Free Download: Propaganda – Excellent

A little over a year ago, Propaganda and his best friend Odd Thomas released one of the best hip-hop albums period called Art Ambidextrous. It was an amazing, genre changing kind of record; but Prop had no intention of resting for even a second, so he released this video shortly after Art Ambidextrous hit the streets, with a simple promise:

On Tuesday of this week, we got to see what Propaganda considers Excellent:

Excellent is NOTHING short of that; a experimental and creative taste-maker that is unlike anything in your collection right now. Download it now, simple as that

Download Excellent by Propaganda on Humble Beast

New Releases For September 25th, 2012

The Longing EP
All Sons & Daughters

Integrity Records
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As I Lay Dying

Metal Blade Records
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Only One in the World
Heather Headley

In Cite Media
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Into The Light
Matthew West

Sparrow Records
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Humble Beast
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Progressive Indie Rock
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No Direction
The Wedding

Tooth & Nail Records
Hard Rock
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Free Download: Lecrae – Church Clothes Mixtape

Possibly the biggest mixtape release in recent history, Lecrae has finally dropped his much hyped Church Clothes Mixtape. The hype was well deserved, with Lecrae and crew tear loose and explore the full extent of the talents, both musically and lyrically in 18 hard hitting bangers that seek to challenge the status quo of the church and Christians alike. My personal favorite is “Misconception” but then again Im a sold out Humble Beast fan. Check the tracklisting below:

1. “Co-Sign”
2. “APB” feat. Thi’sl
3. “Church Clothes”
4. “Cold World” feat. Tasha Catour
5. “Welcome to H-Town” feat. Tedashii & Dre Murray
6. “Inspiration”
7. “Rise”
8. “Darkest Hour” feat. No Malice
9. “Black Rose”
10. “The Price of Life” feat. Andy Mineo & Co Campbell
11. “Special” feat. Lester “L2″ Shaw
12. “No Regrets” feat. Suzy Rock
13. “Gimme a Second”
14. “Long Time Coming” feat. Swoope
15. “Misconception” feat. Propaganda, Braille, & Odd Thomas
16. “Spazz”
17. “Sacrifice”
18. “Rejects”

If you are still unsure, you can stream the mixtape right here:

Download The Church Clothes Mixtape by Lecrae

I also included a “chopped & screwed” remix for the title track for you enjoyment!

Free Download: JGivens- Run.

Simply said, JGivens is gifted.

He is a fresh face among alot of mundane, over-produced artists who are more concerned with “swagger” more than spirit. He is the perfect balance of intelligent lyrics mixed with engaging style. He is a mix between Shad, Propaganda, and Pigeon John, and then something completely on his own.

Hey Humble Beast, pay attention this guy!

check out his video for one of the songs off the album, “Free”

Listen, download and enjoy

Essential Songs: Propaganda-Dig

propaganda dig essential song
Find it
somewhere in your soul
the last bit of strength that will take ya on home
Just find it
somewhere in your heart
to put the past be the past and go back to the start
selfish, prideful, come get an eyeful
of an ugly dark stain on a once wonderful resume
easily strolls down the road of perdition
leaves a man wishin for his own position
I know its so empty but its still so tempting
and if I ever lose sight come and get me
you gotta dig

She’s a jewel in your crown
Dont trade a million dollar future for a nickle right now
Mama said leave a place better than you found it
and lookin in your eyes I realize how profound that is
Like theres no tomorrow
Dig like your livin on time thats borrowed
Homie its in there somewhere
Dig like your life depends on it ’cause it does
And grand mama touched down
Fresh from TX a block from Ghost Town
Natural born rider, Watts Riots survivor
Loved them four kids, but those streets were a beast
God’s grace alone, three outta four made it
Now the son of second born is rockin microphones
Its so lovely, wish it could hug me, dirty and it stinks but its mine for the keeps
Cold piece of work, the son of a nine-to-fiver
Civil Rights and Vietnam War survivor
Told my grand papie that blacks were not human
but that didnt stop the movement
You gotta dig

You can find it
The wind sings the songs of the dedicated few that wouldnt fall head long
Just find it
Watch me tighten my belt
When the prayers of this rapper is a desperate cry for help
I desire a higher outcome than we
Cant you forgive me if I dismiss ya it aint to diss ya
I am not a Rasta dont let the dreads fool ya
Though I take Ja seriously
if its cool let me school ya
I cant say Im not tired
Felt a little envious of names on flyers
Empty handed and homesick, though I know my flow’s sick
If yall only knew how cold this road gets
You gotta dig

and if I ever lose sight come and get me
you gotta dig

Im not the artist Im the canvas
Remind of my own words, though I cant stand it
Hold me accountable
Call me on my laziness
Call by my birth name
Look me in the face and dig

You gotta dig
and if I ever lose sight come and get me
you gotta dig

Gettin Giddy:Propaganda/Odd Thomas-Art Ambidextrous

There are just some albums you cant help but get giddy about…..
propaganda and ofdd thomas Ar tAmbidextrous

About two weeks before Art Ambidextrous, a masterful collaboration between poet/emcee Propaganda and producer/beat maker Odd Thomas hit the net, this video was released, and I couldn’t have said it better:

Intellect in hip-hop has been a hard thing to find in its modern manifestation. What started out as a means to express profound thoughts of struggle, joy, and frustration has been replaced by a drab, petty culture that only seeks to exhalt self and contribute little. as gangsta rap began to rise in the 90s, and club-hop took over in the 2000s, a small but ever growing number of hip-hop artists began to take “rap” back to what it was always intended to be: an art form. For emcees and producers who were Christians, it became painfully obvious that creativity and quality would have to take precedent over money and fame. Despite struggles, this sub-genre has grown, and is now producing some the most honest, smart hip-hop on the market. Period.

And there are very few albums that I have heard that rival that of Art Ambidextrous. The words are by Propaganda, the music is by Odd Thomas.

With an intense attention to detail, and tons of raw talent, Art Ambidextrous is complete work of lyrically and musical art. Each track pronounces its own character and message within seconds of the beginning, making the listener lean and in a dig into the songs over and over. The beats feel organic and driven, and always in balance with Propaganda‘s lyrical flow. The vocal performance is engaging and memorable, a claim that most rappers cannot claim these days.Propaganda doesn’t sound like anybody else, he SOUNDS like Propaganda.

At the core is a message of revival of sorts. A willingness to look around at your own culture and realize that change needs to happen. That no one deserves redemption MORE than others, but that our pride as man will always allow us to look down on people. There is hope, joy, revolution, anger, redemption, and intellect on every track. Right back to where hip-hop should have always been.

The best part about THIS addition of Gettin Giddy is that you can experiance this rare gem for free, because Art Ambidextrous is yours as gift from Propaganda, Odd Thomas, Alert, Braille, and Humble Beast.

Download Art Ambidextrous by Propaganda and Odd Thomas

I will leave you with Propaganda explaining The Gospel. Watch the whole thing, you wont disappointed.

Free Download:Art Ambidextrous by Propaganda & Odd Thomas

art ambidextrous propagandia odd thomas

So awhile back I previewed this release on the site, and now it is finally here!

Humble Beast is hip-hop label that was founded by Syntax records artist Braille over a year ago. His vision seem to be to have a group of artists that are more focused on the Kingdom than record sales, so Humble Beast has adopted the same format as Come&Live! to release their albums (pay what you feel, etc.). This is their third release, but really its their first true album to come on the label (the first was a compilation, the other doesn’t even appear on their website).

I have had this album for almost a month now (I was one of a lucky 10 who got to download it early), and I am not lying when I say I have listened to it using high quality headphones that I found online, (at, which accentuate the quality of the music. Seriously, if this had come out in December, it may have been my top Hip-Hop album of the year. Propaganda and Odd Thomas may be some of the best lyricists in the game right now. There is so much truth and depth to every track it is hard to pick a favorite song, so I will leave it up to you. Believe me when say that you will truly be blessed by this CD.

My suggestion is to listen to it full blast in your car on the first listen to fall in love with the music, then listen to it with headphone to experience the deep seeded messages in each track. You will thank me later. ENJOY!

Download Art Ambidextrous by Propaganda & Odd Thomas


New Releases For February 1st, 2nd and 7th, 2011

Canton Jones–Dominionaire
Canton Jones

Cajo Records
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The Civil Wars-Barton Hallow
Barton Hallow
The Civil Wars

Sensibility Music
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Gradient Skies
Michael Manasseh

(available at

Overcome-The Great Campaign of Sabotage
The Great Campaign of Sabotage

Facedown Records
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Parachute Band-Love Without Measure
Love Without Measure
Parachute Band

Integrity Media
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Amazon MP3

red until we have faces
Until We Have Faces

Essential Records
Hard Rock
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february ep sleeping at last
February EP
Sleeping At Last

Atmospheric Rock
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(available at

New Releases For February 2nd, 2011

art ambidextrous propaganda odd thomas
Art Ambidextrous
Propaganda & Odd Thomas

Humble Beast
Buy NOW:
Amazon MP3

New Releases For February 7th, 2011

Hail the Blessed Hour anatasis
Hail The Blessed Hour

Raging Storm Records

Odd Thomas and Propaganda Ready New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Humble Beast Records upcoming February 2nd, 2011 release for Propaganda & Odd Thomas entitled Art Ambidextrous. The release will be for free download or pay-what-you-feel exclusively through Humble Beast. Check out the video underneath all of that to preview the music. I have already heard this whole album, and I must say that we may be looking at one our hip-hop albums of 2011 already.

art ambidextrous propagandia odd thomas
1. The City
2. So Help Me
3. Lean
4. Inheritance
5. Interlude
6. I Hate It
7. Change The World
8. Beautiful Pain
9. Dig
10. Como Se Dice
11. Art Ambidextrous

Art Ambidextrous Promo Video from Humble Beast Records on Vimeo.

Christian Music News July 7th 2009

Pray for us, crucial moments are upon us at all times. Trying to keep up, but we need some rest. Anyway, I heard that Cornerstone was a blast besides for the mud, and the world can now continue turning. Here are your headlines:

Below is the album trailer for August Burns Red‘s new CD, Constellations, which will see the light of day July 14th.You can currently stream the entire album on the band’s Myspace.

Pillar have announced that their next CD will be entitled Confessions, and will be released September 22nd, 2009.

Hip-hop duo/collaborators Odd Thomas and Propaganda have signed on with Syntax Records.

Here is the artwork for Derek Webb‘s latest/most controversial album to date, Stockholm Syndrome, which will be released to the public on September 1rst.


Former member of The Procussions, Mr J Medeiros has sweet new video for his song “Holding On”:

Female front hardcore band Bloodlined Calligraphy have returned from their hiatus and signed to Sancrosanct Records. The band is currently writing their next album, which will be out in early 2010.

mxpx-anniversary-showMXPX celebrated their 17 years as a band together this last week. In celebration, the band will hold a live broadcasted “best of” show from the same location they played their first performance. There will also be Q&A sessions during the set, making the experience a true gift for the fans that have supported them all these years.

Below is the artwork and tracklisting for progressive worship band The Glorious Unseen‘s new album, entitled The Hope That Lies In You, which will be released August 25th of this year.

1. All Around
2. Take What’s Left Of Me
3. How He Loves
4. We Can Be Renewed
5. Heavyhearted
6. Falling Into You
7. Come, Heaven
8. Sustain
9. Breathe Life Into Me
10. Awakening
11. The Hope That Lies In You
12. Sweet, Sweet Sound

Hip-hop artist Sareem (Sharlok) Poems (of LA Symphony) has announced he will release a new album within the next few weeks entitled Black & Read All Over. The first single, “Lower The Boom”, is already on iTunes.

Below is screamo band Confide covering The Postal Service’s song “Such Great Heights”. Enjoy:

The live footage from Cornerstone Festival 2009, including pictures, testimonials, live videos, and exclusive performances have been posted online. View the live coverage from Cornerstone Festival 2009.

Yet another interview with mewithoutYou has surfaced online, this time with Read mewithoutYou interview.

The visually stunning music video from rapper Bobby Bishop and his song “Please” can be viewed below:

Over The Rhine have resurfaced a little bit to play a few shows, and have announced that they will be not only be going on tour, but also that a live CD set is on its way, along with a Over The Rhine songbook. Chuck is going to be happy.

Below is the artwork and track listing for atmospheric rock band Conditions new effort, You Are Fogotten EP, which will be released in late July.

1. American Castles
2. Born Again Question
3. Man To Mannequin
4. Citizen
5. Illuminati
6. Goodbye Good Name