New Releases For March 19th, 2013

Hope For The Dying - Aletheia
Hope For The Dying

Facedown Records
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Hundredth - Revolt EP
Revolt EP

Mediaskare Records
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Sev Statik - Sophy
Sev Statik

Sub-Bombin Records

Music Video: Sev Statik – Right and Exact

Check out the latest music video from one of my favorite emcees, Sev Statik (who is looking GOOD with the man-beard). The song is Right & Exact and it comes from his latest EP, Sinderblock. Enjoy

Free Download: Theory Hazit-THR3E

This week we present the latest in the long line of quality releases from Humble Beast. Theory Hazit has beeen around for awhile now throwing down in the hip-hop scene and taking names. He is one of the most respected names in the scene, and in addition to his many solo albums, he can be found as a guest emcee on songs by Sev Statik, Playdough, Cas Metah, Braille, and many others.

On his Humble Beast debut, Theory Hazit decided to tell his story in rhyme. Reaching back and exposing his past for the world to see, Theory continues the tradition of Humble Beast’s roster being some the most honest and raw lyricists around. His message is very brutal sometimes, and at other times whimsical; but it never escapes the listener that Theory Hazit is an excellent emcee. Combine this with smooth beat production from Dert, and THR3E stands on the short list of hip-hop albums of the year. You can buy beats and try to do some of your own music.

Download THR3E by Theory Hazit

Free MP3 Album Download:Sev Statik-Sondial EP

sev statik sondial ep

This is the third time the amazing emcee known as Sev Statik has offered up his incredible work for free ( download The Silver LP and The School Shooting EP). In fact The School Shooting EP made our Best Hip-Hop of 2010 list a few months back! Im saying all of this to say that we dont need to tell you that with Sev, you will get quality hip-hop even when its free.

Sev Statik isnt new to the game though; he is one of the founding members of both Deepspace5 and The Tunnelrats; and has also had a solid solo career to boot. This time around he has partnered with producer Raw Threat, and the result, in my opinion, is Sev’s most creative endevor to date. Straying from his normal smooth-as-butter beat foundation, Sev Statik shows that he can destroy a ryhmn even when the beat jumps all over the place. Sev is tha man!

This is defiantly a must have for fans of Atmosphere, Cage, and Aesop Rock.

Download The Sondial EP by Sev Statik

Free MP3 Download: Deepspace5 Double Headed

We return to the weekly free download with a double album drop from two of the Deepspace5 crew.


The first comes from Sev Statik with the School Shooting EP. According to Sphere Of Hip-Hop, this whole album was put together in ONE day! It doesn’t show, because like everything Sev Statik, there is tons of depth, sincerity, and creativity in every track. He even sings a little on “Bravado”. This is one of my favorite things he has ever done.

Download School Shooting EP by Sev Statik


The second download come from my favorite emcee Playdough with The Bible Bus Mixtape. Like with everything else he does, the mixtape showcases Playdough‘s unique talent along with his playfulness at the same time. There isnt one track on here that leaves you with any doubt that Playdough is a phenomenal emcee, but also a earnest artist with alot to say. If you like anything this guys has done in the past, you will for sure dig this.

Download The Bible Bus Mixtape by Playdough

Deepspace5 Announce New Album/Release Music Video


The underground hip-hop supergroup known as Deepspace5 (members include: manCHILD and Dust of Mars Ill fame, Playdough, Sev Statik, Beat Rabbi, Freddie Bruno, Sivion, sintax.the.terrific, Manwell?, and Listener) announced recently that they would be releasing a new album, The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be through Mega Royal Records, April 27th, 2010. They also made the first single off that album “From The Outside” into a really cool music video, which you can see below. ENJOY!!

Free MP3 Album Download: Sev Statik-Silver LP

sev statik silver lp

Today’s free download is from the mighty Sev Statik. For those that don’t know Sev 1) you have been missing out and 2) he is one the key members of the underground hip-hop super-crew known as The Tunnelrats. Those familiar with Tunnelrats will know what to expect from Sev Statik; the dude is total underground hip-hop. His rhymes are complex and introspective, the beats are intricate and kind of grimy. There is alot of focus here on ministry, samples, and artistic hip-hop. Everything you could need…

The Silver LP is one of Sev Statik‘s first solo ventures, and last week he announced that not would most of his library be on a massive discount, but that this little gem would be for free. If you are into down-to-earth hip-hop with alot of heart and message, then you should download this album right NOW!

For fans of: Cas Metah, LMNO, Atmosphere, Brother Ali

the link below will take you to Sev Statik‘s bandcamp page. Hit that DOWNLOAD ALBUM link at the top of the page, and fill out what ever info they ask for, and you will receive a link to down the album in your email shortly after…

Download Sev Statik-Silver LP

Sev Statik Posts New Music Video

sev statik

Below is the latest music video from Deepspace5 member Sev Statik with his DJ Dust colaboration called “Back To Dust”. The video is a really well shot, artfully directed video featuring Sev Statik’s unique and talented lyrical style. If you are into underground hip-hop, you will love this. Enjoy!