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showbread-who can know it

Showbread is one of those strange bands that by popular standards shouldn’t be as popular as they are, but somehow are able to remain respected and somewhat big all at the same time. From their beginnings as a chaotic hardcore band to their eventual evolution into a genre they call “raw rock”, the band has consistently reinventing themselves at every turn, always trying to give fans a little something different with every album.

Last year after the critical success of The Fear Of God, the band announced that they were splitting with longtime label home Tooth & Nail Records, and became part of ministry label Come&Live! If you have been reading this website for a while, you will know ONE21′s undying affection for Come&Live!, so naturally the union of Showbread and the label was welcome news.

The time is now, we present the latest from raw rock band Showbread with the album Who Can Know It?. The album is Showbread exploring new areas (this one is a little softer in places than I think most people are ready for), and rockin out on the rest. If you are into indie/punkish sounding rock with strong spiritual themes, you need to download Who Can Know It? right now.

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Showbread Post New Music Video

Raw rock band Showbread have posted their latest music video for their song “I Think I’m Going To See You”. The track comes off their 2009 release The Fear Of God, and isn’t this like the 3rd video from that album? Showbread seems to love that whole video thing…..