Free Download:Red Cord Records Heavy Summer Meltdown

Red Chord Records SummerMeltdown

Red Chord records is the next big name in faith-centered Metal/Hardcore. With top-knotch releases like Not One Is Upright‘s God Is Not a Watchmaker and The World Is Not Ticking, and an impressive roster of up and comers, Red Chord seems to have a firm grasp on what is happening now, and what is happening tomorrow in this scene.

For summer 2011, the label has decided to grace us with an awesome sampler of their line-ups music, and as an added bonus, 8 of the 12 tracks below come from albums that havent even been released yet. Enjoy this hard and heavy look into the world of Red Chord Records.

1. Phinehas–”I Am the Lion” (unreleased)
2. Day of Vengeance –”Horseback Riding In Arabia”
3. Your Chance to Die–”Requiem for the Blessed Damned” (unreleased)
4. A Past Unknown–”What If You’re Wrong”(unreleased)
5. Righteous Vendetta–”The Dawning”
6. Not One Is Upright–”The State vs. The Librarian”
7. Joliet–”Buried Alone”(unreleased)
8. Milosny–”Battle Line”
9. From the Eyes of Servants–”Bridegroom”(unreleased)
10. NoLoveLost–”Are You Here To Join The Party?”(unreleased)
11. Nigh Is the Hour–”Key On The Tree”(unreleased)
12. Above the Abyss–”Complexity Is Chaos”(unreleased)

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