Free MP3 Album Download:ApathyEdge-Ballons EP


ApathyEdge is a powerpop band. When I say that they are powerpop, I mean these guys are the definition of the genre. Robotic vocals, lots of dancey drum stuff, and a healthy mixture of rock and electronica mixed together.

The guys over at Indie Vision Music reviewed this EP a while back, you can read the review, but here is a good highlight to get what this album is like:

“Standout tracks for me where “Wake Up, Restart” and “To The End” which are both just super catchy tunes filled with hooks that’ll stick with you. Kinda like the cilantro and onions in those carne asada tacos… but in good way. ApathyEdge has crafted some nice techno-powerpop that unless you’re stuck in four-point restraints, should have you up and moving in no time.”

For fans of  Family Force 5, Head Automatica, and The Academy Is…

The link below will take you to a page. Click on the “Free User” button, and then a countdown will begin. When the “download” button appears, click it, then save the .ZIP file to your computer. EXTRACT ALL FILES, and enjoy the CD.

Download ApathyEdge- Balloons EP