Free Download: B.Reith – How The Story Continues Mixtape Vol.1

B. Reith is one of those “dont judge an artist by his appearance” type guys. For the last several years he has been viewed as the new tobyMac in the CCM world, but that shadow never made him very comfortable. So about 2 years ago he broke from his record label and has been releasing his music on his own. The How The Story Continues Mixtape has been my favorite work to date from him, chanelling a little 80s style hip-hop and little John Reuben flavor for good measure. Add guest appearances from Lecrae, Theory Hazit, and Lisa Gungor and this is defiantly worth your attention. Check it below

New Releases For August 28th, 2012

Light for the Lost Boy
Andrew Peterson

Centricity Music
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Behold! The City

Red Chord Records
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One Wing
The Chariot

Good Fight Entertainment
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Ember In Ashes

Red Chord Records
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Only You
Karyn Williams

InPop Records
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Welcome To Daylight

Sparrow Records
Pop Rock
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My Only Rescue
The Museum

BEC Recordings
Pop Rock
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Chasing The Sun
Safe Haven

Live Love Records
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Eye On It

Forefront Records
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House Of Heroes Posts Big Update

house of heroes 09

This week, Tim from House Of Heroes dropped a huge update for fans on the band’s Myspace concerning future plans, touring, and the departure of longtime bassist A.J. Babcock. All are addressed below:

Hey guys. Tim here. I’ve been meaning to start writing these little note things a bit more often. Just keep you guys in the loop a bit better, but I’ve been slacking. Hopefully myself and Jared can start giving things a bit more of a personal touch as far as keeping you updated.

First things first. I’m extremely bummed to announce that our drummer, Mr. Colin Rigsby will not be joining us on this upcoming tour. :( He’s reached a point where he just can’t make the sacrifice of being away from his family anymore. With a 3 year old son and a pregnant wife in her 3rd trimester, Colin had to make the very difficult decision to sit this tour out and be the husband and father he knows he needs to be. The rest of us fully support this decision as family ALWAYS comes before rock n’ roll. We’re not entirely sure what the future holds as far as Colin’s involvement with House of Heroes, but as of right now he will no longer be playing shows with us.

Our friend and fellow Columbus native, Mr. Josh Dun will be filling in for Colin on the Awake Tonight Tour starting on Thursday. Josh is a highly skilled and passionate drummer who came recommended by Colin himself. So far, rehearsals have gone amazing and we’re very confident that we’ll still be able to deliver the same quality live show that you’ve (hopefully) come to expect from us.

I know we never really updated the AJ situation, but a lot of you noticed in the fall that long time bassist AJ Babcock was no longer touring with us. Our good buddy Eric Newcomer stepped up and did and AMAZING job in his stead. Again, family must come first, and AJ felt like he needed to be with his wife more which is something we fully support. So, for those of you keeping score at home, the band that you will be seeing on this tour coming up will be as follows:

Tim Skipper: Vox, Guitar
Jared Rigsby: Guitar, Vox
Eric Newcomer: Bass, Vox
Josh Dun: Drums

I’m not gonna lie guys, these past few months have been pretty crazy and unstable. It’s been a tough time for House of Heroes. We’ve all been trying to slow down, get some perspective, and figure out our place in this band while at the same time writing and recording a new album and getting ready for this tour. I really believe we’re making/have made a freakin KILLER album and I can’t wait to finish it up and let you guys hear it! It’s going to probably be 11 or 12 songs (which means we’ll have some b-sides as well !!!) and I think we have a title for it, but we’re not 100% just yet. So HOLD YOUR HORSES! Our good friend Isaac Deitz filmed a lot of it and we did a lot of really candid interviews with him about how difficult this time of transition and uncertainty has been for us as a band. Hopefully that will come out in some form sooner than later so you guys can understand a bit better where we’re coming from.

OK, time to go rehearse again for the tour! I know myself and the other guys are REALLY excited to get out on the road again playin some sweet jams and hangin with you guys! If you have any questions or concerns about what I’ve just updated you on please don’t hesitate to speak up. I know we’re not the biggest band in the world, but the fans that we do have are TRUE and AWESOME, and we definitely value your thoughts and opinions. I’ll try to keep you updated with a bit more of a personal touch in the future and I’ll encourage the other guys to do the same. Thanks and blessings to all of you! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks as we rock this tour and finish up the new record!

Here are the dates for the Awake Tonight Tour with tobyMac and Skillet:


3/4 Aurora, IL ACS Gymnasium
3/5 West Lafayette, IN Elliot Hall of Music University of Perdue
3/6 Valparaiso, IN ARC at Valparaiso University
3/7 Murray, KY RSEC at Murray State University
3/11 Champaign, IL at Assembly Hall
3/12 Evansville, IN Roberts Stadium
3/13 Bristol, TN Viking Hall
3/18 Lancaster, PA Giant Center
3/19 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena
3/20 Johnstown, PA War Memorial Auditorium
3/21 Toledo, OH Lucas County Arena
3/25 Tallahassee, FL Civic Center
3/26 Ft. Meyers, FL Germain Arena
3/27 West Palm Beach, FL Cruzan Amphitheater
4/1 New Orleans, LA UNO Lakefront Arena
4/2 Tyler, TX Oil Place
4/3 Jackson, MS Mississippi Col
4/8 Norfolk, VA at Norfolk Scope Arena
4/9 Huntington, WV Big Sandy Superstore Arena
4/10 Lynchburg, VA Liberty University
4/11 Asheville, NC Civic Center

New Releases For February 8th and 9th, 2010

sons of god the genesis prologue ep
The Genesis Prologue EP
Sons Of Gods

Progressive Rock
Buy NOW: available for free download or pay-what-you-want at the Come&Live! website

ben vesper luvinidleness
LuvInIdleness EP
Ben + Vesper

Sounds Familyre
Buy NOW: Amazon MP3

fair disappearing world
Disappearing World

Tooth & Nail Records
Atmospheric Rock
Buy NOW:

fireflight for those who wait
For Those Who Wait

Flicker Records
Hard Rock
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Golden Rule EP
Motion Plus

ESeye Music


Inpop Records
Blues Rock
Buy NOW:

tobymac tonight

Gotee Records
Rap Rock
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vicky beeching limited edition 3 song ep
Limited Edition 3 Song EP
Vicky Beeching

Integrity Records

The One21 Essential 100 Pt.3

essential100 copy

The One21 Essential 100 is a collection of albums that represent the best in creativity, innovation, and originality in music. This is not a “best of” list, nor is it influenced by album sales, or even popularity. Our attempt with this series is to highlight the gems, those rare albums that push boundaries and encourage new ways of thinking; both musical and philosophically. In our opinion, the music highlighted in this series is the “good stuff”.

Simply what this is going to be is a list of 100 albums from Christian music artists that we think you should own. Like our website, most genres will be represented, and some of the albums will be from as far back as the 60s, to as current as 2009. Each week we will post five albums, in no real order, with descriptions, album artwork, and places to buy the music.

Check out Pt.1
Check out Pt.2

josh garrels over oceans
Over Oceans
Josh Garrels

Buy this album: Amazon MP3, iTunes
You are drawn in by the quiet acoustic music but you quickly wrap yourself in a musical and lyrical storm. This is a tour de force of folk, world, rap, electronic, spoken word theology by a brilliant musician who refuses to leverage his talent for fame or money. Over Oceans is Josh Garrels‘ first full length recording starts quietly with a beautiful ode to the beauty of God’s creation, “Fire By Night”. Later on the CD a rolling tumbling worship chant “Break Bread” should be a Sunday worship staple. The centerpiece is “SISU”, a six minute acoustically driven rap that lays out the beauty of core Christian theology more clearly than any sermon ever delivered.
Highlights: Break Bread, SISU, YHWH

Billy Joe Shaver- Victory

Buy this album: Amazon, iTunes
Shaver is Billy Joe Shaver and his son Eddy Shaver, presenting the songs of Billy Joe Shaver in a stripped-down, acoustic context. Shaver‘s peers as a songwriter and singer include Guy Clark, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. His voice has a lot of Hank Williams Sr. and some of Woody Guthrie, and his tunes hark back to the origins of country music, with traces of rural blues. Spiritually based, Victory gives the listener a glimpse into the soul of Shaver through the songs he has written about his relationship with his Lord. A man of strong spiritual conviction, Shaver has lived a life that often put him in conflict with his religious beliefs. Victory includes Shaver classics, essayed with a stirring combination of weariness and wisdom (“Old Five and Dimers,” “When Fallen Angels Fly”), as well as classics-to-be. The newer songs (“Son of Calvary,” “You Can’t Beat Jesus Christ”) are filled with Christian imagery, but he doesn’t preach–these are songs of a man struggling to reconcile his faith with the wild life he’s led. Victory is a fine listen, both comforting and harrowing.
Highlights: Live Forever, If I Give My Soul, My Mother’s Name is Victory

Son Lux- At War With Walls And Mazes
At War With Walls And Mazes
Son Lux

Buy this album: Amazon, iTunes
To say that Son Lux makes electronic music is like saying Daniel Day Lewis just acts; it just isn’t the full truth. Son Lux’s songs are complex, painful, and beautiful all at the same time. He takes sounds and then deconstructs them until they seem to explode out of the speaker and then evaporate just as fast, all of this would have sounded amazing through the peachtree audio. Pulling from genres across the electronic landscape such as trance, ambient, industrial, and breakbeat, At War With Walls And Mazes introduces the listener to strange and ever changing musical world, were words and music seem to be haunted by the ghosts of their own sounds. Singing parts warp and distort as they are being sung, beats abruptly stop only to return later in a song, but slightly altered. Every song is full of surprises, and you hear something different every time you listen. Son Lux has created and amazing and haunting masterpiece in At War With Walls And Mazes, one that seemingly has no equal.
Highlights: Wither, Betray, Stand, War

Monarch The Grandeur That Was Rome
The Grandeur That Was Rome

Buy this album: Amazon, iTunes
Almost from the first note on Monarch’s debut album, The Grandeur That Was Rome, you are completely transported into the music. Monarch is able to wield atmospheric, ambient rock in a way that eludes most of their contemporaries. Every song builds in a distinct and focused way, allowing you to linger on every note before they all crash into each other to create the beauty that is Monarch’s sound. Then, at last, you reach vocalist Brennon Shaw’s delicate and haunting voice, driving the choruses and melodies to a place of pure serenity. The combination of these rock, electronic, and vocal elements is what makes The Grandeur That Was Rome…well, grand. Music seemingly written to be a soundtrack to everyday life, Monarch set themselves apart from their peers with an album of creative and gorgeous songwriting that many could only aspire to, but never are able to grasp.
Highlights: Talk Is Cheap/The Undefeated, Tracing Paper (An Argument), Now You See It/Now You Don’t

tobyMac- Momentum

Buy this album: Amazon, iTunes
Who knew? Wasn’t a DCTalk fan so I didn’t know, but did anyone know that all the grit and drive of “Jesus Freak” was tobyMac? Bursting from the speakers with driving guitars, wild samples and layers of pounding drums tobyMac smacks us in the mouth with his first lyrics as a solo artist when spews his rap “Everybody, everybody in the place to be, Open up your mind and let your soul be free, I can feel the most High shining on me so… Let’s Get This Party Started”! Any questions about who was the muse of “Jesus Freak”?
Momentum is 14 songs of hard driving street Christianity metal hip hop, which samples both Buffalo Springfield and Wycleff Jean. And we do get the gospel stomp “JTrain” featuring Kirk Franklin. Momentum should be played loud enough to blow your speakers and bring the cops, but do it alone because you will want to silly dance. tobyMac’s first offering rivals anything Outkast has done.
Highlights: Get This Party Started , Love Is In The House, Somebody’s Watching

tobyMac Readies New Album

Below is the tracklisting and album artwork for tobyMac‘s upcoming Febuary 9th, 2010 release, Tonight.  The album will include appearances from Israel Houghton, along with members from Skillet and Relient K.

tobymac tonight

1. Tonight feat. John Cooper of Skillet
2. Get Back Up
3. Funky Jesus Music feat. Beckah Shae & Siti Monroe
4. City On Our Knees
5. ShowStopper
6. Changed Forever feat. Nirva Ready
7. Hold On
8. Loud n Clear (TruDog ’10)
9. Hey Devil
10. Wonderin’ feat. Matthew Thiessen of Relient K
11. Captured
12. Start Somewhere
13. Break Open The Sky feat. Israel Houghton

Free Download:DJ Promote-Lights Up, Eyes On


We are going to keep the Christmas music thing going with the addition of DJ Promote‘s Lights Up, Eyes On EP. At its core, this album is a cool little Hip-Hop inspired Holiday mix. Fun songs with some happy rap lyrics, remixes of holiday songs, and in general a cool little addition to you Christmas music collection. Things get kind of interesting with the track “Commercialism Theme Music” when DJ Promote provides the background music to a really awesome sermon concerning the true meaning of the season. On every track Promote brings the focus back to Christ, which is unfortunately very rare when this music comes up.

I think you guys will really like this, and this will be the last one for a few weeks. Im gonna take a small break during the next week or so, things are a little crazy on my end. Enjoy the download!

For fans of: Lecrae, Kaboose, tobyMac, Maj

Download DJ Promote-Lights Up, Eyes On EP

Free MP3 Album Download:The B.Reith EP

the b.reith ep

So I feel kind of bad for giving you a free download this week that you could only get for two days, so here is my compromise.  B.Reith is….well, B.Reith is kind a weird.  Don’t let that picture fool you, this dude is hip-hop.  Obviously not gangsta or anything, think more party rap in the vain of KJ-52 and tobyMac.  In fact tobyMac has taken this guy under his wing the last few years, and B.Reith just released a new album through Gotee earlier this week.

As far as I can tell, these tracks are pretty recent, so they will go perfectly with your recent copy of Now Is Not Forever.  This EP is a really good way to meet a new up and coming superstar…

For fans of: KJ-52, tobyMac

Now, this is AmazonMP3, so you have to download this little MP3 program from them, but dont worry, it is free, easy to use, and you can convert  the tracks over your iTunes or Zune (uck) jukeboxes with no problems.

Download The B.Reith EP

Christian Music News July 28,2009

for all those reading this on Facebook, follow this link to see all the videos

Here is a first look at the cover art for freak-folk pioneer Josh Garrels’ new album, entitled Lost Animals, which (according to his Myspace) will see a “August 2009″ release date. Isnt that next week?:

Below is the video for August Burns Red‘s latest single, “Meddler”

Contemporary Christian/Worship mainstay Tree63 has decided to split after almost ten years together, all saying that they will pursue separate music careers.

Since October has a pretty sweet new video for their song “Guilty”. Cant show it to you though, because like most of the T&N, Solid State, and BEC Recordings videos, we cant embed the videos. I guess free viral advertising is not…..good….anymore….

According to their/his Myspace, Number One Gun is now recording new material. More as it comes to us….

Pop rock band Abandon Kansas is now the latest edition to the Gotee Records family. Congrats to them and Gotee…

Below is the artwork and tracklisting for Future Of Forestry‘s upcoming release, Travel EP II, which will be available Sept. 8th, 2009:
1. Holiday
2. Set Your Sails
3. So Close, So Far
4. Slow Your Breathe Down
5. Hills Of Indigo Blue
6. Someday

Extreme metal band Sinbreed has signed with Ulteriaum Records, and will release their next album through the label sometime in early 2010.

Thousand Foot Krutch have canceled several of their upcoming performances due to frontman Trevor McNaven having an emergency appendectomy on Wednesday. Keep him in your prayers as he recovers from the surgery.

Speaking of Trevor, here is a new video from his other band, FM Static, for the song “Her Father’s Song”:

Last week, we debuted the cover art and tracklisting for Thrice‘s upcoming release, Beggars, which was originally supposed to see a October 8th release date. Not even a day later, the album was illegally leaked to the general public in digital form.  In response, Vagrant Records has pushed up the digital release date to August 11th, with plans to have a several special surprises for the physical CD release date, which Vagrant will give more details on in the very near future.

In celebration of the 10 year existence of Cool Hand Luke, their very first, self-released, full-length CD, I Fought Against Myself, will now be available for download on iTunes.  Don’t steal it, go buy it…and if you have already stolen it because you thought you couldn’t get it anywhere else, well now you can, so put up or shut up.

OneRepublic posted a huge update with details on their new album. Read OneRepublic update.

The Fray recently performed some “unplugged” versions of “You Found Me”, “Say When”, and a cover of Joan Osborne‘s “St.Teresa”. Videos of these performance were posted this week on the magazine’s website. If you read carefully into the article, you will also see that the band is helping American Idol winner Kris Allen with his debut album. Interesting…..Watch The Fray perform for Rolling Stone.

Below is the artwork for Sleeping At Last‘s upcoming release, Storyboards, which will see a physical release date in August (however, if you pre-order the new album from the band, you can already download Storyboards in its entirety):

Houston, Texas metalcore band Before There Was Rosalyn announced this last week that they have signed with Victory Records (Corpus Christi, Comeback Kid, With Blood Comes Cleansing) and will head to the studio very soon. Congrats guys….

An interview with Paramore‘s Hayley Williams was posted over at Read Paramore interview.

tobyMac,Wavorly, A Hope For Home, BarlowGirl and Seabird are all in the studio working hard on new CDs for YOU!

Below is the video for “Move”, by hip-hop band Jupiter 7. Enjoy:

Paste Magazine named mewithoutYou their “band of the week”. Read mewithoutYou profile in Paste Magazine.

Ska-core band Send Out Scuds are down a drummer after current stick master Brennen announced he was leaving the band this week.  Look for audition info in the coming weeks.

Below is the music video for Derek Webb‘s new song, “What Matters More”, which will be part of the original version of his upcoming release, Stockholm Syndrome. This album, because of the song below, has caused a lot of controversy for the artist due to some foul language, and as seeming support for the homosexual movement (even though I don’t believe that to be the case). On this website, we are committed to bringing you music that pushes the boundaries of what is traditionally thought of as Christian music. The song in this video is made to do that. However, it does contain language most would deem unsavory. We are posting this not to support Webb‘s decision, but to give you the opportunity to leave your feelings on the song, in a safe and unbiased place. Please though, do not comment if you have not listened first.

Christian Artists To Know: Kirk Franklin

Kirk Franklin
Genre: Gospel
Sub-genres: Urban, Choral, Hip/Hop
Location: Dallas, Texas
Label: Fo Yo Soul/Gospo Centric/Zomba
My Space Page:
Christian label: yes
Category: The Spiritual whats this?

For anyone who follows Gospel or Hip/Hop, this article may seem ridiculous.  Introducing you to Kirk Franklin is like introducing you to Barrack Obama.  This article is not for you.  This article is for all of you indie hipsters, rockers and two-steppers who think Gospel is music for your grandmother. As Kirk proclaimed in the opening of his breakthrough cross over song “Stomp”:

For all of you who think Gospel music has gone too far;

You think we’ve gotten too radical with our message;

Well, I have news for you;

You ain’t heard nothing yet. And

If you don’t know, now you know,

Glory, Glory!

With “Stomp”, Kirk Franklin and God’s Property burst through to the mainstream charts. The song, featuring Cheryl “Salt” James (of Salt-N-Pepa), went heavy rotation on MTV, charted at number 1 on the R&B Singles Airplay chart for two weeks, and even made it into the Billboard’s Top 40. God’s Property from Kirk Franklin’s Nu Nation was number 1 on the R&B Albums chart for 5 weeks, number 3 on the Pop charts, and would go on to be certified triple platinum.  With 2Pac, Toni Braxton and Dru Hill topping the charts that year it is amazing that this song achieved such mainstream success.


Combing heavy backbeats with the generous use of samples and prominent choral arrangements, Kirk Franklin brought Gospel back to the streets.  Before his arrival in 1993, contemporary gospel music leaned toward ‘positive’ messages alluding to Jesus and a righteous walk of faith set to lightly groovin’ tracks. Franklin brought choirs to the hip/hop sound, sampled familiar musical themes from all genre’s and placed Godly messages in the same heavy rotation as other urban pop music.

But “Stomp” was not a starting point for Kirk Franklin; it was just a step in one of the most successful careers we have seen in Gospel music.  This musical prodigy, who started playing piano at the age of four and was leading the Mt. Rose Baptist Church adult choir at the age of eleven, released the biggest selling debut Gospel cd of all time, Kirk Franklin & The Family, in 1993.  He has released ten other cd’s over the years and has recorded with Mary J. Blige, Bono, Crystal Lewis, Boys II Men, TobyMac, Mary Mary and many, many others.   Franklin even hosts his own Gospel, “American Idol-like” talent show, “Sunday’s Best” on BET.

As Kirk Franklin has matured in his life and his marriage, he has began exploring deeper and deeper subject matter, including his own failings.  Here in a performance of “Let It Go” he expresses the struggles men, from all walks of life, face trying to be a real man of God while holding onto hurt and pride:


Kirk Franklin is the biggest selling gospel artist in Soundscan history with over 12 million albums sold and over 20 #1 singles on Gospel radio.  He is also a highly respected music artist with five Grammy Awards, an American Music Award, 34 Stellar Awards (gospel), 12 Dove Awards, 4 NAACP Awards,  two BET Music Awards, and a Soul Train Award to his credit.  Reading about Kirk Franklin’s humility and love for God, he would take no credit and give all the awards to God; and meant it.

Kirk Franklin brought God to the mainstream music charts in a very direct and open way.  He led a revolution in Gospel music. If you consider yourself well versed in Christian music, you must know Kirk Franklin.

Kirk Franklin’s music can be found digitally on Kirk Franklin

You can also buy his CDs on Amazon: Kirk Franklin and the Family (1993), Whatcha Lookin’ 4 (1996), The Nu Nation Project (1998), The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin (2002), Hero (2005), Songs for the Storm, Vol. 1 (2006), The Fight of My Life(2007)