Free Download: Showbread – Cancer

Its that time again, when the Raw Rock legends known as Showbread unless their latest creation on the planet. Cancer is a concept album that is touted as ” a science-fiction rock opera” that will serve as the soundtrack for a movie of the same name that the band are putting the finishing touches on as we speak.

All of that aside, the album is Showbread going back and doing what they do best: a combination of garage punk, chaotic hardcore, and indie dance music that band has termed “raw rock”. Not so much on the last album, but Showbread fans will love Cancer as their band has come back the sound they created. Enjoy

Download Cancer by Showbread on Come&Live!

New Releases For September 25th, 2012

The Longing EP
All Sons & Daughters

Integrity Records
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As I Lay Dying

Metal Blade Records
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Only One in the World
Heather Headley

In Cite Media
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Into The Light
Matthew West

Sparrow Records
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Humble Beast
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Progressive Indie Rock
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No Direction
The Wedding

Tooth & Nail Records
Hard Rock
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Free Download: Showbread- Who Can Know It?

showbread-who can know it

Showbread is one of those strange bands that by popular standards shouldn’t be as popular as they are, but somehow are able to remain respected and somewhat big all at the same time. From their beginnings as a chaotic hardcore band to their eventual evolution into a genre they call “raw rock”, the band has consistently reinventing themselves at every turn, always trying to give fans a little something different with every album.

Last year after the critical success of The Fear Of God, the band announced that they were splitting with longtime label home Tooth & Nail Records, and became part of ministry label Come&Live! If you have been reading this website for a while, you will know ONE21′s undying affection for Come&Live!, so naturally the union of Showbread and the label was welcome news.

The time is now, we present the latest from raw rock band Showbread with the album Who Can Know It?. The album is Showbread exploring new areas (this one is a little softer in places than I think most people are ready for), and rockin out on the rest. If you are into indie/punkish sounding rock with strong spiritual themes, you need to download Who Can Know It? right now.

Download Showbread-Who Can Know It?

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Free Download:The Ember Days-Finger Painting EP

the ember days fingerpainting ep

Come&Live! is a great source for exceptional free music. Their artists give away their music as a gift to the people that they are serving, and see it as part of their ministry to do so. In the last year, Come&Live! have attracted a number of talented artists, including So Long Forgotten, Ascend The Hill, and most recently Showbread.

The label had a new release this week from one of their flagship artists, The Ember Days, with their new EP entitled Finger Painting. If you already own the band’s self-titled EP, then let me say that these 5 songs are light years from their previous material. The New Zealand band has really injected their own voice into the worship music they write, and the result is something that is sure to touch your heart and move your spirit.

You can download the EP from Come&Live! below for free or with a donation of your choosing.

Download The Ember Days- Finger Painting EP

Showbread Signs With Come&Live!

showbread 09

In news that can only mean amazing things in the future, raw rock band band Showbread have left Tooth & Nail Records to join up with ministry label Come&Live!. The following statement appeared on Showbread‘s website yesterday:

Showbread has been a band for twelve years. We have played upwards of 2,000 shows, traveled to numerous countries, met thousands of people and experienced more than any of us can cram into our memories. During that time our goal as a band has remained constant: Use Showbread to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with every available resource, specifically using our uninhibited God-given creativity. This has included the utilization of our music as an instrument to preach as well as worship, reaching out to make personal connections with our fans, friends and other bands, and to work to dispel misconceptions about following Jesus in a young culture that has often been misled. Tremendously flawed as we may be, Showbread has remained steadfast in our vision that we exist as a band for one purpose only: to proclaim the name of Jesus.

For a large part of Showbread’s “career” we have existed as a part of the musical industry. The more our band excelled, the more we realized the challenge of pursuing our calling as a ministry while navigating the professional waters of the industry. We have experienced many ups and downs: wonderful record sales, poor record sales, sold out concerts, and concerts with only seven audience members. Through it all we have always fought to embrace our trials as well as our blessings and trust that as long as God has ordained our art and ministry He will certainly continue to use it as a tool to do His work. We acknowledged and accepted that Jesus would provide for our needs whether we were “successful” within the industry or not. This mentality creates a paradox within the “business” of music. It can be difficult to convince record labels, managers, radio stations, etc. to believe in and support your artistic vision when your ultimatum as a band is not making money or selling records, but rather doing the will of Christ even if it means changing only a single heart with a single record.

Add to this complicated formula Showbread’s notoriously unpredictable and obstinate artistic vision. Throughout our band’s timeline we have consistently refused to honor any musical rules or expectations and in doing so we’ve often frustrated those we work with on a professional level as well as fans of our music. We decided early on to consider only God’s call on our music and the creative freedom He grants us to accomplish His goals, using the gifts He so generously gives. Once again, it often presents an interesting situation when you explain to someone whose job is to sell your album that you honestly don’t care if anyone buys it, as long as you have honored your artistic/evangelistic calling.

God has provided an amazing opportunity for Showbread with Come&Live! Through a community of like-minded individuals striving to equip ministry oriented bands to live out the great commission, encourage and develop musicianaries and work to enable them to offer their music as a free gift. At this point in our lives as Showbread, we have decided to withdraw from many elements of the industry that have been a part of our band for years, sign with Come&Live! and trust God to provide ways for us to offer our music and our performances as free gifts in order to expand the scope of our ministry. By offering our music as a gift with no charge and embracing Christ’s call to give generously we will open our ministry to anyone and everyone who will take any note of it, not just those willing to pay for it. It is our hope to make Showbread more like the work of missionaries than the work of a professional rock and roll band.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME, THE LISTENER? Showbread will be releasing its next album in a variety of formats including a completely free high quality download through We are also pursuing methods to make our performances free as well, which may be an experimental process that takes a while to perfect.

HOW CAN I HELP? To begin with, prayer is greatly appreciated during this transitional period as we begin a challenging new method of operation. Please add Showbread to your list of daily prayer points and remember our specific needs and us when you talk to God. Check our list of needs often to be able to pray for specifics or contribute to a specific need. After prayer and petition, donate as you feel led to one of our funds or to our overall ministry. Pray about supporting Showbread and Come&Live! Monthly or on an ongoing basis through a partial tithe. Please share our story with like-minded friends and family who might not follow the band as musical fans, but support our mission.

Showbread Post New Music Video

Raw rock band Showbread have posted their latest music video for their song “I Think I’m Going To See You”. The track comes off their 2009 release The Fear Of God, and isn’t this like the 3rd video from that album? Showbread seems to love that whole video thing…..

Purple Door Festival Announces Line-Up

Purple Door Festival, which takes place in Lewisberry, Pennsylvania at the beginning of August, has announced the first round of bands that will be making up their line-up. For the most part, these names will change a bit, and there are plenty more to come, but for now here is what the festival has lined up for you guys:

Main Stage
Family Force 5
Thousand Foot Krutch
August Burns Red
Project 86
The Classic Crime
House of Heroes
Children 18:3
I Am Terrified

HM Magazine Stage
Demon Hunter
Mychildren Mybride
Texas In July
Ace Augustine
War of Ages

Gallery Stage
Bradley Hathaway
Paper Route
John Mark McMillan
Deas Vail
B. Reith
Oceans in Love

The Forum
Derek Webb
Bradley Hathaway
Andrew Schwab (vocalist for Project 86)
Family Force 5 acoustic

Christian Music News Oct.27th, 2009


Mantric (featuring former members of Extol) have signed with Prosthetic Records, and will be releasing a self titled album through said label in the very near future…

An interview with Thrice was posted on this week. Read Thrice interview.

Mat Kearney recently recently recorded a live session over at Listen to Mat Kearney on Daytrotter.

Owl City‘s song Fireflies was #1 on iTunes this week. Congrats to all…

The Glass Ocean broke up.

An interview with The Almost was posted at estrellaonline this week. Read The Almost interview.

The Clocktower Showdown have also split up.

Wovenhand is currently recording a new album entitled The Thrashing Floor. It will be out in early 2010.

Apparently Tyler from Blessed By A Broken Heart got into some trouble this with the metal band Megadeath over a comment Tyler made to one of Megadeath‘s road crew that was deemed “racist”. A press release was issued to clear things up. Read Blessed By A Broken Heart press release.

An interview with Matt from Relient K was posted over on Relevent Magazine’s website this week. Read Relient K interview.


Below is the new video from Rawsrvnt with his song “Tears 4 Peers”

Here is a cool little video from Jay And The Lovebirds called “Last Compromise”

This is the latest awesomeness from Listener Project called “Ozark Empire, Or A Snake Oil Salesman Comes To Your Town”

Below is the video for “Lost Connection With The Head” by Showbread

This next video isnt actually a music video. It seems that Youtube is re-broadcasting U2‘s entire concert from the a recent stop at The Rose Bowl. The video below is over 2 hours long. Enjoy:

Album Info (more in the Release Dates page)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for American Idol winner Kris Allen‘s upcoming November 17th, 2009 self titled release. It will feature Jon Foreman of the Switchfoot/Fiction Family fame, and was co-produced/written by members of MuteMath, OneRepulic, The Fray, and Paper Route.
kris allen
1. Live Like We’re Dying
2. Before We Come Undone
3. Can’t Stay Away
4. The Truth
5. Written All Over My Face
6. Bring It Back
7. Red Guitar
8. Is It Over
9. Let It Rain
10. Alright With Me
11. Lifetime
12. I Need To Know
13. Heartless

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Bifrost Arts upcoming Christmas album, Salvation Is Created, which will become available November 3rd, 2009
biofrost arts Salvation Is Created
1. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
2. Joy Joy!!! (featuring Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri)
3. Bring A Torch Jeanette, Isabella (featuring Ben + Vesper)
4. O Little Town Of Bethlehem (featuring Sarah Fullen)
5. Let All Mortal Flesh (featuring Elin K. Smith)
6. Messiah (featuring Robert Heiskel)
7. Silent Night (featuring Diane Birch)
8. Out Of Heaven (featuring Derek Webb and Evan Gregory)
9. Veiled In Darkness (featuring Matt Bauer and Maeve)
10. Salvation Is Created (featuring Aimee Wilson)

New Releases August 11th, 2009

Between The Trees

Bonded Records
Pop Rock
Buy NOW:

The Lost Get Found
Britt Nicole

Sparrow Records
Buy NOW:

The Fear Of God

Tooth & Nail Records
Raw Rock
Buy NOW:

Mind Like A Man, Soul Like A Boy
Terra Terra Terra

Round Kid Records
Buy NOW:

Chronicles Of An X-Hustler

Gozpul Music Group
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Beggars (digital iTunes releases)

Vagrant Records
Post Hardcore

Sheri Jones-Moffett

EMI Gospel
Buy NOW:

Free MP3 Download:Tooth & Nail Fuel Sampler 09


Its that time of year again, Tooth & Nail along with FUEL Magazine are giving a MASSIVE free sampler of some the best stuff from their 3 imprints (BEC, Tooth&Nail, and Solid State). This time around, there are a ton of unreleased tracks, including brand new songs from August Burns Red, Living Sacrifice, Oh Sleeper, and Showbread. Dont believe me, check out the track listing

And Then There Were None – Reinventing Robert Cohn
As Cities Burn – 84′ Sheepdog
August Burns Red – Thirty and Seven
Becoming The Archetype – Dichotomy
Children 18:3 – All My Balloons
Copeland – The Grey Man
Corey Crowder – Look How Far We’ve Come
Emery – Cuthroat Collapse
Family Force 5 – Fever
FM Static – Boy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook
Haste The Day – 68
Hawk Nelson – Let’s Dance [Dojo Dominating Remix]
Ivoryline – Days End
Jonezetta – Sick In The Teeth
Living Sacrifice – Overkill Exposure (Rough Mix)
mewithoutYou – Every Thought A Thought Of You
MxPx – Punk Rock Girl
Mychildren Mybride – On The Wings Of Integrity
Neon Horse – Strange Town
Oh, Sleeper – Son of the Morning
Secret & Whisper – Anchors (Acoustic)
Showbread – Nothing Matters Anymore
Since October – Guilty
Surrogate – Exercise Machines
The Ascendicate – Scottish
The Chariot – Daggers
The Crucified – The Pit
The Showdown – [Achilles] The Backbreaker
Thousand Foot Krutch – Bring Me To Life
Trenches – Sacrament
Underoath – Desperate Times Desperate Measures

Were you counting? Thats over 30 tracks, and most of them are from up coming albums. Yea, I know, you need to download this right now. Click on the link below and save the .ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, then tear into some great new music!

Download the Tooth & Nail Records Fuel Sampler 2009