American Idol Season 9- Top 5 Results Live Blog

Last night’s show convinced me of one thing.  I would like to go on a road trip with Harry Connick Jr.  The dude was funny, engaged and smart. Wouldn’t it be cool to drive Route 66 in a ’67 El Dorado convertible singing Rat Pack standards?  I also learned the American Idol Season 9 performers have limited stylistic range.

Michael Lynche was the only American Idol Season 9 performer to deliver  the vocal stylings and performance swagger necessary to realize the promise of these songs.  Lee Dewyze was over praised for bending “That’s Life” into a blues style he could handle.  Crystal Bowersox has lost her magic after being forced into the country pop and jazz standards genres.  Crystal may be able to sing the phone book but unless it is in a gospel, blues, rock style we may not enjoy it. Casey James and Aaron Kelly were just consumed by their songs and Harry Connick Jr’s arrangements.

This far into the American Idol Season 9 and we have no clear cut favorite.  Crystal Bowersox has fallen back to the pack now. Lee Dewyze is being pumped as the new “dark horse” favorite, but is anyone really excited about that.  It seems unimaginable that Michael Lynche could be the first American Idol winner to have been eliminated during the season.  Aaron Kelly, please no. Could Casey James; I can’t even write the words.

Who is going home tonight?  Most people think Casey James may have a chance to pick up a few gigs in North Texas next week, but it is really too close to call.  I think Aaron Kelly should go home, but I rarely get what I want.  This is really too close to call and you should expect some shocking results.  Just remember, this is the week in Season 8 when Adam Lambert landed in the bottom 2.

I predict the Bottom 2 will be Casey James and Crystal Bowersox. Casey James will leave American Idol Season 9 tonight.

Wow, only 32 million votes last night.  Lady Gaga filmed her clip last week but Harry Connick Jr will perform live. Well that group number of Sinatra songs did not sell very many tickets for the American Idol Season 9 Tour.

Next week Jaime Foxx will mentor the American Idol Season 9 Top 4 through “Songs From The Movies”.  Jaime Foxx was a very effective mentor in American Idol Season 8.

The results phase 1 starts with Lee Dewyze walking to center stage and then across the stage to the safe stools.

Lady Gaga in a huge extravaganza taped after last week’s results show singing her new song, “Alejandro”. In every performance I have seen of her’s she is overproduced and over sexual.  She was very good on the Grammy’s when it was just her and Elton John on dueling pianos.  But that isn’t her act so I am done.

After Harry Connick sings “And I Love Her”, he leads the Top 5 through a medley of his songs.  This Idols are just okay but it is great to hear Harry Connick Jr play his piano.  He is really good at playing the piano.

Fifteen minutes left so let’s get to the results.  Lee is safe but the others are on the hot seat.  Crystal Bowersox starts one group and Michael Lynche starts another group on the opposite side of the stage.  Aaron Kelly joins Michael Lynche so Casey James and Crystal Bowersox are a pair. Michael and Aaron are in the bottom two.  Could I have been any more wrong?

It is time to see if my wishes come true or if American Idol Season 9 is over for One21music. Aaron Kelly goes home?  That is truly a shocker.

Join next week when the Top 4 sing music from the movies.