Free MP3 Day!-Its TOO Hot July Edition..

nuns dance for free mp3s

I know you guys in the North are all good, but its 103 in Austin right now with 100% humidity.  Im melting, so I will make this quick. These are all the free MP3s from Christian artists we have gathered this month for you. There are a lot of names you may know, most likely a few you don’t. I say take um all, sort it our later..

*I want to assure all of our readers that the tracks below have been posted for free on a variety of places as a means of promotion for the artists. If you download something off of our site, and enjoy it, please go and buy the rest of the music. If you are an artist and you don’t think we should have your song on these MP3 posts, please hit us up on the “Contact Us” tab up there, and we will be more than happy to delete the file. No questions asked.*
(mediafire downloads)
Abandon- Providence
Amy Courts- Shiver
Ayiesha Woods- Refine Me
Bobby Bishop-All In
Brad & Rebekah Bichsel- Let Praise Arise
Christy Nockels- Life Light Up
Da T.R.U.T.H.- U Ready
Danyew- Beautiful King
Hillsong United- Desert Song ACTE
Josh Wilson- Savior Please
Misty Edwards- Light Up Your Face
Philmont- I Can’t Stand To Fall
Pro- I’m Sorry
Ruth- Back To The Five
Sheri Carr- Flicker
Tal & Acacia- Clear View
Tal & Acacia- Merry Go Round
Tal & Acacia- Yaweh
Thi’sl- I’m A Rider
Tony Stone- Something Better
Travis Cotrell- To The King
Underoath- Emergency Broadcast: The End I
Vota- I’ll Go

Christain Music News 6/03/09

Only a few more days until our coverage of Red Letter Rock Fest begins. If you are going to be there, come say hi, get a sticker, and hang out. If you aren’t  going to be there, then we will be more than happy to keep you up to date. As far as the site itself goes, you are starting to see some changes, but don’t get scared, I promise we are still the same guys, just new and improved…here are your headlines:

A review for Rise Records metal band Oceana‘s new CD, Birtheater (gross), was posted over at Indie Vision Music. Read Oceana review.

Hip-hop artist Tony Stone announced plans to create a completely instrumental album with the intention of the music being used in times of Bible Study. Read Tony Stone announcement.

Our boys (and girl) in Dignan have finished their upcoming new CD, Cheaters & Thieves, and will be releasing it independently on June 26th. Can’t wait…

Check out the cover for Showbread‘s upcoming CD:


Hip-hop artist Applejaxx has recently been forced to change the name of his upcoming album by Universal Pictures. Intrigued? Read Applejaxx article.

An interview with For Today made it’s way on to Indie Vision Music, discussing the new album, the band’s testimonies, and webcams. Read For Today interview.

Willet has a new video for their song “War & Peace”, watch it below:

Female metal/hard rock band Ilia addressed fans on the loss of their founding guitarist, writing new music, and cancelling all their tour plans for the summer. Read Ilia announcement.

Below is an interview with Peter Furler and Michael Tait concerning the recent frontman switch-up in The Newsboys:

Jimmy Needham‘s new video for the song “Firefly” can be viewed below: