Paper Route Posts New Music Video

paper route 09

Below is the latest music video from experimental rock band Paper Route with their song “Gutter”. The video is pretty great, but kind of hard to describe. Think of that Smashing Pumpkins video for “Tonight” but not as creepy…I dont know, that isnt right either….just watch the video!

Free Download: Bosh-Sound The Alarms

bosh sound the alarms

So, Bosh is a new find for me. They are out of the UK, which is why they have elluded me thus far, but Im trying to make up for lost time now. They are this perfect mix of progressive rock, pop, and hard rock. They write HUGE songs that build and build and then take turns you would never suspect. This is a must have download for anybody into smart, interesting rock music.

Lucky enough, Bosh put their older album up for free, so you can see what I am so psyched for. I know you are gonna dig this! Enjoy!

For fans of: Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Coldplay

Download Bosh-Sound The Alarms