Free Download: Theory Hazit-THR3E

This week we present the latest in the long line of quality releases from Humble Beast. Theory Hazit has beeen around for awhile now throwing down in the hip-hop scene and taking names. He is one of the most respected names in the scene, and in addition to his many solo albums, he can be found as a guest emcee on songs by Sev Statik, Playdough, Cas Metah, Braille, and many others.

On his Humble Beast debut, Theory Hazit decided to tell his story in rhyme. Reaching back and exposing his past for the world to see, Theory continues the tradition of Humble Beast’s roster being some the most honest and raw lyricists around. His message is very brutal sometimes, and at other times whimsical; but it never escapes the listener that Theory Hazit is an excellent emcee. Combine this with smooth beat production from Dert, and THR3E stands on the short list of hip-hop albums of the year. You can buy beats and try to do some of your own music.

Download THR3E by Theory Hazit