Free MP3 Album Download:Facedown Summer Sampler


I want everybody to know that I have not been purposely posting samplers exclusively lately. I find this free music and I just put it out there as quickly as I can. This week we got some hard and heavy tracks form the Facedown Records family and Alt Press. 12 tracks of their finest and brightest, they even threw in a few unreleased songs to boot. Check the track listing below and then click through to download the album. You are welcome…..

1.For Today “Devastator”
2.My Epic “Lower Still”
3.War Of Ages “Collapse”
4.In The Midst Of Lions “The Machine”
5.A Hope For Home “The Overman”
6.Impending Doom “Orphans”
7.Call To Preserve “Empty”
8.A Plea For Purging “Shiver”
9.The Burial “Demons Never Sleep”
10.Onward To Olympas “Sink Of Swim”
11.As Hell Retreats “Poor God”
12.Wrench In The Works “Project AK-47″

Download the Facedown Records/Alt Press Summer Sampler

Free Facedown Records Spring Sampler Download

facedown spring sampler 2010

Facedown Records was kind enough to give us a ll a little taste (a “sampler” if you will) of the music that is being released through the label right now. The free download includes 17 tracks, from 17 different artists, and features songs from album that havent been released yet.

Artist list includes: For Today, Sleeping Giant, Wrench In The Works, A Hope For Hope, War Of Ages, and many others.

Click on the link below, enter the password “FACEDOWN” and you email into the top right box, and they will email the smpler to you promptly. Enjoy!!

Download Facedown Records Spring Sampler 2010

New Releases For March 16th, 2010

flatfoot 56 black thorn
Black Thorn
Flatfoot 56

Old Shoe Records

lmno fonk garden
fOnk garden

Up Above Records
Underground Hip-Hop
Buy NOW:

preson phillips weep he loves the mourners tears
Weep…He Loves The Mourners Tears
Preson Phillips

(will be available as a pay-what-you-want format on Come&Live!’s website this week)

wrench in the works decrease increase
Wrench In The Works

Facedown Records
Chaos Metal
Buy NOW:

Wrench In The Works Ready New Album

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for Facedown Record’s noisecore band Wrench In The Works upcoming March 16th release, Decrease/Increase.  The album will include guest vocals from Levi The Poet, as well as members of I Am Alpha & Omega, Sleeping Giant, and From Bindu To Ojas.

wrench in the works decrease increase

1. Vultures
2. Project AK-47 (feat. Chris Grosso of From Bindu To Ojas)
3. A Desert Voice (feat. Levi The Poet)
4. Pocket Watch
5. DeathSlayer (feat.Thom Green of Sleeping Giant)
6. Gethsemane (feat. Donny Hardy of I Am Alpha And Omega)
7. Hearts and Masks
8. Vows (I Must Decrease)
9. Purge the Creep
10. Walk Amongst the Tombstones
11. Vows (He Must Increase)

for more new releases, please check out our ALBUM RELEASE DATES page to stay up to date on all the new music coming out

Christian Music News July 21, 2009

Two bands, Texas In July and An Early Ending, who were on tour together, were involved in a massive car crash while traveling between cities.  Several members in both bands are in serious condition, and while none of the band members were killed, the woman who caused the wreck died from a heart attack moments before the accident. Please be in prayer for both bands. Read Texas In July statement. Read An Early Ending statement.

Wrench In The Works is in the studio right now working on their sophomore Facedown Records release.

As Cities Burn has decided to call it a day.  Sad to see them go, but it has been coming for awhile now…

Below is the new music video from John Reuben for his new song called “Town Folk”: is doing a six-part interview with hip-hop artist Bobby Bishop, which will play out over the course of the next few weeks. Read Bobby Bishop interview.

Yuri from MXPX was interviewed by PETA2 recently, and the exchange made it to the web this week. Read MXPX inteview.

Atmospheric rock band Dreamer Dreamer have decided to break up, due to difficulties with various members going off to college . Their last show will be this week.

Below is the album cover and tracklisting for posi-hardcore band Take It Back!‘s upcoming EP entitled Rumors Of Revolt, which will hit the streets Aug.18th, 2009.
1. New Empires
2. What We Are Fighting For
3. American Fantasy
4. Rise Above
5. To Burn Again

Below is the video for “Fireflies” by electro-pop project Owl City. did an interview with Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster that surfaced on their website this week. Read Maylene and The Sons Of Disaster interview.

Below is the album artwork and tracklisting for solo artist Josh Wilson‘s upcoming release, entitled Life Is Not A Snapshot EP. It will be out on Sept.8th, 2009.
1. Sing
2. Before The Morning
3. Listen
4. Do You Want To Know
5. How To Fall
6. Right In Front Of Me
7. Amazing Grace

Here is a new music video by Molly Jenson for her song “Wait For You Here”:

Classic rock band Thieves & Liars are also in the studio right now putting the finishing touches on their sophomore Dreamt Music release.

Below is the artwork and tracklisting for Thrice‘s upcoming release, entitled Beggars, which will be released on Oct.8th, 2009.
1.All The World Is Mad
2.The Weight
5.In Exile
6.At The Last
7.Wood & Wire
8.Talking Through Glass
9.The Great Exchange

Below is the new music video from hip-hop artist Canton Jones with his song “Kingdom Business”:

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association did a documentory style interview with hip-hop artist Lecrae to best capture his “story” on film. Watch it below, it is really freakin good.

Stuff From All Over- Happy New Year!!

From all of us here at The One 21, we hope that 2009 is a year for amazing things to be done in your life.  For us, it will be a long road of building and launching the site, but we know that God will guide us in the way that we need to go.  It will be a big year, so we hope the best for you and for us.

Like most Fridays, we post a whole bunch of links to various stories that have happened over the week in Christian music.  Please click through all the links to discover new music, catch up on old favorites, and to stay up to date with what is going on in Christian music scene.

Mute Math will be on Jay Leno TONIGHT (1/2/09) has launched their new 4.0 site since we last spoke. Go in and look around.

Wrench In The Works have added a new member, thus ending their run as a three piece. The announcement of the new member and other news for Wrench In Ihe Works.

The Fold posted a video update for their fans concerning the near future for the band.

A Kiss For Jersey‘s new video for the song “oh infamous city” was posted recently.  Note: the video is a bit graphic, so watch with some care. =)

HillsongUnited posted a video teaser for their upcoming documentary “We Are All In This Together”.

Brian “Head” Welch announced about what early 2009 will hold for him and his music. did an interview with Ivoryline before the holidays, they were even nice enough to share it with all of us.

Friction Family‘s new video for their song “When She’s Near” debuted over the holidays.

Punk band Fight Before Surrender (FBS) gave an interview on

The Crucified have reunited. OLD SKOOL 4 NEW EARS!!

Sara Reeves gave a huge update on her myspace.

Joy Electric followed suit and also gave a huge update on their myspace (must be a good place to announce stuff).

In Fear And Faith give up a whole bunch of details concerning upcoming album, Your World On Fire.

Underoath posted a home video of their recent tour to South America.

Mae talks about their new song up for free download, all the other stuff that they are up to. News and downloads from Mae.

….and thats it. The news will most likely be a bit more numerous next week, along with some more releases. Have a great week, and let us know if we missed anything.