New Releases For July 10th, 2012

Cold Hard Want
House Of Heroes

Gotee Records
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Young Man Follow
Sound Swan Records
Progressive Rock
Future Of Forestry

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Five Points EP

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Murdered Love

Razor & Tie
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Come To The River
Rhett Walker Band

Essential Records
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Music Video: P.O.D. – Lost In Forever (Scream)

If you have been a fan of P.O.D. for a while (like I have), you will most likely be reminded of the Satellite era of the band as you watch this video (minus Sonny’s dreads). That is NOT a bad thing, since most fans will agree that 2001 was the year that P.O.D. owned. “Lost In Forever” comes from the bands upcoming Razor & Tie release, Murdered Love, and from what we have heard so far, P.O.D. may be back to reclaim their crown!

Music Video: P.O.D.- On Fire

For the last year or so P.O.D., has been playing a new song called “On Fire” and now it appears that they have decided to make a sort of “in house” music video for it (it was shot and edited by drummer Wuv). Enjoy!

One21 Music Takes You Back to Cornerstone

In 3 weeks One21music starts the 18 hour drive to Cornerstone Music Festival 2011 (June 28-July 3).  Just like last year, we invite you to join us and live the excitement of the Cornerstone Music Festival. Nearly 300 artists will perform probably 800 sets on 10 stages over a span of 6 days.  That does not include the daily morning worship services that happen at multiple locations throughout the festival grounds.  In addition to all of that, there are 25 seminar series in 5 tents and art and sports and movies.  It is a little crazy to watch the this idyllic farm in western Illinois turn into a Christian Times Square for a week.

Between now and when we leave, we are going to prepare you for the festival by providing you a list of all One21music artists on the Cornerstone schedule, expand the One21music roster to include new Cornerstone performers, most of them have been seen in Silent Parties club, highlight the Cornerstone New Band Showcase performers and provide you the Cornerstone 2011 schedules of the One21music team.  Once we arrive, just like for Cornerstone 2010, we will provide you daily insight into our Cornerstone experience with words and images.  That way, if you can’t make it, you can experience Cornerstone 2011 through One21music.  If you are going to be there, you can re-live Cornerstone 2011 at One21music and maybe catch some things you missed.

Before all of that, I would like to take you on what I expect from our journey through Cornerstone 2011.  All four of us on the team have very broad musical tastes.  I would say that Ian and Rebecca have a greater affinity for hard core music than Debbie and Chuck, who tend to like alternative rock and folk.  However, I assert that Chuck and Ian truly do like all kinds of music.  Cornerstone 2011 will have more samples of all musical styles than anyone can possibly experience.  So we go into Cornerstone realizing that, for every great set we see, we are missing at least one that is happening somewhere else.  Patience, gratitude ans serenity are vital personal traits for Cornerstone.

The Journey

There is no way to make the 18 hour trek from Austin, Texas to Bushnell, Illinois, and still make it to Cornerstone in time for the noon press check-in, without driving all night. Nothing is more miserable than driving through the night to spend two hours checking-in and setting-up camp.  So we will not do that this year.  We will leave mid-afternoon  to drive through the night to a nice hotel in McComb, Illinois, arriving about noon.  The late evening and early morning will take us through the tornado ravaged regions of Oklahoma and Missouri (right through Joplin) so we will be doing some praying for those residents as we pass through.  Monday afternoon we will relax and prepare for the six day marathon that is Cornerstone.

Cornerstone 2011, Day One-June 28 Checking in with Joy (Williams)

The first day is a full-on sprint checking in, finding your camping spot setting up camp and scoping out the scene. We will be in the same spot as last year to set-up One21music base camp.

One21music at Cornerstone

Cornerstone 2011 does not officially start until Wednesday night so many people will not arrive until the next day but we like to be at Cornerstone from the very beginning.  Like last year, the streets will be pretty quiet until Wednesday when this Cornerstone Main Street will be practically impassable.

Mainstreet at Cornerstone

The music starts at 2:30 on Tuesday at one of the “unofficial” generator stages.  Faith In The Unseen hits the Sancrosanct Records stage with double bass drums pounding and screamed lyrics flying through the skies.

Our treat for all the driving arrives at 7:00 on the Chelsea Cafe stage when Joy Williams, taking a break from The Civil Wars summer tour, performs songs from her decade long solo career.  I just saw The Civil Wars sing “Poison and Wine” on The Tonight Show. We are huge Joy Williams fans and we are going to try to catch her for an interview. Joy is followed by bluesmen Josh Davenport and Khadag Blue.  The evening caps off with Cornerstone godfather and blues legend Glen Kaiser.

Joy Williams

Cornerstone 2011 Day 2- Come & Live, Andy (Hunter)

Cornerstone 2011 “officially” opens on Wednesday evening but before then, the entire One21music team will spend most of our Wednesday at the Come & Live Stage. This music ministry offers music from its stable of artist for free through their website and supports the Christian musicians in their mission to spread the Word through their music. Preson Phillips, Fallstar, Men As Trees Walking and So Long Forgotten will carry us through the early evening with their deep spiritual music.

The Wednesday highlight is Andy Hunter on the main stage.  This electronic worship leader from the U.K. dazzled us in 2002 with an amazing set that ended with the Holy Spirit taking everyone within 100 yards of the hall to their knees and dozens of people committing their lives to Christ.  We are excited to see him turn this big Main Stage field ….

Cornerstone Main Stage

…into an outdoor dance club like this

Andy Hunter

Cornerstone 2011 Day 3- Nashville and Punk

After our first truly late night the 30,000 people at Cornerstone will be ready to rock. We will seek out one of the youth worship events and then head over to the Cornerstone 2011 New Band Showcase (over the next few weeks we will be sharing interviews with Showcase performers such as For The Broken, Beggars and Josiah James). After checking the “deconstructed folk,punk” of Insomniac Folklore we will head over to the Gallery Stage for Paper Route. We will end the night with the organized riot that is punk maniacs Flatfoot 56. Last year they honored “shark week” with a nautical stage show and a human shark tank.

Flatfoot 56

Cornerstone 2011 Day 4- P.O.D. Returns to Main Stage

Friday is the day for hard core fans when For Today and former Korn bassist Brian “Head” Welch lead up to the return of the original P.O.D. to the Cornerstone main stage. P.O.D., a former Cornerstone new band showcase winner, is one of the biggest Christian cross-over bands of the 21st century. “Alive” was their big crossover hit.


Cornerstone 2011 Day 5- A Five Star Day Fights Fatigue

By now the 16 hours a day of music from 10 stages, tent sleeping and 30,000 people will have washed away the “real” world and worn us done a bit. However, more morning worship followed by Seabird, Blindside, Anberlin, Ilogical Spoon and Josh Garrels make Saturday one of the best of Cornerstone 2011Josh Garrels was not at Cornerstone 2010 and we missed his deeply spiritual folk, hip-hop.

Josh Garrels

Cornerstone 2011 Day 6- It Can’t Be Over Yet

We end the week with a day of worship. For the more traditionally minded, the Main Stage will feature international recording act Robbie Seay Band and Grammy nominated Gungor.  If you like your worship a little edgier you are in luck because Sleeping Giant and The Chariot close out Cornerstone 2011 with their progressive hard core worship services.

Sleeping Giant

Then it is over.  Al that is left is breaking down camp and driving 18 hours back to Texas.  I am already sad.  Keep coming back for more articles and updates on Cornerstone 2011.

Riverside Worship Project-Cornerstone’s Best New Band

Cornerstone Music Festival just announced Riverside Worship Project as the grand prize winner of their New Band Showcase.  This is significant because past winners have included P.O.D., Anathallo, Ester Drang, Sixpence None The Richer, Eisley and Over The Rhine.

The contest posts bios and music for a group of artists selected by  Cornerstone panelists and then allows fans to vote.  Here is a little background on Riverside Worship Project and all of the bands that will be featured on the Cornerstone 2010 New Band Showcase.  In the weeks to come we will help you discover all of these up and coming bands.

The Riverside Worship Project (Grand Prize Winner)

Riverside Worship Project

Riverside Worship Project refers to Brian Alpizar, Ryan Campagna, Steven Hale, Jason Hermansdorfer and Andrew McQuaig. We write songs and sing them with a community of . Our songs reflect the conversations, struggles, and experiences that we have shared with fellow college students at First Baptist Church of Opelika in Opelika, Alabama. In this way, The Riverside Worship Project is is an experiment in engaging life and God through music, not a skill bestowed upon a special few, but the natural response of those who have encountered Christ.

Da MAC (Music About Christ)
Benjamin Clark
Red Hill City
Scars of Eden
Flight From Below
Skyhawk Drive
The Sacred Eternal
Upon This Rock
Wolves At The Gate
campbell the band
A Place Past Hope
Josh Harmony
This Fires Embrace

Join us starting June 27th as we report on these bands and the full experience of Cornerstone Music Festival 2010.

War Of Ages Ready New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Facedown Records metal band War Of Ages‘ upcoming , April 13th, 2010 release entitled Eternal. The album promises to be another neck breaking metal whirlwind no doubt, and one of the songs even features Sonny from P.O.D.!

war of ages eternal

01. Collapse
02. Desire
03. Failure
04. My Resting Place
05. Eternal(feat. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.)
06. Indecision
07. Lack of Clarity
08. The Fallen
09. Your Betrayal
10. Instrumental

for more new releases, please check out our ALBUM RELEASE DATES page to stay up to date on all the new music coming out

Live Footage Of P.O.D., Inhale/Exhale, The Letter Black Posted

Below are some fan filmed footage of The Letter Black, and Inhale/Exhale (featuring Sonny from P.O.D.) performing a few Deftones cover songs at a recent concert meant to benefit Deftones bassit Chi, who has been in the hospital since a massive car accident last October. All proceeds are going to help out with medical bills for Chi and his family…

Inhale/Exhale featuring Sonny from P.O.D.- Back To School

The Letter Black-My Own Summer

2010 Plans For P.O.D.

The following press release was posted by P.O.D. this week concerning their plans in 2010, touring South America, Chi benefits and all the various side projects each member has going on:

HAPPY NEW YEAR WARRIORS!!! 2009 was a quiet year for Payable On Death, but 2010 is looking to be a busy and full year. Here’s what’s going on:

Each of us will be doing our part for the Benefit for Chi from Deftones on January 16th in Fullerton, California at the Slide Bar.



This event is getting bigger, so Slidebar is blocking off the parking lot and bringing in a big stage to increase capacity. This more than doubles capacity, but you will still want to be sure to be there early, and it is still a FREE event.

Bands start at 6pm sharp, this is an event you won’t want to come late for! You can check the flyer out here Chi Benefit 1/16

Members of Deftones, members of Korn, P.O.D., Suicide Silence, The Letter Black featuring Traa from P.O.D. on bass, Lit, Bobo of Cypress Hill with DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies with several surprise vocalists, Dave “The Snake” Sabo of Skid Row, an all star jam with Hail! and friends featuring Mike Portnoy of Dream Theatre on drums, legendary bassist Dave Ellefson, Phil Demmel of Machine Head on guitar, Mark Anthony of The Letter Black on guitar & Ripper Owens on vocals, the new project featuring Dave Buckner of Papa Roach on drums, Joe Loeffler from Chevelle on bass & Marcos Curiel of P.O.D. on guitar, Jason Boyed of Audiovent, The Southtown Generals featuring Wuv of P.O.D., Stars Go Dim, Inhale Exhale, The Psycho Realm, members of Pennywise, several UFC champions, X-Games champions and comedians from the world famous Comedy Store on sunset blvd and many more to be announced so stay tuned to

This venue is small so plan to line up early or you will miss out on a once in a lifetime event! Special V.I.P. seating with the artists is available by emailing:

We are finally getting to come and visit our South American brothers and sisters with some exciting live shows already booked:
Mar 19 2010 7:00P ARGENTINAS MALVIDAS Ciudad Autónoma, Buenos Aires (provincia)
Mar 20 2010 7:00P FACULDADE SUL- AMERICANA Goiania, Goiás
Mar 21 2010 7:00P UNB Brasilia, Distrito Federal
Mar 24 2010 7:00P MUSIC HALL Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Mar 25 2010 7:00P VIA FUNCHAL São Paulo, São Paulo
Mar 26 2010 7:00P Clube Maua Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
Mar 27 2010 7:00P CLUBE PORTUGUES Recife
Mar 28 2010 7:00P ILHA CUSTICA (T.B.A.) Vitória, Espírito Santo
Apr 16 2010 7:00P ESTADIO DEL EJERCITO Guatemala City, Guatemala
Apr 17 2010 7:00P TAKERS AUDITORIUM San Jose, San José
Apr 18 2010 7:00P METROPOL Bogota, Bogotá (Distrito Capital)

p.s. For those of you in the states feeling neglected, we hope to see you in the summer!

Marcos and Wuv have been in the studio recording some new material. For now, nothing is confirmed, but Marcos has said, “we are writing to get the blood flowing.”

Each of the guys has various projects going on right now:
SONNY has been spending a lot of time up in Diamond Bar, CA working with The Whosoevers. The Whosoevers spent some time on the East Coast a few weeks back speaking and encouraging many young people. They are planning on hitting up Austin,TX next. Sonny’s been doing some solo speaking engagements as well, He’s always ready to share his heart when the door is open. Amidst all of this he has also been writing for his own solo album!

MARCOS has started a band with Joe Loeffler (Chevelle) & Dave Buckner (Papa Roach). They are auditioning vocalists as we speak. Several A-listers and amazing unknowns are in their studios polishing off what they feel they can bring to the family. Though we’d love to list all who have come forward wanting the position because it’s very exciting, we cannot. Since many of you have been keeping an eye on the band, we welcome your suggestions as well. So, if you know someone you feel might fit the bill, the stage is open. Hit up their Myspace:

TRAA has formed Ryot Entertainment Group to help new artists achieve their goals in the music industry. Traa also recently released his book “Pack It In: Kill or Be Killed in the Music Industry”, which talks about his building years with P.O.D. and gives some direction for musicians trying to become successful. The book can be purchased at
Ryot Entertainment has signed The Wrecking and Mahoney and Astra Kelly to their roster. You can check them out at: Ryot Entertainment will be a part of Cornerstone 2010 just like last year. Follow Traa on Twitter @TraaPOD

WUV has been very busy with two new bands and a new shoe from Tribal.
One of the bands is the Southtown Generals which also features Tim Pacheco:
And the other equally important band is Stillwell with his longtime friend Fieldy from Korn:
Wuv’s Tribal Shoe will be coming out soon, be on the lookout:

Also, our good friend JASON TRUBY has a new band called TRUBY. He says this band is by no means just a whim. It is just as serious as any and all of the bands he has had the pleasure to be associated with in the past. On the new album entitled Entropy, Truby has worked hard to write the songs that he felt God has wanted him to write. These songs come from a broken place, but in the end have lead to healing and restoration and given us a truly beautiful ROCK album. He would like to share his experiences with you through song. Hit him up on his social networks and let him know how these songs have affected you. Click Here to check out the new TRUBY album ENTROPY: TRUBY E-Card

In honor of the new South American Tour Dates, Soul Massive has just released the new WARRIOR Bandana, you can get one just click here: SoulMassive – Warrior Bandana. Show your Warrior Pride and make this part of your P.O.D. collection at a very reasonable price.

Make sure to keep checking our site for updates:

We love you and we will see you soon!

P.O.D. – Sonny, Marcos, Traa, Wuv

Voices Of The Underground Pt.8


Several weeks ago One21 Music posed fifteen questions to a number of music artists in the Christian music scene, ranging from the light-hearted to the deeply spiritual. We received many responses, some very helpful, and some…. not so much. Some of the answers were short and sweet, some were extensive and eloquent. Many expressed frustrations with the current landscape of the music industry, while others were hopeful for a future of uncertainty. We heard from guys who had been performing for years, and bands that are just now starting to get their names heard. From indie rock to hip-hop, from hardcore to worship, the Christian music scene spoke back to us. Realize that these answers are by the people making the music that you are listening to, and these are un-edited and real. The opinions expressed don’t always reflect ours, but we aren’t perfect, right?

Need to catch up?

Read Pt.1: What Do You Love About Music?
Read Pt.2: What Are Some Of Your Favorite Albums/CDs?
Read Pt.3: What Is The Best Thing About Making Music?
Read Pt.4: What Is Your Opinion Of The Music Industry?
Read Pt.5: What Impact Has The Digital Age Of Music Had On The Industry?
Read Pt.6: Who Is Jesus Christ To You?
Read Pt.7: What Is Christian Music?

This week we asked our artists what their opinion of the Christian music industry was. Before you read them, let me emphasize again that these are their opinions, and not always ours.  There are a lot of artists that are happy with the way the industry has grown over the last ten years, but their are many that aren’t. You may read some things in this installment that seem very negative, but let me assure you that these guys know what they are talking about, and this is their inside view on what is happening. I also want to take a minute and say that when many of our artists were talking about this subject, they were not talking about Christian music, but the industry that drives the majority of what you see in Christian book stores and what is on the radio.  There is a difference. I have done my best to display a balanced and fair depiction of the industry from the artist’s view, but sometimes maybe a cry for change just needs to be heard.

What is your opinion of the Christian music industry?

mahoganyjones Mahogany Jones (independent hip-hop artist)                           Mahogany Jones
I think that there is good and bad. There are people with pure motives to minister the gospel to people who need to understand the importance of a relationship with Christ, and there are people who use their gift as a means not to promote the gospel but themselves, and I feel that if we aren’t careful to ask God to keep us humble that we may be in for a rude awakening.

dewey Dewey Lybecker( independent solo singer/songwriter)                           Dewey Lybecker
I feel like the Christian music industry is beginning to come into a place that’s its needed to be in for a while. I think that a lot of Christian music was kind of cheap. It was a bunch of people that just regurgitated everyone else’s songs but added a different hook or something that made it “cool/ hip” again. It wasn’t very original, and because of this it wasn’t very respected by other
musicians. I think where it’s headed is the opposite of that, with bands like Switchfoot, MuteMath, Underoath, P.O.D., The Fray, One Republic… they’re showing the world that Christian music isn’t as lame as a lot of people think it is.

hylandjon Jon (lead singer/guitarist for independent pop/rock band Hyland)       Hyland
I think the Christian music industry is doing a terrible job of staying current. They are banking on bands that offer travel cards with no annual fee, and that are tried and true (Newsboys, Third Day) and aren’t taking chances on new original talent, only on what has already worked in the secular scene. Where are the Audio Adrenalines and the DC Talks of THIS generation???!!! Everyone in the industry is worried about their bottom dollar instead of realizing taking a chance on originality will pay off ten-fold.

bryanblondstreakabandon Bryan (bass player for Forefront Records pop/rock band Abandon) Abandon
Honestly, it stinks that it has come down to a business plan, labels, and it stinks that it actually is an “industry”. I feel like Christians should be at the head of the line creating the best art the world has ever seen. It should just be known that we are Christians based on what we stand for and how we live. It’s weird to me that it has become it’s own separate industry.

brookewaggner Brooke Waggoner(solo indie/pop artist on SlowMoon Music)          Brooke Waggoner
It’s a shame that it’s so divided and set apart from other genres and in other ways, it’s not set apart at all.. it’s really like any other industry – they tapped into a market, create products to fit that demographic, and package it accordingly. It’s difficult to find genuine amongst alot of this, but it does exist!

brandonsayyouwill Brandon (bass player for independent pop/rock band Say You Will)
Since we’re all trying to survive in a broken industry people are starting to fight against their morals to stay afloat. As a band we’ve been ripped off, lied to, and stepped on a lot. Unfortunately, the Christian music industry has been the worst about that to us. I hate to say it, but the snakes are in the Christian music industry. That said there are also a lot of awesome people in the Christian music industry that have done wonders for us. It’s no different than the secular side I guess. They’re just selling to Christians.

echocastbandwb8David (singer for independent nu-metal band Echocast)               Echocast
I think that a lot of artists are jaded towards the Christian music industry because they might have felt slighted at some point in the business end… But, a lot of people forget that that the music business is still a “business”…

amycourts Amy Courts (independent pop/folk artist)
Amy Courts
Honestly? Having come and gone from a number of major Christian label opportunities and seen the ins and outs of their operations, I see the Christian Music Industry much like Jesus saw the sale of goods in the temple: an exploitation of righteousness and holiness for the sake of making money, and a tyrannical dictatorship regarding what defines “Christianity” in melodic terms.

christopherthegoodnighthorizenChristopher(vocalist for Harvest Earth Records metal band The Goodnight Horizon)
The Goodnight Horizon
They spend to much time catering to those who already know Jesus. Open the door, plant the seeds. Stop hiding.

sethinfrontendervence Seth (singer for independent hard rock band Endeverance)
I think the “Christian Music” industry sometimes is worse than the Mainstream industry because there is no grace in “Christian Music” I mean if your sin gets out and you’re in the “Christian Music” industry sometimes you get ex-communicated…I mean we are all humans we all sin and fail…Why does it mean when you’re a so called “Christian Artist” you can’t fail…And I think that’s horrible if anything you would think they would be more understanding. But I mean it does have good things like promoting music that has a meaning behind it…

curtisblackhighvally Curtis(mandolist/singer for Centricity Records country band High Valley) High Valley
I think it’s sad that Christian music has to be so “commercial” and surface in order to have success. I like deep songs that may possibly offend someone or really challenge them rather than telling someone that God loves them and knows there name over and over again. These are good messages but hearing it over and over again won’t change anyone’s life if they have heard that message a thousand times before. I think that Christian music good have deeper and more powerful messages. A band that I believe does an awesome job is Downhere. Lyrically the best Christian band I have ever heard.

divulgencecamCameron(guitarist/vocalist for Bombworks Records metal band Divulgence)
Its almost as though Christians have the mindset that since they are playing for God they get to slack off on their song writing. I can turn on the local Christian radio station and hear 5 songs that sound the same in about an hour. It shouldn’t be that way. If you are writing for the King of kings you should give it all you got and don’t take the easy way out by doing some overused chord progression.

corpuschristijarrodinfront Jarrod(guitarist/singer from Victory Records metal band Corpus Christi) Corpus Christi
Sadly, I find the name is often one of the only differences between it (Christin music industry) and the secular music industry.

domicballi Dominic Balli (independent Reggae/hip-hop artist)                              Dominic Balli
It’s the same as the mainstream one. At the top, there’s still a dude that is just really all about one thing. Money. That’s the industry, not the artists. There’s some artist with wonderfully pure hearts out there. A bunch of them. And there’s some labels that are the same. But as far as most of the “big” Christian labels. It’s all the same.

I think Dominic best summed it up, “it’s all the same”. That seems to be the pervailing theme throughout all the answers this week. Christ called us to be different, so why is it not?

Next week we are talking about the importance of the Christian music scene, so check back with us next week!

The One21 Interviews Tre9


PT. 1

Pt. 2

Tre9 is this amazing dude out of Houston TX. He is a hip-hop artist, promoter, manager,and founder of both Much Luvv Records, and At SXSW, he was responsible for the event that brought Kaboose, Braille, and Lecrae to Austin. We were lucky to get a few minutes with him. This is one of those interviews were I didn’t have to ask a lot of questions, Tre9 is a passionate dude!  In the midst of his excitement, he talks about some really serious issues in the Christian music scene, and in fact his interview in part inspired a new way for us at The One21 to approach the music we are putting on this site (read The Many Facets Of Christian Music). Even if you arn’t into hip-hop, I’m sure you will love this interview.

This is Tre9‘s video for his song “Rise To The Top”

You can buy Tre9‘s music digitally on Tre9 and Amazon MP3

You can also buy his CDs on Amazon:
The Farmer