Music Video: Rhema Soul – Break Out

Like a little rock with your rap? Well that is good, because so does Rhema Soul on the video for “Break Out”, which by the way is my favorite track off their latest album, Red.

Music Video: Sev Statik – Right and Exact

Check out the latest music video from one of my favorite emcees, Sev Statik (who is looking GOOD with the man-beard). The song is Right & Exact and it comes from his latest EP, Sinderblock. Enjoy

Music Video:Jenny + Tyler-Song For You

From the album Faint Not comes Jenny + Tyler‘s latest video for the track “Song For You”.

At its core, Song for You is a love story. Our goal was to paint a picture of the Lord’s persistent and steadfast love for us and his pursuit of us. The song follows the story of an individual who is either running from God or does not recognize the Lord’s love. We hear the Lord calling out to him or her, “I have done for you everything my love. Hear my song for you. I will not hold my tongue.” The Lord has done everything he needs to do in order to bring us to himself through his son Jesus. All we have to do is respond. The bridge speaks of the gentle and merciful love of God, “I will never harm you, so come.” At the end of the song, the individual opens his or herself up to the Lord and finds a home in His love.

A Week In Music Videos: Feb 19th-25th

Alert-”All I See Is Red”

Heath McNease-”The House Always Wins”

A Week In Music Videos:Jan 9th-14th, 2011

Our weekly posting of all the music videos happening in the scene. Enjoy all the video goodness. Comment and tell which one is video of the week.

Senseless Beauty-”Reverse The Curse”


Orion Walsh-”Freedom Lost, Freedom Found”

Cold War Kids-”Louder Than Ever”

A Week In Music Videos: Jan 1st-8th

Our weekly posting of all the music videos happening in the scene. Enjoy all the video goodness. Comment and tell which one is video of the week

Stars Go Dim-”Like I Mean It”

C-Lite-”In My City”

Mark Arthur-”Sweet Symphony”

Buck Barnabas “Who Is Buck Barnabas?”

Shad Posts New Music Video

shad 08

Below is the latest music video from Canadian emcee Shad with the song “We, Myself, & I”. This is the third video to come from Shad‘s latest album, TSOL, which was released in Canada earlier this year and will hit stateside October 5th, 2010.

I watch and listen to a ton of hip-hop and rap for this website, and admittedly I dont post alot of it. I am a huge fan of the genre, and since its core element is words, the potentially for this music to be used for the Kingdom is staggering. However, more often I see artists trying to make their songs into pop, turn the focus inward, or worse yet not utilize their music as an art form rather than a formula. That last sentence may be a little convoluted, but if you are reading this and listen to hip-hop the way I do I think you will understand.

The point is that I see none of these trappings in Shad. He is fun, honest, socially aware, intelligent, and most of all seems to not be confused with his role as a believer and a rapper. Shad‘s stuff is not ministry focused, but rather he just speaks earnestly about the world around him, and lets God shine through. Enjoy!

We Myself, & I

as a bonus I decided to post the other two music videos from Shad‘s upcoming TSOL, in the hopes that you will go pick it up on October 5th!

Rose Garden

Yaa I Get It

Monster Music Video Post

In our absence at SXSW, it seems like everybody released a new music video. So, instead of posting a million little posts, here is one big one with all the latest music videos for your viewing pleasure. ENJOY!!!


Sinbreed-”Dust To Dust”

DJ Official-”SONY”

Sanctus Real-”Forgiven”


Cook & UNO-”When You Rock And Roll”

Manafest- “No Plan B”

Jayess- “Intoxicated”

Queen’s Club- “Less Talk”

Sho Baraka- “We Can Be More”

Living Sacrifice Music Video Posted

Well, kind of….I seem to remember this video premiering a while back, but I think it was when I was taking my break. Anyway, here is the video for Living Sacrifice‘s song “Rules of Engagement”, which will be on their upcoming January 26th, 2010 release The Infinite Order. The kings of black metalcore ARE BACK!

Dillon Chase Posts New Music Video

Club hip-hop artist Dillon Chase unleashed his new music for the song “Walk Worthy”. The song features Reach Records artist Tedashii and was taken from Dillon Chase‘s latest release The Pursuit . The video has a lot of….dancing…and dance battling….it will be fun, trust me…