SXSW 2010 Day 3: Crazy

I have to admit that up until Firday, I have been pretty disappaointed with SXSW.  Yes, I didnt get a wristband and that most likely is holding me back, but it just seems like I havent been wowed as much this year as 2009.

Then Friday happened

Alternative hard rock band Conditions hit the Purevolume stage first thing and rock the crowd’s socks off. If you have never seen the band, they play a fun mix of melodic rock with just enough heavy riffs that makes them fit in with any rock crowd. They were solid from beginning to end, and were able to set the crowd up for another long day of music and fun.

This is one of those bands who know that they dont have to prove themselves anymore, but still give the crowd everything they want. Lovedrug‘s music really informs their show, at times it is slow and driving and at others thundering and emotional. They played a really good mix of their many albums, and also some newer material that will appear on a number of upcoming EPs (according to Doug from HM). They proved why they are still a name in the rock industry so many years later.

MyChildren MyBride
Despite the fact that MCMB played with mainly satanic death metal bands at this free showcase outside of EMOs, the band tore the place to the ground with their blend of hardcore and thrash. Smileing from beginning to end, MyChildren MyBride completely ruled the crowed as they blasted through a nearly 35 minute set. Stage dives, monster mosh pits, and sing alongs were all had in plenty, and the crowd was even treated to 4 brand new songs that will appear on their new album, Lost Boys, which will be out very soon. Ive always LIKED this band, but now I am FAN.

The Letter Black
A last minute addition to the HM Showcase, The Letter Black brought their brand of melodic hard rock on like a freight train. They seemed a little bothered by the lacking of standing in the crowd, but it didnt really slow them down one bit. After seeing these guys live, and interviewing them for Voices Of The Underground, my predictions is that if these guys last another year or so, they will be the next big break out band for Tooth & Nail.

Before There Was Rosalyn
The whole reason I even found the HM Showcase was because Before There Was Rosalyn was literally out on the street selling their merch to everybody who walked by. The Houston, TX band showed Austin what spirit-filled hardcore was all about with high energy form note one, and a unrelenting message of hope in Christ. They had the largest crowd for the showcase, and defiantly deserved the attention. Everyone in the room was their best friend by the end of the set, and the band hung out with the crowd for hours after they left the stage. I think we will be hearing alot from these guys for years to come…

Shapes Stars Make
Musically, Shapes Stars Make has tied for my favorite for this year’s SXSW, as far as their show goes, I need to see it again. Not because the band was bad, in fact let’s just say there was a alot of hitting instruments with mallets and sticks, looping effects, and 6 minute songs with no lyrics. I loved it! I was just really distracted by some……ummmm……dancing that started about two minutes into the progressive rock band’s set. If you werent there, it was really hard to miss, very bizarre, and the dancers seemed to multiply over time. Shapes Stars Make, you guys were great……welcome to Austin!

New Releases For January 19th, 2010

cold war kids behave yourself
Behave Yourself EP
Cold War Kids

Downtown Records
Indie/Blues Rock
Buy NOW:

michael pritzl mercy songs
Mercy Songs
Michael Pritzl


onward to olympas this world is not my home
This World Is Not My Home
Onward To Olympas

Facedown Records
Buy NOW:

6PnlDigi_Web Template:Layout 1
These Mountains Are Safe
Shapes Stars Make!

Dreamt Music
Progressive Rock
Buy NOW:

Christian Music News December 15th, 2009


It seems that Ben Olin, vocalist from This Beautiful Republic has left the band.

Carmen is going to start doing movies again….yep, we just mentioned Carmen on The One21.

Brett Detar, former vocalist for The Juliana Theory and former guitarist for Zao, is going to make a solo album.

The van carrying all of Underoath‘s equipment crashed on a way to a show. Everyone was ok, but three days later, the band was literally snowed into their hotel, and had to cancel more shows. Its tough touring!

Wow, Jennifer Knapp will be on the Lilith Fair tour in 2010. Congrats!

Alyssa Duncan, vocalist for Ilia, has stepped down from the band with no real explanation.

12 Stones, Blood And Water, Letter To The Exiles, Juliagrace, Shonlock, Pergamum, Our Last Night, and Fairgreen are all in the studio recording new music for your ears!

Music Videos

First up is “You’re Cool” by The Joe

Next up is “Open Your Eyes” by female emcee HeeSun Lee

This little gem of mosh is called “Unbreakable” by Saving Grace

Album Info (more in the Release Dates page)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Dreamt Music’s progressive rock band Shapes Stars Make‘s upcoming January 19, 2010 release These Mountains Are Safe

6PnlDigi_Web Template:Layout 1
1. Giant Bird
2. Le Dodici
3. (We Are) The Hurting
4. Be Gentle, Young One
5. Sunrise
6. Fireflies and Lights
7. The Calm
8. And the Sky Opened

Next we have the album artwork and tracklisting for The Saving One by Starfield, which will hit stores February 23rd, 2010.

starfield the saving one
1. The Saving One
2. Rediscover You
3. Declaration
4. No Other Savior
5. Something To Say
6. Absolutely
7. Overwhelm
8. Top Of My Lungs
9. Beautiful The Sound
10. Father
11. The Saving One (Acoustic Version)

Christian Music News Oct.6th, 2009


Paramore‘s MTV Unplugged performance was posted over on this last week. Watch Paramore Unplugged.

HM Magazine posted an interview with Before There Was Rosalyn. Read Before There Was Rosalyn interview.

Dreamt Music has signed on Shapes Stars Make! from Dallas, TX. Congrats guys, I think you are the first Texas band to ever sign with a Facedown imprint…

A rather extensive interview with Lights was posted over at Read Lights interview.


Below is the new video from The Letter Black for their song “Hanging By A Thread”

Below is the video for Oh, Sleepers song “Son Of The Morning”

Below is the video for “Lost” by Da T.R.U.T.H.

Below is the music video for The Wrecking‘s song “Sound of the Resistance”

Below is new video from Flyleaf with their new song “Again”

Below is the new music video for “Lonely Wheel” by The Almost

Album Info (more in the Release Dates page)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Joy Electric‘s upcoming covers album entitled Favorites At Play, which will hit stores November 3rd, 2009.
joy electric favorites at play
1. 1,2,3,4 (Feist)
2. Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
3. I Miss You (Blink 182)
4. Falling Slowly (Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová from the film Once)
5. When You Were Young (The Killers)
6. Somewhere Only We Know (Keane)
7. It Ends Tonight (The All-American Rejects)
8. Decode (Paramore)
9. Say It Right (Nelly Furtado)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Tooth & Nail newcomers Queen’s Club and their upcoming October 27th, 2009 release, Nightmarer EP
queens club nightmarer
1. Nightmarer
2. Dust
3. Family Ties
4. Greinke
5. Uh Huh
6. Nightmarer [Max Justus Remix]

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Eisley‘s upcoming October 13th, 2009 release, entitled The Fire Kites EP
eisley fire kites EP
1. Ambulance
2. The Valley
3. Away We Go (demo)
4. 192 Days (demo)