Free Album Download: (morse)-And War Came Forth

morse and war came forth

Our buddy (morse) is back with another offering of minimalist electronic goodness. If you were with us way back in the beginning, you will know that (morse) provided us with one of our very first Free Album Downloads. Its been a little while, but the mystery, the man is back with 6 tracks of ambient sound, Nintendo beats, and cryptic samples.

This is a “take a chance and you will love it” kind of thing. We love it, so hopefully that says something!

download (morse)- And The War Came Forth

Free MP3 Download: Deepspace5 Double Headed

We return to the weekly free download with a double album drop from two of the Deepspace5 crew.


The first comes from Sev Statik with the School Shooting EP. According to Sphere Of Hip-Hop, this whole album was put together in ONE day! It doesn’t show, because like everything Sev Statik, there is tons of depth, sincerity, and creativity in every track. He even sings a little on “Bravado”. This is one of my favorite things he has ever done.

Download School Shooting EP by Sev Statik


The second download come from my favorite emcee Playdough with The Bible Bus Mixtape. Like with everything else he does, the mixtape showcases Playdough‘s unique talent along with his playfulness at the same time. There isnt one track on here that leaves you with any doubt that Playdough is a phenomenal emcee, but also a earnest artist with alot to say. If you like anything this guys has done in the past, you will for sure dig this.

Download The Bible Bus Mixtape by Playdough

Free MP3 Album Download: Sev Statik-Silver LP

sev statik silver lp

Today’s free download is from the mighty Sev Statik. For those that don’t know Sev 1) you have been missing out and 2) he is one the key members of the underground hip-hop super-crew known as The Tunnelrats. Those familiar with Tunnelrats will know what to expect from Sev Statik; the dude is total underground hip-hop. His rhymes are complex and introspective, the beats are intricate and kind of grimy. There is alot of focus here on ministry, samples, and artistic hip-hop. Everything you could need…

The Silver LP is one of Sev Statik‘s first solo ventures, and last week he announced that not would most of his library be on a massive discount, but that this little gem would be for free. If you are into down-to-earth hip-hop with alot of heart and message, then you should download this album right NOW!

For fans of: Cas Metah, LMNO, Atmosphere, Brother Ali

the link below will take you to Sev Statik‘s bandcamp page. Hit that DOWNLOAD ALBUM link at the top of the page, and fill out what ever info they ask for, and you will receive a link to down the album in your email shortly after…

Download Sev Statik-Silver LP

Free Download:Davey Jone’s Locker-Healthy People Prepare To Die

Davey Jones Locker Healthy People Prepare To Die

So Davey Jone’s Locker is this wild Pop Rock/Screamo/Progressive Rock band from Norway. I first heard about them over at Indie Vision Music, and I was impressed by their ability to keep things very melodic while keeping it very out of control. They arnt as hard to listen to as I am making them out to be, but they definitely have alot of energy element behind them. The best way to try to describe them was if Panic At The Disco and Fall Out Boy were all in the same band. You have the weird, off the wall quirkiness of Panic, and Fall Out Boy‘s energy. There I tried.

Healthy People People Prepare to die is the band’s first EP from 2005. While it is defiantly a less refined version of what the band is today, it has some killer songs, and properly showcases a band that has something special. Oh yea, and its free….

For fans of: Panic At The Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, earlier Relient K

Download Davey Jone’s Locker – Healthy People Prepare To Die

Free MP3 Albums Download:Summer Slam Vol.3

Special treat for you guys today. My buddies over at Indie Vision Music have put together another MONSTER of a free compilation.  This one comes in 3 parts, each with 17 tracks on them! That’s right, that would be over 50 songs for free!  Here is how it will work, click on each of the links below, save the .ZIP files to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and get ready for a long ride of free music!!

01 – Take it Back! – New Empires *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records
02 – Sleeping Giant – Sons of Thunder *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records
03 – Everdown – WD40 *Appears courtesy of Urban Achiever
04 – Harmony – End of My Road *Appears courtesy of Ulterium Records
05 – Hands – Of the Flesh *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records
06 – Redemption – Lifeboat
07 – I Am Terrified – Falling on Everlasting *Appears courtesy of Gotee Records
08 – Impending Doom – More Than Conquerors *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records
09 – Venia (From Finland) – A Sigh of Redemption *Appears courtesy of Open Grave Records
10 – Theocracy – Laying the Demon to Rest *Appears courtesy of Ulterium Records
11 – Holding Onto Hope – Between Failure and Fraud *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
12 – Wolves Among Sleep – Red Hands Make for a Guilty Conscience *Appears courtesy of Blue Duck Records
13 – Burn the Ruin – Ruins
14 – We Set Fire – Deliverance
15 – For Today – Saul of Tarsus (The Messenger) *Appears courtesy of Facedown Records
16 – Through Solace – Change of Heart *Appears Courtesy of Strike First Records
17 – Hope in the Unseen – Before the Sky Falls
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

01 – All Star United – Surface of the Sun
02 – The Echoing Green – Epiphany
03 – Advantage – The Miracle
04 – Ascend the Hill – Sing *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
05 – Beauti - The Great Pretenders
06 – To Tell – All I Need to Lose
07 – Ocean is Theory – A City of Water
08 – Dear Future – Can’t Wait Any Longer
09 – Rootdown – Taking Over Me
10 – Jeanna Krater – Goodbye New York
11 – The Radiance Effect – Prodigal
12 – Grave Robber – Fear No Evil
13 – Hello Madison – What You Deserve
14 – Storyline – Welcome Home
15 – TWENTYFOUR64 – We Are Taking Over
16 – Sleep for Sleepers – Thieves & Bones
17 – Cannonhands – You Fought Wars *Appears courtesy of Future Destination Records
18 – Mrenc – Yeah! (Alright!)
19 – Say You Will – Believing
20 – The Ember Days – Run to You *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

01 – Thieves & Liars – Till the Walls Fall Down *Appears courtesy of Dreamt Music
02 – Abel – My Melody *Appears courtesy of Dreamt Music
03 – Ian McIntosh – Come Away *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
04 – So Long Forgotten – Hills Humbled, Mountains Made Low *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
05 – The Vanity Plan – Declare
06 – Hand Drawn Mountains – Oil and Water
07 – Great Awakening – New Life *Appears courtesy of Come & Live
08 – Delay Trees – About Brothers
09 – ApathyEdge – Wake Up Restart
10 – Facing Binary – Anomia
11 – Life of Branches – Every Day You Are
12 – Red Letter Band – Aint Ever Getting Me Down
13 – Paralysed Force – Save (Twilight Remix)
14 – Sinai Vessel – Listening
15 – The Skeleton at the Feast – I Hope Your Heart Attacks
16 – Surrendered – Where is the Love
17 – Awake Awake – Sight (Live Acoustic)
18 – Orphan Project – Head On Your Platter *Appears courtesy of Open Grave Records
19 – Orion Walsh – Freedom Lost or Freedom Found
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Be sure to head over to Indie Vision Music to tell them thanks and check out all the great stuff they have going on theri site right now.

Free MP3 Download:Micheal Mannasseh-Mikestands


This is actually kind of old. Michael Manasseh is a graphic designer, photographer, producer, and pretty awesome hip-hop artist. Mikestands features an array of interesting samples, honest lyrics, and a variation of styles that makes the entire album fresh from track one to the end.  This awesome offering is what believers should be doing with the genre of underground hip-hop. Heartfelt, intelligent, and interesting.

For fans of: Aesop Rock, Busdriver, Kaboose

Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, then share with friends.

Download Michael Manasseh-Mikestands

Free MP3 Album Download:Jets Under Fire-EP2


So if you were here last week, we introduced you to Austin’s own Jets Under Fire. They play progressive atmospheric rock, and they embody the description 100%.  Lots of soaring melody, guitar effects, electronic under tones, and cryptic lyrics create an all-in-one type of experience for fans of trippy, dream inducing rock music. This time around, they keep things a little on the up-tempo, exploring even more of their already expansive sound. In fact the last track even has a little Nine Inch Nails to it, if I can say that. Download it to see what I am talking about.

For fans of: Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters, Hundred Year Storm

Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and enjoy.

Download Jets Under Fire-EP2

Free MP3 Album Download:Jets Under Fire-EP1


So after a few week of hip-hop and electronica, I thought we could feature a little rock for a change.  I believe this particular free download is way great. Jets Under Fire are a progressive rock band from right here in ol Austin Texas. Their music runs the gamut of mellow Radiohead-esque dream pop, to straight atmospheric trance rock. All in all these guys are all about creating a heavy mood with their intelligent blend of guitar rock and electronic back beats.  EP1 features three songs, and if you are REALLY nice to me I will post EP2 next week.

For fans of: Muse, Kings Of Leon, The Rocketboys

Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and enjoy.

Download Jets On Fire-EP1

Free MP3 Album Download:Cookbook-I Love The 80s


I know it is really hard to not let your eyes focus on that green lettering, but try to pay attention.  If you have been with us for a while, you know Cookbook, he isn’t new. He is one of the founding members of LA Symphony, and is the Cook of Cook & Uno, who were our very first free download on this site. Ahh, those were the days, I maybe posted once a week, the free downloads were put up whenever I felt like it. Now, if I don’t have a an album download by Tuesday, I’m losing sleep…

If you have listened to any of his other projects , you know what expect from this guy: straight hip-hop with a lot of goofiness, spiritual lyrics, and bouncy beats.  Cookbook is a really talented guy, and this album is such a summertime CD its not even funny. You will enjoy this best with the windows down, and have it cranked to about +20.

For fans of: Rootbeer, The Cool Kids, Tyga

Click on the link below, download the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and enjoy the 80s goodiness..

Download Cookbook- I Love The 80s

Free MP3 Download:Andy Osenga-Letters To The Editor Vol.2


So, if you just loved last week’s free album download, you will equally enjoy Andy’s more recent installment to the Letters To The Editor series (download vol.1 NOW).  This time around the collection of songs is a bit shorter, but still follows Andy’s wit and talent through the many musical journeys he puts in front of us.  Really don’t know what else to say that I didn’t last week, but I think you will really love this one.

for fans of Ben Folds, Glen Hansard, and Derek Webb

Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and enjoy your new CD (and don’t just burn it an give it to a friend, send them here, to The (ONE)21 to get all of our awesome MP3 downloads).

Download Andrew Osenga-Letters To The Editor Vol.2