Free Download: Future of Forestry – Young Man Follow EP

I was super excited to stumble onto this free download while digging through Noistrade’s back stock this last weekend. Future In Forestry has been on the scene for quite a while now, offering a more progressive version of the pop rock that has been prevalent in the industry lately. Its atmospheric and driving; like a mix of Sleeping At Last, U2, and the lighter sides of Thrice. More incredible is that it is the work, primarily, of one man, Eric Owyoung.

There is rarely a song that simply fits within the typical ‘band sound’ of bass, drums, and guitars. The songs are composed with counteractive melodies and intricate rhythms that give them an ethereal quality. Orchestral elements such as strings, timpani, pipe organ, and taiko drum are only a few instruments that lend their voice to such a unique sound. “I consider myself more like a conductor rather than in a band,” says Eric Owyoung. “My classical background taught me not to look so much at the singularity of the musician, but at the bigger picture, the music ‘scape’ that is being created by a collaborative team.”

After a few years on a major label, Owyoung has been quietly releasing EPs that out shine most of the rock that is being played on the radio. This year, he released Young Man Follow EP, and has decided to give it away as a gift. Listen below, consider donating, and enjoy.

Me In Motion Ready New Album

Below is the tracklisting and album artwork for pop rock band Me In Motion‘s upcoming March 23rd, 2010, self-titled release through Centricity Records. The good people at Centricity were kind enough to let us have a early listen to the album this week, and this will no doubt be a very strong opener for a band most people don’ know about…..yet. Me In Motion seem to be very good at balancing head-bobbing rock’n'roll with infectious melodies and hooks, giving you equal parts rock and accesiablility. Fans of the “Entertaining Angels” era of newsboys will eat this up, and you will also hear a fair amount of U2 and even a little Third Eye Blind quirkiness in there. Essentially, Me In Motion is catchy without being bland, which is a balance most bands don’t figure out until album three…

me in motion
1. Losers
2. Leaving Here Someday
3. Gonna Be Something
4. Here In The Middle
5. Back To You
6. Welcome To Your Life
7. You Never Fail Me
8. The God I Know
9. Seek Justice
10. You Move Me

for more new releases, please check out our ALBUM RELEASE DATES page to stay up to date on all the new music coming out

Christian Music News Oct.27th, 2009


Mantric (featuring former members of Extol) have signed with Prosthetic Records, and will be releasing a self titled album through said label in the very near future…

An interview with Thrice was posted on this week. Read Thrice interview.

Mat Kearney recently recently recorded a live session over at Listen to Mat Kearney on Daytrotter.

Owl City‘s song Fireflies was #1 on iTunes this week. Congrats to all…

The Glass Ocean broke up.

An interview with The Almost was posted at estrellaonline this week. Read The Almost interview.

The Clocktower Showdown have also split up.

Wovenhand is currently recording a new album entitled The Thrashing Floor. It will be out in early 2010.

Apparently Tyler from Blessed By A Broken Heart got into some trouble this with the metal band Megadeath over a comment Tyler made to one of Megadeath‘s road crew that was deemed “racist”. A press release was issued to clear things up. Read Blessed By A Broken Heart press release.

An interview with Matt from Relient K was posted over on Relevent Magazine’s website this week. Read Relient K interview.


Below is the new video from Rawsrvnt with his song “Tears 4 Peers”

Here is a cool little video from Jay And The Lovebirds called “Last Compromise”

This is the latest awesomeness from Listener Project called “Ozark Empire, Or A Snake Oil Salesman Comes To Your Town”

Below is the video for “Lost Connection With The Head” by Showbread

This next video isnt actually a music video. It seems that Youtube is re-broadcasting U2‘s entire concert from the a recent stop at The Rose Bowl. The video below is over 2 hours long. Enjoy:

Album Info (more in the Release Dates page)

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for American Idol winner Kris Allen‘s upcoming November 17th, 2009 self titled release. It will feature Jon Foreman of the Switchfoot/Fiction Family fame, and was co-produced/written by members of MuteMath, OneRepulic, The Fray, and Paper Route.
kris allen
1. Live Like We’re Dying
2. Before We Come Undone
3. Can’t Stay Away
4. The Truth
5. Written All Over My Face
6. Bring It Back
7. Red Guitar
8. Is It Over
9. Let It Rain
10. Alright With Me
11. Lifetime
12. I Need To Know
13. Heartless

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Bifrost Arts upcoming Christmas album, Salvation Is Created, which will become available November 3rd, 2009
biofrost arts Salvation Is Created
1. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
2. Joy Joy!!! (featuring Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri)
3. Bring A Torch Jeanette, Isabella (featuring Ben + Vesper)
4. O Little Town Of Bethlehem (featuring Sarah Fullen)
5. Let All Mortal Flesh (featuring Elin K. Smith)
6. Messiah (featuring Robert Heiskel)
7. Silent Night (featuring Diane Birch)
8. Out Of Heaven (featuring Derek Webb and Evan Gregory)
9. Veiled In Darkness (featuring Matt Bauer and Maeve)
10. Salvation Is Created (featuring Aimee Wilson)

New Releases For October 27th, 2009

before there was rosalyn THE FUHRER An Allegory Of A History Of Deception
THE FUHRER: An Allegory Of A History Of Deception
Before There Was Rosalyn

Victory Records
Buy NOW:

Tsar Bomba

RetroActive Records
Hard Rock

Byron Cage Faithful To Believe
Faithful To Believe
Byron Cage

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deas vail birds cages
Birds & Cages
Deas Vail

Mono VS Stereo
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dolly parton + dolly
Dolly(4 CD Box Set)
Dolly Parton

Sony Legacy
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the priests harmony
The Priests

RCA Records
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mission six not too young
Not Too Young
Mission Six

iShine Records
Tween Pop
Buy NOW:

the rocket summer you gotta believe ep
You Gotta Believe EP
The Rocket Summer

Island Records
Buy NOW:

the rubyz sound off
Sound Off
The Rubyz

iShine Records
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safe haven In the Middle of Destruction
In the Middle of Destruction
Safe Haven

Live Love Records
Pop Rock

Truby Entropy

Buy NOW:

U2 The Unforgettable Fire
The Unforgettable Fire(Remastered Re-Release)

Island Records
Pop Rock
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iTunes (deluxe version)

A Silver Lining (digital release)
We Shot The Moon

Afternoon Records
Pop Rock
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American Idol Season 8- Top 3 Performance Review

It is funny as I read a few of the other American Idol blogs tonight.  Most of the other blogs hate Danny Gokey so nothing he did tonight was good.  I am not an Adam Lambert so I did not like much of what he brought to show tonight.  It seems we are all fully entrenched into our preferences by now.  I suspect the American Idol fans are in the same boat.  It would take a mind boggling performance to change voters minds tonight and I think we had one.  The question is: would it be enough and whose voters would be swayed?

Kris Allen delivered arguably the most creative, fearless performance of the season.  Danny Gokey’s two super performances make him the overall winner for the evening.  Adam Lambert had his worst night of American Idol Season 8, despite the inexplicable fawning by the judges.

It is clear that the judges want Adam Lambert to win American Idol Season 8; so much so that Simon was begging Adam Lambert’s fans to vote.  Their dismissive treatment of Kris Allen offended me.

Performance Ratings

  1. Kris Allen: “Heartless” by Kanye West- When Kris said this to Ryan my jaw dropped.  This is the rap/autotune mess that Kanye West dropped on the world in 2008. Let me just summarize my opinion of this performance by saying: crazy, mad, reckless, fearless, amazing, wonderful, fantastic.  His beautiful singing on this song was soulful and rhythmic.  We see these type of breakthrough arrangements occasionally, only to find that the American Idol performer borrowed the arrangement from someone else (David Cook from Chris Cornell and Adam Lambert from Muse).  Kris Allen did not copy this from anyone.  He turned a deep, stylized R&B/Rap song into a modern rock classic.
  2. Danny Gokey:”You Are So Beautiful” by Billy Preston- I was heartbroken when I heard Danny Gokey was doing this 70′s ballad made famous by Joe Cocker.  It so feeds into the worst stereotype of Danny Gokey and I was hoping for a more bold choice.  I will just shut-up now.  His arrangement, with a cool gospel/worship section in the middle was wonderful.  It made me hear this song as a worship song.  But we can forget all of that and focus on the singing, which was simply brilliant.  Everyone in America, is in the American Idol Season 8 Top 3 because really, really sing.  That was a tour de force in powerful, emotional, expressive singing.
  3. Danny Gokey: “Dance Little Sister” by Terence Trent D’Arby- I was a big TTD fan and I cannot think of afunky singer better suited to Danny Gokey’s voice.  Good choice Paula!  He unleashed his big, growling, soulful voice on this funky, uptempo R&B song.  I liked the scatting in the middle of the song, I thought that added a nice jazzy touch to make this more than a straight forward pop song.
  4. Kris Allen: “Apologize” by One Republic-  Kris Allen played the big piano for the first time on American Idol Season 8 and we heard his falsetto for the first time as well.  He sang the song beautifully and added some nice soul phrasing.  Overall, I was pleased with the singing but let down by the bland arrangement.  If Kris Allen could have done to “Apologize” what he did to “Heartless” he would have won American Idol Season 8 tonight.
  5. Adam Lambert: “Crazy” by Aerosmith-  I know that some will accuse me of bias toward Adam Lambert but, come on this was his most pedestrian performance on American Idol Season 8.  He walked through the arrangement with few variations, he copied Steven Tyler’s vocal runs and the back-up singers drowned him out at times.  The worst thing for me was his smiling, winking, head nodding performance of a song about the agony a lover is causing you.  As with many of his songs, my question is, how can you memorize the lyrics but not understand them?
  6. Adam Lambert: “One”" by U2- Horrifying.  I sat their watching the flat-screen with my jaw hanging open.  I hated the arrangement, I hated the over-singing and I hated the manic performance.  This is an important song that should be sang with longing and questioning and confusion; not with wide-eyed ranting.  This was so bad that my wife and I started debating that she new the song (she has heard it hundreds of times in my car), so I played it for her during the commercial.  Her reaction (with confusion and disgust) “that was what he was singing?”  Did they say that Simon spent the weekend with Adam working on the arrangement?  Who does American Idol want to see win Season 8?

Who Is Going Home

According to the judges, Kris Allen come into the night with little chance to advance, but he pulled off another in a series of brilliant show stopping performances.  Danny Gokey has never been in the Bottom 2 and he had his best night of American Idol Season 8. The show’s pre-ordained winner, Adam Lambert, was predictable but below par tonight.

If I went with my head I would say that Kris Allen is going home tonight, but I cannot say he will leave after that performance of “Heartless”.

I am going with my opinion of tonight’s performances and saying Adam Lambert goes home tonight and the Danny Gokey and Kris Allen will be the final two on American Idol Season 8.

Be sure to grab all of your favorite American Idol Season 8 performances from iTunes

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American Idol Season 8-Rock Night Live Blog

American Idol Season 8 strolls through the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as Slash mentors Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Danny Gokey and Kris Allen through the classic rcok songs of the 70′s and 80′s.  There are rumors and secrets around the show’s format tonight, with the biggest being that the American Idols will sing duets tonight.  I hope not.  I have predicted (Rock Songs Preview)  that the American Idol Season 8 performers will sing songs of Queen, The Rolling Stones, U2, Janis Joplin, The Band, Elvis Costello and Led Zeppelin.  It will be just like my TimeLife classic rock boxed set.

The competition to win American Idol Season 8 is  wide open and intense.  Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert can all win (see our Top 4 Power Rankings) and any one of them could go home tomorrow night.  Many are calling this the best Top4 ever.  These are four supremely talented, focused performers.  We are so pleased that two of the final four are Christian music performers.  We wish you the best Danny Gokey and Kris Allen.

So everybody let’s Rock & Roll!

They have really made the stage smaller.  They had an accident earlier.  The stage is falling apart.  There was no dress rehersal.  Rumors had that the stage manager went to the hospital.

The American Idol performers are going to sing duets tonight.  Double yuk!  Slash of Guns n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver is the mentor tonight.  He mentored the performers at the Roxy on Sunset Strip.   Allison Iraheta looks terrified.

Adam Lambert starts us off singing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”.  This is a great song from my teen years.  From the first note Adam’s singing does not carry the weight and danger of the young Robert Plant.  This is a parody of a rock band.  He has just proven he is not a rocker.  That was his worst performance of the year.

Randy I so disagree with you.  He said no one will think of Broadway when they hear that.  That was all I could think of.  Kara is falling over him.  Simon let’s me down and agrees with the other judges.  He said no one can top that?  Sorry I so disagree.

Yes!  I called it.  Allison Irhaeta is doing Janis Joplin’s “Cry Baby”.  I guess we will see what this girl’s got.  This is a big hill to climb.  I think she can do it and when she does…

Allison is sporting blue streaks in her hair. The mentor session sounds great.  She skipped the hardest parts of the song.  She sang it pretty well, but not spectacular.  She did not seem on her game tonight.

Randy did not like the song choice because there was not a lot of melody.  Kara agrees.  Paula, too late for the Joplin bio pic.  They are filming it now.  Simon liked the singing but did not like the orginality.  Allison gets feisty with the judges.  She seemed really irritated with the judges.

We go to a duet, Danny Gokey & Kris Allen doing “Renegade” by Styx.  I don’t like this song very much and Kris seems to be struggling with the vocals.  Danny seems bigger on stage and he does have the bigger voice.

Randy loved the harmonies.  Kara agreed with Randy, again.  Simon does not like the duets.  The judges did not know how to judge the duet.

Kris Allen is singing “Come Together”   by The Beatles.  This is hard.  Kris wanted to wet himself during the mentor session.  As I suspected, what can you do with this song?  Kris has kind of lost his mojo tonight.  Very good singing and some nice changes at the end.

Randy liked the vocals but loved the guitar work.  Lukewarm praise from Randy.  Kara did not like it.  Paula liked the imprint he put on the song.  Simon did not like it that much.  He compared it to “eating ice for lunch”.

Danny Gokey is doing Aerosmith’s “Dream On”.  At least everyone is swinging for the fences.  He si going for the big scream at the end.  What was that!  He wailed.  That was awesome!

Randy didn’t like it.  Kara thinks he took the swagger a little to far.  Paula did not even like it.  Simon hated the end and thought it was over the top.

Adam Lambert & Allison Iraheta ends the night (of course)singing  “Slow Ride” by Foghat.  This was the best performance of the night.  Allison Iraheta has no business singing this song.

Of course the judges loved it.  I don’t care.

Doesn’t look like Slash was a very good mentor.  This show was a real disappointment.  I think the pressure kind of got to the American Idol performers and maybe I am a rock snob.

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American Idol Season 8- Birth Year Songs Preview

Minefield ahead!  As last week proved, too much American Idol freedom results in bad song choices.   Last week’s “iTunes Top Downloads”  theme fueled the weakest show since the Top 13 was selected.  Combine that with the reality that all but two of the American Idol Season 8 contestants were born in the mid-80′s and you have a recipe for disaster.

With all apologies to Randy and Paula, the period between end of true new wave and the birth of grunge was possibly the worst era of pop music in the 20th century.  This was the era that took new wave to synth pop and soul to R&B . Once I remind you that the super group of Dionne Warwick, Elton John and Gladys Knight had the number 1 song of all of 1986, I think you must agree with me that the mid-’80′s were difficult for radio listeners. For me, the only real musical genius to come out of the era came from Prince, REM and U2.  Even Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen struggled during those years. If you don’t believe me, try to sell your LP’s from the mid-80′s.  It could be one really bad American Idol show, but the American Idol Season 8 group has surprised us before.

As I said yesterday in my American Idol Season 8 Top 8 Power Rankings, the competition is tightening up and I think five of the top eight are at risk this week if they have a bad performance.  It is also time to start watching the competition for the Final 3.  The front runners right now are Kris Allen, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert.  I don’t think they will be the Top 3 but I do think two of them will make it to the American Idol Season 8 final trio.  Allison Iraheta has the best shot at breaking into the top 3 but she needs to get back to blowing us away with her huge voice.  Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud could also make a big push in the next few weeks to jump into the finals.

Now to American Idol’s Season 8tour of the  mid-80′s:

1980 was the year that Danny Gokey came bouncing into the world.  The number 1 song of 1980 was Blondie’s “Call Me”, and then new wave died.  Bette Midler reached the height of her popularity in 1980 as she starred in her first movie, The Rose, a loose bio-pic of Janis Joplin that denied any similarities to Joplin’s life.  The title song from that movie, “The Rose” provides a wonderful platform for Danny Gokey’s singing and arranging skills.  This is the type of platform Danny could use to create his American Idol moment.

Danny Gokey- “The Rose”    Download the original Bette Midler - The Rose (The Original Soundtrack Recording) - The Rose

In 1982 Adam Lambert came screaming into this world.  Olivia Newton John topped the charts in 1982 with “Physical” and pop music was in full decline.  Adam  has two good choices.  Journey dropped the American Idol untouchable “Don’t Stop” in 1982.  Soft Cell twisted Grace Jones’ “Tainted Love” into a synth pop American Idol booby trap. Expect Lambert to latch onto the freedom of arrangement that “Tainted Love” affords and drop on us a version closer to Marilyn Manson than anything we have ever seen on American Idol.  Expect drooling Nine Inch Nails references from the judges.

Adam Lambert- “Tainted Love”  Download the original Soft Cell - The Very Best of Soft Cell - Tainted Love

Lil Rounds may be in trouble.  She was born in 1984 and that was not a good year for big-voiced  R&B singers.  Prince ruled the R&B charts that year and his best song ever “When Doves Cry” was the number one song of 1984.  If Lil could get the rights to “Purple Rain” she should give that a shot, but I think she will sing Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It”.  I promise, that is all I could find.  Good luck Lil.

Lil Rounds- “What’s Love Got to Do With It”  Download the originalTina Turner - Private Dancer - What's Love Got to Do With It

1985 was a banner year for American Idol Season 8Kris Allen, Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre were all born that year.  Maybe Live Aid inspired musicians to write some good songs  but regardless, 1985 was a bright spot in the 80′s so there is plenty of good material for these three guys.  Kris Allen can take on the British pop superstar Paul Young and arrange his ballad “Everytime You Go Away” into a modern hit.  I hope Matt Giraud can turn Wham’s “Careless Whisper”, the overall number 1 song of 1985, into a cool 21st century R&B rave.  Scott MacIntyre should choose Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is” and made it his own keyborad driven anthem of love.

Kris Allen- “Everytime You Go Away”  Download the original Paul Young - From Time to Time - The Singles Collection - Every Time You Go Away

Matt Giraud- “Careless Whisper”  Download the original Wham! - Make It Big

Scott MacIntyre- “I Want to Know What Love Is” Download the original  Foreigner - Agent Provocateur - I Want to Know What Love Is

Anoop Desai joined us in 1986, just in time for Elton John to join Dionne Warwick and Gladys Knight for the number one song of the year, “That’s What Friends Are For”.  I beg you Anoopdawg, don’t sing that song on American Idol.   Luckily, Anoop has a few choices that are more appropriate for him.  If he wants t bring his attitude he can take on Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love”.  I think he will stick with R&B and sing Simply Red’s “Holding Back the Years”.  If he is ready to go back to North Carolina he can fool himself into thinking he has as much soul as Tom Jones and perform Prince’s “Kiss”.  That would be the kiss of death.  I hope you are having as good a time as me.

Anoop Desai- “Holding Back the Years”  Download the original Simply Red - Simply Red: 25 Greatest Hits - Holding Back the Years

That brings us to 1992, the year Allison Iraheta and grunge were born. We were all amazed when the opening chords of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” burned out of the radio and we realized that rock could be rejuvenated. The problem for Allison is that grunge does not really lend itself to her big bluesy rock voice and the best of the rest is Elton John’s “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me” which charted in a duet with George Michael.  The exception is a little gunge number, off a tribute album, sung by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell called “Hunger Strike”.  If she was able to find the song, she will be able to tear tiles off the American Idol roof with this song about the unfair distribution of wealth in America.

Allison Iraheta- “Hunger Strike”  Download this song  Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike

If my predictions are correct it will be a night of ballads.  Join us as we live blog the tonight at 8e/7c.

If you want to check out the past performances on American Idol Season 8 just download songs and videos from iTunes

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Christian Artists To Know: The Elms


The Elms
Genre: Rock
Styles: Rock n’ Roll, British Invasion, Garage Rock
Location: Seymour, Indiana
Label: Unknown Indie
Christian label: no
Category: The Light whats this?

Buy an album from The Elms, I don’t care which one.  Put it on the turntable, or in your CD player or hook your computer/iPod up to something loud.  Turn the volume up, the lights down, let it rip and get ready to dance.  The Elms make good old American Rock n’ Roll with two capital R’s.

The Elms’ sound is simple and straight forward.  Pounding drums, thumping base, screaming guitars and lyrics shouted to blend with the noise.  Good stuff, because we all want to dance every now and then.  But the lyrics bring weight and substance to this party music.  The Elms want you to think they are all about the good times, but the lyrics pull you back.  The newer songs are filled with sorrow of lives lost pursuing the mundane and the joys of simple pleasures.  The older songs show you and cajole you to pursue a path filled with God’s desires.  Keep dancing and you will keep listening.  If you keep listening the messages will get through.

The Elms list Crazy Horse and the Kinks as influences, but most compare them to the great rockers of middle and rural America.  When asked if the Elms are attempting to walk in the shoes of Mellencamp, Petty and Sprinsteen, The Elms lead singer Owen Thomas said, “I don’t think I’m consciously attempting to step in anybody’s shoes. I’m writing about my friends. I’m writing about my little town, what it meant to grow up there, how everybody always wanted to get out. And I’m writing about how most of them don’t get out.”

Like so many Christian music artists, The Elms left the Christian music industry to try to spread their Rock n’ Roll message in the secular scene.  That has given them the freedom to discuss the despair and loss in the world.  According to Owens; “We never wanted to be a band that existed exclusively to rock. The artists that we aspire to be like-Bruce Springsteen, The Who, U2, Tom Petty, John Mellencamp-these are all acts with a heartbeat, if you know what I mean. They weren’t out there just to rock; they also existed to enlighten people to a cause or enlighten people to the living circumstances of people around them. It was more of a global conscience happening, and music was just a vehicle. I really feel that’s what our band aspires to.”

The Elms needed to leave the Christian music industry to reach for their aspiration.  Too many times the Christian music scene interprets that move as abandoning the Faith.  That is simply not the case with The Elms.  As Owen recently said “The most pervasive and important part of our lives is still our faith. The reason our band wants to get in front of rock audiences is so those things can happen, and we can actually feel like we’re being truthful in the work by being out there and getting the spiritual wheels turning in people’s minds and hearts. I don’t want to say that the reason our band goes out and plays shows is to evangelize. That’d probably be a little misleading, because we also exist to go out there and tell people about the plight of little towns in Middle America.”

I do not want to turn The Elms into an angst ridden emo act.  They are fun.  I saw The Elms when we took our youth group to a Christian rock tour featuring The Benjamin Gate, Audio Adrenaline and The O.C. Supertones.  They were playing the heavily British influenced rock of their first CD and they tore the place down.  You must see this band play live, just to see Christopher Thomas play drums.  You get a taste in this video.

Buy some music from The Elms and dance your way to freedom.

You can buy The Elms at iTunes The Elms

You can buy The Elms mp3′s and CDs at Amazon

Big Surprise

Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll

The Chess Hotel

Thoughts From SXSW Interactive


One21music is at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, Film and Music Festival.  Read about the significance of the media event at One21music Takes you to SXSW but it is big in the interactive world, it is big in the film world (dozens of premieres of mainstream movies that will be in your multi-plex over the next few months) and it is the biggest in the music world.

Today, tomorrow and Monday we will be at the Interactive conference/festival and, so mostly, you do not care.  But I have had a couple of moments that are highly compelling for what Ian and I are attempting to do with  Here is one.


We just finished a session with two of the blogging world’s icons.  Quite frankly, I don’t remember their names because I don’t read very much about technology and they were generally narcissistic brats.  However, they did say something that has me hooked.  One of their overriding themes is that you should only start a blog if your are obsessed about something and you have something interesting to say about it.  It said a lot, to me, about Underground Christian music and the artists who make it.

Underground Christian music artists are obsessed with their faith and their artistry give them a voice to express it in an exceptional manner.  That is why they deserved to be heard. The artists we love are not willing to compromise their voice (the artistry of their music) to the mainstream Christian music industry.  We have seen so many great, great artists (Sam Phillips, The Elms, etc.) leave the mainstream Christian music scene to pursue their voices.

I love that Underground Christian music artists (U2, Buddy Miller, etc) refuse to compromise their obsession for their faith in order to achieve success in the mainstream music industry.  Some, like U2 and the Fray, achieve great success.  Most Christian music artists (mewithoutyou, Danielson, Wovenhand) trying to make it in the mainstream music scene live on the fringe.

The combination of obsession with their faith and commitment to their voice, results in uncompromising music with uncompromising messages.  That is the music I am willing to commit my life to promoting.

One21music exists because these artists need to be heard.

Buy Music. Do Good. The Saturn Project


What if a song could save a child or a melody could give hope to a village?  What if an anthem united a country or inspired people to truly care for their neighbor?

The Saturn Project recorded Anthems for a Broken World in order to share great music that will challenge thinking and bring about social, spiritual, and economic change.  It will ask listeners to participate in changing a broken world.  The members of the band are taking that first step by giving the album away.  All proceeds from this album will go toward making this world a better place.

Before we go any further.  This cd is available on March 13th.  Go to buy one, heck, buy a box, build a home and give the cds away.

The Saturn Project in partnership with Life Pointe Church and People for Care and Learning are giving hope, alleviating suffering, and giving the poor a working chance.  By purchasing this album, you will be added to this partnership and will in turn help provide clean water, build a village, build a health clinic, and create education opportunities for the people of Cambodia, Southeast Asia, and other locales.  Buy music.  Do good.

“Anthems for a Broken World” is Coldplay meets Radiohead meets U2.  Members of The Saturn Project are:

Jesse Santoyo – lead vocals, keyboard, guitar
Matt Izaguirre – bass
Alex Santoyo – drums
Brent Maloney – guitar

Here is the insight into “Anthems for A Broken World” from singer and songwriter Jesse Santoyo.

So I thought I’d give you guys a brief explanation for the songs on the anthems for a broken world album…All these songs are inspired by the one who created me, and inspired by moments, people, and stories of myself and others…

TIME – A song about wanting to change the past. A song of desperate measures to erase the flaws of one’s history. On that same journey we find that those things we try to forget helped shape who we are today. We are no longer the people we once were, and who we are now is temporary, for we are on our way to becoming the men and women we were destined to be. On our way to destiny there are things we left behind, not lost! But left behind to be with you.

U Turn- This song follows Jesus into the desert as he was tempted. It parallels to our own deserts, our own temptations, our own enigmas where we search for a way out. When we finally believe it is meant to be here, our lives are transformed, our compass is redirected and our lives make a U turn.

So alive- We all have something, someone, or a moment that makes us feel So alive. With that said there is nothing we would not do, a place we would not go…to constantly feel so alive. The coolest line in the song, “I would walk on fire, I would march in the front line, if  I made my bed in hell, you are there”.

Silas-A song that stirs up a revolution, a movement of the soul that becomes flesh. Late in the midnight hour something remarkable happened. Inspired by the book of Acts chapter 17: 22-35.

Dynamite- Amazing things happen when you let go… and you put it all on the line for the creator of this Universe.

Home- A father goes on a journey in search of a better place. “Through desert roads and mountain tops”…He looks into his family’s eyes and hopes to make a better life for them.

Butterfly- A young girl in a cold waiting room battles with the thought of life within her. She knows it’s a gift but contemplates ending the tiny heart beat deep inside to avoid the shame… Years later she wonders what that baby or dream looked like, it’s smile, it’s eyes.”How could I have been a fool…”maybe she’ll change the world, maybe just saving yours”.

Beautiful Stranger- A love ballad inspired by serendipity

Tonight- Inspired by children all over the world hoping in a dream that seems impossible. Fathers doing the impossible for a better quality of life, everyday people with the chance to make a difference.

Sail Away- Every so often we hear stories of moments that passed people by, great people we let go, opportunities overlooked, Not saying what we really want to say when there was a chance, then its gone…A  metaphorical love song everyone will relate to…”the sailboat we waited for never came…now you’re gone”

Only you- This is the first song I wrote for the saturn project close to 9 yrs ago. The song is about the desire to know and feel God beyond our own existence and human comprehension.

Mark your calendars “Anthems for a Broken World” is available on March 13th.  Go buy a box of cd’s and give them away .

Pass this on.