know!

The One21 Interviews Syrens


Syrens are a four piece chaos-core band from the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas. They began under the name of Iris, but three years, a name change, and several member switch ups, the boys are finally taking their unique blend of passion and noise on the road. We caught up with the guys right before they played a show in Austin, Texas. We talked about how the band started, whet the message of their music is, and what studio to NEVER record at if you are in Texas.



Go check out Syrens on their myspace:

Essential Songs:Norma Jean-Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste


So this is our first heavy song on our Essential Songs series, and many would agree that this is a classic in its own right. I do need to explain something, actually a few things. The band pictured above and the one that recorded “Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste” was fronted by Josh Scogin, who is now the frontman for The Chariot. Which means that the vocalist for the band now (Cory) is different than the voice on this song. Oh, and the guy in the video, is neither Josh nor Cory. So its Josh’s voice with some other guy performing, who is no longer the vocals for the band. Got it? Oh, and this song features Aaron from mewithoutYou. Watch, read, answer questions:

Waltz around the room, with a glaze in your stare
In your tuxedo suit
I’ll give it a name!
Lower defenses
I’ll lower the casket
Open the door and open the grave


Now you’re doing the waltz with your murderer

Waltz around the room, with a glaze in your stare
In your tuxedo suit
I’ll give it a name!
Lower defenses
I’ll lower the casket
Open the door and open the grave

Mediocrity is the killer

You find yourself helpless
Christ is not a fashion, fleeting away
Fashion, fashion

He laid emeralds in her eyes, but I’d already tried
a bracelet made of gold and a scarlet thread around her wrist.
And everything was wrong, so we sang sentimental songs.
Oh how seldom we belong, but how elegant our kiss.
and we paint big crooked lines
but we danced in perfect time to a love so much refined, we know not what it is.
so like the dullen wine, we poor into a grief we’d known before,
but never quite like this, never quite like this!
all i know now is regret she follows, like a silhouette, of a cobblestone behind me.
she has nothing left to say except to innocently ask, her voice delicate as glass. “do you see me when we pass?”
but I continue on my way.

You can buy this song on Norma Jean - Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child - Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste and AmazonMP3

This song’s intention was to talk about spiritual apathy, in what ways does this song express that idea?

Did having the words to this song allow you understand the message better?

Christian Artists To Know: Sleeping Giant


Sleeping Giant
Genre: Hardcore
Styles: Metalcore, Tuff Guy, Mosh
Location: Redlands, CA
Label: Facedown Records
Christian Label: Yes
Category: The Message whats this?

In the 1990s, a term began to circulate through the hardcore community.  The term was in contrast to everything the world of heavy music had tried to put forth before it. It was a new movement, by a special group of bands who saw the music they loved as a means to express the faith that lived inside their hearts. The term was “spirit-filled hardcore”, and for most of the late 90s, the movement ruled the world of heavy underground music.   The bands talked about hard spiritual matters, witnessed to the crowds, and put as much emotion and energy in to the music they created that could be mustered.  Over the last few years, many of the spirit-filled hardcore has been lost to mediocrity, apathy, and longevity. Then, in 2007, an album called Dread Champions Of The Last Days issued in a new era of honest, brutal music made by Christians who were not afraid. Spirit-filled hardcore is back, and the leader of the pack is Sleeping Giant.

Sleeping Giant‘s music is a culmination of the most brutal elements of heavy music. They borrow from traditional hardcore, heavy metal, and even a bit of rapcore to round things out.  The music’s uncomplicated nature lends to its call-response song structure, written for the purpose of fan sing-alongs and expression through movement.  If you want brutal and high-energy, Sleeping Giant are your band. They excel at trimming the fat, giving listeners all the good breakdowns and menacing riffs, with none of the annoying filler.

The true element of Sleeping Giant is the lyrics, and the ministry that comes with those words. That’s right, I said ministry. The band has said from day one the sole focus of their band and their music is to reach non-believers and inspire Christians to get moving. Even their name has a purpose behind it:

We are called Sleeping Giant because Christians in the world today are just
that, in the world. And they need to wake up! They are sleeping giants of
war in this world over-run by apathy, by people who do not see the enormity of
their worth and don’t realize they live their lives day by day forsaking love, and a just
and amazing God who deserves it all.
“- taken from the band’s Artist page on Facedown Records.

To most people, Sleeping Giant is just another hardcore band, but for many, and especially the crowd in the video below, they are so much more:

That is a powerful video for a band that play loud, abrasive music. We cant talk about Sleeping Giant without showing the other side, the side that gets those fans in front of the band. Sleeping Giant‘s shows are notorious for insane crowd interaction, high octane stage presnse, and most of all, brutal truth. Not many of these songs speak this truth than their anthem against legalism, “Blame It On The Holy Rollers” (featuring Brook from Impending Doom)

Sleeping Giant is such a unique band in their scene. I am not saying that there are not lots of Christian hardcore bands out there, but Sleeping Giant attacks their music and their ministry with an energy I rarely see anymore. They are one of the most well respected bands in the Christian underground today, and with new album hitting the streets this summer, the leaders of the new spirit-filled hardcore movement are poised to light a fire in the hearts of believers worldwide. God bless Sleeping Giant.

You can get Sleeping Giant‘s music digitally on Sleeping Giant and AmazonMP3

You can also buy the band’s CDs on Amazon:
Dread Champions of the Last Days

Christian Artists To Know: Underoath

Genre: Metal
Styles: metalcore, screamo, post-hardcore
Location: Tampa, FL
Label: Solid State/Tooth & Nail
Christian label: yes
Category: The Message whats this?

There are not many bands out there that define a genre. For many bands in the hard to grasp music style that combines heavy guitars, rock beats, and both screaming and clean vocals, it is hard to describe the sound of the music to other people.  For the last several years, however, most fans will just say “They sound like Underoath”.  The six-piece screamo band out of Tampa were not the first to play this type of music, but for the last five or six years, Underoath has been the leader of their scene.

The band formed in 1998, before (now only original) band member, Aaron Gillespie, could drive.  In the beginning, he and original frontman Dallas Taylor (now frontman for Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster), envisioned their group as a black metal band. However, after many line-up changes, growing musical abilities and tastes, Underoath settled on the sound that would make their career with their 2000 release, The Changing OF Times.  At their core, Underoath was, and still is a metal band. The music is heavy, the vocals (for the most part) are screamed, and songs are aggressive. However, the 2002 release saw new tweaks to the sound, such as clean vocals and more of a rock progression, along with a strong electronic element added by new member Christopher Dudley.  The fan reaction was mixed, but Underoath had blazed new ground, and The Changing Of Times brought on a new era of heavy music.

By 2003, Taylor had departed, and he was replaced by long time friend Spencer Chamberlain. With a new, more focused attitude, Underoath released They’re Only Chasing Safety in 2004. The album polarized the band’s sound, making the heavy parts more brutal, but also exploring Gillespie’s melodic ability more often. The CD would be Underoath‘s best received album yet, selling almost 100,000 copies in its first week. Since that time, the band has released two more CDs (Define The Great Line, Lost In The Sound Of Seperation), a live CD/DVD and has been the headliner for the Van’s Warped Tour and The Taste Of Chaos tours. Despite their success, the band has always taken their music seriously, and with every album has tried to draw more and more out of the genre that they helped create.

At the forefront of everything the band has achieved, Underoath has always been very open with their faith.  Every song has dealt with some level of the member’s walk with Christ, and the band has never been afraid to talk about their beliefs.  Yet again, Underoath were innovators in their scene, paving the way for bands like Emery, Norma Jean, and As I Lay Dying to both maintain their musical heaviness, but also be open about their relationship’s with Christ.  Both Gillespie and Chamberlain have both said that their faith is the only reason the band exists, and will fuel the music until the end of Underoath‘s run.

Here is the band doing what they do best, performing “Writing On The Walls” live in 07

and here is their latest video “Desperate Times, Desperate Measures”

Underoath might just be the most prominent Christian band out there. They have been able to cross over every obstacle that has been put in front of them, and the band just continues to grow.  I can’t express to you how important these guys are. They have done so much for Christian music, and heavy music, in the mainstream eye, that there is just no telling where these guys will go next.

Find Underoath’s music digitally on Underoath

You can also get their CDs on Amazon: The Changing of Times(2002), They’re Only Chasing Safety(2004), Define the Great Line (2006), Survive, Kaleidoscope(2008), Lost in the Sound of Separation(2008)

Christian Artists To Know: The Chariot


The Chariot

Genre: Metal
Styles: Metalcore, Avant-Metal, Chaotic Hardcore
Location: Douglasville, GA
Label: Solid State
Christian Label: Yes
Category: The Message whats this?

In 2004, metalcore fans were presented with a  grey and black colored album named Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, Nothing Is Bleeding.  After the ritual wrestling match that takes place with music buyers and the ridiculously hard packaging that CDs are housed in, the disc meets the CD player and ears await.  Feedback, then static creep out the speakers. An almost tribal drum roll begins, and then a raspy, animalistic voice cries out from the noise:

Ten thousand times, ten thousand
Walking and marching and running and pressing on!
Step by step, to the grave, marching on
You have a  song: unsung
I sing a new song, falling on deaf ears

For the next 30 or so minutes, the world became aware of a force that has remained unrivaled since the first note of that song. Combing brutal grit, with art-house mentality and chaotic approach, that force calls itself, The Chariot.  Although there have been many members in the band over the years, The Chariot is musical projection of frontman Josh Scogin.  Josh was one of the founding members of  Luti-Kriss, who, after a major music direction change in 2002 became known as Norma Jean. Despite critical adoration for the bands debut as Norma Jean, Bless The Martyr Kiss The Child, Josh left the band at the seeming height of their career. He took close to a year and a half off, and returned with The Chariot. Josh has said that he wanted to “create something out of nothing” with his new project. He did, something that most people didn’t see coming.  His vocal presence may have  reminded people of his former band, but people quickly realized that there was something completely different about Josh’s new endeavor.

The Chariot are what pure emotion and struggle can sound like in metal.  The band does not rely on straight rhythm or tricky instrument work to create there music. In fact, their approach is almost minimalistic, relying on walls of feedback, guitar squeals, and cymbal crashes to fill most of their songs.  Josh’s vocals are brutal, filled with desperation and expression. The lyrics are cryptic, poetic, and intelligent. The songs twist and turn very quickly through one part after unrelenting part. Small blasts of chaos. Although this description may not appeal to most casual fans, truly unique  bands in the metal and hardcore scene are rare. The Chariot, instead of taking notes from the popular music trends in the heavy scene, seemingly pull more elements from band like Converge and Fear Before The March Of Flames to create their original compositions.  They continually push themselves and test their fan’s loyalties by exploring new avenues of hard with with every new song, every note, every scream.

2007′s The Fiance’e further solidified the band’s reputation as innovators. This time around, choir choruses, broken record distortion, and harmonica solos (provided by Aaron Wiess of mewithoutYou no less) diversified the band’s sound past its metalcore roots. Josh and the gang made a truly original album that  blew away critics and fans alike.  It was on this album the band toured their heaviest, introducing the world to their chaotic sound and to heavy music’s best front man, Josh. Their live shows play on the theatrical combined with pure anarchist stage presence.  There are few shows like a Chariot show. In fact, it is frequent that Josh is injured several times during a tour, but he has never met a stack of speakers he didn’t want to climb or a crowd he didn’t want to throw himself into.

well, I mean,….oh…just watch for yourself..

As I said before, The Chariot, despite the fact that it takes many people to make a band work, is the heart of Josh Scogin at its core.  Josh very much has always dedicated himself to making his faith part of his art, no matter how crazy or loud that may be.  While the video above gives you a glimpse in to his more chaotic side, the one below deals with the true meaning of his desire to be on stage. Sorry about the commercial at the end there, this speech was taken from a performance at Soulfest…I think they need to pay us now, right?

I have to be honest and say that I hated The Chariot for a long time.  I was coming high off of  Bless The Martyr Kiss The Child, and I was expecting a lot from Mr. Scogin.  What I got was..different.

It took me almost a year to get it. This isn’t metal, this isn’t Christian rock, it isn’t even music. Its art. Its taking what was, and tearing it down to begin again. It is the true expression of a gifted individual. It is the heart of a man who loves God so much that he would follow Him in to the unknown of the “new”, and speak the words the way He wanted him to. Josh may have started what is one the most successful metalcore bands on the planet, but when God called him to something different, he followed. Success was never the issue. Fans weren’t the issue. Josh wanted make the music he was put on earth to make. Like Dallas from Underoath (now in Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster), he did something completely new, and will most likely keep The Chariot train steaming ahead until God takes him somewhere else.

Lets hope that’s not soon…

You can find The Chariot’s digitally music on The Chariot

You can also find their CDs on Amazon: Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing Nothing Is Dead and Nothing Is Bleeding(2004), Unsung EP
(2005), The Fiancee (2007)