Free Download: Wayfarer – The River

So lately (and when I say lately I mean the last 3 years) there has been a growing movement in the worship music scene; and that movement is back to the spiritual. Many artists have been taking old hymns and breathing new life into for a whole new generation to experience, The latest to this movement is Wayfarer (featuring former members of Sherwood), who exclusively play “repurposed hymns and spiritual songs. Modern music, classic words”. What sets this one apart, for me at least, is that Wayfarer dont just play old songs in a praise & worship format, but instead incorporate an almost Minus The Bear sense of indie rock into songs that many of us sang in Sunday school as children.

Listen below and decide yourself

Free Download:Least Of These – More Than Conquerors

Least Of These is a little worship outta Texas that play songs like they might never get to again. There is tones of conviction and emotion flowing through each track that make it really hard not to totally dive into their blend of garage/atmospheric rock. At times they sound a little like Cool Hand Luke, at others Thrice; but now matter what shade of their sound they are playing, it is the heart-breaking lyrics that make Least Of These a band you cant ignore.

Free Download: What Glorious Things-Magnitudes Double Download

WE introduce to you What Glorious Things, a brand new Florida rock band that at times reminds me of Sunny Day Real Estate and at times Jimmy Eat World. Their debut EP is called Magnitudes, and it features the band bringing some righteous rock with a side of dance. You can listen below and decide for yourself.

As an added bonus, the band just released a small “Remixes” EP to go along with Magnitudes, so double the downloads today!

Free Download: JGivens- Run.

Simply said, JGivens is gifted.

He is a fresh face among alot of mundane, over-produced artists who are more concerned with “swagger” more than spirit. He is the perfect balance of intelligent lyrics mixed with engaging style. He is a mix between Shad, Propaganda, and Pigeon John, and then something completely on his own.

Hey Humble Beast, pay attention this guy!

check out his video for one of the songs off the album, “Free”

Listen, download and enjoy

Free Download: Intense Millennium Summer Slam Sampler

Summer Slam Sampler

Is your head ready for some bangin!? Yes? Then you are in luck because Intense Millennium Records is supplying you with the soundtrack to the chaos.

Intense Millennium Records is a partnership between Divine Metal Distro, Roxx Productions, and two additional individuals Josh Dieckmann and Sandy Scafedi. We have come together under this one umbrella to form a company that is dedicated to releasing fully licensed material from one of the most prolific group of record labels to exist in the Christian Metal scene, the Intense/Frontline/Alarma Records group. This will be the first time that many of these titles will have seen any form of quality release since their original releases back in the 1980s & 1990s.

What does that mean for you? Well some awesome, time tested, classic metal and hard rock songs to get you through another long summer. Many of the artist below paved the way for the modern metal and rock in the Christian industry, and there is a reason they are still celebrated after all this time.

Do yourself a favor and just download it! Enjoy!
1. Deliverance “Attack”
2. The Moshketeers “Locked in Chains”
3. David Benson “Holy Psychotherapy”
4. Bloodgood “Demon on the Run”
5. Vengeance Rising “White Throne”
6. Exultet “I Soldati della Croce”
7. Hawthorn “Dark Night”
8. Vengeance Rising “You Will Bow”
9. The Sacrificed “Offended”
10. Liberty N’ Justice “Chasing a Cure”
11. Bloodgood “Eat the Flesh”
12. Ransom “Break into Darkness”
13. Ultimatum “Mortal Stomp”
14. Vengeance Rising “Herod’s Violent Death”
15. Elgibbor “Purity and Blood”
16. Bedeiah “Blood Metal”
17. Undercover “Tears in Your Eyes”
18. Eightball Cholos “Predators in the Pulpit”

Download the Intense Millennium Summer Slam Sampler

Free Download:An Epic, No Less-We Are The Echo Of Love

an epic no less we are the echo of love

With all the hardcore and rap I post on this website, some people may find it hard to believe that I love eletronica/dance music. Alot! The problom is that it is rare that I run across anything that really grabs my attention in a way that meaningful. About a month ago I downloaded We Are The Echo Of Love from An Epic, No Less, and obviously I loved it because I am now telling you about it.

An Epic, No Less sounds kind of like Owl City or Lights if they were much more worshipful. Well, instead of me explaining watch this video for their song “Echo Of Love”.

The whole album has that kind of vibe, so if you dig it, GO DOWNLOAD IT!

Download An Epic, No Less- We Are The Echo Of Love

Free MP3 Album:Brian Lee & His Orchestra-Vol.II


So a long time ago (well it seems like a long time ago for me), in February, we as a website were beginning to pick up a little steam. One of seemingly ongoing features that we were beginning to offer every week was these full album downloads that we found from all over the net.  One of our favorites came from a same indie folk band out of Nashville called Brian Lee & His Orchestra.  Their free download of Vol.I has been a staff favorite around here since before we posted it.  Check out Vol.I by Brian Lee & His Orchestra

Well, here we are some great amount of time later, and Brian Lee & His Orchestra has another album for you, and once again it is for free.  This time around, the boys have gone a little more indie than folk, and there are some truely interesting songs on here.  The thing that stands out, as did with Vol.I, is the intellegent songwriting.  These guys really think everything through, and it shows.

I hope you enjoy this, and I hope that (if you havent already) you would go download their other CD as well.  Believe me, you will be a fan.

For fans of: Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Bradley Hathaway

Click on the link below, save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and enjoy.

Download Brian Lee & His Orchestra-Vol.II:Let Yourself Be Happy

Free MP3 Day!-End Of May Edition..

nuns dance for free mp3s

This our second attempt at being a real MP3 blog. You see, we love for you guys to hear and receive all this great music we are always talking about on the site.  We come across a lot of free promo MP3s all over the net from a bunch of different artists.  So what we are doing for YOU, the dear reader, is collecting them then presenting them to you in one place. So download away, and you are welcome…

*I want to assure all of our readers that the tracks below have been posted for free on a variety of places as a means of promotion for the artists. If you download something off of our site, and enjoy it, please go and buy the rest of the music. If you are an artist and you don’t think we should have your song on these MP3 posts, please hit us up on the “Contact Us” tab up there, and we will be more than happy to delete the file. No questions asked.*

HERE ARE YOUR DOWNLOADS (all the tracks below will take you to a Mediafire page, simple click on the track on that page and your download will begin):

Anberlin- A Day Late
Ayiesha Woods- Love Like This
B.Reith- Go On
Eleventyseven- Love In Your Arms
Eleventyseven- Trying
Flynn Adam- Feel It Now
House Of Heroes- In The Valley Of The Dying Sun
House Of Heroes- Friday Night
House Of Heroes- Serial Sleepers
I Am Terrified- Falling On Everlasting
John Reuben- Word Of Mouth
Relient K- The Scene And Herd
Son Lux- Silence (a remix of a Takka Takka song)
Stephanie Smith- Not Afraid
The Fold- Faster Still
The Fray- Never Say Never
The Southern Sea- These Things Always End Badley

New Releases 5/19/09

So, in opposition to last week’s three releases, this week has a lot to choose from. New Mat Kearny, a Family Force 5 remix album, Mike Herrea’s (MXPX) Tumbledown album is finally out, and of course the next installment of the mewithoutYou saga. There are some real gems here, so follow the Amazon links today, and I will have the iTunes links tomorrow. Support the scene!

It’s All Crazy! It’s All Fake! It’s All A Dream! It’s Alright

Tooth & Nail
Progressive Rock/Folk
Buy NOW:
Me Without You - It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All a Dream! It's Alright

City Of Black & White
Mat Kearny

Buy NOW:
Amazon MP3
Mat Kearney - City of Black & White (Bonus Track Version)

Dance Or Die With A Vengeance
Family Force 5

Tooth & Nail
Dance Rock
Buy NOW:
Family Force 5 - Dance or Die With a Vengeance

Mike Herrera’s Tumbledown

End Sounds
Buy NOW:
Mike Herrera's Tumbledown - Tumbledown

Identity Crisis

Reach Records
Buy NOW:

Back & Forth
Lanae Hale

Centricity Music/Word
Buy NOW:
Lanae' Hale - Back & Forth

Smooth Praise
Sam Levine

Buy NOW:

Life Is Beautiful
Press Play

Dream Records
Buy NOW:
Press Play - Life Is Beautiful

Sound Of Defeat
Until June

Sony BMG
Buy NOW:
Until June - Sound of Defeat - EP


Holy South
Buy NOW:

Everything You’ve Been Looking For
Jaymes Reunion

Buy NOW: