Free Download: Entire Page CXVI and Autumn Film Discography

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Noisetrade has been killing it lately with massive music offerings. Read below and enjoy

After forming The Autumn Film, band members Reid and Latifah Phillips and Dann Stockton were leading worship at churches and could not deny the strong beckoning of the hymns.

They decided to develop a parallel band; the same people with a new purpose of making hymns accessible again under the new name, Page CXVI.

To celebrate their 7 year anniversary of making music, they’re giving away their ENTIRE* discography for the month of March, including original music from The Autumn Film! That’s right: 11 Albums, 74 songs, 2 bands. If you think you already have all their music, guess again…Hymns B and C sides is available too! This jubilee is a thank you to all of you who have been with the bands over the years and a good way to catch up on all that they have created. Next month they will announce exciting plans for 2013!

Download the entire discography from Page CXVI and Autumn Film at Noisetrade

Free Download: 5 Albums from Josh Garrels


ONE21 people, go download Josh Garrels‘ music and donate some money to a great cause. If you have never heard his music (you may be readin our website for the first time), this is a great introduction

From March 14 to March 28, all 5 of Josh Garrels‘ most current albums will be available for free, exclusively on Noisetrade. This free catalog of music is given as a gift, but 100% of the tips received for any and all of the 5 albums will be given to World Relief and their courageous work in Congo. Congo is currently the most unstable, violent, and impoverished country in the world, with thousands displaced due to warring factions and a majority of the women suffering from gender based violence. Please consider leaving a tip, and in so doing, becoming a partner in the work for restoration in Congo. Thanks.

Download all of Josh Garrels’ music for free on Noisetrade

Free Download:Sandra McCracken-Gravity|Love

Great song writing is hard to find nowadays; but you always know it when you hear it. It strikes something in your ear and it resonates. Good song writing doesn’t always need to be dressed up a ton, and in fact many of Sandra McCracken‘s songs wouldn’t even need instruments in my opinion. She has a great sense of melody that perfectly accents her lyrics, and her orchestration is like icing on the already awesome cake.

In 2006, McCracken released Gravity|Love, a mixture of folk style lyrics and 90s garage rock that once again displayed another solid side of an already well rounded artist. Last week, Sandra announced she was releasing it for free on Noisetrade (which is run by her husband, Derek Webb). Its a solid album, and will defiantly be a great introduction to Sandra’s music. Listen below, consider a donation, and then download. Simple as that.

Free Download:Josh Garrels-LOVE & WAR & THE SEA IN BETWEEN

Love & War & The Sea In Between

Josh Garrels is hands down one of our favorite artists playing music right now. He is the most pure example of what a modern “Christian” music artist should be: honest, deep, creative, unique, and VERY good at what he does. What he does is combination of Iron & Wine esque progressive folk, with a touch of Sleeping At Last atmosphere and tops all of it off with a little surfer hip-hop in the vein of Sublime. You really can’t pin down what he does, his style is completely his own and he just simply doesn’t have any peers.

That brings us today. After almost 3 years without a new album,Josh Garrels has returned with his latest full-length (and when I say full-length I mean 17 tracks of amazing music) Love & War & The Sea In Between. I am listening to it right now and in my opinion it is hands down the best thing he has ever done. It is like off the charts good. Its unlike anything you own right now, and that is a promise.

For you and me there are also two very important things to note about this masterpiece showing up on Noisetrade:
1. The album pay-what-you-feel (or free if you wish)
2. It has been released on Noisetrade almost a month ahead of its official release date


Download Josh Garrels LOVE & WAR & THE SEA IN BETWEEN from Noisetrade NOW

Noisetrade Is The Coolest Pt.1

So for the first time in almost a year, I am having a hard time finding free downloads for you guys.  The bad part is….well, no free downloads.  The good part howver is that I get to tell you guys about and all its coolness.


Co-founded by Derek Webb in 2008, is an entire website of downloadable music that you can obtain through two channels. The first is a “pay-what-you-want” format that allows you to pick how much you want to pay for any given album on the site. They have recently reformed the site to call this money you spend a “tip”, and it can be a s low as a $1, to as high as $100. The second way to get music off the site to to give them some info (email address, zip code) and sugest the download to a few friends, either through Facebook or direct email. Either avenue, both artist and listener win.

Im going to spend the next few weeks telling guys about some of the cool stuff Ive gotten off the website, and then give you an opportunity to download it yourself.

So, it could kind of be like a free download…..

JGHymns is an eclectic collection of old timey hymns mixed in with some very modern music techniques. Expect to hear about every instrument known to man, and then on top of that there is the whole elctronic element too. It sounds really strange, but it works really well, you can listen to samples above

If you have been on the site before, you will know that I love So Long Forgotten, their blend of progressive rock mixed in with folkish post-hardcore is unbeatable in my book. The album above is CD before they signed on with Come&Live!, and I am starting to love it almost equally…..

The Civil Wars is Joy Williams little duo side project. they are really great, they play kind of a dark pop sound that reminds me of Eisley and Johnny Cash at the same time. This live recording was what made everyone take notice of them, and Im sure you will too

I’ll be back next week with some more suggestions for you guys!!