New Releases For June 11th, 2013

colossus time and eternal
Time & Eternal

Facedown Records
Mosh Metal
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Creations - Unworthy Humility

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ghost ship the good king
The Good King
Ghost Ship

BEC Recordings
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Heath Mcnease - the weight of glory second edition
The Weight Of Glory Second Edition
Heath McNease

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Shad and Skratch Bastid - The Spring Up EP
The Spring Up EP
Shad + Skratch Bastid

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Free Download: JGivens- Run.

Simply said, JGivens is gifted.

He is a fresh face among alot of mundane, over-produced artists who are more concerned with “swagger” more than spirit. He is the perfect balance of intelligent lyrics mixed with engaging style. He is a mix between Shad, Propaganda, and Pigeon John, and then something completely on his own.

Hey Humble Beast, pay attention this guy!

check out his video for one of the songs off the album, “Free”

Listen, download and enjoy

SXSW 2011 Days Three & Four: Too Many People

SXSW is always a little bittersweet for me. On one hand I always have a blast being down in the heart of Austin in the midst of a million people, hanging out with friends, and experiencing music that I wouldnt get to on a normal basis. On the other, its just exhasting to participate in the festival. There is alot of walking, not alot of places to sit, and since we cover a very specific group of artists, it takes some major preparation to be in the right place at the right time. In addition to this, I am actually working another job all week, a Spring Break day camp at a local YMCA. Despite all that, I have seen some really great stuff over the last few days, and in the middle of a great song it seems I am always able to forget how tired my feet are a thank God Im standing in the room Im in. I am blessed.

Day 3: The Civil Wars, Appleseed Cast & Shad

I actually didn’t get to see The Civil Wars or Appleseed Cast. Here is why: THERE ARE A TON OF PEOPLE AT SXSW! As the week goes on, many of the industry people and bands begin to populate the showcases in the audiance. I think I saw Doug Van pelt from HM Magazine almost everyday; Brooke Fraser was in line in front of me for The Civil Wars. On top of that, there are the thousands of people attending SXSW that are just average joes. All this to say i didnt get to see The Civil Wars because Im dumb and left the ballroom at the Driskel to get some air and then couldnt get back in. It was a small room (capacity was 120) and it was packed 2 hours before the folk duo’s set. There wasnt a line when I left, but a mega one when I returned. Strike out!

Shad at SXSW 2011

I DID get to see SHAD though, which I was really happy about. I actually learned about SHAD two years ago at SXSW when his record label handed me a sampler CD of his music and told me he was a believer. I have been a fan ever since, and his latest album, TSOL, was at the top of our Hip-Hop album of the year list.

The thing about SHAD live is that the dude never stops smiling. He was grinning ear to ear from the moment he walked out to sound check till the moment he disappeared into the back after his set. He was a super happy guy and it rubbed off onto the crowd…..mainly because he spent most of his show out in the crowd. The first two songs were spent bouncing around in the middle of the audience and handing the mic to people who knew the words. SHAD freestyled for us, played several of the songs form TSOL, and put on one of the most entertaining hip-hop shows I have ever seen. this ended up being my only show for the day, but yet I left that night feeling satisfied.

Shad SXSW 2011 blur

The Appleseed Cast show was also full by the time we got there, we listened to a couple of songs (which were great) sitting outside the window and decided to call it a night.

Day 4: The Almost and Emery

Another kind of epic journey occurred on Saturday when my wife was actually able to attend some of the festival with me. We got there early to attend Flatstock, and then made the trek across downtown to catch the hip-hop show at the Carver Museum. This is the same showcase where we interviewed Kaboose, Tre9, and Lecrae two years ago, held at the same location. At least according to SXSW. When we got there, we walked in on a panel, which was cool enough, but by the time we realized we were in the wrong place it was all over. You see, the music was happening on 51st street, and we were on 18th. We had the right location, but apparently the oganizers had decided to move the music without telling anyone. So we missed Tedashii and Pro.

We wne t back downtown for a bit and actually wandered onto a free show that Vans was putting on outside of EMOs. Low and behold, The Almost were rocking the stage as we walked up! We were able to catch a good portion of the set, and man can Aaron Gillespie sing! That dude’s voice is super strong live, and the band had the crowd eating out their hand. They closed their set with a more up tempo version of Tom Petty’s “Free-Falling”, and everybody was there wanting more.

Luckily for me I caught the band again at the Tooth & Nail Showcase, so I was able to get more!
The Almost SXSW 2011 Tooth and Nail Showcase

emery sxsw 2011
After The Almost came Emery, and the crowd was buzzing for the re-tooled screamo band to tear the place down.  Emery got things going quickly with several tracks off their upcoming “heavier” album, We Do What We Want, and remarkably most of the crowd already knew the words.

To answer the lingering question: Yes, Emery‘s new stuff is alot heavier than past efforts, but the important thing to note is that they blend it well with their older, more melody driven material, so you get a well balanced, interesting show. Heck, half-way through the set they pulled out acoustic guitars and sang some stripped down versions of their older songs to the crowd.

By the way, the crowd was not only standing in close quarters inside the club, but also right outside this huge window the club has right behind the stage. Emery showed their fans that they came first by setting up the drummer facing these people on the street so that everybody could feel like they were part of the show.
emery sxsw 2011 outside crowd

That was it for me. The end of SXSW was kind of strange in that i dont feel like I was able to see alot of music as in past years, and yet I feel like some of the artists we cover (The Civil Wars, SHAD, The Almost, The Rocketboys) were some of the biggest names floating around the festival. See, just because you are open about your faith doesnt mean that you will be a failure in this industry, it just means that you have something to say. On to Cornerstone we go!

Craziness at One21-SXSW and AI

This is one of the best weeks of the year in Austin.  The world has descended on Austin for South by Southwest 2011, the largest music industry conference in the world.  More than 2,000 bands and musicians will perform more than 10,000 shows in four days.  We have found nearly 100 Christian musicians performing at SXSW 2011 and One21music will cover as many of them as we can.  We will give you a little insight into what is like on the street at the epicenter of popular music, share some photos from the shows and let you experience some of those shows through our eyes.

Christian Musicians Performing at SXSW

The Civil Wars
O Brother
Cold War Kids
Denison Witmer
Damian Juardo
The Ambassador
Brooke Fraser
The Almost

This is only a small fraction of the shows Christian musicians will be performing. There are more than 30 gospel and hip-hop artists will be playing over three days, at a venue that neither Ian nor I will be able to get to. Tomorrow night Ian will be covering HM’s hard core showcase featuring The Famine, Before Their Was Roselyn and The Brigade

Please check out our SXSW coverage from the last two years to get ready.

You may ask, how can you cover SXSW and American Idol Season 10? Well, I have convinced wifey to offer her insight into the Top 12 performances.  So join us live tomorrow night for more musically astute and empathetic insights into American Idol Season 10.

New Releases For October 1st, 5th, and 7th, 2010

New Releases For October 1st, 2010

Christmas with David Phelps
David Phelps Christmas
David Phelps

Spring Hill Records
Christmas Music
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Jaimee Paul-Christmas Time Is Here
Christmas Time Is Here
Jaimee Paul

Green Hill Music
Christmas Music
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sleeping at last YEARBOOK - October ep
October EP
Sleeping At Last

Atmospheric Rock
(available only through

New Releases For October 5th, 2010

At The Onset - Healing In Surrender
Healing In Surrender
At The Onset

Transform Music Group
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brooke waggoner and the world opened up live ep
And the World Opened Up EP
Brooke Waggoner

Swoon Moon Music
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circleside echoes of light
Echoes Of The Light

Save The City Records
Pop Rock
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fm williams crowded room
Crowed Room
FM Williams

Taste Music Group

Jars Of Clay-The Shelter
The Shelter
Jars Of Clay

Gray Matters
Pop Rock
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lovelite nearness

Atmospheric Rock
(download for free through

Matthew West-The Story Of Your Life
The Story Of Your Life
Matthew West

Sparrow Records
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iTunes(Deluxe Edition)

Mr. Del Tennman
Mr. Del

Dedicated Music Group
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Night Owls 5- Bird Flu
Syntax Records
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point of grace homefortheholidays
Home For The Holidays
Point Of Grace

Word Records
Christmas Music
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shana strange rescue
Rescue EP
Shana Strange

LifeStage Records
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Blackbox Recordings
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33 miles today

INO Records
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New Releases For October 7th, 2010

Dirty Words
PND (Sareem Poems & DJ Dust)

Humble Beast Recordings
Underground Hip-Hop

Shad Posts New Music Video

shad 08

Below is the latest music video from Canadian emcee Shad with the song “We, Myself, & I”. This is the third video to come from Shad‘s latest album, TSOL, which was released in Canada earlier this year and will hit stateside October 5th, 2010.

I watch and listen to a ton of hip-hop and rap for this website, and admittedly I dont post alot of it. I am a huge fan of the genre, and since its core element is words, the potentially for this music to be used for the Kingdom is staggering. However, more often I see artists trying to make their songs into pop, turn the focus inward, or worse yet not utilize their music as an art form rather than a formula. That last sentence may be a little convoluted, but if you are reading this and listen to hip-hop the way I do I think you will understand.

The point is that I see none of these trappings in Shad. He is fun, honest, socially aware, intelligent, and most of all seems to not be confused with his role as a believer and a rapper. Shad‘s stuff is not ministry focused, but rather he just speaks earnestly about the world around him, and lets God shine through. Enjoy!

We Myself, & I

as a bonus I decided to post the other two music videos from Shad‘s upcoming TSOL, in the hopes that you will go pick it up on October 5th!

Rose Garden

Yaa I Get It

Shad Posts New Music Video

Below is the latest music video from underground hip-hop artist Shad with his song “Rose Garden”. The video is sweet, and if you are into Kayne West and Common, you should check this dude out! ENJOY!!

New Releases For May 25th & 28th, 2010

as hell retreats revival
As Hell Retreats

Strike First Records
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dependency convicted

Blood & Ink Records
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flynn adam bang the drum ep
Bang The Drums EP
Flynn Adam

Progressive Hip-Hop
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it prevails the findings ep
Findings EP
It Prevails

Melodic Hardcore


Black Box Recordings

thin ice revelation through tribulation
Revelation Through Tribulation
Thin Ice

Blood & Ink Records
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inner wish no turning back
No Turning Back

Ulterium Records
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Monster Hip-Hop Video Post

I run across alot of hip-hop videos every week, and believe me when I say that I would never be able to leave this computer if I posted every single one of them in their own post.  However, this week has been especially heavy, so I thought I would make one post and put them all up.  There are most likely going to be some names you don’t know, and the many different shades of the hip-hop tree are represented here, but give them a chance, you may just find you next favorite emcee!

Shad- “Yaa Get It”

Spoken Nerd- “Snake Assassin”

JDub- “The Maze”

George Moss- “Go Hard Or Go Home”

Mynista- “Devoted”

Lady E- “Better Days”

Shad Readies New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for emcee Shad‘s latest release, entitled TSOL, which will drop on May 25th, 2010. His last album, The Old Prince, was one of my favorites hip-hop albums from a few years back, so we all have big hopes for this one…..

1. Intro
2. Rose Garden
3. Keep Shining
4. Lucky 1′s
5. A Good Name
6. We Are The Ones (Reservoir Poetry)
7. Telephone
8. Call Waiting (Interlude)
9. Yaa I Get It
10. Listen
11. At The Same Time
12. We, Myself, and I
13. Outro

for more new releases, please check out our ALBUM RELEASE DATES page to stay up to date on all the new music coming out