An Interview About Twist Again By Bodies Of Water

The (ONE)21 Music: Talk about the writing process for Twist Again
Bodies Of Water: The time it took to write the songs varied, some took months of intermittent work, and others were written as they were recorded. We were working on other things while recording, and so from beginning to end, it was about a year and a half of part time work to record everything.

ONE21: Twist Again seems to be Bodies Of Water once again evolving their sound; when you are putting together an album, is it a intentional to write differently or natural?
BOW: This was the first time that (almost) all of the songs were recorded before they were played out in public, so we had a different set of expectations for what the right and wrong ways for them to feel were. Maybe because of that, this group of songs was more concise than those on previous records. If any section or part was feeling too long or redundant, we got rid of it. I know this seems callous, but it is unavoidable. Think of it as a haircut, not an amputation…

ONE21:Twist Again seems alot more carefree in its execution, do you think Bodies Of Water is in a happier place than they were in previous records?
BOW: I don’t really feel like that about it. To me the writing and recording of this one was a little more organized. We spent more time with Noah and Laura (who played drums and bass on this record) working out the arrangements, and group jamming didn’t figure into the songs the way it used to.

ONE21: Is there a lyrical theme to Twist Again?
BOW: I’m sure there is, but I couldn’t say what it might be. A few years ago I tried to write a group of songs that would tell the story of the beginning of the world, but everything diverged once I got going. Some of these songs ended up on the ‘Certain Feeling’ record but most of them were stillborn. That was my only attempt to intentionally tie a bunch of songs together, and it was a huge bust. What a waste of time.

ONE21: What is your opinion of Twist Again as a finished product?
BOW: What a curious question. Nobody has ever asked me that before. Here are several thoughts: My favorite song (for now) is ‘Open Rhythms.’ Also, I like the cover of the record, which is a photo of our friends’ hands. This was taken at a new year’s eve party a few years ago. Also, we received a report telling us that ‘One Hand Loves the Other’ was the song that was played the most on radio stations after the record came out, which was an interesting surprise.

You can listen to Twist Again below:
Twist Again by Bodies of Water