New Releases For May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, 2011

New Releases For May 1st, 2011

Sleeping at last may ep
May EP
Sleeping At Last

Atmospheric Rock
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New Releases For May 2nd, 2011

Jahaziel still livin mixtape
The Still Livin’ Mixtape

Available for free download through

New Releases For May 3rd, 2011

ark of the covenant speration ep
Separation EP
Ark Of The Covenant

Strike First Records
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a sequence of ghosts hostages
A Sequence of Ghosts

Buy now: Amazon MP3

Eowyn Beautiful Ashes
Beautiful Ashes

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Hyland-Weights & Measures
Weights & Measures

Tooth & Nail Records
Pop Rock
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jeremy horn sound of the broken
Sound Of The Broken
Jeremy Horn

INO Records

john waller as for me and my house
As For Me And My House
John Waller

City Of Peace
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Mission Six-Shock Wave
Shock Wave
Mission Six

Pop Rock
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nicloe c mullen captivated
Nicole C. Mullen

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The Rubyz-Reflection
The Rubyz

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One21Christian Music Artists on eMusic

Jason Upton
August Burns
Iris Dement
The Ambassador
Josh Garrels
Cold War Kids
Fiction Family
Enter The Worship Circle
Bodies of Water
Cool Hand Luke
Kirk Franklin
Brooke Waggoner
Buddy Miller
Nicole C Mullen
Pigeon John
Bosque Brown
Paper Route
The Welcome Wagon
Kate Miner
Bradley Hathaway
Jeremy Egnik
Mute Math
Bill Mallonee/Vigilantes of Love
Brooke Fraser

Christian Artists To Know: Nicole C. Mullen


Nicole C. Mullen
Genre: R&B
Styles: Funk, Neo-soul, Contemporary Christian
Location: Nashville, Tn.
Label: Word Records
Christian label: yes
Category: The Spiritual whats this?

Nicole C. Mullen is a peculiar artist.  Her music is a mix of Contemporary Christian Music anthems such as the Dove award winning “On My Knees”, “Redeemer” and “Come Unto Me”; African, funk, R&B raves such as “This This”, “Freedom”, “Under The Shadow”;   and Neo-soul grooves like “Dancin’ in The Rain” and “Color”.  Nicole C. Mullen is a highly sought after songwriter, choreographer, author and speaker.

Why is our site, which covers underground Christian music, covering an eight-time Dove award winner?  Nicole C. Mullen is one of the rare “Christian” artists who can sing in front of people who know nothing about Jesus Christ and leave them wanting to know Him in a close and intimate way through her well-crafted, stylish songs.

Nicole C. Mullen‘s cds are as musically diverse as anyone on today’s music scene.  Her soft R&B-twinged voice and a relaxed soulful phrasing style is the central core that runs through every song.   Some of Nicole C. Mullen’s songs feature heavy African instrumentation and rhythm progressions.  Many of Nicole C Mullen’s songs are lavishly orchestrated anthems that are sung in churches throughout America.  Experience both in this long video where she performs both “Redeemer” and “Witness”.

Nicole C. Mullen recently said, “I love writing about reality from a Christian’s point-of-view. I believe that we as believers are called to make an impact on our culture. We are compelled to do that,” she says. “We as believers are called to give light to the world and we can’t give light by hiding. We’ve got to let those around us know we are believers in Jesus Christ, so I do my best to do that in my songs.”  She expresses that philosophy in her music as well.  Read the lyrics from “Blowing Kisses/Love Divine”:

Walkin’ down Broadway I saw a mom and her baby She came up to me And asked me for a dime I said now come on I’ll take you to this diner Gave her more than food It cost me 6 o’ 5

People don’t need just money, people need love and time Spent a little time with the hurting honey and got myself love-a-fied Now I’m

(Chorus) Blowin’ kisses to the one I love Blowin’ kisses to the father above Helpin’ others to feel His touch Blowin’ kisses to the one I love

Well, she said their names Were Rachel and Little Nikki I said, “Hey, that’s strange Cause Niki’s my name too” As she turned to go She spoke the words of blessing With an angel’s voice, she said “I see the Christ in you”

Nicole C Mullen uses her talents and fame to reach to the world as well. She established a mentor group for girls called “The Baby Girls Club”. She and her husband, David Mullen, are youth leaders in their local church, tutor inner-city youth, and participate in Kids Across America summer camp( for inner city youth. Nicole C. Mullen is also active with the International Needs Network Ghana, an organization that works to free Trokosi slaves in Ghana. Here she is creating a place for these horribly abused female Trokosi slaves in a few minutes of joyful singing

Nicole C Mullen is an important R&B artist who sings about Christ.  Nicole C. Mullen is a vital Christian music artist whose songs fill churches across America every Sunday.   Nicole C. Mullen is a fun recording artist who makes dancable, singable songs.  Enjoy.

Download Nicole C. Mullen’s entire libaray of music here Nicole C. Mullen

Or you can order Nicole C. Mullen cds from Amazon by clicking on the links below. I would suggest the Christams cd as a must have.

Redeemer: The Best of Nicole C. Mullen

Sharecropper’s Seed, Vol. 1

A Dream To Believe In, Vol. II

Everyday People

Nicole C. Mullen

Talk About It

Live From Cincinnati: Bringing It Home