Free Download: Josh Garrels – Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes

It has been a little over a year since Josh Garrels released his masterpiece (and our album of the year in 2011), Love & War & The Sea In Between for free. He called it “Year of Jubilee”.

Well now we have turned over a new year, and in his fashion, Garrels has decided to give away another group of awesome songs.

For months I’ve been secretly collaborating with a few artists, mixing in my studio, and working to bring you a little something new. Introducing, “Love & War: B-Sides & Remixes”! 4 of the songs are remixes of tracks previously heard on “Love & War & The Sea In Between“, and the other 4 previously unheard songs on the EP are additional content from last year’s 18 song epic. Listen to Aaron Strumpel, Kye Kye, and Mason Jar Music rework and re-imagine some familiar songs, while also hearing something new.


Free Download: Loud Harp – Self-titled

Loud Harp is another stellar release from Come&Live!; a dreamy, atmospheric take on worship with Robbie Seay-esque vocals and solid lyrics. The story of Loud Harp is best told by…well, them:

Check out the live video below then go add Loud Harp to your library

Download LOUD HARP on Come&Live!

Free Download: The Followers – Wounded Healer

The Followers‘ “Wounded Healer” is the first release for Deeper Well Records, a gospel collective that has been birthed out of Door of Hope Church in Portland Oregon. Songwriter Josh White (of Telecast) teamed up with Eric Earley (of Blitzen Trapper), and friends to create a 70′s infused worship experience. Mixing R&B, country, rock, and folk, “Wounded Healer” may draw one back to the days of the Jesus Movement, or push one forward into a new and exciting era of music for the church. We call it neo-gospel!

Its awesome! Think “70s hippie worship”. I hope this style of worship music catches on in a big way, but I think The Followers are going to be one of my new favorite bands….

Listen here and download through Noisetrade:

Or download through Come&Live!, of whom The Followers recently announced they have partnered with

Free Download: Lecrae – Church Clothes Mixtape

Possibly the biggest mixtape release in recent history, Lecrae has finally dropped his much hyped Church Clothes Mixtape. The hype was well deserved, with Lecrae and crew tear loose and explore the full extent of the talents, both musically and lyrically in 18 hard hitting bangers that seek to challenge the status quo of the church and Christians alike. My personal favorite is “Misconception” but then again Im a sold out Humble Beast fan. Check the tracklisting below:

1. “Co-Sign”
2. “APB” feat. Thi’sl
3. “Church Clothes”
4. “Cold World” feat. Tasha Catour
5. “Welcome to H-Town” feat. Tedashii & Dre Murray
6. “Inspiration”
7. “Rise”
8. “Darkest Hour” feat. No Malice
9. “Black Rose”
10. “The Price of Life” feat. Andy Mineo & Co Campbell
11. “Special” feat. Lester “L2″ Shaw
12. “No Regrets” feat. Suzy Rock
13. “Gimme a Second”
14. “Long Time Coming” feat. Swoope
15. “Misconception” feat. Propaganda, Braille, & Odd Thomas
16. “Spazz”
17. “Sacrifice”
18. “Rejects”

If you are still unsure, you can stream the mixtape right here:

Download The Church Clothes Mixtape by Lecrae

I also included a “chopped & screwed” remix for the title track for you enjoyment!

Free Download: moral one – A Batch Of Ghosts: A Gungor Beat Tape

The explanation for this one is pretty simple

moral one (of Alert) heard Gungor‘s Ghosts Upon the Earth. moral one became obsessed with said record. He then sampled a song off the record for fun…he never stopped. The results are the 9 tracks and 25 some-odd non-stop minutes of liturgical post-rock-hip-hop infused music.”

So if you havent heard Ghosts Upon The Earth yet, well, where have you been? Go download that, then download this get ready to go deep!

Free Download: Son Lux- BreakThru Radio Session

It is rare that a artist Son Lux comes along. Every since we hear about him a little over 3 years ago, he has consistently been one of our favorite artists in the industry today. Last year, he released his latest masterpiece called We Are Rising, which he wrote and recorded in 30 days. The result was a mix of electronica, jazz, indie folk, contemplation, and desperation. It is unlike anything and very, very good.

Recently Son Lox performed some of the songs off of We Are Rising for Break Thru Radio, and then decided to give the session recording away for free. This a great intro to Son Lux if you have never heard him before, so we suggest watching the video and downloading the album below.

More like we command you to……….can we do that?

Free Download:Life In Your Way-Kingdoms

life in your way-kingdom

After way too long, I present to you Kingdoms by Life In Your Way. For those that dont know, Life In Your Way was one of the best melodic hardcore bands in the scene until they broke up three years ago. However, early this year the band announced that they would be reforming to write and record, Kingdoms, an epic conceptual that is broken up into three parts. The Kingdom of Man which showcases the much evolved hardcore sound that fans expect from the band. The Kingdoms Of Darkness in which the band shows off how brutal they can truly be. Finally, The Kingdom of God is filled with messages of hope and chorus filled anthems meant to awaken and restore. All in all, Life In Your Way have written the album of their career, and proven that etching out your own sound means more than following trends and compromising the integrity of your art.

Kingdoms is a hardcore masterpiece.

Download Kingdoms by Life In Your Way from Come&Live!

Free Download: Mat Kearney Daytrotter Session

mat kearney daytotter session

Daytrotter strikes again with another awesome stripped down performance from one of our favorite artists, Mat Kearney . His latest album, Young Love, is making it to the top of Chuck’s list of the year, and even in this very minimal setting, you can understand why. Mat‘s voice is distinct and his songs are so well done that the Daytrotter recordings still sound like a million bucks.

The session mainly pulls from Young Love, but Kearney throws in “City Of Black and White” as well from his 2009 album of the same name. All in all its a way to see this amazing performer do his thing without all the glitz and glam. Download now!

Download Mat Kearney’s Daytrotter Session

Free Download: Storyline-Feel Alive EP

storyline- feel alive ep

Would you like some pop with your rock? Well, yes of course right? Storyline has been in the scene for a while making quality rock music for the masses. After a bit of a break and a new lead singer, the band is back with the Feel Alive EP. Featuring three new songs and a a cover of OneRepublic‘s “Apologize”, Feel Alive is a preview of the future of Storyline. Driving rock mixed with pop hooks and plenty of energy, the band is now poised to tear some stuff up.

Download the EP and say you were there before Storyline hit the big time.

Download the Feel Alive EP by Storyline

Free Download:IAAAO-The Roar & The Whisper


I had the distinct pleasure of meeting some of the guys from I Am Alpha And Omega at Cornerstone Festival. I think my wife and I ended up talking to vocalist Donnie about everything under the sun for almost an hour after their show. This band is ONLY making music and touring because they 100% believe that Christ has called them to it. They arnt out for anything else but that fact.

They play a passionate form of melodic hardcore deeply rooted in a maturity not seen in many bands in this scene today. They dont go for the quick fix, but instead allow songs to build so you can properly understand the message behind the noise. Any fan of aggressive music with a clear message will love The Roar And The Whisper instantly.

The link below gives you opportunity to donate to their ministry or download the album for free. Help support these guys and what God is doing through them.

Download I Am Alpha And Omega-The Roar And The Whisper