American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Results

Last night we were Ushered through two hours of Soul/R&B on American Idol Season 9.  The results were better than the week before but more mediocre than I expected.  We are now in the push to win and nobody took the reins of the American Idol Season 9.  Three guys won the night.  The top girls delivered their weakest performances of the season and Tim Urban, Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly made their pitches for the bottom 3.

Michael Lynche, Casey James and Lee Dewyze stole the night.  Michael Lynche went sensitive with a neo-soul ballad while Casey James and Lee Dewyze updated two old school soul raves and rocked the stage.  Top girl Crystal Bowersox struggled through a bland performance and Siobhan Magnus fell apart after the judges criticized her bad performance.  Didi Benami sang well but was destroyed by the judges and the judges fawned all over the Andy Garcia’s comeback to mediocrity.

We will see Usher sing a tune from his new release tonight.  I think Tim Urban, Katie Stevens and Andy Garcia are in the bottom 3 and I think this is the week that Tim Urban goes back to Texas to wait for the tour.  But hey, Kate Goslin survived last night on Dancing With The Stars and Tim Urban is better than Kate.  Let’s see what America thinks.

Is the Cracken going to be on American Idol tonight or they just teasing us with a Clash of The Titans trailer? I guess Simon really does really look like the Cracken.  Siobhan Magnus looks pretty miserable.  Rueben Studdard starts the show with some smooth R&B.  Remember this guy?  He was on American Idol Season 2.  Yeah he won and went into the American Idol winner protection program.  Rueben Studdard is good form, but this song sounds like a medley.  Why isn’t this guy more popular?  Michael Lynche is loving this guy.

So let’s start to slowly build the American Idol Season 9 Top 10 bottom 3.   But first a Ford commercial and nothing to say about that.  Michael Lynche has attached a pink ponytail to his bald head.  Mama Garcia just told Andrew to be himself, even thought judges are calling him boring. Lee Dewyze, who had his best night of the year last night, and even though he is talking way too much he is safe.  Casey James also had a terrific night last night and he is safe as well.  Aaron Kelly underperformed “Ain’t No Sunshine” last night but he is safe.  It is down to Siobhan Magnus and Katie Stevens and Katie Stevens is in the bottom 3.  Why is Siobhan Magnus is crying and why are they so focused on her?  She is safe.

Next week the American Idol Season 9 Top 9 will perform from the Lennon/McCartney songbook.  But now we see Usher using an auto-tuner and I hate that device. The auto tuner and the offensive lyrics cause me to change the channel.  No Usher for me.

I am back for the commercial break.  Will Didi Benami or Andy Garcia join Katie Stevens and perennial Bottom 3 resident Tim Urban in tonight’s bottom 3?  Didi Benami, the judges’ favorite punching bag, is up first and she is in the Bottom 3.  The judges might use their save on her.  Michael Lynche is on the hot spot now and Ellen is talking about his subtlety and sensitivity.  After Mike lifts Ryan over his head, Ryan may rethink his misdirection shenanigans.  Crystal Bowersox is safe.  Tim Urban and Andy Garcia are the last two left to join to Bottom 3.  Nobody can understand why Tim Urban smiles all of the time.  He explains it is because he is so grateful for being on the stage.  Of course, Tim Urban is in the bottom 3 again.  Katie Stevens is sent to safety so we will lose another Christian performer tonight.

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Diddy Dirty Money, who is that?  I thought dude was too busy selling jeans to record songs.  I didn’t like that very much.

Money time.  After America has voted Didi Benami has been voted off.  Oh no!  She needs to sing for her American Idol Season 9 life.  She sings “Rhianon”.  This is a captivating performance but I don’t know if it is enough to keep her on American Idol Season 9.  The judges do not save her.  I am disappointed we have lost Didi Benami.

Join us next week as American Idol Season 9, the season of the girls, continues with six guys and three girls.

American Idol Season 9 Top 10 Performances

Now that the American Idol Season 9 tour is set, the next goal for American Idol hopefuls is victory.  It will interesting to see if some of the front runners (see our American Idol Season 9 Power Rankings) will take some chances tonight.  Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox said last week that they were going to try something new.  Will Michael Lynche bust out some Dirty South rap R&B on R&B/Soul night?

We are covering Christian music artists performing on American Idol Season 9Michael Lynche, Didi Benami and Tim Urban are in the top 10 and we will see them on tour this summer.  Michael Lynche is a contender to win it all, so he needs to start taking the type of risks that will launch him to victory.  Didi Benami is a viable darkhorse who needs a few breakthrough performances to make it into the final mix. Tim Urban needs a solid performance every week to stay in the competition after two weeks in the bottom 3.

Usher will mentor all 10 American Idol Season 9 top 10 through R&B/Soul hits of the last 60 years.  Last week’s performances were a disaster.  Let’s hope this week will the Idol’s fare better.

We get a little raw backstage footage that show how imaginary all of this glitz really is and then to the intros.  Why is Simon always pawing Kara?  Tonight is when we start the final push.  I wonder who will take the big risk and pull it off tonight?

Usher, the #1 R&B of the decade, has sold 45 million records and has 5 Grammys.  Wow, I love soul music and I don’t even listen to Usher. That girl by Usher sure does look like Charlize Theron.

We start with Siobhan Magnus and she is a fan of Usher.  She is performing “Through The Fire” by Chaka Kahn.  The start is a little clumsy.  This is one of my least favorite Chaka Kahn songs.  She has completely lost the pitch and started to screech.  Well, Siobhan clings to the big note as she has for the past four weeks.  This was really bad singing.  Almost as bad as Paige last week.  Randy refuses to criticize her.  Ellen says she was lost.  Kara says she was nervous.  Now Kara is making excuses for her.  Simon says it sounded like she was singing while she was of breath.  He says she was all over the place.  Siobhan is offended at Simon’s critcism.  Siobhan says it was the hardest song she has performed so far.  I guess we have seen the limits of Siobhan’s talent.  Siobhan looks like she is about to cry and the judges spend the next few minutes propping her up.  Why are some performers summarily destroyed but others are coddled?

Time for some Casey James.  He is singing Sam and Dave’s “Hold On, I’m Comin”.  Usher calls Casey a rock star.  This ong has never been performed on American Idol.  Casey is giving a big bluesy guitar opening.  This song is perfect Casey James singing style and his voice.  I wish he would have moved away from the guitar and given us a little more movement.   Casey is showing off his rock star persona.  This was a good night for Casey James. Randy says perfect song choice and hot performance.  Ellen says it was too safe.  Kara is imploring him to show off more of his range. Simon says it was Casey’s strongest performance of the season.  He loved the arrangement.  I agree with Simon.

I like the post performance backstage interviews.

Michael Lynche is singing  neo-soul “I Am Ready for Love” by India.Arie. Usher is coaching Michael on projecting his performance.  I wish Michael had done something more spectacular.   He is sitting on a stool behind the judges.  That may be a mistake.  As he has every week, he is singing the song perfectly.  This is a beautiful vocal performance but it does not deliver much firepower.  Randy loved it big time.   Ellen says that was beautiful.  Kara is about to cry again.  She says he mastered the intention of the song.  Simon says he can now take Michael seriously as an artist, that he demonstrated what it is to be “original”.  Simon says he believed the performance.  Great job Michael Lynche.

Didi Benami is singing The Temptations’ “What Becomes of The Brokenhearted” and breaks down during her mentoring session.  Can she keep it together during her performance?  I love her off kilter jazz phrasing. She is selling this song and singing her heart out.  It was okay I guess. Randy hated it. Ellen is booing herself and that is bad. She says it was too dramatic.  Kara says it was overdone, says she has lost her way. Simon says it was like swimming in jelly, too over the top.  At least Didi does not throw a fit.  Ryan is digging into Didi’s private life and she refuses to take the bait.  An uncomfortable moment.

The Christian performer triumvirate ends with Tim Urban singing Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love” .  Tim is discussing Tim’s nickname of “Teflon Tim”.   Usher did a really great job mentoring Tim to make a connection.  Let’s see if it worked.  The singing starts a little shakey. He gets stronger through the performance but I just don’t think he has the vocals to keep up with American Idol Season 9.  Randy says it had no vibe or swagger. Ellen did not like it but I don’t know what she was saying.  Kara says she took the soul out of the song.  Tim is laughing during the criticism and Simon thinks Tim is laughing at the judges.  Simon hated the song performance.

Andy Garcia will try to break his bad streak with Chris Brown’s “Forever”.  Usher stopped Andy and made him stop thinking about it so much.  Usher is a good mentor.  This song is perfect for Andy Garcia.  Randy has called out several of the performers about “flat” performances and this is a little flat for me.  This was just okay for me.  Randy loved it, saying “Andrew is back!”  Ellen says it was a break through. Kara is happy with Andrew’s leap in the right direction.  Simon says it was miles better than the past few weeks.  He rightly coaches Andrew to show a little more personality.   Mama Garcia is giving Simon a piece of her mind for calling her son boring.

Let’s see if Katie Stevens can get back the mojo she had at the auditions.  I think she has a crush on Usher but she is one cool young lady.  She is singing Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools”, that is brave.  Katie has a great low end for this song but she can’t reach the heights of the original.  Overall this is a good, not great singing performance with clumsy stage presence. Randy says it was one of the best vocals of the night and then went on to criticize the performance. Kara says this is where she belongs but they want her younger and more commercial. Simon is mocking the judges for comparing her to Christina Aguilera.  Simon and Kara are arguing about what type of music she should sing.  Poor girl.

Michael Lynche has been the first to greet all of the contestants when they come back stage, before and after he performed.

Lee Dewyze is explaining how to create a moment on American Idol.  Lee has picked a golden obscurity “Treat Her Like A Lady” by the Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose. Another great song choice, this is perfect for his style.  Lee is throwing it down with a rip roaring, stomping performances.  Interesting pacing and dynamics packaging.  The band is big but Lee’s vocals are bigger.  That was awesome! Randy says unbelievable, the bomb and Ellen adds “there you go”.  Kara says amazing.  Simon says that tonight is the night that Lee Dewyze‘s life changes forever.

Crystal Bowersox has some big shoes to fill after Lee Dewyze’s performance so she slips in some 7 inch stilettos to take on the challenge.  Crystal will sing Gladys Knight‘s “Midnight Train to Georgia” behind the piano.  So Crystal Bowersox is a soul singer too. I did not like the arrangement but the singing was ferocious.  Randy says it was another great performance.  Ellen says it was wonderful idea and Kara loved it.  Simon says the vocals were great at times but she was a bit mechanical.

Aaron Kelly closes the show singing the great Bill Wither‘s “Ain’t No Sunshine”.  Usher’s great coaching is to make the “I know” string personal.  This is a different side of Aaron tonight.  He does not seem so mechanical. When it is time for the song to lift and soar his performance lays a little flat.  That was just okay.  Just alright for Randy and Ellen was balnd about it.  Kara just liked it.  Simon called it a cupcake compared to some of the main course performances tonight.

Michael Lynche, Lee Dewyze and Casey James ruled the show tonight.  Join us tomorrow night to hear what America thinks.