New Releases For September 10th, 2013

newsboys – Restart

Sparrow Records
Contemporary Rock
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The Letter Black - Rebuild
The Letter Black

Tooth & Nail Records
Hard Rock
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New Releases For May 22, 2012

Beneath The Scars
12 Stones

Hard Rock
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The Firework EP
The Great Commission

Aint No Grave Records (ANGR)
Acoustic/Mosh Metal
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Family Force 5

Tooth & Nail Records
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Promising Promises
Jon McLaughlin

Razor & Tie Records
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Thank You Camellia
Kris Allen

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Holding On By A Thread Remix
The Letter Black

Tooth & Nail Records
Remix/Hard Rock
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The Hurt And The Healer

Fair Trade Services
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Back Home Again
The Oak Ridge Boys

Spring House
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The Antagonist

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Find Your Worth, Come Home
To Speak Of Wolves

Solid State Records
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Space, Time, Continuum
The Washington Projects

Save the City Records
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Free MP3 Download: Tooth & Nail Facebook Sampler


So Tooth & Nail Records is at it again with a another huge sampler for you guys. If you have downloaded any of their samplers in the last few months, you will see some of the same tracks, but there are some new songs. All in all, it is a very good taste of everything the label(s) have to offer. Check out the tracklist below; then click on the link, it will take you to a Facebook page, click on the graphic and follow the instructions. ENJOY!

Poema – “2 A.M.”
Children 18:3- “Cover Your Eyes”
Fair- “Disappearing World”
The Almost- “Hands”
The Letter Black- “Hanging On By A Thread”
Ivoryline- “Instincts”
Sent By Ravens- “New Fire”
The Classic Crime- “Solar Powered Life”
Oh, Sleeper- “Son Of The Morning”
MyChildren MyBride- “Terra Firma”
Secret & Whisper- “Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)”
To Speak of Wolves – “Darkness Often Yields the Brightest Light”
Emery – “Edge of the World”
Living Sacrifice – “Rules of Engagement”
Advent – “Pack of Fools”
Gwen Stacy – “The First Words”
Demon Hunter – “Collapsing”
Mae – “In Pieces”
Write This Down – “Renegade”
Inhale Exhale – “Did You Ever Have A Touch To Lose?”
Surrogate – “Exercise Machines”
Haste The Day- “Travesty”
The Showdown- “Blood In The Gears”
Download The Tooth & Nail Records Facebook Sampler

Free Download: Tooth & Nail Summer Soundtrack


It seems like Tooth & Nail always does this. They release a big ol sampler through another company, and then say to themselves “ya know, we should just do another one……by ourselves”.

Well thats what they have done, and this time around they have included a whole bunch of music that hasn’t even been released from all three of their departments (BEC Recordings, Tooth & Nail Records, and Solid State Records are all the same company). If you already downloaded the other sampler I put up, well good, you should have. there are a few repeat tracks on this one, but for the most part you will get a whole bunch of new music here. Enjoy!

1. Poema-”2 AM”
2. The OC Supertones- “Hallelujah”
3. Rapture Ruckus- “All Things New”*new unreleased
4. Manafest- “Avalanche”
5. Children 18:3- “Cover Your Eyes”*new unreleased
6. Fair- “Disappearing World”
7. Write This Down- “Handgrenades”
8. The Almost- “Hands”
9. The Letter Black- “Hanging On By A Thread”
10.Ivoryline- “Instincts”*new unreleased
11. Queen’s Club- “Less Talk”
12. Since October- ” Life, Scars, Apologies”*new unreleased
13. The Museum- “Never Look Away”*new unreleased
14. Sent By Ravens- “New Fire”
15. The Classic Crime- “Solar Powered Life”
16.Oh, Sleeper- “Son Of The Morning”
17. MyChildren MyBride- “Terra Firma”*new unreleased
18. Jaymes Reunion- “Trouble”
19. To Speak Of Wolves- “Trust But Verify”
20. Secret & Whisper- “Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)”

Download Tooth & Nail Records Summer Sampler

Free Download:Tooth & Nail Bamboozle 2010 Sampler


Do I REALLY have to talk you guys into these samplers any more? I mean, every year Tooth & Nail Records (along with BEC Recordings and Solid State Records), possibility the most successful underground Christian label out there puts out a sampler of their biggest and brightest. This has already been a huge year the T&N guys, so it is no surprise that there are a lot of new faces in the tracklisting. Unlike most of these samplers, there is a little something for everyone; pop, rock, metal, hardcore, contemporary genres are represented. So here is the tracklisting:

The Almost – “Hands”
The Classic Crime – “Solar Powered Life”
Secret & Whisper – “Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)”
Queens Club – “Less Talk”
Write This Down – “Renegade”
Sent By Ravens – “New Fire”
Poema – “2 A.M.”
Fair – “Disappearing World”
To Speak of Wolves – “Darkness Often Yields the Brightest Light”
Oh Sleeper – “Son of the Morning”
Number One Gun – “Forest”
Emery – “Edge of the World”
Living Sacrifice – “Rules of Engagement”
Inhale Exhale – “Did You Ever Have A Touch To Lose?”
Advent – “Pack of Fools”
Gwen Stacy – “The First Words”
Demon Hunter – “Collapsing”
Since October – “The Show”
The Letter Black – “Hanging On By A Thread”
Mae – “In Pieces”

Click on the link below, fill out some info, and tear it up!

Download the Tooth & Nail Records Bamboozle 2010 Sampler

New Releases For May 1st, 4th and 7th, 2010

heath mcnease the gun show
The Gun Show
Heath McNease

7 Spin Music
Underground Hip-Hop
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Amazon MP3

heath mcnease shine on
Shine On
Heath McNease

7 Spin Music
Folk Singer/Songwriter
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Amazon MP3

article one the only one Im fighting for ep
The One (I’m Fighting For) EP
Article One

Inpop Records
Pop Rock
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Austins Bridge times like these
Times Like These
Austins Bridge

Daywind Records
Pop Country
Buy NOW:

Dolly Parton  Letter To Heaven Songs Of Faith & Inspiration
Letter To Heaven: Songs Of Faith & Inspiration
Dolly Parton

Sony Legacy
Buy NOW:

the letter black hanging on by a thread
Hanging On By A Thread
The Letter Black

Tooth & Nail Records
Hard Rock
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MercyMe The Generous Mr Lovewell
The Generous Mr. Lovewell

INO Records
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oceana clean head ep
Clean Head EP

Rise Records
Post Hardcore
(available at Hot Topic)

saylah breakout

InLine Records
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Amazon MP3

A Rose By Any Other Name One For My Master And One For My Dame
One For My Master And One For My Dame
A Rose By Any Other Name (Josh Scogin of The Chariot)

Folk Singer/Songwriter

jason upton family music
Family Music
Jason Upton

Key Of David Ministries
Buy NOW:
Amazon MP3

SXSW 2010 Day 3: Crazy

I have to admit that up until Firday, I have been pretty disappaointed with SXSW.  Yes, I didnt get a wristband and that most likely is holding me back, but it just seems like I havent been wowed as much this year as 2009.

Then Friday happened

Alternative hard rock band Conditions hit the Purevolume stage first thing and rock the crowd’s socks off. If you have never seen the band, they play a fun mix of melodic rock with just enough heavy riffs that makes them fit in with any rock crowd. They were solid from beginning to end, and were able to set the crowd up for another long day of music and fun.

This is one of those bands who know that they dont have to prove themselves anymore, but still give the crowd everything they want. Lovedrug‘s music really informs their show, at times it is slow and driving and at others thundering and emotional. They played a really good mix of their many albums, and also some newer material that will appear on a number of upcoming EPs (according to Doug from HM). They proved why they are still a name in the rock industry so many years later.

MyChildren MyBride
Despite the fact that MCMB played with mainly satanic death metal bands at this free showcase outside of EMOs, the band tore the place to the ground with their blend of hardcore and thrash. Smileing from beginning to end, MyChildren MyBride completely ruled the crowed as they blasted through a nearly 35 minute set. Stage dives, monster mosh pits, and sing alongs were all had in plenty, and the crowd was even treated to 4 brand new songs that will appear on their new album, Lost Boys, which will be out very soon. Ive always LIKED this band, but now I am FAN.

The Letter Black
A last minute addition to the HM Showcase, The Letter Black brought their brand of melodic hard rock on like a freight train. They seemed a little bothered by the lacking of standing in the crowd, but it didnt really slow them down one bit. After seeing these guys live, and interviewing them for Voices Of The Underground, my predictions is that if these guys last another year or so, they will be the next big break out band for Tooth & Nail.

Before There Was Rosalyn
The whole reason I even found the HM Showcase was because Before There Was Rosalyn was literally out on the street selling their merch to everybody who walked by. The Houston, TX band showed Austin what spirit-filled hardcore was all about with high energy form note one, and a unrelenting message of hope in Christ. They had the largest crowd for the showcase, and defiantly deserved the attention. Everyone in the room was their best friend by the end of the set, and the band hung out with the crowd for hours after they left the stage. I think we will be hearing alot from these guys for years to come…

Shapes Stars Make
Musically, Shapes Stars Make has tied for my favorite for this year’s SXSW, as far as their show goes, I need to see it again. Not because the band was bad, in fact let’s just say there was a alot of hitting instruments with mallets and sticks, looping effects, and 6 minute songs with no lyrics. I loved it! I was just really distracted by some……ummmm……dancing that started about two minutes into the progressive rock band’s set. If you werent there, it was really hard to miss, very bizarre, and the dancers seemed to multiply over time. Shapes Stars Make, you guys were great……welcome to Austin!

Live Footage Of P.O.D., Inhale/Exhale, The Letter Black Posted

Below are some fan filmed footage of The Letter Black, and Inhale/Exhale (featuring Sonny from P.O.D.) performing a few Deftones cover songs at a recent concert meant to benefit Deftones bassit Chi, who has been in the hospital since a massive car accident last October. All proceeds are going to help out with medical bills for Chi and his family…

Inhale/Exhale featuring Sonny from P.O.D.- Back To School

The Letter Black-My Own Summer

2010 Plans For P.O.D.

The following press release was posted by P.O.D. this week concerning their plans in 2010, touring South America, Chi benefits and all the various side projects each member has going on:

HAPPY NEW YEAR WARRIORS!!! 2009 was a quiet year for Payable On Death, but 2010 is looking to be a busy and full year. Here’s what’s going on:

Each of us will be doing our part for the Benefit for Chi from Deftones on January 16th in Fullerton, California at the Slide Bar.



This event is getting bigger, so Slidebar is blocking off the parking lot and bringing in a big stage to increase capacity. This more than doubles capacity, but you will still want to be sure to be there early, and it is still a FREE event.

Bands start at 6pm sharp, this is an event you won’t want to come late for! You can check the flyer out here Chi Benefit 1/16

Members of Deftones, members of Korn, P.O.D., Suicide Silence, The Letter Black featuring Traa from P.O.D. on bass, Lit, Bobo of Cypress Hill with DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies with several surprise vocalists, Dave “The Snake” Sabo of Skid Row, an all star jam with Hail! and friends featuring Mike Portnoy of Dream Theatre on drums, legendary bassist Dave Ellefson, Phil Demmel of Machine Head on guitar, Mark Anthony of The Letter Black on guitar & Ripper Owens on vocals, the new project featuring Dave Buckner of Papa Roach on drums, Joe Loeffler from Chevelle on bass & Marcos Curiel of P.O.D. on guitar, Jason Boyed of Audiovent, The Southtown Generals featuring Wuv of P.O.D., Stars Go Dim, Inhale Exhale, The Psycho Realm, members of Pennywise, several UFC champions, X-Games champions and comedians from the world famous Comedy Store on sunset blvd and many more to be announced so stay tuned to

This venue is small so plan to line up early or you will miss out on a once in a lifetime event! Special V.I.P. seating with the artists is available by emailing:

We are finally getting to come and visit our South American brothers and sisters with some exciting live shows already booked:
Mar 19 2010 7:00P ARGENTINAS MALVIDAS Ciudad Autónoma, Buenos Aires (provincia)
Mar 20 2010 7:00P FACULDADE SUL- AMERICANA Goiania, Goiás
Mar 21 2010 7:00P UNB Brasilia, Distrito Federal
Mar 24 2010 7:00P MUSIC HALL Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Mar 25 2010 7:00P VIA FUNCHAL São Paulo, São Paulo
Mar 26 2010 7:00P Clube Maua Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
Mar 27 2010 7:00P CLUBE PORTUGUES Recife
Mar 28 2010 7:00P ILHA CUSTICA (T.B.A.) Vitória, Espírito Santo
Apr 16 2010 7:00P ESTADIO DEL EJERCITO Guatemala City, Guatemala
Apr 17 2010 7:00P TAKERS AUDITORIUM San Jose, San José
Apr 18 2010 7:00P METROPOL Bogota, Bogotá (Distrito Capital)

p.s. For those of you in the states feeling neglected, we hope to see you in the summer!

Marcos and Wuv have been in the studio recording some new material. For now, nothing is confirmed, but Marcos has said, “we are writing to get the blood flowing.”

Each of the guys has various projects going on right now:
SONNY has been spending a lot of time up in Diamond Bar, CA working with The Whosoevers. The Whosoevers spent some time on the East Coast a few weeks back speaking and encouraging many young people. They are planning on hitting up Austin,TX next. Sonny’s been doing some solo speaking engagements as well, He’s always ready to share his heart when the door is open. Amidst all of this he has also been writing for his own solo album!

MARCOS has started a band with Joe Loeffler (Chevelle) & Dave Buckner (Papa Roach). They are auditioning vocalists as we speak. Several A-listers and amazing unknowns are in their studios polishing off what they feel they can bring to the family. Though we’d love to list all who have come forward wanting the position because it’s very exciting, we cannot. Since many of you have been keeping an eye on the band, we welcome your suggestions as well. So, if you know someone you feel might fit the bill, the stage is open. Hit up their Myspace:

TRAA has formed Ryot Entertainment Group to help new artists achieve their goals in the music industry. Traa also recently released his book “Pack It In: Kill or Be Killed in the Music Industry”, which talks about his building years with P.O.D. and gives some direction for musicians trying to become successful. The book can be purchased at
Ryot Entertainment has signed The Wrecking and Mahoney and Astra Kelly to their roster. You can check them out at: Ryot Entertainment will be a part of Cornerstone 2010 just like last year. Follow Traa on Twitter @TraaPOD

WUV has been very busy with two new bands and a new shoe from Tribal.
One of the bands is the Southtown Generals which also features Tim Pacheco:
And the other equally important band is Stillwell with his longtime friend Fieldy from Korn:
Wuv’s Tribal Shoe will be coming out soon, be on the lookout:

Also, our good friend JASON TRUBY has a new band called TRUBY. He says this band is by no means just a whim. It is just as serious as any and all of the bands he has had the pleasure to be associated with in the past. On the new album entitled Entropy, Truby has worked hard to write the songs that he felt God has wanted him to write. These songs come from a broken place, but in the end have lead to healing and restoration and given us a truly beautiful ROCK album. He would like to share his experiences with you through song. Hit him up on his social networks and let him know how these songs have affected you. Click Here to check out the new TRUBY album ENTROPY: TRUBY E-Card

In honor of the new South American Tour Dates, Soul Massive has just released the new WARRIOR Bandana, you can get one just click here: SoulMassive – Warrior Bandana. Show your Warrior Pride and make this part of your P.O.D. collection at a very reasonable price.

Make sure to keep checking our site for updates:

We love you and we will see you soon!

P.O.D. – Sonny, Marcos, Traa, Wuv

The Letter Black Ready New Album For Release

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for The Letter Black‘s upcoming February 23rd, 2010 release, Hanging On By A Thread. As always, you can find much more info on all the new releases in our Release Dates page, so you can stay up to date on the new music being made by Christian music artists.

the letter black hanging on by a thread

01. Invisible
02. All I Want
03. Believe
04. I’m Just Fine
05. There’ll Come a Day
06. Care Too Much
07. Hanging On by a Thread
08. More to This
09. Moving On
10. Best of Me
11. Useless Alibis